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Lets Use The Self–Driving Car No Lets Not Bloody

thing keeps crashing driverless cars, an enjoyable futuristic luxury chauffeur ride or deadly robots coming to take our jobs and kill us a fiery crash at the hands of no apparent driver. It’s just the latest incident involving Tesla and possible use of their autopilot technology. The federal government is investigating more than two dozen tesla incidents. Many major tech firms have invested in self–driving technology, including Tesla, Google Amazon and Apple. Eric Schmidt said that self–driving cars will be ready for use by the general public in years not decades, but it’s very much dependent on regulation.

Its Time To Make It Legal.

He said the original ideas were developed in the 1990s. The first self–driving car won the challenge in 2004 in 2012. We went the sooner we can get cars to drive for us the more lives we. mode of transportation in our lifetime the sooner we can get cast to drive for us the more lives.

We Can Save It.

‘s weird how these things are always presented as somehow being beneficial for human beings? Do you really imagine that in the boardrooms of these incredibly powerful and successful organizations people have sat around saying, how many lives can we change how can we help ordinary people. You can’t do that it’s stitched into the DNa. The formation or philosophy of these organizations is about making profit that’s what it is what is a new market that’s how they talk you know like Facebook aren’t venturing off into some new territory in Malaysia. How can we help them in Malaysia that’s like this is a new territory.

This Is The Same As Colonization Once Youve

tyrannized in a serfdom an indigenous population, you have to look for new. Territories once you’ve saturated a market with one product, you have to look for more products to sell people strap something on your wrist stick a chip in your brain. It has to go somewhere there’s always been a suspicion of like change from like agriculture into industry into all urbanization and the reason there is a cynicism is because moving away from our nature, moving away from our autonomy and power One might imagine. There was a point in our evolution where we were more in harmony with our own awareness. A kind of animal intelligence that you can see in the creatures that are around you as we sort of unbolted from the natural trajectory of the world that we’re a part of and come from and into this sort of autonomous self–reflective state that prizes progress prizes convenience prize is profit.

Theres Been A Sort Of A Bifurcation And

a sort of continuing separation from you know harmony driverless cars are already on the roads and within the next few years they could become a common sight all right, but they could also mean the loss of thousands of jobs. Some speculate it could cause the biggest disruption in the workforce. Since the industrial revolution, the problem is as well with something like self–driving cars is it loads of people going to lose their jobs. Now what is the aim what kind of society are we trying to create? Are we trying to create a society where these big corporations can maximize their profit or are we trying to create a society where people live purpose-driven lives where they have authority and autonomy and some control and agency in their own existence. Obviously it’s the latter that’s what you think but that is.

Huge Sways Of The Population Because We Live

in a system that’s determined and controlled by economics. If you can’t participate in that economic system, you are not only redundant. In the sense that you don’t have a job. You are socially redundant. You are unnecessary and these people have to be monetized in new ways.

Hence The Increase Of Privatized Prisons

and prison populations required to fill those prisons. Hence poverty. It would be good if the ingenuity of Elon Musk and the sort of endeavors of a man like Eric Schmidt could be purposed towards a fairer and more just society, but at the moment that isn’t what’s happening and the reason that they posture under the rhetoric of creating a fair and safer society is because everyone knows that’s what you should be doing. Don’t use the livery language and rhetoric of a fair and just society. Because on your deepest level of your being, you know that’s what you should be doing when in fact you’re doing quite the opposite.

Im Here In Front Of Something That We

might not see too much more of anymore, A yellow taxicab with a living breathing human behind the wheel. The reason all this is happening money robots don’t need health insurance they don’t need sleep and they don’t earn overtime. In 2017 a report by four European transport groups estimate that up to 4. 4 million truck driving jobs in the U. s and Europe could become redundant and thus eliminated by 2030.

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If Efforts Aimed At Widely Deploying

self–driving commercial vehicles are successful, and 85 million jobs could be lost. By 2025. That came from a report of the World Economic Forum Davos that friendly little consortium of smiling assassins said that 85 million jobs will be disrupted how. be disrupted well at the moment their jobs and then they’re going to be disrupted and they’re not being jobs. Amazon making a big deal in the self–driving car space.

The Price That Amazon Paid Was North

of a billion dollars, making it one of Amazon’s biggest deals. Of course. One of the companies that are investing in driverless technology is Amazon. How do Amazon balance the complicated demands of caring for their workforce and looking after continually increasing profits, How they behaved up till now with the enormous power that they have Amazon actually had to acknowledge that yes in fact their drivers are forced to urinate in bottles. NK] our drivers are not forced to urinate into bot did I say aren’t they are they are forced to can I get a drink please that is water right Amazon warehouse workers in the state of Alabama have voted.

