SHOCK POLL Trumps Approval Among Blacks SURGES to 42


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Fact Republican Strategist Believe That If They Get 20%

of the black vote, they will establish UK dominance in American politics for the foreseeable future 20% gang. If the polls that have been coming out over the last year or any indicator we may be seeing precisely that in the 2020 elections stick with me and find out why greetings everyone dr. Steve here I hope you’re all enjoying the official beginning of a post-globalist world as we bask in the sunlight of the brexit break from the UK for the first time since its inception. The UK is shrunken size and it’s a beautiful thing to behold. Indeed, if you haven’t already done so make sure to smack that Bell and subscribe button you are not gonna want to miss a single video where we analyze current events and light a super-awesome conservative trends so you can live.

The Present In Light Of Even Better

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You Know Hes The Uk.

In the White House in the Oval Office So blacks are supposed to have an allergic reaction to him and yet as of just a few days ago, to the shock of Democrats everywhere Black support for Trump has now surged to 42% this according to Scott Rasmussen is polling now this percentage represents a doubling over the course of the last year in terms of support, and it’s simply the latest and strongest surge that we’ve seen over the course of the last several months so back in November. Both Rasmussen and Emerson polling showed Trump with an astonishing 34 percent approval rating among black voters now keep in mind. Blacks traditionally vote upwards of around 90 to 95 percent for the Democratic presidential candidate so eight percent voted for Trump in 2016, which was impressive because it doubled John UK 4% in oh-eight and bettered Romney six. percent back in 2012 the last president to get double-digit support from Blacks Do you know who it was Richard Nixon back in 72.

He Got Sixteen Percent Of The Black

vote back then so Trump did comparatively well among blacks in 2016, but if getting eight percent is doing well. I mean let’s be blunt you don’t have to fall. You know I’m very far to fall from that point so this surge in support for Trump among blacks really is nothing short of astonishing and Trump Nosa and that’s why he’s been reaching out to blacks perhaps more than any other Republican president in recent memory and nothing showed that more than the Superbowl commercial that Trump 2020 ran did catch that it was amazing if you didn’t see it it’s being called the Alice Johnson Ad Okay. Alice Johnson is a black woman. She’s a 63-year.

Grandmother And She Was Serving A Life Sentence

for nonviolent drug offenses. Back in the 1990’s was part of Trump’s criminal justice reform bill. People like Alice are being set free to their families and the commercial was absolutely beautiful because it depicted her being reunited with her family and she crying and she says thank you Donald John Trump For this it’s just a beautiful and emotional ad and it’s just one of a number of factors that are contributing to Trump surge in support among blacks. Another example is the unemployment numbers for black Americans. They are the lowest numbers that we’ve ever had since recording such unemployment figures so you’re seeing almost full employment among blacks and that ties in as well with Trump’s efforts at the border to stop illegal immigration.

You May Be Unaware But The

political constituency that most wants borders closed or black. Americans and the reason for that are obvious illegal immigration takes entry-level jobs away from citizens and blacks are disproportionately more affected more adversely affected by that than any other voting demographics. So we have polls that show that a substantial number of blacks actually want immigration to be stopped completely right because how’s that reporter security right moreover, black entrepreneurship is up exponentially. According to the 2018 small business trends survey which tracks the status of minority-owned businesses in the United States, Black owned small businesses grew by an astounding 400% in just one year alone between 2017 and 2018. In fact, after serving more than 20-six-hundred business owners.

The Study Found That 45% Nearly Half

of all small businesses in the nation were owned by minority ethnic groups in 2018 now compare that to the 33 years ago back in 2015 and get an idea of how. percentage is back in 2015. The percentage of businesses owned by minority ethnic groups was 15 percent. That percentage has grown by an astonishing 300 percent in just the last three years alone, but of course, the most dramatic constituents of this growth has been black business ownership, which now accounts for nearly 20 percent of all businesses in the United States. Even though blacks are 14% of the population, so you have prison reform passed by Trump you have record low unemployment among blacks Literally record ever recorded you have border security being enforced.

