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So Black Screen And Then You Hear

a Deadpool’s voice okay what does Iron Man do best but he creates villains so the whole separation from the rest of the Avengers was an illusion by Mysterio Yeah to screw with Peter and make him feel increasingly isolated vulnerable weak just a mess with this kid welcome back to new rockstars I’m Melina and this is rogue theory today we’re gonna explain why Spider-man left theNK] in universe because they’ve got to figure that out too so we’re not business at all according to plan inside of their plan what really on today’s episode we have of course Eric Foss episode we have some rogue theories about Ironman. Also this is very fresh actually there’s talks that he might actually find his way back in the UK and we’ll explain how later and give you some theories but first Spider-man. The UK is a hoax. It was planned they’re doing it on purpose well. If I don’t hold the table down it flies away.

I Want You Guys To Go Down

the line and just explain why they would do this on purpose. Yes, what story maybe it might they be trying to tell that is going to take advantage of the fact that he could go over to the Sony version of the Spider-man universe and then potentially even come back a few years down the road so for the purposes of this that’s gonna be our kind of guiding light. They’re doing it on purpose. Yeah now why what story they trying to tell right alright okay so just picture black screen right and in turn a sound like pictured in your mind podcast listeners that’s exactly UK ahead of the game so black screen and then you. A Deadpool’s voice pushes the black screen out of the way and is and he makes a direct reference to Spider–man, but he can’t say it so every time.

Spider-Man Is Being Referenced.

He bleeps it or sensors it over their face right and he is basically trying to take he’s pitching himself to the Avengers to take Spider-man’s place by the way we are now introducing rogue ease tracking you might get one you’ve already earned because he’s the opposite of Spider-man. Like Spider-man is sweet. They the Avengers have spent like what a bunch of movies protecting him and trying to keep him out and he earned his way in through acts of like kindness and valiance whatever that word being valiant and like showing that he has judgment and like coming into his own sucking up. Never do that so the art The story arc for his character is like Okay like learn how to humble yourself you’re not the blumin right that you think you are and does he get in Does he not is like the new Avenger and also he can do it in a comedic way by directly referencing this do you love than you are specifically saying that the part where this is on purpose and by design is because they were like how the hell do we bring in that pool exactly well.

Deadpool Deadpool Can Is The One That Has

directly you can see through that fourth wall and you know it the whole Deadpool movie inNK] Phase four or five could be like a parody of Spider-man Homecoming. What Deadpool is just the outside to be like Just let me be on the team materialise. I get one block all right. I could have given you more but you said it yourself you only get one. I have so many roadies sounds like a great rogue theory on its own yeah Alright I’m into it.

They Theyre Doing It Just So They Yes

figure out how to bring it. Deadpool I like it. Alright Joe were thee reason it’s gentle son can you steal this Rogi. I definitely think I I think I know exactly what’s going to happen the reason you gotta know Cuz I know where they want to. Go with the next Spider-man movie is I’m Gonna Spit is so the first one was homecoming the second one was far from home part three Spider-man.

Theres No Place Like Home.

What okay no it is and this is where it’s a world. He now. He’s public cuz that’s where it was kind of less left off that everyone knows who he is but guess what when he tries to go to the Avengers they’re not there they don’t exist and the only other superhero is this lame one called Venom. So he has to like team up with Venom to figure out what’s going on and that’s why I think eventually they kind of realized that they’re in another like universe Multiverse and that’s where the Miles Morales Multiverse comes in and then I think a live-action or animated Oh It’s gonna be Framed Roger Rabbit and then at the very end.

I Do Believe At Some Point Hes

gonna like tap his little red slippers together their boots like there’s no place. There’s no place like home and then he enters a new universe and it’s all black and white and there’s all the Marvel characters and then he looks at Iron Man and because it was black and white. He’s in the Wanda vision Yes. I think the mouths moralis multiverse and the Wanda vision Multiverse stuff. I think is all going to somehow connect them so the one key word.

