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Welcome Back To New Rock Stars She-Hulk Episode 2

sees the incredible Hulk off to run some errands in a galaxy far far away. I wonder where he went probably Walmart, but what if our first favorite Jolly Green Giant is on a one-way trip on his favorite rocket ship, What if big Einstein Brucey B just took a one-way trip to Sakaar never to return again until a later date. This is rogue theory the show where we fix the wildest theories for the nerdy titles that we love my name is Mt and going Rogue with me today is the wonderful ghost host with the most. It is Whitney Van Lenningham. What’s going on with me I’m good yeah it’s a good nice day.

Its A Good One And My Boy

Mr. Off-screen producer Brandon the one who is basically the next fury of the whole operation what’s. I don’t want to be fury that’s too much work that’s too like with you have to pretend to die so too much much many times it’s a lot of responsibilities they love pretending people die in the mcu it’s like their favorite thing okay but like to be fair Brandon if you let me plan your your like fake funeral like it’ll be so so lit like you know that I would plan you. I I’m down for that I’m down for that okay. I’m ready and the newest member of Mordo’s illuminati.

It Is Tom Michaelson Whats Going On Tom

yeah I’m gonna come in every time. I walk into room. It’s gonna go play that thing just like just like Xavier shaved my head just for this episode guys so thanks so much for having me I’m ready yes I’m ready. I’m gonna walk around thank you. You are prepared yeah all right guys let’s get into our first topic of the day because I believe that there is a big possibility here that the incredible Hulk might not be on Earth 616 for a very long time because he is going to head back to Sakaar.

Obviously Because We Have This Sakaran Ship

that’s like hey would you guys like to be in an accident here. You go fresh accident for you and make it a family of those car accidents. I mean ship accidents you’ve been a car accident right that’s a car crash for you and you um but so far Oh my God That’s the best thing ever was the best joke. I like but but yeah so we know in the comic books that Hulk has a pretty close relationship with Zakar because he was basically running that thing for. A very long time and like in the Mcu we have a different tale going on with the the Hulk fighting the grand master and escaping with Valkyrie and Korg and the whole Asgardian gang just going off to new Asgard.

But I Think That The Mcu

could be setting up a scenario where Hulk is forced to sort of take care of the people of Sakaar. After they win their freedom from the grand master. They beat this guy and he’s like yeah, It’s a tie, but is it really a Thai grandmaster. You seem pretty outnumbered Yeah so I think that Hulk with his amazing smarts is going to have to sort of shepherd. These new people into like their new role as a society as a planet because like these people can’t leave all these wormholes are all over the place and like you cannot leafs.

A Car Unless You Have One Of

these fancy new vehicles? So I think that Hulk is going to be staying on Sakaar to sort of be the mayor of Sakhar, the leader of Sakaar and in leaving leaving she-hulk to be the only Hulk on the planet because you know you Don’t really need two hawks on the planet. If you don’t have to you know like one Hulk is enough and she-hulk seems to have a handle on her powers a lot better than . The incredible Hulk does mostly in the comics anyway they’re both obviously the very same and not breaking things at this moment. But we all know that Bruce is going to mess up soon sorry Bruce not to you know have no faith in you, but we have to this your struggle your curse, but what do you guys think. Guys think that Bruce is going to come back by the end of the series, or is he like? Could he possibly stay on Zakar for a bit and maybe potentially lead us into a world war hulk situation where something goes wrong and he’s pissed off that his whole society is um ruined because of something that earth did what do you guys think I think he could be there for a little bit.

I I Like That I Mean

it is like we just got him back on earth and now they’re moving him off again. I know it just got him back there was five years there, but it was a blip to a lot of us. I mean yeah right yeah to ship him off again seems like okay you just got him here but all right but yeah. I think you’re on to something that. He could be gone for a little while also I don’t want to blame the Sikarians for causing that car accident.

You Know They Just Assumed The

car would stop They thought our technology was a little more advanced like I myself in Los Angeles. There’s so many Teslas driving around I’m not afraid to step out in front of a tesla going down the road it’ll stop unless I’m small fear brandon Oh my god Brandon just has really driverless cars but the second there’s driverless cars. The people on the street again okay once there’s driverless cars you can just walk out they’re gonna stop the robots will stop they can’t trust me it’s so like I love like to think that like he’s like hey. My ship can go from a thousand to zero in in 0. 5 seconds.

