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All Right There! Everyone The Euroskeptic Parties Across

the continent are poised to storm Brussels in the European elections that’s would be talking about on today’s video but first a huge shout out to all of our first-time viewers. I Post two videos a day analyzing current events and lies some really awesome super conservative trends so if you would you want your daily white pill to get you pumped up for the day well, then make sure to smack that Bell and subscribe button it’d be an absolute privilege to have you as a regular part of this channel also for everyone you can help support this channel by clicking on the link below and getting this wonderful Turley talks executive journal the idea here is that I attend a lot of conferences and seminars over the course of the year and one of the wonderful keepsakes that I often get when attending these conferences and workshops is a customized journal that serves as a daily reminder. The personal enrichment that I experienced the event and so what we’ve done here is we put together this daily reminder not. only of the enrichment that we share together on a daily basis here in this channel, but also a reminder of how you are helping to make that possible by supporting me and helping me to do the research behind these videos and so I really can’t you know think of a more appropriate symbol of what we have here together. Then this lovely customized journal.

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by clicking on the link below and I cannot tell you how much your support means to me into this channel alright I thought. What we would do today is go over the polling for the upcoming European Parliament elections that will be taking place between the 23rd and 26th of May and what we’re looking for here is just this massive surge in support for nationalist populist Euroskeptic parties that are going to begin the prime of officially changing the political map of Europe really when all is said and done as long as we’re seeing say upwards about 25% of the seats going to the Euroskeptics so much of the agenda. The bullies and Brussels could be completely frustrated. For example, for example, we can kiss goodbye the whole notion of triggering Article 7 against Hungary and Poland which would strip them of their voting rights I mean Article 7. I don’t think would even make it out of committees at this point so that’s what we’re looking for here at least.

A Quarter Of The Seats Going

to European Euroskeptic parties right now about 10% of the seats or Euroskeptic so if we can get them upwards to about 25% of the seats or around there we’re gonna be in very very good shape, So what I’m gonna do let’s look at some of these polls here and I’m very very appreciative of Politico Europe. Let’s put together an aggregate that averages out the polling that’s been done throughout Europe and it’s giving us a pretty good idea of where we are right now and what to expect two weeks out during the elections here. So I’m gonna break this down in terms of heavyweights so that’s nations were the nationalist populist Euro Skeptic right is an overwhelming majority okay and then we’ll look at nations where the nationalist populace look like they’re gonna pull off win okay They’re gonna come. in first place, but not necessarily a majority among all the different parties represented and then we’ll look at nations where the Nationals pockets are doing quite well. Okay so I’m looking I want to see at least 25 percent of the representative seats that’s kind of where I’m I’m looking so let’s start with the heavyweights and that means Italy all right well start with Italy because already analysts are projecting that Matteo Sabine E’s.

Italian League Is Going To Be The

single largest party in the next European Parliament second only to Angela Merkel’s, Christian Democratic Union Okay so the Italian league is poised to win 20 succeeds in the European Parliament as things stand right now, which will make them the second largest single party in the parliament when you combine that vote total with what the populace. Five-star and the nationalist brothers have Italy are projected. Get the total comes out to an astonishing 48 seats Now Remember Italy has only 73 seat. Italy has 73 seats total in the European Parliament, so as we speak 66 percent of Italy’s European Parliament representatives will be nationalist or populist Euro Skeptics. Okay 66 percent of Italy.

73 Seats Will Go To The Nationals

populace absolutely stunning a complete and total political paradigm shift in Italy Bar None some other heavyweights. Here Hungary’s Fidesz party that’s victor war bonds party well they’re running away with it. They’ll get around 15 of their 21 seats. The law and Justice Party in Poland they’re way ahead in first place. They’re projected to get around 40 percent of the seats and then together with right-wing movements.

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Like The Kookiest Movement Other Parties

they should be getting around 2526 of Poland’s 51 seats and in the Czech Republic you’re a skeptic such. Ah No and the Freedom of direct democracy parties they’re projected to get around 13 of their 21 seats a solid majority there. So those are some of the heavyweights where nationalist populist are just really dominating their respective representation. Italy Hungary Poland and the Czech Republic Okay now let’s look at some of the nationalist populist parties that are projected to get first place Okay and a lot of these are gonna be first timers or or surprise wins here let’s start with the Netherlands all right Terry UK debts Forum for democracy is currently pulling in first place. Now they’ve just taken the Netherlands by storm If you remember it was literally just a few weeks back a month or so ago.

