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Hello Welcome To The Truths Comments Special

edition I’m here with Chloe and Alisha Chloe, Would you like to explain why I’m here Godley so that I mean these kids actually go talk to the University Their students. They pay for an auction for give it up my campaign. I do comic relief to relate to raise money for absence based recovery. They paid for an auction. Like to have to spend the day with me and being on the troops was part of it.

How Did You Fund This Day Chloe We

disciplined ourselves and liftoff rice and beans. You lived a frozen base, but where did the actual money come from Alisha? What was the money they used to pay for the auction. It came from our student loan. They used their student loans to pay for a day with me in an auction and now there’s a really weird atmosphere because I feel bad about them using student loans. I feel bad about the whole student loan situation.

I Feel Bad That Students Dont Have Their

education paid for particularly as you’re both girls from ordinary working families as I understand there are Oxford or some sort of Hunger Games type thing of like see we have a black child and someone over there and it will chair and these girls from ordinary families. What do you mean elitism is it that yeah right also what’s really funny so they went mad. We didn’t finger have enough money racks. We only paid like two thousand eight hundred we thought would go for much more than that Ba know it would like five grand and it was only seen. For an hour that’s what man I got bleep? Listen to this bleep is it really that bad mom your ego pan bar

O Okay But Now Lets Move On To The

truths. Comments addition as I’m a man who’s trying to shed ego to become one with the true pure consciousness behind all reality so in a way you’ve helped me by hurting my feelings. Let’s do the trues comment edition right you’re going to help Mmm if you have anything that you want to say just to think it in your mind and shut up now The first comment as a joke as a joke first comment is from ultraviolet man line 84 rustle the trees. I think he means throughs the trees. He says trees I think I’m into the trees should be an alternative to Bbc‘s question time it is we don’t have too much questions are.

Just Logically Its Instead Would You

return to UK presenting if this could be possible by the way if you want view I’ve met my wife but morale at another time she is Benjamin. I wanna know more about how he made his wife that knew and how I introduced him to his wife intriguing intriguing well. We are expanding the truths to include a lot of different things like previous expressions of plot, but we are going to have like throughs campaigning Edition different types of truths and perhaps a truce question time will be something we’re going to see that in fact, why don’t you send us through the comments other cruise programming that you’d like to see does that seem like that idea claim any ideas Alicia for further truth channels and you’ve actually left Oxford haven’t you the area I think that’s probably a good thing. Next comment is from Magali 1982. It doesn’t really matter if the class system religion skin color financial states they don’t exist us humans would find something else to argue about and elevate ourselves over others.

Greed And Desire Are Humanitys Biggest Flaws

yes but miss but Mr.. Galan I need to don’t. You think that us living in a culture that forever stimulates desire and fear makes those problems that are admittedly within us seem higher in the mix of our makeup. If you think about a mixing disc you know that musicians use now I don’t know much about this.

I Believe There Are Lots Of Faders.

We live in a society where the fader is high on fear the fader is high on desire constantly. These things are stimulated with altruism and basic human connections and not high in the Nick, so it’s becomes a struggle for. Us here’s humanity do engage in conflicts yes We are we going Yes. We are hierarchical, but we are also very cooperative and loving creatures.

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In Fact, The In Darwins Origin Of

Species, which spawned the idea of social Darwinism. Oh, it’s just survival of the fittest. There’s always going to be rich. There’s always been report. There are more mentions of cooperation and love between the various animal species than there are of selfishness.

So This Scientific Dogma That Its Natural

for us to be realistic individualistic and self-ish that is just in a not just an opinion It’s actually propaganda for a capitalist society. I think humans are like essentially good and we wouldn’t look a lot of effort is put into you know maintain us arguing about class system religion skin color yeah they’re distracting us aren’t they yeah fair enough. These are only 20-year-olds and look out I’m patronizing I’m being with them Trev Moffat. Here’s an idea why Don’t Rustle Michael Moore. We climb a tower pull their resources together and form a commune.

They Could Finance It With Dodge

taxation. If they like then they could ask their millions of followers to make donations via the internet to supplement their own contribution. Pretty soon they could create a pretty large Commons trade Morph. I do you think that we should create our own independent republic that is autonomous and run according to the principles that we believe in and instead of just standing on the sidelines. Moaning actually create a republic or should we look for an existing infrastructure, a large city with democratic process and try and take that over for existing electoral process and then run it.

According To New Principles.

