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Joker with a face for radio and a voice for print. So today I want to talk a little bit about what I’ve seen many many times on whether it’s on a reddit post whether it’s on Web Apps like the dating where you can swipe like on Tinder and Bumble in some of these other dating things. This is a thread a trend that I’ve seen for a while I can also say it is personally happened to me. Let me explain a woman would rather be or would rather share a high quality guy than be with one guy that she is attracted to her fields that he is a winner. A good example of this would be someone like you Hefner.

It Would Be Someone Like I

don’t know take any rock star anybody that has a bevy of. women that are interested in him women will be with them even though though they know they have other women in their lives. This is a post that’s from Reddit I’m gonna bring this up and it shows you that it doesn’t you don’t need to be a rock star. You don’t need to be really anyone important. It’s all about the mindset and a woman would rather be with or what we would rather share a winner than be with a guy that just doesn’t do it for her let me get recording on this says I I did a higher-up at my company I bedded a higher-up at my company turns out they’re a jerk Yes I had to edit the living Heck out of this background.

I Had A Crush On This Dude Who

I really respected and I thought was cool I heard it I pursued. our UK one day we went to go eat together ended up at his apartment and we went to the bedroom. We hooked up a total of three times. Our last hookup is when things went downhill. He mentioned he had bedded other people to other people and I was like Lol I didn’t mind Maybe I was a bit jealous, but honestly not really more like why is he bragging should I be tilted anyway.

I Was Like Thats Cool And

we continued to chill alright now again. Most of the time when you’re a guy and you’re dating someone you’re kind of hanging out with them and maybe you want to hang out them again. You say um I’m like I want to tell her. I like her. I want to show her that I’m a good guy.

Im Respectable.

I’m honorable I’ll tell you what that will. chase her off However, if you’re actually kind of rude and you you are brunt about it many times they’ll actually become more attracted to you. Now it kind of goes back to the video. If you’ve watched it on my why do women like bad boys It’s the same thing they’re showing look I’m such high quality.

I Am So Amazing.

I don’t even care about you I will be with you because I’m a nice guy and everything and what the heck it’s something to do, but don’t think you’re special usually I’m with much better women now as a guy that sounds very it crude and for a normal woman You might even say hey I’m a normal person. I’m a normal woman. I don’t think like that maybe not but this is kind of many of the women that are growing up today and and kind. of getting into this sphere where you know there are more and more guys out there that are paying for these only fans.

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Theyre Kind Of You Know Not Very Socially

acclimated and so they’re not comfortable asking out girls they may not be what the girls looking for as well. Maybe they’re not tall, dark and handsome or whatever so that category of men is kind of out because they’re they’re just not even asking girls to date Who is left well Who’s left are the guys that are really attractive and the guys that have really good game and Natta talk to women well. They’re gonna have be having all the fun and I was telling a friend of mine. This she was having trouble dating and I said look if you if you have to understand that young guys if they’re good-looking cuz she goes for like. most men or most women do he’s good-looking is he’s you know athletic he’s attractive well.

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All Women Want That Guy And So When

it’s so easy for guys to go out and get hook up get the hookup game going it’s very hard to tie a guy down because he’s got a lot of other options. So it actually works against women. Let’s keep reading here but as you can see she’s fine with him being with other women probably because he’s she feels like he’s a a very attractive, much more higher in-demand Gentleman so it says here so here comes the horrible part. We get we get to the bedroom and while I’m giving him in an Australian kiss that’s like a French kiss but down under well. I’m, giving him an Australian Kiss.

He Asked Me Hows It Feel

knowing another girl did this to him. and I was feeling vulnerable because his pipe was in my mouth and I also caught was caught off guard, so I responded to truthfully. I said said sad I like you that now he’s you see what I’m saying it makes her sad. She likes him. In the meantime, she’s still in the middle of doing an Australian kiss.

This Guy Sounds Like A Jerk Right.

I mean it’s a pretty jerky thing to do, saying hey you know there’s another girl doing this to me last week but it didn’t push her off it didn’t it didn’t make her like him less watch the next day. I thought about how I felt and I texted him texted him telling him. I didn’t like it when he mentioned that girl during the bedroom or about that during while they were in the bedroom, he texted back which one this. Guy’s just he’s obviously making it clear that she is nothing to him.

