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So I Get A Tweet From This Guy

Jackson Herman and I swear the balls on some people. He says at Leon Lush, you should definitely make a video about how bad Lele Pond’s snapchat videos are. My first reaction was Lele Pawns. My second reaction was snapchat. My third reaction was man am I starving right now So I made a grilled cheese and it was delicious and then my fourth reaction was okay Jackson maybe you’re on to something here, but I’m not trying like Lele Pons no making a video about Lele Pons.

In 2020 Is Like Being In A

fraternity and hooking up with that girl that 98 of the frat house has already hooked up with I’ve had enough of her although a little Leon lush history lesson back. In 2017 I was one of the first people to make a video about Lele Pons. And it was the very first video of Mine that really hit the Youtube algorithm and got recommended helping push me towards my first 100 000 subscribers thank God for Lele Pawns hi Sir We’re ready to work. I am interested however in snapchat because what people still use it that aren’t E-girls and Gary Vaynerchuk what the bleep is going on. Oh Tana Mojo’s on it that’s interesting.

I Know How Much Theyre Paying Her

to do this no way She’s doing this willingly. She probably gets paid like 50 000 to make two snapchats a day and that’s what we get out of her. She’s just like Mia Khalifa on my for you page. I don’t who’s that hail Mary full of grace the lord is with thee listen. So I Haven’t used Snapchat in probably three years, but apparently I’m subscribed to Jacob Sartorius.

So I I Dont Have A Good

expl hand to God. I don’t know how this happened, but actions have consequences. So I was under the impression that Snapchat had died years ago, but apparently it’s still kind of like a low-key content powerhouse. I guess I mean it started out 2012-13 whatever it was and it like got adopted by the young kids in high school and it was fun you could send risque pictures and it would disappear in 10 seconds. And then it became problematic because everyone was just sending unsolicited, unsold on unsolicited pictures of their schwanns.

And Then It Got Adopted By The

E-girls and they started selling their private Snapchats and then it went through the Gary Vaynerchuk phase where he wouldn’t shut the bleep up about it for. seconds and every young budding entrepreneur thought that they had to have a thriving snapchat in order to run a business. Oh! God and then Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg came along and literally stole the idea carbon copy verbatim and integrated it into Instagram and at that point that I thought Snapchat had died. Why would you even need snapchat If Instagram is basically snapchat, but also Instagram and edition someone asked me do I smoke Snapchat so I gotta give Snapchat a fair shake to see what I’ve been missing out on and to see if we can justify their 25 billion dollar present-day market cap, but before we do that I have intellectual Leon on standby ready to talk about today’s video sponsor Ray Khan take it away intellectually on you fat bleep big shout out to Raycon for their continued support of Youtubers during this new normal.

Ive Been Partnered With Them Since

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You Get Six Hours Of Play Time

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Com Leon Lush To Get Your Own

pair for 15 off the day thanks Raycon and thank you guys appreciate you so I spent a minute refamiliarizing myself. It looks like they have the the message section which is is a staple, and then they have this discover section now or for you, which is pretty ubiquitous on every app now instagram tick tock. They all have it and then they have the shows page which um pretty self-explanatory. I guess they they sign people up to to syndicate their content into these little show segments Oh look drama Alert. I wonder how keemstar is doing I haven’t.

Him Much In The News Lately Tested

positive for missing the squad. It’s just like a compilation of viral clips or something UK My man has the softest skin now so that was just like really short clips of nothing in particular with ads like every two or three clips. What’s going on Ace family today is a great day. You know why Cuz I get to prank catherine Oh Hallelujah ideally that’s a lot of stuffing yeah it wouldn’t be a snapchat without some Ace family on it. I guess what I’m beginning to realize that a lot of what this is is just people that are big on other platforms that probably get paid to have their content syndicated and delivered on snapchat, which is good.

I Guess For Established Creators.

You just recycle your content on snapchat and get another bag coming in but I don’t see. Anyone really making original content for Snapchat that’s already established anywhere else so since Jackson asked so nicely in his tweet. I have to at least check out Lele pawns to see what he’s talking about okay. It looks like she has her own show called Lele, which I’m sure shows up on the shows page.

