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I love it It’s amazing construction worker Oh my God all right they look stupid. They look so dumb so goofy Thunderball did you get it No once you turned into she-hulk. I couldn’t pierce that nasty green skin nasty green nasty shut your mouth so who is there sketchy This is inside Marvel New Rockstars official after show for Marvel’s She-hulk I’m Eric boss and with me are empty and Jessica Clements Hello friends hey hey hey she-hulk just got jumped holy bleep literally yeah literally let’s recap what happened this episode episode three Jen reels after the leaked video of Abomination Fighting Wong that we saw in Chiang chi but blonsky says he was taken against his will Nikki looks up Wong and we learned that he at one point worked for a target. I love how she sets him a first trap.

Yeah And It Works Hes Like Where Hes

like where’s that when he does arrive. He’s looking both ways and I’m like okay. So you are looking for Nikki and I hope I want a love interest for Wong. I want to love you. I think they’ve been able to randomly she’s amazing.

I Love Her.

I’d love to go on a double date with Nikki and Wong are you kidding me Oh my god with those two it would be magical. I’ve got it get out exit out exit out right now empty. You are now sourced through supreme that’s how you win bad pun you did it. We see this montage of local news and social media reactions dragging Jen for repping blonsky, but really they’re just looking for a reason to cancel her these bleep like just like give them and give them a reason right they.

Already Had These All Lined Up Ready To

ready to trash her we actually see an interview with Blonsky’s, former attorney Gideon Wilson, who in the comics is Sam Wilson’s brother Jess is actually going to go further into this guy in the Easter Egg breakdown that’s coming out later today be sure to watch it it’s going to be amazing Jess. I’m sure you have some hot takes on on this dude Yeah I’m very confused but I I explain why that’s all we ask so Jen’s, former co-worker at the D. a. Dennis Bukowski has hired Glk and H to sue his ex-girlfriend a light elf named Roona who impersonated Megan the Stallion and this is our first shout out to the light Elves of Alfheim in the Mcu. Alphaim is the final one of the nine realms yet to be established in the Mcu we’re going to talk.

The Light Elves Later We Also Meet Briefly

Mallory book Jen’s Co-worker in the Super Human Law Division, played by Hamilton’s Renee Elise Goldberg that’s exciting to see her give her a longer scene please. I want to see what she’s all about but anyway Wong shows up looking for Nikki doesn’t find her, but he talks to Jen and he says he confirms that he did extract blonsky from prison why to have a worthy opponent as part of his training to become sorcerer Supreme. I have questions about this. I thought he was already sorcerer supreme during the blip when when Stephen Strange wasn’t there so maybe there’s still some like trials or some fitness checks that you have to go through after your service were supreme. I have to re-up my membership every few months by fighting some hulked out figure and I’ll steal him from prison.

Wong Is Just Which Clearly Because

he brings up being the sorcerer’s supreme every second he’s on camera. I think he just takes it so literally that he’s like. I also have to train for it. I already have the job, but I just need to be the best of the best of the best and I’m like go off yeah go off my baby. I love him so much I love Wong I mean yes let’s just this is this is the era of Wong.

The Summer Of Wong And Im Here

for it. I love Hong Kong even Hulk addresses it even the even the writers and she-hulk herself is like we know you want him. We know you tune in no one’s complaining I love how Wong references erasing everyone’s memories during Spider-man no way home, and he calls it messy, which is fascinating that he remembers. That this memory wipe happened because Yeah Anyway We’ll talk about this more, but he offers to send blonsky to the mirror dimension in the Shadow dimension, tying back into multiverse madness and in love and thunder the shadow realm we assume might be the same thing. I don’t know if it’s the same thing the dimensions.

Its The Shadow From Yu-Gi-Oh Thats What

they’re talking about specifically that’s what I thought they were talking about I was thinking about it. I even put it in my breakdown No I did it I did not put Yu-gi-oh at all in my breakdown Blue eyes White Dragon sorry keep going. I think Jess needs to release her Yu-gi-oh card rankings exactly so Roona the light elf messes with everybody. This episode she pretends to be Dennis. She pretends to be pug or boy pug.

She Says Sexually Harassing Women Okay Oh.

She could have literally must protect at all pug pug looked at them and said You guys know me he’s like you know me. I gave you all the map to the best bathroom for pooping you guys know me. I’m a good man I know well. He gave too many people that map empty and now that’s the only bad people long line basically everyone’s in Tommy’s office and everyone’s using the same bucket in Tommy’s office and now they’re all pissed look while Tommy’s away.