Why Not This Ship That Is

UK thanos you’re. Telling me that their cars don’t stop when an object gets in front of it like that’s done exactly that’s a very good point though because like you know on a cosmic scale. Like people think that earth is like they’re very impressed with what earth has done they’ve you know stopped an alien invasion from thanos and like they stopped thanos again in endgame so like these guys are probably like yeah, these guys must be super advanced um they probably saw Wakanda” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Wakanda it’s like hey the whole planet’s like Wakanda right great that’s not the case that’s a big time. Now we have the entire state of Florida. Florida does not like Wakanda cannot possibly make up for the mistakes of Florida that puts us down several evolutions.

It Really Knocks Us Down Like Florida

is the reason why we’re going to get a hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy Someday. The Universal bypass is just gonna come for us all because of Florida listen as someone who’s born and raised in the sunshine state of Florida. I’m here to say that you are absolutely correct and that’s all good. I’m here to defend for it by saying you are absolutely correct that’s my defense you’re absolutely correct but yeah like I just I love this idea specifically because of that world war Hulk scenario that like I just want the Mcu to tackle and like let’s face it it’s gonna happen. Eventually, World war Hulk is too iconic and like it has to happen for a reason and that reason is um in the comics for Sakaar blowing up because the like like his ship blew up for.

Some Reason, I Think It Was His Fault

actually but like he thought it was the illuminati so he was like I’m gonna kill everybody um not a great thing, but like hey. I think that it’s. This is a great way to set up that Hulk motivation for revenge and I like a good revenge Yeah. I think you’re right I was thinking the same kind of thing is that because there’s rumors rumbling that you know now that universal’s legal hold on the Hulk as a you know solo character in movies is expiring that marvel’s gonna get that back now they can make their own movies again. Maybe this is their way to pick up the pick up that where they left off and make a proper Hulk movie because at the end of Planet Hulk, which Thor Ragnarok was supposed to be a little bit um.

You Know He Doesnt He Become The Ruler

there right like he he kind of liberates the people and then they look to him to be a ruler. So maybe yeah He’ll come back and then like you said being the mayor or whatever like he’ll They’re just going to try to pretend as if he never came back to Earthland Yeah he didn’t leave He was like Yeah I’ve been here the whole time and they’re going to have him help rebuild the place and then yeah that way when his when the ship blows up that’ll give him a reason to go Pla robo Hulk on everybody the other the other thing. I was thinking is I wonder if if he’s not going to go world war Hulk on Earth I wonder if they’re going to make him go world war Hulk on some car like for some. reason and that’ll be that way they don’t have to explain bruce breaking bad, which would which would still be fun and good though but I was wondering well. He’s that he still has another whole world that he could destroy or you know screw up over there and I wonder if that’s kind of where they’re going Yeah the only thing they’ve already introduced some of his like friends though, but because I think I think Meek was the villain actually and the planet Hulk and I think he was the one who blew up the ship to try to kill the Hulk, but he ended up killing his wife right and the unborn baby who ends up being born but , but Yeah that’s what I was wondering if this was either their way to like hey now that we can make our own movies again let’s.

Just Get Him Back To Zakar And Just

continue the story and then we’ll do world war Hulk and either We’ll have to come back to earth and be mad or he can be mad on cigar and you know destroy destroyed places over here. I don’t know I’m only other thing I was wondering is this going to be another opportunity just to like destroy black vault so easily because that was one of the things I remember from world finding a way to just totally make the yeah exactly and vision’s like been there man UK I do love this idea of Hulk going crazy on Sakaar and just like smashing things because like if you sort of think about um like where she-hulk episode one sort of left the Hulk he sort of feels at least his Hulk side anyway. He’s kind of pissed that she-hulk is. being a Hulk and also being a strong hulk on the planet because we know the Hulk’s whole deal is he likes being the strongest that there is if you put Hulk back into his favorite sport arena and like around all these strong people. I feel like his insecurity could be like I’m just gonna smash everyone to prove that I’m the strongest man on this planet because I want to be strong again.

