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Clements and while Boss was busy falling in love and getting married Lucky. He asked me to help break down the She-hulk series For you. This first episode is so fun and funny and I didn’t know cousins could be so close. I have a ton of cousins, but we hate each other every time. We’re together we just fight let’s just break down.

This First Episode Shot By Shot Take

a look at all the Mcu Easter eggs and details we missed like Vos I promise to keep this business unprofessional and I won’t bark for she-hulk let’s get into it. The Marvel Studios title card has now been updated with a shot of our lady Thor from Thor Love and Thunder replacing what was last seen as Rocket and then they put back on the M after Thor Love and Thunder by Jordan wearing Dragon riding Chung Chi from Chung Chi in the ten Rings we open to a close-up of Jennifer Walters giving what at first feels like her audition tape for she-hulk, but she’s actually practicing her closing argument in her office. We have a little clip right here what is the responsibility of those with power do they merely have an obligation to refrain from the misuse of that power or do they have a duty to protect those without it okay So this opening perfectly reflects what we’ll see between lawyer Jennifer Walters just wanting to be an anonymous lawyer, and she Hulk icon superhero public figure extraordinaire. Times in the comics has been known to use her name and presence unjustifiably I mean who wouldn’t you’re a hulk as she practices the camera pans out. We slowly get a full view of Jen’s.

Very 30 Lawyer-Like Office.

She’s a busy woman and she works hard for the money. I work hard for the money. The loyal type female-driven show is already presenting itself and i stand for it. We see some books Barron’s Business Law Courtroom 101.

Her Encyclopedias Badass Women By Rachel Walsh And

Bill O’neil. I suspect that’s a picture with her uncle seeing as the stylized credits. We see a courtroom illustration of her family at dinner and that man resembles the bald headed glasses wearing fellow we have a bobble head of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Michelle Obama. A little Alley McBeal. The graduating Barrington Wisdom class Owl along with another little Owl.

And Lawyers Have Similar Connections.

They are intelligent-wise efficient. They’re nocturnal plus they’re just birds of prey, so they’re recognized as the animals represent a lot of law schools and departments. A ton of UCla swag. Along with her two degrees from UCla We’re introduced to our two colleagues, the cheery supportive best friend Nicki Ramos, played by Ginger Gonzaga, the Paralegal, who’s basically a lawyer trainee.

They Provide Support To The Lawyers.

They can interview clients and witnesses and prepare documents for court. They’re still very important folks and underwhelmingly unsupportive. Dennis Bukowski, played by drew Matthews Dennis in the comics was the assistant district attorney alongside Jennifer Walters, and they both hated each other. He was obnoxious and super annoying.

I Mean Just Look At Him Behind Dennis

We get a nice framed photo of the Griffith observatory in Los Angeles if you forgot This takes place in. Let me remind you behind Nicki. We get the traditional brass justice weighing scales, which is completely for gen doing law with no connection to moon knight can’t you can you hear me I’ll be your vessel. We see Jennifer Walters, deputy district attorney on her front door. Our girl is a prosecutor with her own office.

The Deputy District Attorneys Commonly Work

under the district attorney. This is also when Nikki mentions Jen was hand-picked to go up against Glkh and what we know from the trailers up until this point is one Glkh stands for goodman Lieber, Kurtzberg and Holloway, which is an homage to Martin Goodman, the founder of Atlas comics that later became marvel Lieber for Stan Lee’s real last name and Kurtzberg for Jack Kirby’s formal last name and Holloway who is for Holden Holloway, the attorney at Glkh that hires she-hulk to be the. The firm’s new superhero law division and two they are prosecuting Glkh that means this is probably a test by holding to see Jen aka She-hulk really at work During the comics, Holloway offered the job to an intoxicated. She-hulk in a bar, but he always tested her limits and expected a lot from her he could be testing her right now with titania. We see a second pair of clothes suit jacket and bottoms to cover Jen in case she hulks out additionally a lot of lawyers keep extra clothes at their office for all-nighters, but I’m sure Jennifer has also learned her lesson from ripping out of her clothes.