We All Use The Same Bucket

at Thomas for pooping yeah. I mean you know what’s gonna happen in the mcu. Unfortunately is all the bleep are gonna say hey I didn’t send that dick pic light up it’s true I’m like okay it’s the new my account was hacked it’s gonna be a light house. It’s a lot it’s precedent in law. Now it’s like all right now light Elves can do bad bleep all right whatever so we see Polanski’s parole hearing we meet Blonsky’s seven soul mates, some adoring pen pals wearing wreaths a true manson family situation.

Im Sure You Guys Caught That Reaction

shot where he hulked out and they’re all like. This is what I’ve been waiting Oh my god. He looks like a giant fish man and every and all of them were immediately like swoon and I was like no the shape of water. Won an oscar that’s different that’s different and we know that’s different that man’s different that man’s fine as hell. But this Jess I don’t know what you’re talking about our boy claims that he’s changed emotionally physically metaphysically, spiritually, karmically, cosmically and interdimensionally, which what the hell does he mean by that this guy hasn’t been other dimensions, so we.

Know Wong What Have You Been Doing

with him taking him to that hand dimension that Doctor Strange went to describe every part of me. I’ll set up for seven, but I’ll take in infinite hands that’s a good that’s a good that’s a good impression of him. I’ll give you that I like that one that one’s good. I’m working on it my my British accent changes every time you know there’s something people watching like no that’s Australian Yeah I don’t know so we learned that Blonsky is a compound where he’s going to set up a meditation retreat wow that’s never been a start of a sentence that I want to finish right but Dennis and Runa have their trial. We learned that Rooney is the daughter of an elephant diplomat.

The Judge Denies Her Diplomatic Immunity When She

tries to quote Thor and Odin with that. Asgard’s not a place as a people, and then Rooney impersonates a judge for good measure. Wong shows up to the parole board hearing late and he tells them that he did take Blonsky from prison, but despite offering him some asylum at camera, Taj Blonsky insisted on returning to prison. It sounds like Wong’s just making bleep up for blossom. He just likes his sparring buddy but I don’t know Bolosky hulks out proves he’s in control and is able to talk and Jen testifies that Dennis is a delusional loser capable being duped by an impersonator and the judge rules in Dennis’s favor making these stallion cameos in the back of the courtroom.

I Love It.

I love it. But this is the first of you know. This is not the first of many Mcu cameos that we see Elon Musk was an iron man 2. This is.

True That Weve Had Was Hes

a weird celebrity. I can’t remember that the fight on the on the road there um. He’s talking about Larry Ellison showed up in that same movie too like because they had the oracle you know biodome thing right like so technically like Beyonce is also mcu canon yeah, Oh absolutely wong oh my god this oh my god They should have got beyonce too that would have been incredible you think Beyonce would have showed up Beyonce’s too busy with her last album She’s like oh no she showed up in pink Panther. She thinks she’s too good for movies ever since Pink Panther, which is the worst thing she’s ever been in and I will say it out loud the worst thing she’s ever been in wow Those are some harsh words Jess Marshmallows. I’ll give her I’ll give her um I’ll.

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Give Her Any Ill Give Her Dream Girls

was good okay Pink Panther wasn’t good with her in it. Austin powers Gold member was okay. I love gold I’m not a woman. I love these movies. I’m saying Beyonce in the movies is what I don’t like.

I Love The Movies Me And Beyonce Can

talk. I it’s her it’s her acting which is me and her have a beef about the parole board agrees to release Blonsky so long as he wears an inhibitor and then Jin gets attacked by this crew who robbed an asgardian con construction site. It sounds like they’re the version of the wrecking crew from the comics. They tried to steal Jen’s blood. They work for a mysterious boss and in the postcard it seems Jonah Megan.

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These Stallion Twerk Because Why Not

why why wouldn’t you that’s post-credits my favorite part about it. She got the one line that every Mega Italian fan would say is I kill for you Megan and she was like okay settle down. I was like that’d be the first thing I say to her that would be the first thing. I’d say to her about who do you want me to kill it’s like don’t forget you are a hulk. I’m very terrified so please stop before we get to the question of who this wrecking crew is and who they work for Mt.

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This is inside Marvel New Rockstars official after show for Marvel’s She-hulk I’m Eric boss and with me are empty and Jessica Clements . Episode three of Marvel’s new series, The She-Hulk, aired on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on . The series is a spin-off from Marvel’s X-Factor, The X-Force, The Marvel Universe, The Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate Marvel Universe and The X Factor, which is based on the Marvel Universe . The show is set in New York City, New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles, California . The episode three of the series is titled “Heroes of the X Factor” and “Shealou” and airs at 8pm ET on Sunday on, Sunday at 9pm ET/ and Sunday at 10pm/ (Monday/ The series airs at 9.99…. Click here to read more and watch the full video