I Can See The Whole Persona Like

that specifically sort of like taking over the smart Hulk and like smashing things just to let it all out because he hasn’t really smashed. Since um red Ragnarok, he hasn’t smashed in a while. You know what they said same here and maybe he got a kill and yeah, he’s smashing him back. Then he’s gonna smash again when he arrives who knows who knows right. He’s going back because he needs to smash yeah all right All you got to say Asians of smash all I gotta say is that men would rather get on a spaceship and go to a different planet, then go to therapy get some therapy.

Exactly Exactly That His Cousin Is

better at being a Hulk than him and doesn’t have D.i. d and instead of just going to therapy. He leaves the planet and abandons her yes what is wrong with him. He would rather make a fat binder than talk to a therapist what is wrong with you you broke my bar get out of here Yeah.

Im Fine With Them Taking Hulk Off

planet and doing like world war Hulk Just Don’t like skip to the end again. I need to see Hulk doing some stuff like I don’t know what I’m just showing up in secret wars. I’ve been like I’ve been gone the whole time doing these great things that you’ll never see in the Mcu if they’re gonna do the whole thing do the whole thing, but I think you’re right mt that I don’t know if there is a standalone Hulk movie that’s worth doing if Hulk is is not dealing with like Bruce versus Hulk right like that is like the main thrust of a lot of it, and it’s kind of a shame that we saw so little of just Hulk holding it down on sakhar for two years right right when Bruce is like Oh, I’ve been gone for two years. I don’t remember anything yeah how was this Hulk able to stay Hulk but stay contained obviously. The grand master was doing some control but I think it shows that the Hulk is maybe evolved a lot and has a lot of control and all this rest time you know Bruce says it’s like a blending of the two, but it’s not a blending of the two.

My Man Hulk Doesnt Have Any

say in what smart coke is up to he’s he’s being used but if all this time like smart smart Hulk has been waiting and like biding his time and as soon as he gets Bruce away from his planet away from his gamma lab Hulk’s gonna come out again and be like you’re mine now blumin well yeah I’m never going back. It’s me now baby the world War Hulk story, but it would be fun rather than him coming to earth and having his grievances because I don’t even know. know if Hulk has grievances on earth? No one No one hates the hulk on earth anymore if if they just go after another planet and if like Hulk is taking over Sakhar, He’s the mayor Sakhar and he’s like we’re gonna go invade this planet called you know Chechmia and then go and do it and like he just starts taking over other planets and suddenly Nova corps comes to Earth or what’s left of them and they’re like guys you need to deal with your Hulk problem Here he’s taking over the galaxy. Someone’s got to stop him that’s that I’m fine with all that I’m fine with all that no I I love that because like I can totally see Hulk biting his time like trying to waiting for the moment for bruce to get off planet to take over the body and like to be like. Yeah back out the car, Let’s do it Let’s stop this be bad now because I I’m too dumb to figure out how to get off the planet again because that Quinjet was really lucky the first time Yeah first of all.

I Just Want To Talk About

how Hulk even was able to operate the Marvel_Universe” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Quinjet like how did he know how to like hang up on Nat like I don’t know it was just very weird. He was kind of smart remember I think because he gets on the Quinjet that Ultron was on with the cradle right. He throws the cradle and throws Ultron out or whatever and he’s on this ship. I think Ultron knew about Sakhar He was about to destroy the planet Earth and he knew Sakhar was like this. You know cross points of the galaxy right it’s this kind of like end-all.

Place Of The Universe, And We

know from what if that Ultron ultimately will strive to get the infinity stones and take over the universe that’ll be his ultimate goal. So I think he was aware of it. He was like well. I’m about to destroy Earth. It needs a little time to kind of reset and while that’s happening as this is all happening.

Im Going To Fly Off To

Sakaar and go take over there because that’s what the grand master is and I know about the grand master because I’m Ultron, I’m going to take over destroy him because move on from this Ultron so Yeah because Ultron he’s Ultron and then so that’s. I think Hulk was on that ship and it was just like Beep Bow Beep and like he he was smart enough at that point to do some things Yeah obviously he hung. up the phone and and things like that Yeah, Maybe he’s trying to turn up the ball. You can unmute so yeah I think he just got lucky and that ship was going to go to Sakaar with Ultron and he just like rode rode alongside was just in it baby that doesn’t make sense because like in what if we do know that Ultron goes directly to Sakaar at one point like he just bee line to force a car and destroys that planet so like he must have maybe some knowledge that Sakar exists kind of crazy. I just have like a question here that I can’t stop thinking about which is what is the salary for being the mayor of fight Club planet like what how much does that pay because even in like our our fine fine Earth public public servants are not paid very well.

