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Me Mt and She-hulk. Episode 4 has Jennifer Walters looking to She-hulk Smash by going on a series of dates from Hell I’m so Sorry Jen Tinder’s the worst or Matcher biggest matcher in this universe, but one of those dates was a lot creepier and suspicious than the rest and Yeah I’m talking about this weirdo over here just who was that dude trying so hard to get under she-hulk Skin h and how could he be related to Jen getting jumped by the wrecking crew. At the end of episode 3. let us dive into this potentially dangerous dating dilemma My Nerd Babies because I’m thinking that this guy is linked to one of the incredible Hulk’s greatest enemies but first do not forget to hit up new rockstarsmerch. com to pick up our newest latest obsession shirts inspired by both She-hulk.

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only available for a limited amount of time, so pick them up today, along with all of our other dope Nerd options over at New Rockstarsmerch,.com Alright guys we’ve all gone on a bad tinder date or two or three or five thousand but never in my life have any of my dates try to get me to give them tips on how to best pierce my skin that’s weird in a red flag, especially right after I was just mugged by four dudes who stole magic tools from asgardian handyman. Something is up with this man played by actor John Bass, who in the credits of the early press Greener that we got is suspiciously referred to as Hulk Todd, but it looks like Marvel Studios changed it to just todd for the Disney plus version. I think somebody messed up I. Think it’s time we took a stern look at this creepo because anyone who calls you a specimen outside of an apple store needs to be inspected okay.

I Wish Specimen And By Stern.

I mean Stearns because I think that this man is linked to none other than the 2008 incredible Hulk’s Samuel Stearns, aka Mr. Blue aka the leader the man with the forehead that you can see from the international space station Remember Samuel Stern that weird Nerd. Edward Norton was texting back and forth with to try to find a cure for his big green ailment, but instead replicated Bruce’s blood enough to fill an entire room with it and then use some of that blood to turn Emil blonsky into the abomination Yeah in the comics that weirdo Samuel has a brother named Philip Stearns, who also decides to invest in the family business by. Becoming the gamma-powered Hulk villain known as Madman and that’s who I believe this Hulk Todd is supposed to be after giving Jen a fake name on his dating profile.

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How Dare You Lie On Dating Profiles Thats

not allowed, but let’s listen to what Jen’s obsessive date says to her again shall we I was a fan before we matched is it true, Are you indestructible? What about super speed night vision, impenetrable skin Yeah My skin is impenetrable even vibranium, Why do you have some on you you want to test it out no no no I wish like this dude is absolutely consumed with the idea of acquiring superpowers in particular the concepts of indestructibility and you know being impenetrable and this sounds suspiciously like Madman Philip Stearns in the comics, who was super obsessed with Bruce Banner‘s entire life even before Bruce became the incredible Hulk. Both Philip Stearns and Bruce Banner attended Caltech in their nuclear physics graduates program and Philip Stearns was super jealous of Bruce’s success, especially when Bruce got the funding from the military to conduct the gamma experiments that Philip wanted to do and extra especially when Bruce got turned into the super strong incredible Hulk as a result of those military experiments with gamma radiation. So this being the case, Philip Stearns would spend years of his life trying to replicate the conditions that turned Bruce banner into the incredible Hulk until he finally managed to turn himself into a big red raging oak monstrosity that adopted a separate and incredibly mentally unstable persona that would be known as Madman. However, unfortunately for Philip Stearns as much as he thought that he could tame his own Hulk beast like Roos, he truly was not ready for how strong Madman actually. was As Madman would end up completely taking over his host mind by completely deleting the original Philip Stern’s persona from his brain becoming Madman through and through like 100 Madman all right Gang I’ve got two obsessions right now and they’re overlapping on one hand.

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dropped this Captain America shirt immediately finally a way to celebrate the long-awaited tapping of America’s ass and picking up a piece of epic hero shop. Merch is the best way to support the channel and it’s so crazy, cool and amazing to see all of you guys repping our merch. We really truly appreciate The support and it actually makes us feel like rock stars when we see one of our shirts out in the wild and be sure to tag at Epic hero shop and use the hashtag real Epic hero to get featured on their page because they geek out as much as we do. In fact, Madman was so mad that even the leader was scared of him in the comics, so scared. In fact the leader would actually forge a temporary choose with his arch nemesis.

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The Hulk To Stop Madman As The

leader would use his wumbo-sized Cranium to accurately predict the future that one day his bully of a brother, Philip would come for him and Samuel Stearns did not have the strength to kill his own blood. But unfortunately, the leader’s prediction would come true in the 2013 run of the Thunderbolts when the team would be. to fight this Mad genius of a madman and the leader would be forced to blow his brother’s head off of his body by merely whispering a secret that Mad Man’s brain could not handle into his ear. Super Gnarly man it’s pretty pretty hardcore all this being said. I think that she helped episode four could have just potentially lay the foundations for Mcu Madman to appear by the end of the series, which is why I believe this Todd fellow is named Hulk Todd in the credits and that it will be revealed that this todd is actually named Philip Stearns, and that he is the very entity that sends the goofy ass wrecking crew to try to secure some of Jennifer Walter’s blood after seeing just how much Bruce’s blood changed and enhanced his own brother in the 2008 Incredible Hulk film because only a few mere.

Drops Was Enough To Give Samuel

Stearns the cognitive ability to calculate the future like some type of human project insight from Captain America too and since she-hulk Season 1 seems to be committed to continuing the narrative of the 2008 Hulk film through the inclusion of Mcu Emil Blonsky as a main player as well as the show being very much a story about family I can easily see Jen’s creepy date todd having ties to the Stern family and his brother’s obsession with human-enhancing Hulk Hemoglobin because with she-hulk essentially being a spin-off of the Hulk. I think it makes perfect sense to have a spin-off of the Hulk’s Nemesis teased in 2008 to be the main villain of the series to remind audiences that the leader is indeed still out there and more than ready to menace the incredible Hulk as soon as the Hulk’s flight lands. Who I believe this mysterious Todd Hulk Todd fellow is, but let us know what you guys think in the comment section below but anyways thank you guys so much for watching this video you can follow me at mastertainment on Twitter. If you guys want to see me tweet some really weird and really fun theories, but more importantly.

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we are on social media and please do not forget to hit up new today to pick up our latest obsession shirts inspired by both She-hulk and House of the Dragon. They’re super great super amazing and super temporary so pick them up today but yes thank you guys again for watching I love you guys so much and you guys are amazing please stay safe and i’ll see you guys next time you.


Episode 4 has Jennifer Walters looking to She-hulk Smash by going on a series of dates from Hell . Jennifer Walters goes on a potentially dangerous dating dilemma with a man who calls him a specimen outside of an apple store . The man is linked to none other than the 2008 incredible Hulk’s Samuel Stearns, aka Mr. Blue aka the leader the man with the forehead that you can see from the international space st.& Dragon . Pick up our newest latest obsession shirts inspired by both She.hulk.& and Dragon from New today, along with all of our other dope Nerd options over at New RockStarsmerch,.&com . Check out the latest episode of the New Rock stars, It’s Me Mt. and She-Hulk.and Dragon . Back to the page you came from episode 3 and you can read it here:…. Click here to read more and watch the full video