This Is When Jen Breaks The Fourth

wall it’s so satisfying not only have we seen similar scenes like this in Fleabag. I have to I have to I have to that’s my fleabag tattoo saved by the bell. Gag is comedy stage media gold separating fact from fiction. It shows that they don’t take themselves too seriously, but also can give us the audience much more information. My years in theater and improv have led to this moment.

If I Were She-Hulk Or Even Just A

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month at new Rockstars or click the link in the description that’s B e t t e r h e l p dot com slash new rock stars for 10 off your first month. We transitioned to Bruce and Jen’s trip driving through the Woods of California. It’s. Playing money on it by together Pangaea, a band based out of Santa Clara, California.

This Episode Oozes California 30 Something Year Old

regardless but the added music is sort of an indie Cali vibe, so a mini bonus. We find out Bruce has been able to stay in human form because he created the device called the inhibitor so keep in mind. It hasn’t fully helped him Heal We saw him wearing in Shanxi and head writer Jessica Gao has confirmed that this now takes place a little after Shanxi. We’ve seen variations of the inhibitor before and Captain Marvel. The Cree created a photon inhibitor to control Captain Marvel’s Cosmic powers and X-men.

The Inhibitor Collar Was In Days Of Futures

past also in Deadpool 2. They used the colors to neutralize the mutant’s powers inhibitor simply means to slow down or prevent a particular chemical reaction which I believe ultimately, Smart Hulk is doing to stay in bruce form eating hot cheetos with chopsticks Is I kid you not the only way I’ll eat them and for the same exact reason. You don’t want to get it on your fingers Also let us not forget. Who started this trend moon knight when Jen said you’re not the only genius in the family Bruce retorts though there’s there’s also a chat. At the end, we get to the montage of courtroom illustrations.

This One Says Mom Dad Aunt Uncle And

cousin. I assume that Chet is the cousin the uncle is wearing glasses. Mom and dad are on the right so that leaves one of these last women as the aunt. This could be Cassandra Pike from. The comics Jen’s aunt on her dad’s side.

Shes A Biologist And Won A

Nobel prize for Biology. She’s also pretty evil in the comics, she tries to kill her brother in niece. She-hulk using her son in this case, Ched after giving him injections to become a giant monster, so the quotes around Aunt could stem from an unhappy relationship between the two like us Jen has some theories truly. All her theories are whether or not Steve Rogers had sex and win which Don’t worry We’ll get into because the mid-credit scene is a doozy. We get a glimpse of the Sakara ship.

We Later Learned Specifically Its A

Sikarian class, a courier craft a postman if you will or someone serving a subpoena to bruce, possibly this could be from the grand master the ship and Thor Ragnarok. The commodore looked exactly like this either way this. Thor Ragnarok and I bet they’re looking for their top tier fighter after stealing the prize from the Grand Master or we could be getting into world War, Hulk and Scar, son of Hulk. After the illuminati sent Hulk into space away from Earth for being too reckless. He landed on Sakaar creating a home there even finding love and a wife.

The Ship He Arrived On Explodes

killing his pregnant wife and a lot of people in the city. He made. He goes to earth storms up a bunch of chaos and kills a ton of folks. It’s revealed the child didn’t actually die. He emerged from a cocoon scar is super sick Super hardcore, but I just don’t think that major scene would be played out in She-hulk, but you let me know what you guys think.

In The Comments Were In The Comics She

was shot and we got a blood transfusion from Bruce that changed Jennifer to she-hulk. This is technically another type of blood transfusion just not as thorough. This is great to note how strong bruce’s blood is which yes we already knew, but the fact that like most viruses die on a hint of mass oxygen. This clearly does not and it can impair someone by a teaspoon forth be it. The leader whose brain started acting weird an incredible Hulk or Blonsky who with an already petri dish of other concoctions turned into abomination, though Hulk’s blood isn’t the be-all end-all superhero drug the amount of gamma radiation.

Lethal So Where It Worked For She-Hulk

seeing as they share the rare genetic factor. It makes sense it would work on her shoot. It maybe works on her mom, but don’t bet on any normal civilian every time. We get the sad shot of Jen. Now.