And Im Just Kind Of Like

what’s he going to do? He’s going to go be the mayor, the mayor of Tyler Durden town for a little bit. Maybe he gets the castle. Maybe he gets like service. Maybe he has a master of coin and we can ask him yeah we don’t know maybe like a king type situation. Hey I think that your theories are right but I just want to say that I personally would never take this job that is the last lasting place like I just wouldn’t I just wouldn’t want to in my but Hulk himself is a weird person because well he’s not really weird.

I Guess Its Like Sort Of

a matter of circumstance because Hulk is a big hulking monster that has like a lot of emotional issues and a lot of everybody on earth hated him for the longest time. And I feel like that’s why Hulk didn’t want to show back up on Earth in infinity War. I think that he just doesn’t like being on Earth Yeah man and so like Zakar he was living large. He had his own the grand master loved him so much that he gave him his own room. He had his own face like Yeah I’m chilling this is my element like I live here thor you can go if you want I don’t give a like it’s not really my thing he wanted thor to stay.

He Was He Literally Destroyed The Quinjet He

was like stay here. It’s the best place in the world, um when it’s quite terrible it’s great terrible literally the worst place to be. I agree with all of you guys. I agree with your theories. I’m just saying for me personally that is not a job that would work out very well for me personally.

I Just Had The Opportunity No

no yeah. I was actually thinking like a health care like um. I was thinking actually what was what would get them off planets. It’s a car and you know I was thinking what if you know they show up here like Yo Hulk. You got a kid and they’re gonna be born any minute and he’s like they just serve him with like alimony papers right yeah they’re like you need to get back and figure this blumin out yeah cause you know as I think their memories were emerged so he so bruce should know about this.

But At The Same Time, Yeah Hulk Was

living it up as a celebrity on the car he probably had so many people. people throwing themselves at him and he was like yeah old smash right and now he’s got child support Yeah That’s what I’m wondering if they’re gonna yeah that’s also where they’re going with this. I think I think the Sikarian showed up and they had you know they’ve taken over they’ve They’ve deposed the grand master. They have a new government new democracy and they’re like look we’ve been you know we’ve been going through some of the footage. You killed a lot of people in the ring we’re gonna bring you up on war crimes and bruce was like what excuse me.

Hes Like Okay Okay.

He’s telling Jen like I gotta go I’m gonna use the car. I’m gonna go deal with a couple of things, but when he gets there he’s gonna kill all those but he’s gonna kill him all he’s gonna be okay you’re. Bringing me back but you bring back this and this as well. Let’s go baby show me the evidence UK for real but okay.

I Think Its Time For Judgment

time all right I’m ready for the judgment. Do you think this theory of Hulk leaving the planet to go us a car and to like you know stay off of earth for at least a very long time is Rogus Bogus or Ogus take it away. Whitney Rogues is hell dog. I think I think he’s going to be there to stay for a little bit. I think he’s got business to attend to yeah business Oh.

Hes Got A Big-Time Business Business

in every way. If you know what I mean he’s truly the nick cannon of Cicada just kidding number 10. he’s such a sick bird, Hulk Cannon yeah, what do you think Tom oh Rogue is. sure he is definitely I think going there because that’s the world the most of his story outside of earth has been, and they’re bringing us a caring ship. I think they’re they’re either setting up for a new Hulk story or with world war Hulk or something where Marvel has the rights or they’re they’re trying to explain why I mean they’re trying to give she-hulk her own chance to be her hulk without bruce having to be there.