Is Wanda Know His Multiverse Yes Thats What

you’re saying is they are making it a purposeful. The whole point of this thing is so that we force him into the multi exactly you separate it and they’re like Oh no oh no but they knew all along it’s gonna come back to now Pop quiz here on your own Theory, How did he get to another dimension. I think clearly something maybe I think it’s gonna go back to like Wanda whatever Wanda did and Wanda’s getting some kind of powers. I think there’s some kind of incident that sends her back to that fifties world Yeah and whatever that incident is like a no more mutants type of incident like thing that she does is probably then as what affected him as well yeah gotcha so she Wanda Maximoff Fisca has done something that has created not only. The the ability to go to a multiverse but she sent some people there just right out of yeah Yes and the only person who can fix it is Doctor Strange and the multiverse Oh man I didn’t like the Doctor Strange Multiverse of madness, but you’ll keep it for now.

Hes Said It As Rob Zombies Saying The

name of that movie maybe it was like a wrote his own reaction to his own sentence Yeah you shouldn’t laugh at your own what question mark at the end so far okay two roadies out there I would like to bid Marinas and Jeff’s row keys on my establish the rule just by declaring that you know you fake it till you make it sure sometimes you can’t do. I suggest that just for suggesting well so let’s just look at the situation here. It does not make sense for Sony to walk away from this doesn’t make sense for Disney to do it this way so yeah, I think there is some kind of narrative at work there at least on a retcon opportunity for each of these sides to say you know what we wanted this to happen and I think if you look at it from Sony’s perspective. They have what I think is one of the best villains in any superhero movie at least on the Marvel side in Mysterio. No villain other than that us arguably has really been so successful at deceiving and getting under the hero’s skin so what if the third Spider-man movie, whatever its home wrecked home broken far from home part three it’s great.

It Begins Right Where The Post-Credits Scene Of

far from home leaves off where Spider-man is now a public menace public. He lives on in his life and he’s a fugitive. He can’t go home anywhere. No one will shelter him. He’s a fugitive.

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He Has To Be Homeless.

Hey that’s another opportunity put halfway through that movie of being a public pariah. We see some then just off about this world something glitches there’s like four Ned’s. This is the the next movie. This is the sony Oh Yes.

This Is A Sony Spider-Man 3

like Spider-man 3 Homeless and Hobo. We haven’t seen any no ninjas as shown up but four nets and then Peter realizes wait is this all a freakin illusion still tattoo. Peter is still under a UK headset or some kind of drone create illusion. It were still in the timeline of far from home, where he’s in that final battle with Mysterio still under Mysterio’s illusion so the whole separation from the rest of. was an illusion by Mysterio to screw with Peter and make him feel increasingly isolated vulnerable weak ok so but but do let’s go ahead and like go into a little further.

So I What Happens He He Now Has

to like actually defeat Mysterio dude the whole film right now. The entire second half of the film is just an extended version of that Mysterio illusion Montage from far from home. He’s in this dream world Hellscape yeah constantly wondering what is real what isn’t He’s spilling secrets to the people He shouldn’t talk to now because this is still in the Sony world right it is people like Ned it’s UK it’s his teacher its Flash Thompson it’s on May it’s new Spider-man villains like Doc Ock like Green Goblin. There’s the logic part of it of why they would do it right where there’s illusions of all. new characters like where were you this whole time? Fantastic Four well didn’t I that’s right but where were you Venom? Whatever and then also where are the Avengers and it’s because it’s an illusion.

Have Interest Friends To Help Him

he has to fight them by himself and then after this movie is over we reveal that the deals back on and then he can appear in these other things because I believe in magic now I have a question, though does it are there are we gonna see what’s happening outside of your contractual reasons No he won’t even really mentioned the fact that anything is different even definitely will not say Avengers yeah so that means you’re the guys your home movie is just a dream. I don’t knock it off. It’s plausible theory it’s rogues really gonna go it’s like no one acknowledges at this Anthon. like your idea if you could see the outside where UK the real UK and that little glue shows people like when they were all fighting they’re trying to rescue him and it’s like conception time so like everything’s happening in a longer time coasters covering a hole in the oak a so let’s hear them back again in the form of a tweet basically we okay Deadpool takes Spider-man’s place Gotcha Mine is Wizard of Oz meets Wand Vision Hashtag I’m bad at Weeds. He’s not even reference let’s give you a second take on that Spider-man goes down the yellow brick road to Wan.