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She-Hulk Outline Reflection On The Green

crush door and her silhouette as she backs up and runs away into the forest like a crazed werewolf. This scene is so funny to me the transformation scenes in most movies are she awakens at Ideal Sports bar, a very funny name for a sports bar and also a real sports bar in Atlanta, Georgia, and cricket’s Rocks on gas and Mcu. The Roxanne Corporation has been seen in loki during the storm and the first Iron man They fought near the Roxon Corporation building an ancient carter. It’s revealed that they created the atomic bomb. the formula by Howard Stark in She-hulk comics she-hulk prosecutes them when danger man accidentally falls into a bat of hard atomic water on the job.

Roxan Is A Huge Powerful Petroleum

industrial company and they usually do a lot of shady stuff in the comics Jen sneaks past the bouncer in the hallway. There’s a sign that reads Ladies night when you actually use the Qr code. It takes you to the Marvel website that offers you the first issue of she-hulk free to read along with some special promotion. Additionally in the bathroom there’s some lovely graffiti. We have the Miss Marvel Lightning Bolt, which is funny because if this takes place during 2024.

Miss Marvel Takes Place Sometime In 2025.

Who pre-drew this and in California no less possibly someone anticipating the arrival of Miss Marvel someone like Kang who we will see in Ant-man and was. In California, Kang just stopped by this dive bar and on his way to northern California and straight up graffiti the crap out of it. We see rest in peace biggie for Big smalls. If you don’t know Don’t stop get it get it used in tons of songs, but I think its origins are by Luke.

I Want To Rock.

I know this because 2 life crew remixed it Don’t listen to either if you’re under 18. a little spider not just Spiderman if you sprinkle when you tinkle be a sweetie wipe the Cd and then the infamous sorta anarchy symbol infamous 420 with a peace sign and a zero not a single thanos is right in sight. It’s Ladies night and what’s Ladies night without a bunch of ladies helping Ladies in the bathroom. I can’t tell you how many Ladies nights I’ve been to where it.

Becomes A Drunk Girls Night Out In The

bathroom Those people become my best friends immediately just like these helpful bunch played by Monica, Garcia, Bradley, Tiffany, Denise Hobbs, Tony Bryce and Ariana Marie Hagan. I love these Atlantan queens and I’m so happy. They’re showcasing supportive women just women helping women we need that she hold Donned a led Zeppelin t-shirt and I think those are swim trunks. We can assume these are tony’s clothes seeing as tony loved rock and roll the black Sabbath t-shirt and the first iron man. He’s in a small truck with soldiers listening to Ac Dc’s back in black.

He Listens To Ac Dc A Lot Plus

they’re on the coast of Mexico at a beach house. You need trunks my dude. These little glimpses and reminders will never be forgotten tear me apart in the show as Jen walks out to this. Beachfront estate We see some little Tony Hulk treasures like the Iron Legion armordroid Helmet from age of Ultron. I suspect this is the helmet Ultron is first scene wearing It matches the degree of damage in the movie.

They Also Remove Their Mask When The Machine

laser beam their eyes. So I’m thinking it’s just the junk pieces from that moment behind her peep the subtle helmet there that’s Hult’s helmet he wore in the ring during thor Ragnarok. It’s insane. He still has it it’s also not the only piece of swag brought back from Sakaar. I suspect but we’ll get back into that in just a moment we also see a sand hourglass some boats driftwood art maybe for the sandy beach aesthetic.

Its Definitely Their Relaxed Spot Tony Signs Bunker

is insane. This is where Bruce spent the 18 months fixing himself look at all the. Stark equipment the similar gear used to monitor Hawkeye and Age of Ultron when he was getting new tissue and the first iron man the gear behind him. When he’s asking Pep to take out his heart. As Vas said in the trailer Breakdown, we see the X-ray of Jen’s brain.

