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a breakdown of Sherlock series 4. Episode 3. The final problem may be the final episode of Sherlock Ever, but gone. Benny and Marty gotta have at least one more Christmas special in them right now there’s a lot to talk about with the final problem. Some clever callbacks to past episodes and literary references, but also some parts are just straight-up confusing so I’m gonna explain as much of this as I can and point out some interesting stuff along the way so let’s get started with the opening images.

So This Episode Opens On The Eye Of

the little girl who’s trapped on the plane who we learn later is a metaphorical version of the isolated little girl inside UK Holmes is mine now. This episode shows the journey ofNK], learning the value of empathy, gaining emotional contact and throughout the storyNK] is mostly seen watching with fascination as her brothers make impossible emotional choices, so it’s fitting that the opening shot is her eye as she peers out at us. Then the familiar voice of Jim Moriarty returned well final problem. Now the adventure of the Final Problem is the title of the book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that features Sherlock facing off against his arch nemesis Moriarty. He invades his rooms and plays tricks on him and his friend.

It Also Features Two To One Be Baker

Street getting burned just like in this episode, but really the story version of the final problem has been an inspiration for a lot of moments throughout Sherlock, so like Sherlock and Moriarty first meeting at the end of the great game then. game then the series 2 finale, The Reichenbach Fall, which similarly ended with Sherlock and Moriarty confronting each other and seemingly both of them dying and then the abominable Bride. Special episode featured a scene at the actual Reichenbach Falls from that story, but really this episode is pulling more from another Conan Doyle short story the adventure of the Musgrave ritual and I’ll talk more about that later. So this finale is really light on references and links to the short stories and it’s more about tying up loose threads and making callbacks to other episodes of the show. So for example, this airplane full of unconscious maybe dead people is a callback to a scandal in Belgravia, where Mycroft fills a terrorism targeted airplane with corpses to avoid casualties and avoid alerting the terrorists that they prevented it Ok now moving on through this weird scene with Mycroft.

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Home Being Turned Into A Spooky House

of horrors, all of which is apparently an elaborate ruse by Sherlock to get him to confess that they had a sister, Ok, probably an easier way to do that Sherlock, but really there actually is the reason for all of this so this is easily the biggest Mycroft episode that we’ve ever gotten on Sherlock and one of the many things that we learn about him is his love of theatrics so notice what type of film he’s watching it’s a stereotypical American War detective story. This signals to us that Mycroft is a sucker for Hollywood style gimmickry so knowing that his brother is otherwise completely closed off Sherlock and said relies on these visual cues to get under Mycroft skin in a different way. All of these horror images are iconic Hollywood tropes. This little girl is wearing a blue. Dress just like the twins and the shining there’s a killer clown like an it and the walls bleed like in the Amityville Horror and then notice how the camera rotates slightly, which is cliche Hollywood horror camera movement and Sherlock specifically uses the context of a ghost story to provoke a confession about yours because Mycroft has already turned UK into a ghost story for Sherlock, telling him throughout their lives that the East wind is coming to get you, which is a trigger phrase at Mycroft invented to make sure Sherlock Bill didn’t remember her turned my sister into a ghost story, but before I move on just a few cool things.

I Want To Point Out About

the sequence. First if you listen closely as Mycroft freaks out at the new footage that spliced into the real you can hear the actress say this line I think. This is a subtle foreshadowing of UK. This episode, a prisoner who’s free to escape, but chooses to be in the hands of the authorities to lure her brothers into a trap. Also we see that Mycroft has this dope sword hidden inside his umbrella, which screws up again into a tiny handgun that could be a reference to the British Spy show The Avengers from the 60s and 70s where John Steed also hid a sword in his umbrella.

Im Guessing That For Mycroft Got The

idea. Finally this painting that bleeds looks like it’s of Sir Isaac Newton and I think this is another foreshadowing of yours because later this episode Mycroft says this about her yarosh was described as an UK defining genius beyond mutant so I think seeing Newton bleed specifically triggers. Mycroft guilt for burying away another Newton level genius and for those of you. Wondering how Sherlock makes a painting bleed like this no time to explain moving on now check out this moment between Mycroft, Sherlock and John so these guys have always been super subtle about their emotions with short lines and miserable reactions instead of like long-winded monologues that’s why he stays now. Sherlock’s line here is intended as an info to Mycroft like this man has been more of a brother to me than you ever have but John smile here speaks volume he’ll take any compliment from Sherlock that he can get now for years We’ve wondered exactly what the relationship is between these two men and now it’s confirmed they’re brothers you know and this scene here answers a few questions that We’ve had one share inferred is indeed the name of the facility that holds us share inferred was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original name for Sherlock.