Its A Way Of Like Not

killing him off and not you know writing him out of the show, giving him a way to do stuff, but we’ll not taking the spotlight away from from Jan Walter so rogue and I also do think that it’s kind of a huge endorsement to her capabilities as a hulk because he wouldn’t have left the planet if he didn’t think that she. ready to take it out on her own and after like you know training with her and realizing like Oh No. She kicks ass in every imaginable way. I think that like that it’s it’s cool it’s like it’s cool it’s like a loving gesture to be like hey. I believe in you you got this girl like like my cousin can can hold it down while I’m off world like that’s sweet.

I Like It.

I think he’s supportive yeah It’s it’s super nice because like bruce is technically the strongest being on the planet right now. Yeah wow Wanda’s gone carol’s never around because she’s tough he’s having fun and and you know he’s just the strongest one so he’s like hey now you’re the strongest one thor has a hat that would beg to differ with you there okay. This is true UK what about you brandon. What you think I’ll say I’ll say Rogus leaning Ogus only in the sense that they can do this they can take them off keep them off Earth for a long time, but they got to give me something in between now and whenever he comes back.

I Need To See Something Give My Boy

Hulk a standalone movie. Let angry Hulk back out let’s let’s go let’s go. I would have loved some sort of prequel story where it happened during the 18 months because we definitely got robbed of that. You know when end game started and he’s on smart home it’s like what it’s like how cool would that have been to see him yeah and then come out the other side of small smart hawks. I would have loved they still can do it.

I Would Love Kevin Feige You Can

still do it like I. would absolutely love if Marvel Studios released a series of shorts sort of like I am Groot where it’s just Bruce’s like journey on the car and like his um what he was doing during the blip It’s like Bruce Banner like shorts like what’s he doing he’s just doing stuff like that’s called elf shorts absolutely well thank you guys for listening to my weird theory. I got a lot of weird theories every week but up next brandon. The man himself has a theory about a rogue king flying around out there which is kind of very interesting but first be sure to check out near Rockstarsmerch. com where right now we have two latest obsession shirts available our she-hulk inspired Lady Justice shirt, as well as our ash and ruin shirt.

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for our listeners try Bluetooth for free when you use our promo code rogue at checkout just pay 5 shipping that’s Code rogue to receive your first month for free visit Bluetooth. com for more details and important safety information and we thank Blue chew for sponsoring this podcast and boners everywhere um all right Brandon has our second topic for today so please take it away Oh yes so I’ve been noodling on this idea lately and it involves our boy Steve. Rogers, who we all love so much Captain America. They call him the first avenger, what what a sweet guy so altruistic, so kind sorry man good man so beautiful but I think that Steve Rogers is a kang okay and here’s why here’s why you can’t trust this guy at all yeah tell me why okay that’s pretty good holy blumin that’s a big accusations.

Rogers Is A King Ladies And Gentlemen.

This little scrawny boy shows up out of nowhere. All of a sudden his parents are dead how convenient how convenient he gets injected the most important thing that exists on Earth at that time, which is probably the super soldier serum, it’s pivotal. It’s an iconic thing. This allows him to extend his life beyond the parameters of a normal man.

He Then Goes On Through All The Adventures

of the mcu that we. We know and love and he’s entrusted with the security of five of all six infinity stones to take them back in time and put them where they’re supposed to go right or so and what what happens At the end of that he doesn’t do the last part he doesn’t show back up right and all of a sudden. This old man shows up and he’s like hey Sam Wilson you could be Captain America Now I’ve been banging out this chick for 100 years. It’s I’m tired and then he just walks away. I guess from this this little bench by the lake and no one has any idea where he is is he dead is he alive.

We Dont Even Know I Think

he’s a king okay and I think that when we saw him in end game as an old man he hadn’t just like gone. and like lived out of life with Peggy. I think he’s obsessed with extending his life beyond the parameters of a normal man and that’s because he’s a Kang. He’s obsessed with time. He’s obsessed with the infinity Stones, and when they gave him the stones to go back and put him in a place.

He Didnt Do That He Went Back And

he put him in a way to manipulate the timeline as he sees fit I think that Steve Rogers king will be revealed to be a mortise and I think that that old that old Steve Rogers that we saw he hadn’t just lived one life with Peggy because I think he would have outlived her so easily. I think that was a that was that old version of Steve Rogers was an old old version that had gone through multiple rounds in the timeline it’s just. been in the washing machine right just crafting this perfect timeline for himself creating like branches and and send offs wherever where they are but like He’s formed his own perfect timeline and that’s what he went back to. There’s a timeline where this Steve Rogers has complete control has all the infinity stones and is a mortise and he it is his own world that he’s crafted for himself and whether he’s good or bad is not for me to say because he came back and he gave sam the show. He’s like you go on you deal with this timeline.