We Have Different Vials Of Jens Green Blood

lying around while she was out he was able to get blood X-rays literally everything. We also see the schematics of the inhibitor behind him. This slow zoom when Jen mentioned she’s changed realizing she’s a Hulk is so fun and for the visual story and telling enhances the emotion of the scene and i love when movies do it like we’re creating the same chaotic realization for both the character and the audience. It’s also so dramatic, unnecessarily dramatic. We find out that Jen and Bruce share a rare combination.

Factors So Like I Said Earlier What

would have been a lethal dose for most was not for Jen Jen’s Blood is slightly different the way it synthesizes. Gamma radiation was able to fully heal Bruce’s arm when channeling a distressed emotion. Jen offers pixar’s inside out the scene spoiler when Bing Bong dies. He dies okay it’s dramatic who’s your friend that likes to play. I can’t listen to it.

We Also See The Saw Stark Industry And

Jen’s right what psycho has this torture bunker when Bruce says casually how he changes back to Bruce form is by falling out of a plane like in the first Avengers or he gets knocked out by a robot as Tony as Hulkbuster or Natasha would tell him a lullaby both in age of Ultron Hey Big Guy Sun’s getting real though he mentions his high amounts of car him being. stuck as Hulk for two years during the Ragnarok. All these callbacks are worth going back and watching because I just love them. Dialectical Behavior therapy is a psychotherapy that started with treating personality disorder and interpersonal conflict in this case definitely being a hulk and a reminder. Hulk participated in yoga to help him an incredible whole.

He Mentions Jen Reverts Back To Jen

form when she sleeps, which is also what she did in the comics in very funny ways like when she wakes up from having men over and has to revert back before they notice if stress and high heart rate changes you into Hulk form. It would make sense when you’re unconscious you revert back to your normal self. The song playing is fast motion by my girl sweet tea. She’s active in this video sprinting playing soccer football cheerleading. It’s all about the hype.

And Hard Work Just Like What Bruce

got Jen about to be doing effortlessly. I might add get ready for these Lady pump up jams let’s go through the physical skills. He teaches Jen I love their competitive nature, but also that boulder that Hulk just tossed is gonna be a meteor to some poor ship or planet its infamous Hulk jump or leap if you will we’ve seen it done many times in age of Ultron when he saves Natasha or when he saves Tony mid-fall in the first Avengers movie, What I love about this scene is where smart Hulk is taking this seriously. Jen is like this is easy and makes fun of him. The complete time balance and yoga, which Jen is now a full-fledged pro at this whole ground pound which to me Jim looks much better at just saying Bruce says Jen when you have powers like this it’s like putting a target on your back in the backs of all the people you care about which is so true.

I Know Shes Upset At This Point

but in the comics this is how her best friend died in 1980 Ron of she-hulk Jill Stevens offered to help all the time when it came to her best friend Jennifer Walters. At a neighbor’s Barbecue. Jen got a call to come pick up some stuff from the Da’s office. Jill offered to pick it up instead. Once she left they realized it was a trap and unfortunately, they cut Jen’s brake lines in the car and in a horrible collision.

Jill Died Jill Does.

Ramos in She-hulk series, but I don’t think it’s her and I don’t want it to be her, but for story purposes it might be good if she dies. Smart Hulk is making the world’s largest Martini and like Steve Rogers, it takes too much to get these two drunk and cool you’ll always be buzzed but never drunk. I drink to get drunk you guys also this sounds so expensive is it even worth it from a later shot. There’s about 30 empty bottles Yes some are wine bottles, but regardless if each bottle is 20 bucks give or take that’s around 600 wasted okay.

Im Done Being Irritated, But This Logically Just

doesn’t make sense and I want them to stop it’s a waste of money. Whatever behind Hulk is a whole pinata perhaps a souvenir from the celebration of Hulk on Sakaar they had the helmet earlier. saw the ship we’re keeping Zakar on the back burner. Always later we see a different angle from the bar where we see another cutout of Hulk Smug Hulk Am I right we see the initials BB for Bruce Banner in ts for Tony Stark carved into the bar. Bruce gets into the time he spent with tony creating the bar, which was during the blip and it’s sad to reminisce but I think we’re getting to a spot in the mcu when thinking of Tony shouldn’t make you sad he lost him but happy at the memories.