There are many ideas and you can. With us through the truth would you like to belong to a calm you know yeah yeah get out next up easy ninety-seventy-seven plus Russell Brand. I think you should help boost your pageviews. By the end of the end of every episode, asking a random member of the public from the window of your car to subscribe to your true UK page.

Itll Be Really Entertaining For Viewers.

Prathap last would help spread the truth and open everyone’s eyes to what’s really happening. I love your idea we’re going to start doing that Tim Dwight says Russell what do you think about Chris gatlings comments that Britain could refuse to adopt drawings from the European Court of Human Rights personally. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous, surely internationally agreed and enforce rules or a necessity in the realm of human rights to ensure that all people are treated. properly, wherever that cat? Wherever they happen to be well? I think you’re right mate It’s interesting this of global trade agreements are enforced.

Economic Laws Seem To Be Observed At An

international level, but when it comes to human rights, we might want to opt out human rights. This is a sort of thing we’ve got prioritize of those centralized government of any form does make me concerned What do you think about this Alisha and complex issue isn’t it yeah even I don’t know I just didn’t provides the response just someone those people that if a question comes to me. I’m gonna give you some kind of answer ask me a question test me over have you asked me a question by any subject go on and what’s it like being famous it’s really what I don’t know it’s there it means loads of people you don’t. know have an opinion of you? Sometimes it’s positive sometimes it’s negative and it means you It places extra emphasis on you to remain connected to yourself because otherwise you get caught up in what other people think of you and like even you know that from school or work or ever. If I want people’s opinions of you affect your self-esteem then that’s not good but Fame is an amplification nevah so in the end, you have to learn to disconnect from it.

Sometimes You Really Care About It.

You’ll read saying positive about something Oh my God I’m fantastic and then you’ll hear something negative car what pipe you know side like. In the end it makes you be disciplined about your opinions now have you any other questions because they would like to imagine they’ve paid to have a day out not as much as you’d pay. 10 seconds looking at the side of Bono’s face but still a substantial investment to give it up through comic relief helping people get into absence based recovery. Chrissie Sophie’s Ad Spleen Worship Satan that’s very intelecom in worship.

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Satan I Mean Whats The Point In

worshiping Satan, what’s he really Devid dude that’s any good mrs. Stanton Sir she might just be talking about some actually doesn’t say sighted Hahaha you’re right it’s worship Stan Yeah all right well that’s less pressure actually Cuz I’ve just weird that I added an A and then if anything is there why don’t we go matically added an ad to make it Satan not because you don’t understand is Yeah and I know who Satan is Chrissy Cypress Ad Spleen can you tell us whether you mean Satan or Stan and how far should we go in our worship yeah? What do you want from us sacrifice blood sacrifice Rosemary’s Baby type setups and if it’s just Stan who is then and while we got worship people don’t even love him Connor Duggan Margaret Thatcher will be rolling in her grave use soap dodging commie bleep prick Ah we would be rolling in her grave. She is in a grave under what services will be she rolling in it what we buried her alive that would be and as well as this pressure. Margaret also Russell Brand’s out there all right that bleep can I come out. I think she would have had my priorities if she was moving around in a subterranean tomb corner dag on their bleep Priya Qisas to me bloody nerve of some people mind you I quite as one of my favorite comments was it yours I’m gonna turn a groupie Oh what you grieve.

It Not Alan Jackson, You Are More Popular

than the UK on UK Russell keep it up keep it up. Russell good now go get more popular than the UK on UK and then finally we’ll be in charge and they’ve given away that building haven’t they the old UK UK Center which I used to like it’s being shut down now Perry was in choir that and call it true Towers Hello crews Tallis tonight on The Trews. Here I am with a clone Alicia. They paid not that much money to hang out with me in an auction have been to riding me and undermining me for the course of the day Coming up.


The truths comments special edition is a special edition of the truths comments . Chloe, Alisha and Godley Godley sit down to talk about the truths . Chloe and Alisha explain why they’re here to talk to the University Their students . Godley: “I’m a man who’s trying to shed ego to become one with the true pure consciousness behind all reality so in a way you’ve helped me by hurting my feelings. Let’s do the trues comment edition right you’re going to help Mmm if you have anything that you want to say just to think it in your mind and shut up now” Alisha: “We didn’t finger have enough money racks. We only paid like two thousand eight hundred we thought would go for much more than that Ba know it would like five grand and it was only seen. We thought would like 5 grand” The truth is that they only paid about two thousand 8 hundred we didn’t have enough to go for that.” Godley….. Click here to read more and watch the full video