Division Got Through The Hash Tag Through The

Multiverse Yes Mine is one friend Spider-man three Mysterio Matrix give it to Marina because hers has the Deadpool one and in fact I’ll give her another one three two one so that was a negative. The rules I had to make an example because we had established the rule. There was a warning exactly and three two one. And this is actually how high the stakes are. If you guys are wondering it where this is all headed.

These Point Totals Will Continue To Change As

the game goes along. But our players have some stakes that we I’m not telling you, but if they win, they get very special prizes that involve all something you have to do. This is all very fun so we’ll see which of you wins and which of you gets your wish to come true and the other two what how much money you lose oh Yes my rowdy number, speaking of how friends I have our back financially thanks to these sponsors and we’re back. I was informed during the break that we don’t have sponsors for this. Episode so it’s costing us four new hips for every guy’s eye They’re not cheap it turns out yeah really health care in our country doesn’t make it cheap.

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You Know I Get On Medicare Guys

it’s great Oh cool a good advice. Maybe that’s how Robert Downey Jr. somehow maybe did he survive the events of endgame or what Okay there’s a rumor that figures on the table Robert Downey Jr. . not yet okay Robert Downey.

He Will Be Back In The

UK but specifically in the Black Widow movie Okay so as a reminder the Black Widow movies so far what we know about it is that it probably is taking place in at least two timelines pre the events of Iron Man before we got to know Black Widow at all and she was presumably under some sort of elite Russian training or something or she’s already. working as a Russian spy and also post-civil war one. There’s kind of been that breakup between Tony and Cap and those teams and she was on caps team and they have to go underground, but before infinity war. So in these two timelines are the most likely places we might see them. But Iron Man or Robert Downey Jr.

In A Weird Cameo.

There’s a rumor that he’s gonna show up in these in what a scene or maybe more I want to know how you guys think he’ll show up. I got it okay so what do they say we know Yeah You mentioned two different timelines. One will be probably mid-2000s to show this Budapest incident Yeah what was Tony Stark doing around this time he was not yet. Iron Man.

He Was Not Yet Kidnapped By

the ten rings and had to build his own suit. Out This is an enlightened selfless peacekeeper. He was a jerk. He was holic. He was drinking on the job constantly he was after a couple whiskey’s gonna have a lot of toilet paper squares here’s the deal he was arms dealer.

He Was Making Weapons Of War

selling them all over the world didn’t know what hands they ended up in so what if part of the plot of Black Widow involves some weapon and end up in the wrong hands. A terrorist group Taskmaster might be part of the story, or will be part the story, but what if this group this crew that will include Black Widow, Yelena Bulova. The the red Guardian played by Hopper. A little bit and you’re gonna have this crew of people who have to work together. Whatever this this conflict is what if one of them has to call up Tony.

Stark Or Find Him 2006 When Tony

Stark was arguably a very interesting person. You get the hero just kind of an blumin super rich but super rich kind of a terrorist When you were drunk. You designed to this crazy missile nuke and we need to know how to diffuse it can you help us out he’s on the other engine over here. Some girl is like excuse me how do I get out of your house He’s turning to Rick Morty My name is Alexey. Whatever your name is okay just find the green wire and don’t touch it forgot you found it and pretend.

I Never Existed And Basically Just Dump

the whole thing in UK Cola and and maybe that’ll help and they’re like you’ve been no help and then he just says F off. He’s basically a Wolverine and first-class so his whole. scene is relief but it’s a Marvel movie so a Robert Danger News face has to be the largest thing in the poster. Stupid disembodied voice over phone are we doing D aged Oh We gotta do digitally added yes like the Superman one, but it’s they have so much footage of them from 2008. They shot that movie in 2007.

They Can Just Use Some An

app footage and and if they shoul swap it on a little boy who helps scar a Scarlett. Johansson defuse a new all right so you’re mostly a cameo relief but specifically connected to his arms. Delia intended her-for this monster has come into into goodness and selflessness. Gotcha Alright that’s great Jeff. What do you got I mine is similar that in which he is comic I feel he’s going to be comic relief because let’s be honest what does.