Im Done, But I Think That Steve

Steve Rogers we know is is a kang maybe he didn’t know that from the jump, but now he knows and he’s just living in a little time circle that he he loves so dearly that’s my theory Oh like his. own little love, especially with this like a mortise angle like I love the idea of Steve Rogers being like the the he who remains of his universe because like in the comics he remains this wrinkly old white man right and why not if they want to go super comics accurate it’s like Hey here’s Chris Evans okay he definitely uses bluetooth just during that council of Kang phase you know that oh of yeah masturbation at that point it’s all it’s all you. I’m sorry it’s just yourself sorry but no um this idea of Steve Rogers being a kang would be a massive massive reveal for the Mcu and also just like goes to show like how devious a kang could be it’s like hey. I am secretly you know plotting my seeds in different people and like hey anybody could really be a king like what. If like he was like a kang sleeper agent he’s like I was actually good boy Steve Rogers for my whole life and then I remember that I was King and I’m actually evil yeah, so I don’t need this shield because she wants to go disgusting and I think I think he’s like he’s like a good Kang and I like he likes the 616 and I think he’s kind of protecting it from the outside.

You Know We Had He Who

remains on the inside kind of keeping it safe, but now he’s gone and so all hell can break loose. But I think this Kang is on the outside and he’s like I like that little universe They were so nice to me. They gave me my powers. They gave me the stones. I like that one that lady let me sleep with her in 1940 whatever.

Yeah, But I Think I Think The Only

way we get Chris Evans back in the Mcu as Captain America is if it’s like a big twist. I don’t think he wants to come back as like nice boy Cap We’ve had that story it’s done. I think the big reveal would be that like Oh. I found out. I was a kang and so I’m I’m living the dream baby living the dream you know I I was I was thinking.

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I Wasnt On Board At First But Then

Yeah when you tied it into a mortise and then and then you know and also thinking about they could this could be their way to do almost like a hydra cap like that we never there’s a lot of stories we never got because you know you can only fit so much into these movies and yeah and like. This could be a way to like you said like to get Chris Evans back because then it could be like look it’s not really you and that way you’re not tarnishing what you did and um and worked and it’s tying it into what’s coming with like secret wars and stuff like people think secret invasion is gonna have reveals if this is true everyone’s mind’s gonna explode it’s gonna be insane if this is freaking true and then I’m just gonna be like Brandon was right Oh my god brother was right his biggest fear as revealed by Wanda was like the war ending right he wants constant struggle constant war. I think he’ll find his piece with Peggy and realize that’s not what he wants and Peggy just dies. He can’t and he keeps going through time and Peggy will always die but like he lives on. He exists also like how did he get to the bench.

He Has His Control Of Time On His

own somewhere and that’s in his own universe. He’s got his stones and stuff Yes We got to kill Steve Rogers. He’s gotta go what if Steve Rogers is like we gotta kill Secretary we gotta kill him Oh, but like what Steve Rogers has like a doctor strange ass like motivation is like collecting peggies from different realities like one Peggy’s not enough I need every one Peggy for every minute that I miss out for you. Guys I love you whenever you know it. Yeah like a giant spaceship shows up and it’s.

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Its Steve Rogers As As A Mortise

at the head and every crew member is a peggy. They’re all just different peggies. He’s just like I need him Peggy I’ve got everything did he revive the piggy from Doctor Strange and there’s like a half Piggy there that was like Oh you guys are I mean Oh thank God Yeah all the piggies everywhere every Peggy every Peggy comes back even the what if zombie universe Peggy, Oh yeah, Yeah oddly enough yes yeah When we say all Peggy’s we mean all pigs all Peggy’s we’re not we’re not around here we’re not giving it’s all of them exactly we commit here um but yeah no this idea of Steve Rogers being a king, especially with what Tom said about Hydra cap like I can I would love to see like Kang secretly being like Yeah Hydra, I’m yeah, I’m on your side, but like it’s like a double double cross Yeah Yeah. It’s like I’m secretly King and I’m just taking over hydro that’s taking over the world because I just want to take over the world Ah that would be crazy that’d be crazy. I’d love it that’s a real secret war scenario that’s a big secret big scene.