They Got To Make With Him

a good time during a hard time which she-hulk is adjusting to as well. We get the whole thunderclap. We last saw him using this an incredible hulk. This move extinguished fire turned boulders to rubble smacks the crap out of your foes the thunderclap shockwave. And it’s fun seeing both Hulk and she-hulk using it.

Though She-Hulks Feels Like A Thunder Applause

thank you I’ll be here all night. Jen breaks the fourth wall again. This time as she-hulk. But this time Hulk hears her and maybe she’ll start to recognize you can’t just do that anywhere like in Fleabag people notice in Fleabag Season 2. The priest interacts with her interacting with the camera.

He Acknowledges It A Lot So Perhaps Later

down the line we can see someone close to her recognizing what she’s doing just added fun. Jen is now carving her name into the rebuilt bar and now called Bruce’s Bar. The two have settled down and enjoy their hot cheetos with chopsticks. I think it’s cute that Hulk’s are party size again his metabolism is hefty. He’s always eating small amounts.

The Tiny Tacos In End Game The Party

size. Just get this man? A damn buffet am I allowed to curse in this We pan out of the shot from the courtroom illustrator to see Glkh giving their closing statements to Judge Price who we see in the recent trailers and recognizes being transformed into an asgardian type elf so if that still judge Price is beyond me right now but the defendant is played by brandon Hirsch. We also get our first look at Holden Holloway, played by Steve Coulter. Titania is seen busting through the courtroom played by Jamila Jamil Titiny. In the comics has hated she-hulk from basically the jump because she wins time and time again.

One-On-One With She-Hulk, But I Suspect

with the other trailer footage where we see Titania everywhere she was hired to break through the courtroom, so they could see Jennifer Walters change to she-hulk like I said earlier. I think. Holden Holloway, who was a shady man should I should I try saying Shady man keep the f out you can blur it we’ll bleep it Jen punches Titania into next week and she slips her heels back on ready to give her closing statement to a damn classic by Eve who’s that girl it’s such a bop basically the song announcing the queen bee has just arrived and you’re all gonna wonder who she is in the credits. We see a courtroom-like illustration montage one of which is a board-like presentation by Jen to Hulk at Bruce’s bar piecing together whether or not Captain America is a virgin links to Peggy Carter, a faceless woman and then what we can expect as a uso showgirl and so let’s get into this Jen fake drunk gets smart Hulk to spill some beans on Steve Rogers being a virgin.

They Even.

To the gorgeous Steve Rogers Butt did you see that ass like that Ass did not deserve to diverge it. ‘s revealed he does indeed get down he lost his virginity to a girl in 1943 on the Uso tour. Now Jen’s presentation may lead you to believe it was a Uso dance girl, but I think that she thinks that the unnamed 1940s girl was either a dancer or a random woman.

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I Think Its Laura Haddock Aka The Autograph

seeker and Captain America’s first movie aka Star-lord’s Mom. Laura haddock played Meredith Quill as well. The two roles are not related at all. I don’t think Meredith Quill was born in 1961.

This Girl Was A Adult By 40S But

come on the scene.’s two on the nose. They definitely hooked up. I mean I would that’s everything I spotted in the first episode of She-hulk follow me on Instagram and Twitter at Lulu Underscore Clemens follow new Rockstar subscribe to new rockstars for more breakdowns of everything You love thanks for watching Bye dudes Can I eat this cheese now?


The Marvel Studios title card has now been updated with a shot of our lady Thor from Thor Love and Thunder replacing what was last seen as Rocket . Jessica Clements has a ton of cousins, but we hate each other every time. This first episode shot by shot take a look at all the Mcu Easter eggs and details we missed like Vos. I promise to keep this business unprofessional and I won’t bark for she-hulk let’s get into it. The loyal type female-driven show is already presenting itself and i stand for it. I’m here to help break down the first episode of the She-Hulk series. I didn’t know cousins could be so close. We’re together we just fight let’s just break down. I have a lot of cousins and I don’t know what to do with each other’t know what’s going to do. I’m here to break down’. The first episode is so fun and funny….. Click here to read more and watch the full video