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Hello Welcome To The Trews Election Special

with Me Russell Brand and Dr. Brad Evans Hey Delta it’s sorry for calling you a doctor in the situation Like this we’ve got to try and understand this election. Let’s have a closer look at the moment where Teresa may told us there was going to be yet another election. I have just chaired a meeting of the cabinet where we agreed that the government should call a general election she’s doing in a way like if I we were just talking before Brendan It sounds like yeah, Oh I’ve just shared this meeting. We’ve all sat down.

Were Really Serious Weve Really Talked About This

why is that to make it sound like it’s all been really well considered yeah, and also there’s some kind of imminence to this right. There’s like a sense of actually all the stuff I said. Previously new circumstances have come to light and it’s an emergency and we need to kind of rethink this Oh yeah that’s right because there was this time when aside there’s not going to be an election wasn’t there. In fact, here is there is a row so there’s not going to be an election. I’m not going to be calling a snuff election all right this but this is sort of an election isn’t it yeah kind of attention.

Why Is It Significant The Business Helicopter

overhead sort of correctly since we’re in this terrifying dystopian one I’ve just shared a meeting there’s UK coming down. I have just chaired a meeting of the cabinet. Can you see as well how dramatically I don’t think I recall seeing a politician so sort of incredibly dramatically lit like a vampire’s knee there’s a real gravitas and drama to this isn’t. Liberal I said only kind of reminds me of when such it was announced in the Falklands War. It has a sense of the drama.

You Say The Helicopter Adds To The

whole sense of the emergency of the situation and of course, what it does say to the public is don’t you forget the stakes are really high. I want to explain the reasons for that decision what will happen next and the choice facing the British people when you come to vote in this election. There is this sense of gravitas and fear, but that fear I think is something that a lot of us are feeling I think a good many people say like bloody Ell I’d only want to be engaged with this anymore like that clip of that Brenda from Bristol was delightful not another one oh for God’s sake I can’t honestly I can’t. Stand this I think a lot of us to feel like that, but we’re suddenly being expected to accept that what this is is a moment or yet another moment of significant importance When really all it is about the consolidation of power Yeah and the way it’s presented and even the tone of her voice is like this is now a definitive moment of truth in the life of the nation, whereas actually what we know it is a complete fabrication. It’s.

I Think Fabrication Has Now Become The Default

setting for myself certainly until proven otherwise because we know the lies upon lies upon which were given and in this sense she’s presented as this is the new truth or the new reality of politics. Despite everything I’ve said previously and undermining my dignity and dignity in any way. This is how I feel as well, but we know that they’re lying they know that they’re lying. It’s a sort of a treacherous wheel of understanding that we’re dealing with as you said it before a spectacle despite predictions of immediate financial and economic danger. Since the referendum we have seen consumer confidence remain high record numbers of jobs.

One Of The Things That Are

particularly objective with, but when I’m watching politicians or rate is when they blatantly tell me stuff that I can tell is not true from my experience of the world. My words and then as you just go things have been brilliant. Since I’ve been Prime Minister. It’s great now and my hair isn’t being blown into an unfortunate of style by this wind. What is that why do they do that and how do they get away with it Mm-hmm well I think.

When We Add Politics In The Age

of the spectacle, it all becomes complete sunlight and as you say on the one hand the media will present this stuff has been a truth. Even though we all know it’s. It’s a fabrication and you only have to walk around any city and over the last five years and notice the massive difference in the levels of homeless people in any city in the UK. We know this is a fabrication but the trouble is we know that all politicians are engaged in these very types of fabrications. So where is the alternative in the world where at least you know 30 years ago politicians used to put a great deal of effort into trying to deceive you now they just simply lie there can’t we boated deceive us properly don’t trust your own judgment.

Those Homeless People That Youre Tripping.

Over are all this fear and terror everywhere listen to this stuff. I’m saying under a helicopter and a bit too much of a harsh light and economic growth that has exceeded all expectations their energy expectations are my expectations eyes open everything was going to be really nice and we were all going to be kind and fair to one another. We will dismantle the UK now that we would preside over a year of peace and kindness Oh no no we’ve got going bet we have also delivered on the mandate that we were handed by the referendum result. Britain is leaving the European Union and there can be no turning back that sounds like ace of a parrot in of a factor phrase as well the lady’s not for turning there must be a sort of self–consciousness for a female leader the where there is a precedent.

Margaret Thatcher Theres A Particular Way

of appearing Do you how much of this do you think becomes performance well? It’s. You know it plays directly into the politics of performativity, but the way in which as I said that the presence in inner-self is a very shortness of this but anybody who makes a such a final statement about politics. There is no turning back. Europe’s over that should terrify anybody with any remote sense of history Yes it does still so scary for me and I don’t have a remote district. I cry bit like I find it terrifying and also like it feels like that continually we’re invited to take part in referenda that have a either negative consequences or no discernible consequences and very seldom have a positive consequence For the majority of people.

The Government Has The Right Plan

for negotiating our new relationship with. We want a deep and special partnership Yeah Motherhood Addington special partnership with anybody. The absolute source between a strong and successful European Union and a United Kingdom that is free to chart its own way in the world that discourse is absolutely terrifying because it plays back to some old romantic idea of colonization. What was colonialism if not charting our way Oh my god. It’s a nautical piece of language.

I Didnt Even Recognize With Shouting-Linda Delaila

right we’ll have India back at all that means we will regain control of our own money money like our money’s just mean swooshing about doing its own thing jitterbugging around here pound coins we’ve got numerous sides now it’s better already our own laws and our own borders, and we will be free to strike trade deals with old friends and new partners all around the world if. If you deliberately reductive and simplified language about old friends and new partners Yeah, but even you know the term again we’re free to strike. It’s a very militaristic kind of narrative. You know right do you think that’s significant in like you know like that they belabor the Linguistics here we go run now use the worst right now We’re not going to set up trade agreements. Why don’t we cook up a trade agreement No yeah actually Minnesota negotiate negotiate would have been a bit more well in micro weather might not go well, but we’re striking the deal who we struck that is so even if it doesn’t work at least the other person’s got a bloody nose.

This Is The Right Approach And It

is in the national interest, but the other political parties oppose it so what is actually happening is that we’re being presented. with a general election at time time where there is a sort of a sense of fatigue when really when kind of a guest to resume and their Conservative Party are relatively certain that what this will lead to is a consolidation of their power, a greater majority and a mandate to head in that direction. Another thing that’s worth noting is that you Kipp have been kind of it seems to me sort of absorbed into the conservative pie doesn’t seem as much of a need for you give anymore anything like now you’ve got your you kit you can keep as bucket like things are considerable occurs through the party maybe you could predominant they occupied the ground in which you keep will kind of occupy a kind of interest in Nigel. For hours now kind of edged is bets and kind of said well actually I’ve got.

More Job Security, But Remaining In Europe La

Vieille the nerve of the man wealthy go there she breaks it there’s your next election. What are we right minded normal people Do Brad can you not summarize that in 10 seconds. I don’t think so rethink the political in more loving ways. Let’s read thing the political in more loving ways and if you want to know more about what that potentially vague explains that listen to the skin with Brad and I where we discussed those topics in greater detail.

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Thank You Dr.

Brad I appreciate that I think I’m gonna call you Dr. Brad knows that okay swine true news subscribe here Nose is the jewel that is abusive folio and to leave your static confused shoulders like the no that’s the nose my toe I want some tools UK control.


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