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Youre Not Optimistic Im Not Optimistic I

haven’t given up but I’m I’m more angry than in despair. I just don’t trust this system and when an American citizen has that mindset that’s bad I guess I’ve got despair and anger. I’m disbanded Oh yes yes that’s what I yeah let’s I’m gonna go with that absolutely I’m right there with you disbangered I’m just angry yeah yeah yeah absolutely yeah I don’t know just um it’s it’s it’s not a good feeling it’s it’s really not it’s really and we have to answer your question where are all of the votes for biden coming from well. They’re coming from six feet in the ground a lot of them his evidence yeah that is true um for instance, seven Milwaukee voting awards have more votes than registered voters in them seven City of Milwaukee voting awards reported more 2020 presidential. Election votes than they had registered voters is that a problem for you how what are you going to do about that it can’t happen so how did it? Five of them are in the city’s eleventh Alder Aldermanic ward on the city’s Far Southwest side.

Vice President Biden Carried The Five In 2020

with 3 768 votes to president Trump’s 28.83 margin of 8. 85 or eight times. What it was in 2016. okay I like this they should they show they actually show the voting award and how many registered voters and then the total of voters so in ward 274 for instance okay.

There Are 640 Registered Voters.

1290 people voted problem Nah Don’t worry about it just an enthusiastic turnout from the dead I guess or illegal aliens or somebody who wasn’t registered in ward 273. There were 634 registered voters 1272 voted that’s a 201 percent. turnout a 202 turnout in the 274th ward 202 of the voters turned out so you’re yeah that’s not possible disagreeing with that a little bit a little bit a little a little lighter turnout in voting Ward 272 there’s 1123 registered voters 1405 of them voted that’s 125 turnout 117 turnout in ward 277 115 and 269 108 in 234 101 in 312 and exactly 100 in ward 326. so so so they’re enthusiastic in those wards in Milwaukee.

Theyre Ready To Get Out And Vote Whether

they’ve registered or not whether they’re alive or not. I don’t know whether they’re citizens or not who knows why even look into it Ah whatever it’s fine. So 202 of the people in this district voted your point Apparently there isn’t one yeah because i mean yeah i’m not good at math so i’m not the one to tackle that problem. that you just posed, but it doesn’t sound like it adds up no it kind of doesn’t then there’s some really really elderly voters as well. Oh wow that’s good right especially turn it up in Michigan Yeah you want them to be active right.

You Want Them To Get Out And Vote

you should always do it safely part of the process right yeah you want to be part of they’ve got a lot of wisdom built up over the years there were four voters in Michigan the other night who were born before 1902. wow yeah exciting yeah H yeah so for instance um. There were four of them who were exactly 120 years old. They were born in 1900 and are 120 now okay um that’s that’s I mean that’s pretty cool that they’re still out there Yeah Yeah process one of them is 118. let’s see.

One Two Three Okay, Three Of Them

are 120 okay, one of them’s 118.. One of them is 119. Okay and then one of them is 170 years old. So 170.

Born In 1850 Year Of Our Lord 1850

and got out and vote Daniel Jason Lemoine Okay got out and voided voted he voted for I’m sure Joe biden at 170 years old good for him congratulations that is just a spry 170.. He was the first time he was eligible to vote. He cast his first vote for Ulysses s grant I guess correct well yeah I guess yeah okay well so he’s been yeah. He’s been active for a while.

I Think The Voting Age Then Was

21 so let’s see would that have been grant or would that have been afterwards yes grant right 68 72 Okay Okay I mean let’s really let’s all right let’s. break out the numbers on this guy’s voting record Crazy Jeez so anyway 170-year-old man got out and voted you gotta be proud of that and really you have no excuse for your own situation If you if you’re like I’m not going to get on vote. I don’t feel good today. This guy’s 170 years old and he got to the polls right come on no excuses. You think you think he got an I voted sticker.

I Hope So 170-Year Old Guy

walking home he sure deserved one you probably put it on his what do you think 170 year-old guy is wearing these days jammies probably his jammies. One of the families was one of the families was contacted and the ballot was tossed because I think they found out the person involved. I’m not sure which it doesn’t say but well probably. dead and so they threw out the ballot well again, but we can’t confirm we’re going with probably dead yes We don’t know yeah and what state was that in that was in Michigan Yesterday President Trump entered the day entered the morning 300 000 votes ahead and by Baden Hoon is gone and he was declared a loser in Michigan H wow biden made up a lot of territory very very quickly so I don’t know if this is all about shenanigans. I don’t know I don’t know we’ve got we’ve got a tweet actually from Flekas about someone registered a vote in Michigan.

I Went Through The Whole Process There

um see look there on the screen there he looked up this guy. This William Bradley Guy born in 1902. Might be one of the guys you were just talking about possibly so yeah look at that right. There look at that you’re registered okay so then they send the ballot. It’s received and the process everything’s going along great and your vote counts Oh by the way you’re dead.

I Dont Know If You Know This

or not but there’s the proof okay so he died in 84. and yeah he was okay we I mean we’ve only had 36 years to figure that out though so maybe they haven’t had a chance to government can be slow death. Yet there’s a lot of red tape and trying to get your name. You expect them to already have that registered as as a death and have a death certificate involved. When it’s only been 36 years.

You May Want To Look Up To

see if your deceased relatives are registered to vote you might and if they voted yeah in I wonder if my mom and dad. voted this time that’s possible yeah except they would have voted Republican so it’s highly unlikely it seems to be h an issue with Democrats doesn’t it yeah walk us through what are you thinking what are you talking about here? I’m just saying the Democrats have a long record of dead people voting so can we all be illegal immigrants voted so can we revisit a thing you just said you don’t know well yeah I don’t I don’t if there’s fraud involved. I mean obviously there’s some I don’t know if it’s widespread enough to to win him. The four million votes he’s winning by right now. I think you underestimate the hatred for Donald Trump and the less insistence on getting him out of office one way or another.

Perhaps Its A Mess Man This Is Nice

no it’s it’s not good that’s my that’s not good. How many times have we warned this guy’s he’s he’s losing his noodle talking about Biden Yes he is he’s going to be controlled if he’s if he’s in office at all By then he’s going to be controlled by the extreme left wing. He’s going to be controlled by socialists and communists and I mean if if you don’t believe that the Communist party liked them so much they didn’t even run a candidate. They just endorsed Joe Biden I mean okay but take come on take biden out of this if you’ve got half of the population and maybe not half thinks this but a substantial amount of the population think this isn’t a legitimate election that’s the issue then the larger you know long skill you know long long-range issue is the fact that it would be biden well President Harris how many weeks do you think.

Shes In The Oval Office.

I’ve said six months six months. I think six months yeah no more than that you.

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Seven Milwaukee voting awards have more votes than registered voters in them . Vice President Biden carried the five in 2020 with 3 768 votes to president Trump’s 28.&83 margin of 8.&85 or eight times. Five of them are in the eleventh Alder Aldermanic ward on the city’s Far Southwest side of the city’s Far Southwest . Five of the awards are located in the same ward as the mayor’s office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and vice president Biden carried five of them in 2020 in 2020 . The mayor says he’s more angry than in despair but he’s not optimistic about the outcome of the election. He says it’s not possible to disagreeing with that a little bit a little of the voters turned out in one of the voting awards in the other wards that are not registered voters. He said he doesn’t think it’s possible to say it’s just an enthusiastic turnout from the dead or illegal aliens or someone who wasn’t registered in ward 273….. Click here to read more and watch the full video