Does Starting Now Everything Before No But What

does Iron Man do best but he creates villains He creates villains Iron Man-he is the reason why Whiplash happened Iron Man 3. Killinger Mysterio, everyone knows in civilian Kilian Yeah, Oh that’s from Venture Brothers anyway but then and a Spider Man pretty much every vote just all and all of the lackeys all worked for he creates villains so I feel that yes Yeah if he had not been around how many like movies would not have army at the end of Avengers and that’s how the absolutely was Yeah Yeah. He’s created almost every problem brought this on yourself that has happened Oh the the Baron Zemo happened when crashed into which which was obviously Ultron is completely a Tony exactly so I feel Yeah I feel of course this one he has to be the reason. reason this next villain comes about for Black Widow who they say is going to be test master, so I believe maybe this is around like kind of like post-civil war, She’s like doing some kind of underground undercover thing following Taskmaster before he is taskmaster or she and and then of course, this person goes to Tony for some kind of arms deal and he’s just like I don’t need you I can do it all myself and you know black widows listening and she’s like Tony what are you doing and then taskmaster becomes all evil and then she’s like great now I have to deal with this who was Iron Man-he also had he’s like a fish man, but I want to hear you’re Tony Stark against Eric’s Tony Stark really quick from your films I’ve been doing all myself Cuz I’m awesome no one. Awesome actually calls you to text you can do my pepper can take your peppers Oh Wow yeah, It’s just a fact that yours is too clearly just Rick Okay, so he just shows up just to cause the problem exactly a lot of eye rolling let me tell you Jeff got a rookie alright Marino Dia okay Mine is none of that okay thank you Jeff thank you okay so essentially the entire block what a movie happens and we and the movie ends right of course with you know obviously spoiler warning foot shoe sure her death and we go to credits Okay like movie is over movie is done then post credit scene Okay post credits are post post credits yeah the middle one or the end what it’s the end one okay, so you have to sit through the whole credits because people work really hard.

On Movies You Guys Yeah! There Are Billions

of UK artists you have to sit there Okay. I mean people on their phones in the theaters during that time, but it’s fine so it’s post-post credit scene to trick people into thinking like yeah. This is it this is it for this character okay that is when Tony Stark rolls in and he reveals that he has figured out a way in his snap like in Tony Snap Okay he went into this alternate universe or like his the soul zone or whatever it was like when you’re yeah when you’re there you’re in that realm and also you know the afterlife. The afterlife might appear different to different people. So it’s Tony’s afterlife.

So He Spends Time In There And He

the one thing he wants to do is. He’s like look I saved everybody and I’m happy. But I want to figure out a way to bring Black Widow back because she sacrificed herself for everybody so like here’s the deal like all die. I did it like I’m making a sacrifice okay like I’m super dead right by want to make this trade and he either like make some negotiation where he spends like a billion years suffering and like he’s about it now cuz he’s evolved toward Tony Stark and he’s no longer selfish like in the previous movies and the very end of the post-credits is that he figures out a way and UK wakes up in the pool of vessels like Bora, where Gamora like the Boromir Pool Yeah the were mere pool Yeah Adult Swim Yeah it’s basically. She wakes up opens her eyes and I’m like Yeah.

The Movie Actually Ends Resurrects Heres

a way to bring her back permanently and conveniently. We didn’t exactly explain how you know Rogi on this yes what if it’s like Doctor Strange type thing he goes up to Eternity and says Eternity of to bargain right h something right so we offers he offers doing some service for Eternity through like different cosmic dimensions. He’s like if I do this for you I get to bring back yeah I don’t need to go back to earth. I’m done. I’ve said goodbye but I get to bring back someone who has unfairly had to die Yeah to live on in UK films so that they don’t lose all of their heroes okay Yeah, maybe maybe you’ll get a Rogi on this good support if you can support that idea in your Robert Downey Jr.