Big Secret Thats A Big Little

secret that might start a war. It might start a war online for sure UK but all right gang um I think it’s time for voting yeah, what do you guys think about this idea of steve Rogers being a secret Kang I think it’s pretty damn Rogues. It’s it’s super Rogues so i’m going to give it three rogues One rogue is stacked on top of another Rogus. Oh my God Another reason, Oh man well. I I hate to cut you down, but I am going to give it an ogus because I really like the theory so much and so much of it would make sense.

I Just.

I don’t know that’s right hey that’s fair I want it to be considered or bogus. I think I think that it’s August in my opinion. I love it. I love it.

I Just Dont Know About It Yes

no. I I bought the same trim as Whitney, but like I just gave him Rogues because like super Rogue no yeah. I think if this was like what is what does Tom want to happen it would be August, but it’s not. This is world theory and that’s one rogue ass rogue ass theory so I’m also going to give that rogue because I’m like that is just so crazy and broke. Some would say and.

And It Got Me Thinking About Things.

I never thought about something you know and that’s what this that’s the show’s about that’s what the MVC should be about so I’m gonna go with you. I’m gonna go with you on that one rogue team rogue team I love you guys all right um but now it is time speaking of being rogue. It’s time for a rogue question. You guys want a rogue question yeah yeah yeah, whether or not you’re ready for it because here it comes video.

This Week Has Surfaced Of Crime Happening In

real life. Jamila Jamil was out as Titania vandalizing she-hulk Billboards in Los Angeles as some part of a viral marketing campaign. They say it’s viral marketing but I think that she needs to be arrested for real my goodness. Just kidding. It’s actually a viral market um but um so since.

Happened Um What Would Be The Roguest Way

A comic book villain could cross realities to do some viral marketing in our world so do viral? I mean viral marketing or crimes or a biggest Both can be both could be both okay okay there’s synonyms it’s fine viral marketing is a crime. I agree marketing is a crime you tell me you tell me I’m being marketed too don’t sneak it in on me don’t sneak it in yeah right and this episode is brought to you by blue by the way yeah we’re on the up and up here at the rock stars we’re on the up and up is funnily enough the slogan of blue. It’s what they tell their investors. It’s a really a universal, a very versatile tool yeah. I think you could do if if you were doing the next we know batman 2.

Right Theres Rumors They Want To Do

freeze Mr. Freeze Dr Freeze is he a doctor Mm-hmm Mr. Freeze he isn’t doctor He’s a mister as yeah that’s that’s that’s very humble right okay so you’re gonna have batman too you have Mr. Freeze Batman it’s always you know because of nolan Chicago was used as gotham a lot right I see you have Mr. Freeze come to our world and he freezes the Chicago river and you can like and they you can ice skate down in honor of Batman too, but because he is Mr.

Freeze He Freezes It While Theres Still Like

a tour boat and everyone on the tour boat gets frozen you know and things like that so there’s people put in peril but it’s still kind of a cool marketing thing. I think that would be fun they’ll thaw out Don’t fall. He’s a villain so you gotta You gotta have some some people put in harm’s way I’d say he just freezes everybody’s wives it’s like hey if I can’t help my wife UK sub-zero put sweaters on the peggies. All peggies need sweaters. I don’t know what I’m saying all right it’s funny that you used to talk about because I was thinking.

I Was Thinking That You Know Ive Been

I’ve been like a lot of people. I’m worried about climate change and global warming and I was like if poison Ivy could come here and start making more plants growing more trees. Let’s come up with more fuel that’s actually a very good answer that would be great pop-up gardens in different cities and she could be thinking she’s like doing major I made this forest here. I’d be like thanks actually that’s great because we got some deforestation. We need to get more Yeah Yeah! You turned some gas stations into pop-up parks with like exactly Yeah, Yeah like if the Batman 2 does tackle poison Ivy.