Many Scholars Believe That At Sharon

Furred would be the name of the third home sibling, so it’s cool to see the show repurpose the name. Like this. Also we get some insight into why Sherlock is the way he is so notice this line from Mycroft. Every choice you have made if you’re positive taken the man you are today is your memory of humans, so what does this mean Sherlock is a detail obsessed sociopath, observing everything in attempt to solve mysteries, whereas Mycroft said that as a boy he wanted to be a pirate. Eurus is the one who changed that she killed Red Beard later revealed to be his friend Victor Trevor leaving behind a haunting mysterious song that Sherlock could never decode that event traumatized Sherlock on a subconscious level, making him feel like he must decode every mystery save every future Red beard and.

Before I Move On We Get

a reference to this line truces Randy pure never simple, which they later recall is a line from the play The Importance of Being Earnest, which is written by Oscar Wilde. Now that play is a forest where characters take on fake identities the irony of course being that no one in the play is Being Earnest with each other and that concept extends throughout this whole episode, with characters taking on fake identities specifically Mycroft falling back on his experience playing Lady Bracknell also fun fact. Oscar Wilde and Arthur Conan Doyle were contemporaries who actually met in 1888 and many believe that Wilde influenced Conan Doyle‘s writing to make him more Bohemian. Bohemian is a polite British Way of saying dead T or Irish and it’s kidding British people aren’t polite about anything that’s Talib reads not London Bridge stupid Americans moving. on to share inferred the island prison clearly modeled on places like Alcatraz or Azkaban or the Raft or Sea Gate for Marvel.

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Every Cinematic Universe Has An Island

prisons that people inevitably break out and real quick here I like the callback of Sherlock finally getting to embrace his childhood fantasy of being a pirate. My name is Sherlock of the detective. The Park also remember Sherlock gave up his desire to be a pirate as a young boy whenNK] traumatized him so embracing this pirate dream. Now signals that Sherlock is going back in time mentally regressing from detective Sherlock to Pirates Sherlock, a boy who’s forced to connect with his sister and let’s jump forward to that confrontation. So this whole scene between Sherlock and Eurus is designed to mirror another confrontation between Sherlock and Moriarty in the Reichenbach Fall and both scenes Sherlock is trying.

Trying To Suss Out How Exactly Is

Nemesis got away with something while Moriarty and Eurus have similar responses what’s the fun of club. I did tell you particulars. I need to know how you got out of here. You know already look at me. Also both confrontations feature Moriarty and UK chastising Sherlock on his violin renditions of Johann Sebastian, Bach Johann Sebastian would be appalled.

He Clearly Doesnt Understand Its A News And

the big mystery of this scene is how the hell did Sherlock not noticed missing glass like I know you refused the throat. Mike and carved out the parts of the glass that had words on it, and that Sherlock had to stand a few feet back. Forming this kind of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade style perspective illusion, but I would say that ultimately this jump in logic pays off because for one. It’s a pretty cool surprise to see these two siblings hands pulled into each other and then to Yura says this line so observing the unobservable but missing the obvious details right in front of them has always been a key part of Sherlock’s character. It’s why he needs John Watson and this tendency to overthink things is a trait that UK imbued in him when they were children so naturally she’s exploiting it now okay moving on to the cruelest bait and switch on Sherlock.

The Return Of Moriarty Followed Quickly

by five years earlier. Come on at least make him like Mary Watson mind projection or something rather than just you know like tick tocking on UK screens all episodes and the big question of this scene with UK Moriarty is who’s manipulating who here did UK request to speak with Moriarty, so she could reprogram him to. destroy Sherlock with a specifically laid out set of plans or is Moriarty using the Home Brothers sister to deliver his promise to burn Sherlock and to be honest. I kind of hate this answer, but I think it’s both so check out this shot of yours and Moriarty doing their weird face to face mirror snakes and yours is reflection. It’s superimposed on top of Moriarty face and I think that implies that their goals are merging becoming one in the same so yours allows her desire for revenge to be appropriated as Moriarty’s final problem Wow Moriarty agrees to be an instrument of chaos for the Holmes brothers outside of the walls of Charon Forge.