The Forum For Democracy Is This Brand

new nationalist populist right party that went from having zero seats in the Dutch Senate to i rocketing to. The number-one party in the Senate literally overnight Okay well they’re now in first place for the European elections and when combined with parties like your Fielder’s Dutch Freedom Party. The Euroskeptics will represent 42% of the Netherlands 26 seats all right it’s about 11 seats total very very impressive just about three seats away from being a majority in the Netherlands next We’ve got to go to France we just did as you know a video on this but Marine Lepen X’ National Rally really looks like they’re going to pull this off. They’re gonna beat Matt Chronal sent Marsh with around 23-24 percent of the vote. They’ll represent about 30 of Frances 74 seats that’s 40 41 percent of the seats then moving over to Finland.

The True True Fins Of The

Fins party that shocked pundits with their tying the Social Democrats for first place in their national election. A couple of weeks back. They too are in first place and they’re projected to win their election, representing four of their 13 seats in Slovenia. The Democratic in people’s party, which is move very much the Nationalists Papias right of late they should win their election and in Slovakia the Social Democracy party, which again has moved to the nationalist populist side of the aisle. They should win and combined with other right-wing parties.

Theyll Represent About Six Of Slovakias 13

seats and last but certainly not least Britain and the new UK” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Brexit Party. They look like they’re gonna get anywhere from 27 to 30 percent of the vote, with labour coming in and second around 23 percent and with the two I’ll forget the Tories we’re. Going to talk about them you kept you keeps falling behind they’re really they’re only coming in around five or six percent of the vote, so we’re gonna have to see what happens there but regardless as you can see a very very impressive. Very large Euroskeptic bloc is emerging here and so we have our heavyweights and we have our winners okay now as far as where the Nationalists goons are doing well. We have to tip our hats first to Sweden the Nationals populist Sweden Democrats they just keep coming back they should be coming in second in Germany since I brought them up earlier the Christian Democratic Union is projected to actually lose seats as Merkel’s party they’ll lose about six seats.

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The Nationalist Alternative For Germany Is Projected To

win about 11 seats or about 10% of the boat and when combined with De Linka, which is the so-called far left party in Germany, but are very very Euroskeptic well then the Euroskeptic wing grows to nearly 20% of Germany‘s seat not bad at all so right now there’s 16% the euro skeptics in Germany, so Germany’s seeing a pretty impressive increase in your skeptic parties that are just gonna frustrate the pulleys in Brussels to no end in Austria the freedom party the UK they should be getting around five of their 18 seats, which is about 28% there in Denmark the Danish People’s Party. They’re projected to get three of their 10 seats just shy of the 30 percent and finally the Vox party in Spain are once little Fox party it’s now growing up their projected to get. 10 seats that’s 11 percent of the vote. The Euroskeptic wing of Spain seats is more than doubling from five seats now to run 13 so that’s quite exciting to see that kind of trajectory now If I left off any countries that’s because their Nationals populist representation is pretty low or non–existent. You know like Ireland or Portugal Belgium and then keep in mind.

Eastern European Nations Are Definitely Nationalist Populist,

but they tend not to be Euroskeptic and that’s a hedge against Russia and Russia Russian influence in their nation. They tend to like friendly relations with Brussels, even though they may lean more to the nationalist parties right in their in their domestic politics so altogether right now as we speak the Euro Skeptic forces are projected to total about 34 35 percent of the seats in the European Parliament. As of this May 26 now just. You a sense of how astonishing that is right now nationalist populist Euroskeptics comprise around 10% of the European Parliament okay so we’re going from 10 percent to 34-35 %.

San Turley Astonishing Surge In Support Over The

last 5 years No question all the centrist parties are diminishing they’re all going down center left center right they’re all going down. It’s the nationalist populace right that’s rising so that’s where we are right now now Of course we’ll be keeping our eyes on how things develop over the next couple of weeks, but it does seem more and more to be the case that we will have in many ways a very different Europe as of the end of May as always please. Like comment and subscribe make sure to click on that link below and get your brand-new Turley talks executive bound journal book you can also. out


Turley talks about the European elections that’s would be talking about on today’s video . What we would do today is go over the polling for the upcoming European Parliament elections that will be taking place between the 23 and 30-year-olds in Brussels . Turley discusses how the Euroskeptic parties across the continent are poised to storm Brussels in the European Elections that’s what’s being talked about on this video . Turly talks executive journal is a daily reminder of the enrichment that we share together on a daily basis here in this channel . You can help support this channel by clicking on the link below and getting this wonderful Turley Talks executive journal . The journal is made of ultra hide cover material and printed with our thoroughly tox logo there it’s light and portable.& It has 70 sheets of lined paper to do all your notes. It has a nice Ribbon bookmark in there.& Now we have a limited supply so don’t wait.& You need it for today‚Äôs video…. Click here to read more and watch the full video