I Think This Is A Fantastic Way To

market the movie It’s just like you just make like you know like concrete places like super vegetative and like overgrown and stuff Yeah filled with that’s a freaking important disaster Write that one down for a couple years from now that’s a free one but don’t don’t write it out not right this way you got it you gotta use the whole thing from start to finish okay Yeah exactly what you think Whitney okay listen listen you guys. I understand that the question is comic book characters I get it but what is go wrong instead. I told you guys that Vin diesel is already basically doing this in real life. The fastest of the furious tenth installment um first first stunt first stunt. He pisses off the director Justin Lin, who has worked on nine previous films with him and it to the point where he left the franchise entirely.

He Was Like I Am Never

working with Vin Diesel again. This guy sucks the same thing happened to the rock the last time the rock tried to hang out so I think that in this in this scenario, Vin diesel is the real life villain and the second thing that happened very recently is that an entire neighborhood in Los Angeles filed a complaint against against the fast 10 because they were drag racing in the neighborhood and they were like this is too loud, too dangerous, too fast too furious like the city of Los Angeles already just like hates this guy. The directors quit I think that we are looking at real life super villain Vin Diesel, who is absolutely viral marketing the blumin out of fast 10 To make all of us go God damn it. I have to see this. I have to see this movie that’s destroying my neighborhood entire neighborhood sense of community.

However, In Communities Masterful Marketing By

Vin Diesel by the way UK like I imagine he was like he was like the nicest guy He’s like no. This is all for the marketing like just fine like I’m a really nice guy really sweet person. I don’t know I think that you kind of do have to be like a pretty big dick to make the rock maddie Yeah. I feel like wayne Johnson is like so nice like he seems like the nicest like just person in general and I cannot. Cannot imagine trying to start beef with Dwayne Goddamn Johnson that just is a recipe for disaster that man has survived every Goddamn disaster Movie of the 2010s Okay and you don’t mess with him You don’t mess you just don’t okay anyway exactly and he survived all the violence of wrestling which I was told recently is very real I had a week to really think about what I said and I would like to apologize to all the WWe fans Aew I don’t know what else is there want to piss off the internet wrestling community empty they’ll come for you.

Theyll Come For You A And W

right the center of a ring exactly but no. These are all super rogue ideas but I’m gonna have to give this rogue theory question winner to Mr. Tom Michaelson imaginative poison Ivy um marketing because I really want. to see that because I’m a big fan Yeah that would be a good way to help us offset our carbon footprint. They’re just getting poison over here on our behalf the best way to reduce your carbon footprint it’s like recycle, Oh we could be like okay just call her yeah We missed the spot but oh no over there exactly um I think poison Ivy would make a great villain for the batman to you personally bro she would eliminate all the plastic straws so fast there would be no more plastic all the turtles would love us the turtles would survive so hard it would survive The system would be thriving on every beach and then the babies are gonna crawl back into the ocean when they’re old enough UK but that is it for this episode of rogue theory thanks to our amazing guest Whitney Van.

Langham Tom Michelson And Off-Screen Producer

Brandon Barrick the man himself support our channel by checking out all of our awesome merch over at New it really helps us and if you got some thoughts of your own um for rogue theories you can share them on our discord just make sure that you are 18 years old and older. So you can click that link in the new rockstars description. You can join the server today because we’d love to have you love chatting with you.

You Guys Are Amazing But Thank You

guys so much for watching this video and spending some time with us you can follow me at mastertainment. You can follow the rockstars on all social platforms. We’ll see you guys next time goodbye you.


She-hulk Episode 2 sees the incredible Hulk off to run some errands in a galaxy far far away . What if our first favorite Jolly Green Giant is on a one-way trip on his favorite rocket ship, What if big Einstein Brucey B just took a one way trip to Sakaar never to return again until a later date . This is rogue theory the show where we fix the wildest theories for the nerdy titles that we love my name is Mt and going Rogue with me today is the wonderful ghost host with the most. Whitney Van Lenningham.& It’s gonna go play that thing just like just like Xavier shaved my head just for this episode guys so thanks so much for having me I’m ready to walk around thank you.& I’m gonna walk aroundThank you. The newest member of Mordo’s illuminati. Tom Michaelson. & I don’t want to be fury that’s too much work that’s just like with you have to pretend to…. Click here to read more and watch the full video