All Right Lets Move On The

structure of this episode resembles something closer to the great game. Sherlock has to go through a series of puzzles a death trap all while Moriarty taunts. him with the countdown and each of UK is puzzles references short stories from Arthur Conan Doyle. The three Garrideb brothers references the adventure of the three Garridebs, where three men pretend to be named Garrideb, but only one of them is telling the truth and the kauffman of Molly Hooper references the coffin mysteries from the short story the disappearance of Lady FrancesNK] and really on top of being kind of Sherlock’s version of saw there’s two deeper things going on throughout this series of puzzles one is UK unlocking Sherlock’s capacity for emotion and empathy. She’s testing his heart with each step becoming more of an extreme test, so saving the governor’s wife by killing her husband Tests.

Sherlocks Empathy For An Innocent Stranger.

Then the Garrideb puzzle tests Sherlock’s empathy for a guilty stranger. The coffin puzzled sure loss empathy for the dignity of someone. He. He cares about and then the ultimatum with John and Mycroft tests Sherlock’s empathy for the two people.

He Cares The Most About And The

reason UK is doing this is since she can’t feel emotion. She needs Sherlock to use his ability to feel emotion in order for him to connect with her to show her the love that she never felt also there’s a more subtle emotional arc occurring throughout the sequence, ironically coming from the least emotional source by cross so from the moment. Europe leaves Sherlock a gun with one bullet left. Mycroft superior reasoning predicts the inevitable conclusion. Eurus is going to force Sherlock to shoot one of them.

So From That Point Forward Notice

how unlikable and unhelpful Mycroft behaves. He sarcastically mocks. John’s knowledge of firearms. I’ve done doctor what’s not useful you are. Joe has officially being made to compete and he.

Heartlessly Suggests That They Just Let The

girl crash the plane in the ocean getting the plate away from any mainland any populated areas past Christmas UK. Then in the final room, he cruelly orders Sherlock to shoot John and Filthy and Sherlock’s intelligence ashamed so ashamed family name ever once in her life do the right thing put this stupid little man at Imola loud three Now. Eventually, Sherlock sees through the charade, but it’s impressive to see Mycroft long game here selflessly characterizing himself as the lesser of the two men to make it easier for his brother to kill him. From the moment Sherlock snaps that’s why he stays. Mycroft is understood that John has replaced him as the brother that Sherlock depends on and then take off this moment when Eurus brags that Morey already predicted this decision to shoot his brother he was so excited.

Iliana The End Of The Line

Oh now! Sherlock seems to defy that prediction instead turning the gun on himself, but when you think about it. Moriarty Friction is still technically right. Holmes is still killing home and I think this shows that Moriarty truly does know Sherlock Holmes better than anyone okay moving on to the final part of your puzzle returning Sherlock to his ancestral family estate of Musgrave. It’s time to solve the Musgrave ritual. I mention this before but the adventure of the musgrave ritual.

The Arthur Conan Doyle Short Story Is

the inspiration for all of this. That story features a rhyme that passed down through generations that conceals a treasure hunt around the Musgrave estate. There’s even the same specific line sixteen by sixteen and really the concept of the hero returning home is a critical step in the archetypal hero’s journey and we. See this a lot with British heroes in particular where the idea of ancestry and lineage is especially important to one’s identity. In fact, the recent movie Skyfall similarly brought home another iconic British hero, Daniel Craig.

Now In This Case, Sherlock Holmes Must

return to the tragedy that began history the disappearance of Victor Trevor at Musgrave now Bitter Trevor is the name from the Conan Doyle short stories as well. He was an early friend of home from school in the adventure of the Gloria Scott and many scholars actually believe that the Gloria Scott is Holmes’s first case in the books chronologically speaking so it’s fitting that this Victor Trevor story is. Sherlock’s first mystery in the show as well and the show uses a few very interesting visual choices to underline this realization so for one noted now the colour temperature changes when the dog transforms. into the boy in Sherlock’s memory it goes from a warm yellow colour, implying Sherlock’s golden nostalgia turning into this dull blue temperature, dragging this memory into the tragic presence as Sherlock realizes the truth. Also I love how Eurus connects all the moments that deep water haunted Sherlock.

Throughout This Show Holy We See Images

of the pool in the great game that’s where Sherlock first met Moriarty. We also see the Reichenbach called from the abominable bride as well as the aquatic imagery that Sherlock associated with doom in the six statures and then going back even further. If you remember the great game referenced Sherlock’s first case in the show timeline the death of Carl Power. He was a schoolboy swimmer who drowned after accidentally poisoning himself so really throughout Sherlock’s whole career. He keeps finding these images of deep water and it all stems back to.