Oh There It Is The Best

of Lele ponds where do you even begin there’s just so much good stuff would you pay me to clean your house well back in three hours thank you so much so that’s the video from three years ago that I reacted to initially on Youtube. That video I told you about that helped get my channel to 100k subs. So now Three years later. All her videos are just being recycled on Snapchat and serving a ton of ads and probably making her a ton of money. Honestly, it’s genius if I was smart.

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I Would Maybe Do The Same Thing With

my content. Oh the super dancer and if you’re feeling sad lonely or depressed, make sure to swipe up because we just released a new app called Wizdo, which lets you meet people that are going through the same life experiences as you it’s amazing you can’t whip one car let me if you’re feeling sad at this moment in time. I think I could use something like this go ahead and get that all right. I’ll be right back guys. I’m just going to talk to someone real quick that’s also watching Lele Ponzo’s snapchat and thinking about jumping headfirst into a trash compactor.

I Know Im Worth It.

I know I am, I know I tell myself all the time. I’m worth it but I just I can’t. I can’t stop from watching. These I can’t stop from watching this they make so much money with these With this This version it’s bleep and they’re like multi-millionaires all right I’m back the app was three stars at best, but I am feeling a little bit better, so let’s continue spread joy not germs funny videos that make quarantine easier laughing till I’m crying emoji now this I might be able to understand Oh my god look at the fat little cheeks on this boy are you kidding me with the tomato red chef’s hat oh my god that 10 seconds just justified all of my pain.

I Get It Now 25 Billion

dollar mark cap snapchat because you got little diamonds in the rough like this chunky little baby boy in a tomato red chef’s hat cooking up a pie good afternoon. You have happy things stay home but take your name yes. lives and wash your hands honestly that Kid’s probably a better politician than 98 of the current ones right What is this meet singles over 40 sponsored It has not been 15 minutes and I’m already getting targeted ads from Snapchat. It’s bad enough that google knows every intricate detail of my life. Because of my search history and I can’t escape targeted ads.

I Would Think That For 15

minutes on Snapchat. I could have a little reprieve but no meet singles over 40. . I know that I’m bald thought I could just make a quick video without being ashamed for my age in front of my entire audience, but no 15 minutes in you want to meet some singles over 40 no I’m married thank you very much and by the way I know how to play billy either songs on acoustic guitar Your girl from mad tight. might seduce your dad type I’m the bad guy.

I Dont Actually Know Any Billy Island

songs. I just learned that right now to see him younger than I really am Bleep you yeah pretty much every day thanks for reminding me. You should do it and you should probably shut your bleep mouth yeah you’re old. You know so satisfying had to be on on on every platform ever wait is that is it hold the phone. A second if that was a flat brim made out of kool-aid packets which I think it which I think it was then I told I mean I understand all the hype that is bleep awesome the condition state or quality.

Oh Hell Yeah My Boy From All

flaws my boy parents is obviously on snapchat. I think the actual definition should be a ten letter word describing something that doesn’t exist. getting amped up already watch this pink blob grow up all right. Actually I’m that I’m gonna that one I’m gonna click on Oh No Ben and Poppy said Where’s the pink blob. I didn’t come on snapchat to feel sad show me the pink blob ads there he is he’s at the he’s at the very end 50 snaps and 45 ads later.

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Finally The Little Pink Blob Its

a baby African pygmy hedgehog that’s literally it that’s all I got God they’re smart. They click baited the bleep out of me 24 exercises for couples at home thanks I hate it already oh my God honestly is it even a sit-up if you’re not kissing your partner in between every single one is it even a squat if you’re not standing on your partner’s dick well they’re doing a crow pose Is it even a push-up if your. Planking on your back learn to work out you lonely single pricks hooked on the look. I wear a corset every day hold on a second.


Lele Pons was one of the first people to make a video about how bad Lele Pond’s snapchat videos are . Tana Mojo gets paid like 50 000 to make two snapchats a day and that’s what we get out of her. She’s just like Mia Khalifa on my for you page. I don’t who’s that hail Mary full of grace the lord is with thee listen.& So I Haven’t used Snapchat in probably three years, but apparently I’m subscribed to Jacob Sartorius.& I guess I mean it started out 2012-13 whatever it was and it like got adopted by the young kids in high school and it was fun you could send risque pictures and it would disappear in 10 seconds. But apparently, apparently it’s still kind of like a low-key content powerhouse.& Oh TanaMojo’s on it that’s interesting. I know how much they’re paying her to do this no way She’s doing this willingly….. Click here to read more and watch the full video