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Thank You In The Media Victory Lap Following

the release of the final episode of Marvel’sNK] you know where the cast and crew proudly declared that the whole series was but the middle finger to the Vance showrunner JessicaNK] revealed that at one point she and Kevin Feige clashed so much so that she almost up and quit having seen the series. Kevin Feige and Marvel would have been better off if she did. In this editorial we will look into what JessicaNK] sent how revealing that is about her character and why someone of her character is the last kind of person. Marvel should be working with. In the October 13th stream of the Face Zero podcast.

She Described How Kevin Feige Despite

having okayed all the insanity up to that point had one huge problem with the final episode, specifically with his in-episode counterpart. The In-episode counterpart the robot Kevin or rather Kevin’s appearance you see Kevin Feige is known for always wearing a baseball cap, to the extent of which he has a trademark. It would be that and so JessicaNK] wanted the robot Kevin to also have an oversized custom-made cap just like the real Kevin Feige, but this was where Kevin Feige Drew the line having the Abomination be a therapist and a life coach with final episode shapes of Jordan Peterson was fine. So was the prevalent misandry but an oversized custom-made baseball cap on a robot was a bridge too far. He didn’t see how it made any sense for a robot to wear a cap like that so the answer was no to this.

Jessicank] Said She Became Furious Even In

a meeting with 20 people listening in ignoring this, she took on the boss directly saying. Kevin Feige that if you don’t let me put a hat on that machine, then I quit, but if she thought she was going to get her way that way she had another thing coming because after a few seconds pass Kevin Feige responded thank you very much. Jessica you’ve done a lot of great work for us we’re sad to see you go. The reason she didn’t go was the intervention from someone she described as sweet Jackson Z from previous whoever the mediator and hard worker gently suggested what if they incorporate into the design of the machine something that would read as a baseball hat that Kevin Feige had no issue with and so production commenced with Jessica UK still on board serving as the showrunner. She evidently thought this was a cute and funny story to share and since the there has been some debate as.

To Whether Or Not This Really

happened? I am inclined to think that it did because no one would make such a story up that Jessica Gow would so casually share it without recognizing what it implies about her character, her professionalism or lack thereof. Only further illustrates how wrong she was for something like UK first of all as our good friend script doctor suggested in our live discussion of this event, which you will find clipped on Midnight’s Edge Live archives click the link in the description for that if there ever is an additional design element that you get blocked from putting in there, then the standard backup solution is to incorporate it into the main Design This Sweet Jackson Z from Priebus didn’t come up with some radical new idea. He came up with a standard default backup plan that anyone who has been involved with. Filmmaking for some time should have come up with the embarrassing thing Here is that Jessica UK didn’t think of this herself because that should have been her instant retort. When Kevin Feige said no to a giant custom-made baseball cap on a robot, but Jessica UK didn’t think of this solution, which would instantly resolve the boss’s issue because she was busy having a fit and being Furious in front of 20 people.

Because You See She Had That

one idea and it was such a good one and she was so attached to it that she had to have it exactly like that or she would quit keep that in mind as we revisit what the very same. Jessica UK said a couple of years back before she became attached to UK that’s the thing is that people outside of the business what they don’t understand is they. It’s all about a great idea and it’s like dude ideas are a dime a dozen like any idea that you can think of some like 20 people have already thought of this before and it really truly you only sell something on the promise of execution Yeah like who’s ex like they are they they’re not buying it for the idea They’re buying it because they’re like I know you can actually deliver this idea Yeah for sure you have to have you have to Hash it out further than just an idea Yeah It gives me nothing yeah There’s like 50 getting stoned right now Yeah like I got a five right yeah totally and so like that was me. I mean so like the people who are all precious about their ideas. It’s like hey that tells me two things a you don’t have any other ideas.

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Because When People Are Like Way Too Precious

about one idea that means they have nothing else like I Don’t care like if something doesn’t go for me I’m like I don’t care I got 2 000 other ideas and they get super mad about somebody who actually figured out that idea and took it further yeah it would appear that Jessica Gallo’s earlier statements Don’t jive with her current actions and to be clear she was right to be four not in throwing a hissibit and having a temper tantrum screaming at the boss in front of 20 others as I have argued before in the previous video. Actually I am of the opinion that whenever accusations of a toxic fandom are levied you are in reality dealing with toxic creatives who project their own attributes onto the audience, who reject their subversive divisive and exclusionary work the sheer. Joy Jessica UK took you and she revealed that she had devoted an entire Marvel series to Troll what she perceived to be Trolls. Clearly signals that she is herself a deeply toxic individual and this toxicity in her character is also infused into her work and how she engages with others case in points. When Kevin Feige after agreeing to everything else she wanted put his foot down.

On This One Thing, She Did Not

respect that the boss had just put his foot down. She did not consider how to work around it no she was attached to this one idea something which she herself I said earlier is a bad idea to be that she looked up and became Furious in front of 20 others. When she threatened to quit Kevin Feige should have accepted her resignation on the spot had security escort her out of the. Building to set an example to the other 20 people watching and then replaced her with someone else actually competent and hopefully less toxic because honestly.

This Is On Kevin Feige.

Jessica UK revealed to him exactly what she wanted to do and what kind of person she is and he kept her on. In spite of all of that Seahawks suffered from having Jessica UK on as a showrunner, but the UK is suffering because Kevin Feige allows people like Jessica UK to serve as showrunners because of that Marvel right now is in a downward spiral and in dire need of a shake-up what do you think should happen let me know in the comments.


Marvel’sNK] showrunner JessicaNK] revealed that at one point she and Kevin Feige clashed so much so that she almost up and quit having seen the series . JessicaNK said she became Furious even in a meeting with 20 people listening in ignoring this, she took on the boss directly saying she wanted the robot Kevin to wear a baseball cap like his in-episode counterpart . Feige said he didn’t see how it made any sense for a robot to have a cap like that so the answer was no to this . Jessica said she didn’t want to quit and Marvel would have been better off if she did. Marvel should be working with Jessica.& JessicaNK’s character and why someone of her character is the last kind of person that she is the kind of people they need to work with Marvel should not work with, she said. We will look into how revealing that is about her character and what she sent how revealing it is about the character she is about JessicaNK’…. Click here to read more and watch the full video