Victors Drowning Now! This Episode Also

shows us a bunch of shots of the girl in the airplane, whom Sherlock is about to realize, Is really just a metaphorical cry for help from Urine if you really paid close enough attention. This episode was kind of hinting at this from the very beginning so like a Plane full of dead people except one girl with zero clues, suggesting that the adults maybe inhaled or ingested something that the girl didn’t or any explanations for how this plane could stay airborne for several hours of no one flying it. I don’t think we were ever meant to interpret this literally the show wanted us to doubt the authenticity of all this and I love the way Sherlock solved this using the two key lightbulb moments from the past two episodes. Uris says that she had no one and the word no. One unlocks doors and Sherlock’s mind the same way the word anyone was a trigger and the line detective anyone and then just like.

In The Sixth A Church.

Sherlock‘s knowledge of the Latin language sliced his path as your left hand brother dude I left him ammo I’m not I love you love he loved there. It was knowing that Mo was Latin for love and here is no one’s Latin translation being Nemo, which leads her lot back to the headstone, which contained the numerical cypher that Sherlock uses to decode Yarissa song now as we move on to after the climax. The episode winds down by answering some key questions about Sherlock as a character like he finally calls Welsh Rod Greg that’s his correct first name and then Lestrade says this about Sherlock. He’s a great monster much better than that he’s a good one.


Line is a callback to the very first episode of study in Pink The Shuttle Home is a great man and I think one day we’re very very lucky might be a good one. So this question has been the central thesis of the show been really the main interest of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss does Sherlock Holmes a man with brilliant deductive reasoning powers have a heart and this moment would Lestrade along with Sherlock wanting to protect it further. Mycroft Mycroft make sure you said caustic as strong as you think she’s and you should have done better do this best all this answers that question. Sherlock Holmes isn’t just the superhero from the mythology.

Hes Also A Good Decent Human Being And

moving on to this closing sequence, which is filled with references and hidden meaning first notice how Sherlock and UK play a violin duet. together and the camera puts one siblings reflection side by side with the other. The conflict between these two characters began because UK just wanted Sherlock to play with her and now she has her wish as Sherlock and John rebuild two to one be notice how there’s a chalkboard and that’s a reference to Conan Doyle’s the adventure of the dancing men and the Viking on the floor is a cameo by British rocker Paul Weller and the final shot contains two more Easter eggs. The plaque reading Rathbone place is a reference to Basil Rathbone who’s arguably the most famous actor to ever play Sherlock Holmes. He played the character 14 times in movies in the 30s and 40s.

Also The Sign Above The Door Reads

GWJ that was a wink from the production designer Aural Wind Jones, who made a cameo by the way as a contractor. In the previous shot So the W-J is for his name’s with the G being for Mark Gatiss and Mark Gannets and Steven. Moffat said that the purpose of this final sequence was to set up Sherlock and John as the versions of the characters as they exist in the classic stories with the whole UK show being the backstory that gets these two to this point so it’s fitting that the final line for Mary Watson is this when no one else fails. There are two men sitting arguing like they’ve always been and they always will the best and wisest men I have ever known and that is a direct reference to Watson.

Final Line About Sherlock In The Final

problem story where he called Sherlock the best and wisest man whom I’ve ever known. Okay Okay that’s everything I hope you enjoyed these Sherlock breakdowns if the show ever does come back. I’d love to make more of these videos so let me know what you think in the comments and please like and subscribe to new rockstars and if you really like this channel, you can contribute to us on patreon big thanks to all of our current patrons, especially Kevin Chaw Han We love all you guys thanks so much you can hit me up on Twitter at UK Vos has any thoughts or theories you have about sherlock or you can follow new rock stars on Twitter at new rock stars for updates on when our videos are coming out alright thanks for watching bye.


The final problem may be the final episode of Sherlock Ever, but gone. There’s a lot to talk about with the final problem. Some clever callbacks to past episodes and literary references, but also some parts are just straight-up confusing so I’m gonna explain as much of this as I can and point out some interesting stuff along the way so let’s get started with the opening images. The opening shot is the eye of the little girl who’s trapped on the plane who we learn later is a metaphorical version of the isolated little girl inside UK Holmes is mine now. This episode shows the journey of NK], learning the value of empathy, gaining emotional contact and throughout the storyNK] is mostly seen watching with fascination as her brothers make impossible emotional choices, so it’s fitting that the opening shot was her eye as she peers out at us. Then the familiar voice of Jim Moriarty returned well final problem . It also features two to one be Baker Street getting burned just like in this episode…. Click here to read more and watch the full video