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joker with a face for radio and a voice for print today We’re gonna I got a couple of crazy stories to talk about as you see on screen here um you know many times people watch or see the thumbnails and they always think like This is just a weird channel that talks about weird women doing weird things, but I always try to put a message behind all of it and the message for today is yes women will go to crazy things to frame their ex-boyfriends, but people will do things to frame other people for sometimes the craziest reasons and the reason why this is important is because a lot of these people might be people you end up dating and but we’ll get into that a little bit more first I do want to say I’ve got. email out and I’m going to be talking to or I’m collaborating back and forth with Undead chronic since so many of you said Hey man the video you did about Jack Murphy. Undead chronic wrote has been on this guy for a long time and you’re just new to the party and I said I didn’t even know Undead chronic was back on Youtube. He is cutting edge snark and um. He’s the roast master general and he’s one of the og’s like the old school.

Mens Channels Here On Youtube

and he’s been removed every time because all he does is roast. These women brutally. I’m going to have him on the show. It’s going to be a live stream. I haven’t decided if I’m going to put it up over on rumble yet or if I’m going to do locals usually I do it on.

Locals Thats So Thats Probably Where Itll Be

so if you’d like to join me over on Betterbachelor.locals. com I will be streaming it live. I’ll put it up for anybody members subscribers doesn’t matter so if you go join me on betterbachelor. locals.

Com As Soon As We Have The Timing Ironed

out. I’ll be putting a post over there and then when I start it. I’ll send out an email so if you sign up with your email. I’ll send out you’ll get an email notification when we’re about to go live usually about 15 minutes beforehand. So I’ve got that up and coming so make sure to pay attention to that and again.

Ive Started Another Youtube Channel Called Better Bachelor

the B sides where I’m going to do movie reviews. I’m going to do things that are kind of non-manosphere related for the most part some of them will. have to do with being a bachelor and that kind of thing? But I’m going to get away from the stories and the girls and the in the lessons and all the craziness that we usually go through okay So this is a follow-up on the woman who glued her Australian lips together. In other words, her southern lips to frame her ex um and the reason again. I I wanted to do a follow up on this because I did the original story.

Now We Find What Shes Going

to be getting as far as sentencing like how much trouble did she get into and then I want to talk about how you have to be careful. Nowadays and men need to vet for red flags because women you know they say oh, why would a woman lie about acts or why would a woman lie about well they’ll. a period and sometimes they’ll lie for some of the dumbest craziest reasons so this is from the sun. I think it is yeah twisted tail jilted woman 36 glued her own vagina shut then wrongly accused her ex of taking her and and doing painful things to her as she’s jailed for 10 years so she got 10 years out of this um now they say this was posted September 3rd and updated September excuse me September 3rd of 2020. I I think my original video came out after that but anyway I found the update so she glued herself shut trying to frame her ex and the crime has been jailed for 10 years.

Vanessa Guesto Accused Former Boyfriend Ivan Rico

of taking her against her wishes outside of her home and then abandoning her semi-undressed after squeezing the super glue into her lips, um she a little bit of the crazy eyes, a little bit of the crazy eyes there. This poor dude suspicions were raised now Let me pause here for a second imagine if they didn’t have CcT CcTV imagine if they didn’t have that available imagine if this guy if she did all this and they didn’t have a closed circuit television there to capture the deal. They say suspicions were raised when the investigators found CcC Tv footage showing guesto buying the glue and kid in the kit, which included blades she used to harm herself from an Asian run Super Supermarket. Police also discovered the only vehicle filmed passing the spot where she claimed to have been assault. Harmed see sorry This is for Youtube as well so I gotta watch some of the words and then um was was harmed again and he said Council been Laurie not the black car.

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She Said She Had Been Taken In Now.

You have to understand something Youtube is very careful and not unless on making sure their creators don’t know what words are and aren’t okay to say so some channels can get away with it. I’m. I always seem to be teetering on the on the borderline. So so a lot of a lot of quote flag words that I found in the past I have to jump over just please understand that because these stories are important.

I Do Want More People To See

these videos to to be aware that a lot of times these these women are kind of cuckoo and they will go so. She not only did she take a blade and and I guess you know marked herself up with it, but then she took super glue and sealed herself shut to blame it on this guy Those I mean those are two. Those are two pretty out there things to do to to to frame a dude a court in the southern or excuse me. A court in the northern Spanish city of Lyon convicted her of two counts of making up a crime and jailed her for ten years. She was also ordered to pay her ex 25 000 in compensation in a written sentence released this week after trial earlier this year at Leon’s Provincial court.