Coming To Bergen Okay Okay Do

you want. to be the eternal joy? What is it mortal? Okay so my name is Super Tony Stark and I’m definitely Tony Stark get out okay like look at my facial hair okay okay and like remember how Natasha Romanoff died like remember that remember that yes okay that was blumin like just just saying that was super blumin right Oh man but like I cause I basically created every villain ever so like I deserve to die, but like what she didn’t like can I can I like can we just agree on that part at least do you want brunch again. Jeff you’re gonna get that version of Iron Man because I have the best Iron Man. I’m gonna need you for non-podcast listeners to make it so we don’t have to blur your stack thank you so much okay Eric let’s hear yours. Hear yours in a tweet again so my pitch for how Tony I could show up in Black Widow and what role he’ll play pre Iron Man Tony Stark drunkenly fumbles this way to not help one bit on the edge of a modern mine is UK Okay Tony’s dead.

Tony Stark Snaps His Way To Bring Natasha

Romanoff back by tricking an eternal being into brunch and then is so so good actually. I think they have to use that thing of like Tony Stark comes it just causes problems. I’ll say it’s mixed a little bit with Erics where I think it’s gonna be that gross version of Tony Stark and it is maybe even still a cameo but then the ramifications so Eric you still get more a quarter. We don’t have to blur that it’s fine more gay for me, which is oh yeah or heart. Yeah! But the game is not over yet what because we’ve got this week One row question okay and I mean it could really change it all let’s do a quick point on a brief recap.

I Have One Two Three Four Rogue

blocks I’ve got five bogeys. I have two and a half Rho UK no less you ever one more row Geez among all of my baby Vas sees on Twitter to tweet your reviews no there’s no internet vote There is it no you earn your points here I spent so much money to trademark baby boxes you’re making money off of so we’ll make this just so Eric can stay relevant well this will be worth up to for up to so there’s okay so alright here’s your question guys September 21st Yes is Batman day okay as you know yes each of my right ones. Ironman day MAy 29th July 4th Okay guys what’s the best way to celebrate Batman day for for roadies going on the streets and punching a criminal in the face. Okay becoming your own city’s Batman temporarily for one day vigilante and you maybe just assumed who looks like a criminal and punch them in the face Yes I just think the whole Jay everyone has to talk like this that’s pretty good it’s great you get afflicted with a terminal illness and get the entire city of San Francisco to pretend. Oh all of the roadies.

She Doesnt Even Wanna Be Thats The

one that made a kid a dime kid joke joke it was just saying Oh that must’ve been a really great day. You want to take away it being special for him and give it to everyone else who’s healthy and well. I don’t recall saying. That all right so on those I’ll give I really like the idea of all of us having to to go you specifically Eric Stack and then Eric you can have one back alright. So then I’m purposely going to make sure that yeah that it affects you cool so then that means that the winner of today’s episode is Jeff one two three four five six point two five and Jeff’s wish that comes true this episode is Marina Sorry no Marina wish Eric no way to make this through your cards.

Jeff Says I Wish For Eric To

talk like the like Yoda for the rest of the episode Guys thank you so much Don’t worry. There is a quick question. I always ask Eric Eric what do we got coming out on the channel this week breakdown of license plates and far from everything I will do. What does that lead to that’s also it’s a path to the dark sideNK] um you can listen to my weekly podcast comic-book Queers visit me on Instagram I’m at Comic Book Queers, Cool and Marino can find you I’m on Twitter at Marina Masters and with Eric in that video. We can see your neck Melina.

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and Instagram Apple. Malina make sure to get this show as a podcast because this is probably so weird in just a few hopefully this episode with all these voices, but it also comes out there first and then also make sure to follow new rock stars at new rock stars everywhere. So you can find out when these license plate videos for coming thanks so much for going rogue with us UK.


There’s talks that he might actually find his way back in the UK and we’ll explain how later and give you some theories but first Spider-man . The UK is a hoax. The whole separation from the rest of the Avengers was an illusion by Mysterio. The story maybe it might be trying to tell that is going to take advantage of the fact that he could go over to the Sony version of the Spider–man universe and then potentially even come back a few years down the road so for the purposes of this that’s gonna be our guiding light. We’re not business at all according to plan inside of their plan what really on today’s episode we have some rogue theories about Ironman. We are now introducing rogue ease tracking you might get one you’ The latest episode of the podcast. We’ll explain why Ironman is trying to take he’s pitching himself to the Avengers to take his place by the end of the season. The next episode will be the next episode of this…. Click here to read more and watch the full video