Forming A Union Perhaps Drivers Are Being Forced

to piss in bottles because of well yes it says here relentless working practices why can’t their workers come together and oppose these difficult draconian and oppressive laws well because Amazon have vigorously opposed efforts by their workers to unionise a major facility in Alabama, The union claimed that the company illegally interfered with the process of course, they bloody world did Amazon threatened workers with layoffs and even closing the warehouse if they unionized the voting mailbox installed in the parking lot created the false appearance that Amazon was conducting the election. Intimidating workers in the voting against the union due to security cameras in the parking lot. Given the impression that workers were being watched and that their votes weren’t private Hey There’s no evidence at all of the tech world spying on people and then using that data to manipulate them. The effort drew much attention and high profile political support as it was seen as a bellwether for the future of labor activism. It’s a bit like I suppose the super league that all these things are emerging in this state of vulnerability and as many of you say in the comments.

I Know Never Waste A Good Crisis

has become one of the mantras of the controlling elites. At this time, the pandemic has left millions of Americans unemployed. In October 11 million people were unemployed in the Us and humans are experiencing record job losses and economic uncertainty. Robots have become a hot commodity. It’s weird in it because the way this story.

Is Portrayed Is Like People Like

look back to like you know groups that smashed up printing presses or like luddites that were suspicious of technological advancement, but these groups were actually organized worker groups that were saying York used this technology to further impose regulation and control and reject the rights of ordinary people and that historically is what’s happened and it’s continuing to happen even with their freight might and power that amazon yield. They still feel the need to control workers elections to install intimidating cameras to prevent them unionizing what does that tell you those of you that feel there is no hope there is no way of things changing look how hard powerful interests have to work to prevent change happening now The big question is of course, what does Amazon want to do with a self–driving startup well Zeux’s technology fits into amazon‘s years-long. Adding to a fleet that already consists of drones, warehouse robots and mini delivery vehicles, buying drones, warehouse worker robots and driverless cars. This is really gonna help workers to be safe. It’s not easy to reach that conclusion from that set of facts is it last year Amazon invested in another self–driving car company, Aurora why is amazon getting into self–driving cars well it could be because their workers are trying to unionize and have some kind of rights and they would like to crush those rights by saying you’re expendable already without ai the way that you keep worker wages low is by endless competition for low wage positions that’s how you do that but if you could say well.

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Weve Got A Robot Here Itll

do it for nothing can you beat nothing no well. There’s your bottle what you do in that bottle put that in. Off there’s your solution at Aurora We’re building a driver and that driver. We think can move people and ultimately we’ll move goods as well, so potentially self–driving amazon cars bringing packages to our doors. I think delivering goods for sure what can we do about that on an individual level.

When Youre Dealing With People Or

if you are a person that delivers remember the humanity that exists between us. We can’t allow that to be stripped away. Sometimes when I see the sort of logos and badges and emblems. I forget you know this is a human being like me. Somehow the world is being tiled over so that we can’t reach the humanity of one another that we’re just human beings that can get on with one another that we have shared interests.

We Mustnt Have Contempt For Each Other.

We mustn’t dehumanize each other. We mustn’t. systems and their intentions to bleed into us so deeply that we’re incapable of discovering the divine connection that can exist between people. When I heard about the zooks news.

I Immediately Thought That They Could

maybe cut down on lots of labor costs that they can make their whole fleet self–driving in some way they’re going to try to cut out that labor force for a billion dollars. They could save an awful lot of money if they could actually turn their delivery fleet into autonomous vehicles. Digital technology in almost every area of its deployment has become an amplifier of inequality the tech companies that control it employ almost no one in comparison either to their profits or to non–tech companies of comparable size and scale Volkswagen employs nearly 656 000 people worldwide. As of December 2018 Facebook employed 35 000 so it’s a perfect model for automation.

Incredible Wealth, Incredible Power, Incredible Assets And No

responsibility to people. A further breaking down of the social contract. I suppose the reason that this course in the 20th century, centered around labor and the power of workers in the proletariat is because the power of the proletariat only existed as the means of production in their ability.


Let’s not bloody thing keeps crashing driverless cars, an enjoyable futuristic luxury chauffeur ride or deadly robots coming to take our jobs and kill us a fiery crash . Eric Schmidt said that self–driving cars will be ready for use by the general public in years not decades, but it’s very much dependent on regulation . The federal government is investigating more than two dozen tesla incidents, including possible use of autopilot technology . The sooner we can get cars to drive for us the more lives we.& mode of transportation in our lifetime the sooner we . can . get cast to drive . for us, the sooner . we can save it. Let’s use the self-driving car No let’s not bloody things keeps crashing. Let’t not bloody car No Let’s Not bloody thing keep crashing. No let’s not Bloody thing keeps crashed driverless Cars. The government is looking at the self–driverless cars. No one keeps crashing and no driverless…. Click here to read more and watch the full video