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Today On The News And Why It

matters the latest on the impeachment inquiry? There was supposed to be some bombshell testimony going on or something like that Also representative Katie Hill has resigned and has some interesting blame to place on some interesting sources. Don’t change the channel it starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters I am Sara Gonzales today Glenn Beck is back the top story of the day yeah we’re down here I feel like you haven’t been on in two years. I was working on a crunch session all last week on the book and on the special that airs Tomorrow. I just wish that you would like do something with a lady. No no no I’ll get around to it stew stupor gear Don’t need a chair.

I Wasnt Going To All Sorry.

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He Is A Lieutenant Lieutenant Colonel

of the Army. He was supposed to give I don’t think he’s actually given the testimony today. the time of this taping, but it’s expected to give testimony in the impeachment inquiry Now This is being peddled by a lot of the mainstream media as just this is a huge indictment of Trump. However, his statement really basically just says Yeah what what the whistleblower test yeah whatever you want the statement what the summary I think that it will wrecked Yeah I think what the quote was is. We all know now what’s in you know in that phone call and that’s the way it happened right now you’re like it okay well, then what do you have to say we’re needing to hear right right but as I went over in my show just a few minutes ago.

In In Great Detail, Theres A Couple Of

things that jump out at you in his in his statement, which again was leaked to the press and. That is, he said one of his problems was that Joe Biden and his son was not of national importance of national security well wait a minute. The Obama administration misplaced seven billion dollars, seven billion dollars. Do you know what seven? But we gave what a billion dollars to IRan and that was game-changing seven billion dollars in the hands of nefarious people. We should know about it okay so we thought they lost it if that’s not national priority.

I Dont Know What Is When They Say

well it because he said I don’t want to be involved in any of this because this could affect the security the national security of the United States because if he looks into those things it will it will break Congress apart and and it will become partisan about Ukraine. We’ll wait a minute that’s not our fault that’s not national. fault that’s not the Pentagon‘s fought that’s nobody’s fault. Donald Rumsfeld that’s people who choose to be offended by what’s happening in is as long as it is a fair examination of all of the facts, but I don’t think the Democrats believe in a fair evaluation of the facts yeah I think so I mean I you know I’m a little concerned about some on the right who are basically just torturing this guy personally and it’s like look he has his a distinguished record. He served the country for a long time.

He Does Not.

I don’t think he’s a bad guy. Neither I don’t think it. I haven’t heard you say it or anyone here say that but I have heard it a lot on the right and I don’t like there’s this instant reaction to just because someone’s saying something that’s you know questioning Trump that you have to say they’re you know they’re this terrible person. So I think that’s part one is look we should we should watch what we’re what were what we’re saying and I think that’s happened here and beyond that I think it’s like I totally agree in that they make these things out to be these big whistleblower releases and it’s like what are we going to find out from this guy.

He Was The First Person Were Heard About

that’s on the call. We have the transcript of the call. There’s nothing to reveal like I heard someone discussing this and I imagine if this story had. rolled out differently where you had witnessed one whistleblower then you had another witness and then you had it built and then they released the transcript. It would have been like Oh my God.

We Got To The Transcript Well.

I mean the Trump administration for all they beating they get for the way they handle these things kind of just put it out there and said here. It is like no and the whole time was really interesting cuz people some people said well you know they they can edit that they could all agree to edit that okay well. Here’s the guy who was on the phone and he said Yep that’s why it happened so that’s out the window yeah and if you read the description of how those transcripts come together there it’s not an exact transcript. However, it’s multiple people all listening to the call.

Of My Live In You Know Real-Time Writing

out their own summaries and then they’ll all bring it together afterwards. I mean like it’s not a word-for-word transcript, but it’s pretty freakin close and as that’s even being backed up by witnesses, especially when you have so many people who apparently are against Donald Trump on the phone Yeah I mean it’s pretty but it’s pretty clear like well there’s not really anything here in my opinion when that’s what the transcript looks like and you know at least one guy on the phone was like this I think you know this is a. This is something I think is important because it is relatively standard foreign policy for us to try to keep these international relationships out of American partisan politics. It’s not it’s a he’s not saying something that’s crazy there but on the other side of it. refuses to look at the other side, which is Trump had legitimate reasons to be suspicious about the inter-workings of the State Department and how these issues were being handled.

Would They Look Into These Things

he even it basically says like we shouldn’t look into it because we’re worried about how this would affect our relationship with Ukraine and they shouldn’t we should not we should not give people money if they’ve lost a lot of it already yeah We should know what’s happening my position isn’t not giving them money at all call it it any more bombshells are we going to get out of this whole deal certainly when it comes to trying to proceed with some sort of impeachment hearing which it seems that this is what this is all about. This is what is always about like how can we down Trump anymore so. It seems like media sort of fans this side of idea like Oh There we go here. We go here. We go but like you said Transcript has already been released.

We Already Got A Lot Of

this stuff confirmed it’s like it is what it is so what exactly are we learning new but I think we and we talked about this. I believe last week on this show and how it’s more about trying to rile up certain bases about whatever it doesn’t have to be factual anything like that like you said nobody really cares about that at all it’s more about sort of Fanning these these flames. If you will to try to get people riled up so and this is what I’m always afraid of and you talked about what people are doing on the right and I’ve seen this as well and what I’m. Afraid of out of all of this is that we’re going to see going forward. I don’t call me a conspiracy theorist or what-have-you But I believe no matter if Trump is the president going forward or not being you know doesn’t matter four years from now It doesn’t really matter.

I Believe That This Is Sort

of what we’re we’re at with it. We’re like how much of dirt can we find on somebody even if it’s not dirt. Let’s perpetuate this idea as if it’s dirt and let’s see if we can get somebody out of there and I think it’s been that way for a long time, but never never to the point to where they’re talking about wearing wires right meetings with the president they want to use the 25th amendment to give them out. I mean they will do anything to get this guy out. to be that we would do that In the election you know and then we’d heal and come back together.

Yeah, Its The Spur In Perpetual Election Mode.

Basically right now you know can I thought about this for a long time because I wondered when did the Democrats become the blue and the Republicans became the word okay When did that happen. You know when that happened mm right yeah They the media decided in switch every four years one side would be read one side would be blue and they did that for a reason so no one was ever locked in okay. Now it’s red and blue. They did that is shockingly at the same time we had the most polarized election except for this last one or maybe the last few in my lifetime.

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The Media Is Playing This The Whole Way

to continue to separate. us and isolate us from each other and it’s up for it’s up to all of us on both sides to say enough of that crap yeah Stu I think to your point really quickly in his statement in vain’ man’s statement, he said I did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a U. s. citizen and I was worried about the implications for the UK government support of Ukraine, So it seems like this just has kind of turned into we’re going to put someone on the stand.


Glenn Beck is back on the news and why it matters . The latest on the impeachment inquiry? There was supposed to be some bombshell testimony going on or something like that . Representative Katie Hill has resigned and has some interesting blame to place on some interesting sources . I target Pro allows you to do it inside in your home without any ammunition and it is it it’s exactly like going to the range except you’re not spending any money doing it. It helps you a trigger control it is helps you with accuracy.& It is a great way to train to train.& I just introduced my seven-year-old son to my gun using I target PRo and it was really awesome it.& No no no I’ll get around to it stew stupor gear Don’t change the channel it starts right now.& Host Eric July back in the UK. I thought you were gone tomorrow UK. You really ought to thank our sponsor by Target Pro Glenn. I…. Click here to read more and watch the full video