He Might Not Even Really Care For Her

other than what they’re participating in in the bedroom. He she said I don’t know what face he used but f F him holy s then I was like I don’t really care it’s degrading blah Blah and basically he never responded to me I’m requesting advice. I’m still upset and it’s been more than a month since that text conversation I want to express that I think he is crappy and he shouldn’t treat people this way. I want him to really apologize since he never did I hate this dude, but I still like him. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten over it he’s su such a trash can right.

I Also Dont Want To Sound Like A

crazy person should I bring it up or not bring it. up if they were not talking anymore, there’s nothing to bring up He’s ghosted you. He’s disconnected so it sounds to me like she’s still with hanging out with this guy. A month later still being disrespected. Still saying that he’s a trash can and she really kind of hates him, but she’s still attracted to him and she may still be kind of hanging out with him.

This Is The Problem That But That Women

don’t understand and I think some guys don’t understand and then they’re guys that really understand. This is that if you if you’re confident and you can you can have it come from a good place of security and self–knowledge and and self-assuredness. You can be like this and you can be genuine and now yes you may be genuinely a jerk, but what he’s saying to her is look I really don’t like you. I mean yes I will be with you, but I really don’t like you. I mean more than then you know the casualness of our bedroom activity if she if she realized that and she did want a relationship she would look for a quote-unquote nice guy a guy that would treat her well, but you see they’re not exciting.

Theyre Boring.

She wants somebody that’s wanted by other people. It excites her and I know this sounds crazy and for those of you women that disagree with this hear me out he’s wanted by other women if a woman’s walking with a man and all the women are checking him out a women will think that’s awesome they all want. And he’s mine men tend to think a little differently. If a man’s walking down the street and all the guys are paying attention to a woman.

Most Men Dont Well.

You may think hey if you’re coming from a confident place. You may think I’m confident but that’s my girl and everybody likes her, but if you’re not quite as confident it can get a little it can get a little stressful. Having so many men pay attention to your woman because you know that gives her a lot of options. Where if a man has a lot of options and he chooses with you.

I Know Its Complicated Stuff.

But this is kind of how it rolls the thing is what she’s showing here is what we simply say Hypergamy right the desire to be with women want to date up they want to date someone that is that is more powerful that it has more money that is attractive that is better than they are so that they have caught the best man They can catch they don’t want somebody that is even to them. They don’t want someone that is lesser to them and this is a perfect proof. They would rather share a very what they deem is a high-quality high-value male they would rather share him than have a average guy all to themselves and if you don’t believe me here it is right in front of you. It’s a story and and you can Google This you can google Hypergamy a web search Google’s.

They Filter Out Their Their Algorithms, But

you can do a web search for hypergamy do a web search for women date up women marry up women Don’t marry you know there’s I’ve done stories like this on this channel, but I thought this would be really interesting. All right guys if you’d like to support my work links are below as always if you’ve directly supported me. I appreciate it and it means everything to me and if the other way you can support me like comment share and subscribe and check out some of my older videos. A lot of you guys have asked me for certain topics. I’ve already done them.

Theyre Just A Little Bit Older

go to my main page and look back a little bit. Also my new page the odd man out, which is gonna be my news channel and my other topic. channel it is up a link is down below this video. If you want to go check it out my first videos already out on Ela Elon Musk guys I’ll leave it there this is better Bachelor I’m Joker remember if you if you really do want to date, you can’t have an opportunity to date multiple women, but you’re gonna have to bring your a-game and be the big fish in the little pond.


Joker says a woman would rather be with or would rather share a high quality guy than be with one guy that she is attracted to her fields that he is a winner . Joker says it’s all about the mindset and a woman wants to share a winner than a guy that just doesn’t do it for her . Joker: A good example of this would be someone like you Hefner. Take any rock star anybody that has a bevy of.& women that are interested in him women will be with them even though though though they know they have other women in their lives . He says it doesn’t you need to be a rock star. You don’t need to . be really anyone important. It’s about how important you are to be really important to be in your own life, he says. You’re not to be an important person or to be important to your life, it’s about what you want to be your life. You can be a good person to your own ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video