You Have A Massive Surge In Black

entrepreneurship under Trump and then on top of all that you have at the pop level. The rise of a number of very prominent black conservatives. So of course you have the Kanye West phenomenon he’s just extraordinary in this regard he’s as helped multi billionaire who’s come. out as fully Pro Trump Pro Conservative Christian He’s unapologetic in terms of his commitment to conservative values. You have Candace Owens, who’s another highly prominent black conservative and then of course, you have the whole black black suit movement that’s calling in all blacks to abandon the sleazy rotting Democratic Party and embrace a new future of vibrant and successful conservative values and Candace Owens has been central to that now.

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I Need Not Tell You That The Democrats

are utterly panicked over this okay over the loss of confidence in the Democratic Party that’s obviously increasing among blacks and I have to say that I believe that this is precisely why Trump is constantly accused of being a racist by Democrats. In the Marxist media. He’s constantly being accused of racism. Precisely because the political left uses such vilifying tactics as a defense mechanism is a way of scaring their constituents into staying loyal to them. You see the Democrats know that if they were to lose 15 or 20 percent of blacks in terms of the vote, they would permanently be in the political minority.

It Would Be A Permanent Minority Party If

fifteen to twenty-percent of blacks defect over the Republican Party I mean it’s over the Republicans would dominate politics for generations. So this is why the Democrats are trying so hard to scare and intimidate their constituents to remaining loyal and compliant. They love to accuse Trump of racism. Since the very accusation itself is supposed to scare blocks away from Trump, even though they agree with a number of his policies policies that would never see the light of. Day under a Democrat administration and here is the dirty little secret Racism has actually gone down under Trump.

We Did A Video On That

in some months back racism is actually down under Trump. This is what makes the Marxist media so pathetically pernicious they’re just a bunch of liars and really in the end nothing more a study from two sociologists at the University of Pennsylvania measured the racial attitudes of some twenty-five hundred Americans randomly selected since 2008 and what they found surprised even the researchers they actually found that racism has decreased under Trump. They found that according to the sample, Americans were actually less inclined to express racist opinions. Since Donald Trump was elected present so for example, anti-black prejudice declined rather in significantly during the period between 2012 and 2016 that was Obama’s second term, but after 2016 anti-black prejudice took a significant. Among both Republicans and Democrats, the researchers saw a comparable decline as well in anti–hispanic prejudice and these numbers corroborate with other studies that have found that blatant racism in general is on the decline in most Western nations, So when asked questions like you know would you feel comfortable if one of your relatives married somebody from a different ethnic group, or would you work for someone who’s of a different ethnicity or would you be comfortable living next to a family of a different ethnicity right.

These Are Classic Markers Of Potential

racism okay and yet what we found is across much of the West. The number of people would feel uncomfortable with those things has completely plummeted back. In 1958 more than 90 percent of Americans disapproved of interracial marriage. Today, it’s the exact opposite ninety percent approve in Britain more than half of the population opposed. As recently as the 1980s today fewer than one in four to study after study shows that racism and racist attitudes have actually been plummeting over the last several decades throughout the West, most especially here in the United States, and so this recurrent mean that’s so often cited by the left that Trump’s a racist and that white supremacy is a growing problem in our nation.

Its Nothing Short Of A Pernicious Lie

so we’ll obviously be keeping an eye on how things develop here With regard to Trump’s popularity among blacks and given the state of the Democratic Party and its current crop of candidates. If UK Eve can even call them that I think we might be seeing his approval rating grow even higher in the days ahead now before you go. I recently posted a video on how the ultra liberal UK British Broadcasting Corporation lay. off over 400 of its employees and its news divisions because of its declining ratings, which is another indicator of how the mainstream Marxist media has lost its grip on informations could absolutely make your day so make sure to click on the link and I’ll see you over there God bless.


The UK is shrunken size and it’s a beautiful thing to behold, but the UK is shrinking and shrinking . The UK may be establishing UK dominance in American politics for the foreseeable future 20% gang. If the polls that have been coming out over the last year or any indicator we may be seeing precisely that in the 2020 elections stick with me and find out why . The present in light of even better things to come now before we look at the astonishing poll numbers that have . been . coming out for President Trump among black voters. The present is in light in light . of even greater things to . come now. The future of the United States is in the form of a post-globalist world as we bask in the sunlight of the . brexit break from the UK for the first time since its inception. We are happy to give a huge shout out to our good friends over at noble gold. The sponsors of this video. They’ve been with us for several months now….. Click here to read more and watch the full video