State Prosecutors Had Demanded An 11-Year

eight-month prison sentence. Her original lawyer Amelia Esteban cut ties with the former client after it emerged she had tried to frame Ivan over the made-up October. to have happened in the town of an hour’s drive west of Leon So um Oh! And they finish up with Ivan’s brother Raphael, who said from day one his sibling was sleeping when the supposed glue attack and taking took place said our mom spent days crying after he was arrested lawyer Ms Esteban Mrs. Esteban said I always believed Vanessa and that’s why I defended her I feel humiliated and deceived. So the lawyer believed the woman the police believe the woman it sounds like this.

The Guy That Was Accused His

mom believed the woman everybody believed the woman and the only thing that saved him was CcCtV. I always thought it was closed. Was it closed circuit television that’s two c’s. I don’t know where they get the three c’s from but anyway hidden Tv footage or camera footage showed that he didn’t do it that’s. The only thing that saved this guy that’s the only thing that saved this guy other than that again mom lawyer and probably the court system would have believed him this is why.

Nowadays You Know Some Of You Guys That

say Oh man. I I I have no problems going on tinder and I like going out and just smashing girls and having a good time. Hey that’s cool I’ve you know I’ve I was a young buck myself doing some crazy fun things but the times have changed now because now being saying that you were the the the target of bad actions it’s validation. People believe you it’s it’s very quick to spread on twitter or social media or the news because everybody wants to write the salacious headlines before they find the truth of the matter before they investigate it. So nowadays guys really do.

Have To Vet For Red Flags

as much as if not more than women Now I the reason why I bring this up from the daily caller. They say here’s a list of hoax crimes in the trump era Now I’m not pro you know I’m not saying I’m pro or against I’m not it’s not the political it’s not the political aspect of it. The point of this is look at the the people will do things for clout even to get attention on social media just over an an opposing political party and and here’s the thing the other thing that’s important is everybody They blamed this on was men they always blame it on men. I I don’t recall any that were blamed on women. and I just want to read the headlines here.

A Muslim Woman At The University Of Michigan

said that a guy. did something and of course he was wearing it was of course it was a white guy wearing a maga hat. Taylor Volk, an openly buy senior at North Park University claim to be the target of hateful things following Trump’s election gas station, gas station race issue goes viral woman Ashley Boyer claimed that she was harassed at a gas station by trump supporting males now how did they know they were trump supporting males well they didn’t really know but they want again it’s about the signaling it’s about it’s about saying hey pay attention to me look what these awful people did to me. So they can get you know victimhood status and get the virtue signal and and be paid attention to again. Men Rob Muslim woman of her job, her hijab and wallet 18-year-old Muslim woman drunk white men attacked Muslim woman.

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The The Now These The Reason

why I’m reading these is all of these were found out to be false. They did police investigations on them and they were fall found out to be their own fault. Now yes, there are guys that do the same thing of of chasing After this white guy sets his own car on fire and of course blames. I think in this case black people but the point is and the reason why I wanted to talk about this just a little bit is look at all these I mean there’s a listing of something like I remember seeing a a thing online where there’s a listing of two or three hundred crimes fake that they turned out to be fake crimes and and a lot of them were saying Women men did bad things a lot of others men saying men did bad things. But the whole reason they they claimed these things was because it was against a political party.

They Didnt Like If They Will Do

that then you know the government will do the same thing with with flag operations. You know with fake flag operations. You know that you.


Joker will be talking to or I’m collaborating back and forth with Undead chronic since so many of you said Hey man the video you did about Jack Murphy.& Undead chronic wrote has been on this guy for a long time and you’re just new to the party and I said I didn’t even know Undead chronic was back on Youtube.& He’s the roast master general and he’s been removed every time because all he does is roast.& These women brutally.& I’m going to have him on the show. I will be streaming it live.& It’s going to be a live stream. I haven’t decided if I’m . going to put it up over on rumble yet or if I . do it on locals.& locals that’s so that’s . probably where it’ll be . I’ll be putting a post over there and then when I start it. I’ll send out an email so if you sign up with your email so If you want to join me…. Click here to read more and watch the full video