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Spiderman No way Homes Trailer has finally arrived giving us hungry hungry Nardos of the speculation nation. Our first glimpse of the multiverse madness prophesied to come to the MCu and while we all now have more questions than ever before. One of the main questions that we still need to know is what’s in the box Oh What’s in the box well not just what’s in the box, but what even is this box that Peter Parker is trying to keep away from doctor strange anyway well let’s go on ahead and speculate my nerd babies because I think that this cube could actually be a soul catcher that may actually hold the entirety of the sony Spider-verse within its mysterious ass Qb walls first let’s take a look at what this box even is because it appears to be. greenish color cube with hexagons in the corners of each of its six sides with each side of the cube having these weird-looking doctor strangey symbols on them that look very similar to the symbols that adorn the New York, Hong Kong and London Sanctums and these sanctums of course protect the planet from interdimensional dark dimensional douche canoes like Dormammu, but also within the very cube. It’s kind of hard to see here, but there seems to be another cube-like shape inside of the cube itself.

Making This Magic Cube Not Really A Cube,

but more of a geometric shape called a hypercube, which is what the tesseract is itself within the Mcu it’s a hypercube now why is this significant well if you remember back to a past video that I did on why doctor strange’s spell failed you should definitely watch that I highly highly recommend. For you know getting the maximum amount out of this video. I noted that within no way home’s first trailer. We see images of that astral projection sequence from Doctor Strange one, an astral projection sequence that I hypothesized to be a trip to the very multiverse itself by use of the six singularity energies of the universe. With each of these weird crystal blobs in this huge blue open-ass space being the totality of what each universe looks like from the perspective of another plane.

I Believe That These Crystal Shapes In

Doctor Strange are Hypercubes well more specifically frozen hypercubes from a higher dimension like the fourth dimension because guys have you ever seen what a hypercube Tesseract thingy looks like in the fourth dimension. It looks like this weird. I know and impossible to describe as beings that live in the third dimension, but I noticed that. Universe Cubes from Doctor Strange could have also been potentially teased within the first Guardians of the Galaxy film specifically through this beautiful beautiful rainbow Cube that I want so bad and I think that this was a very clever piece of Marvel Studios foreshadowing towards what the Marvel Universe actually looks like on the multiversal level, a rainbow hyper cube with each color within the cube being representative of the six Infinity Stone energies that permeate every universe within the multiverse but the reason why it looks different in Doctor Strange as opposed to Guardians. One is because Hypercubes move and behave a lot differently when you’re actually outside of the third dimension, like the Dr Strange Cubes move in a super weird way with this inside Cube and the outside Cube dominating it forward supremacy and special thanks to Petal and the Pedal 2 card for sponsoring this.

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to the link in the description box below pedal card dot com slash new rockstars today to find out more that’s petal with a t petal P e T a L card dot com slash new Rockstars P e T a L card Dot com slash new rockstars but anyways I’m saying all of this to save because Doctor Strange’s. Cube is a six–sided hypercube with six-sided hexagons in the corner of each cube and hypercubes tend to be known to house and represent impossible concentrations of these six cosmic infinity stone energies within MCu universes and the cube only became necessary. Botched the memory spell opening up tears and reality for the sinister six to come through I’m willing to bet that this is where Doctor Strange is storing the entirety of the Sony Marvel universe’s energies while he’s cleaning up the mess. Like all the mess of all these people leaking in through all these new holes. In reality that him and Peter made I don’t know why he keeps putting the blame on Peter when he’s literally the Sorcerer Supreme and Peter has no knowledge of magic.

This Is Your Fault Strange Like Doctor

Strange probably originally wanted and tasked Peter Parker to use this box to help him suck up Doc Ock, Electro, Lizard and the Boys Ghostbusters. Luigi’s Mansion style temporarily trapping them in this pocket-dimensional reality of all their home realities Mish-mashed together until Peter and Strange can catch them all and strange can channel all. Back to their respective timelines, you know to go Frickin die because they gotta die They gotta and I think this is what Doctor Strange is doing right before Peter joins the box and this is why. I believe that this box is covered in similar markings to those of the Earth sanctums because these markings tend to represent mystic protection for entities that wizards of the Earth deem super sacred, and there’s nothing more sacred than an entire universe, and since there is a massive magic shield around our planet with these types of symbols on them. These symbols around the cube probably form a similar form of protection spell around that pocket universe to keep the pocket universe safe from.

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You Know Evil Magicians Or Your Occasional

Spider teenager that likes to steal because the youths are too rambunctious. This is why I never had kids but one. of the biggest reasons why I believe this hypercube holds a universe within it is because of that explosion that we see happen at the top of the statue of Liberty that looks almost exactly like the explosion from that original botched spell and because we do see Peter Barker swinging around with the hypercube. I’m willing to bet that that huge explosion was the hypercube housing of the sony multiverse exploding like the cube exploded probably by electro. I don’t know what happened.

Maybe Peter Tripped And Fell Well.

He’s looking at Zendaya. I mean that that’s probably most likely causing cracks in reality to form. After all of that compressed multiverse energy was suddenly released and because Doctor Strange doesn’t have that housing for all of that release energy anymore Doctor strange is like well they’re coming now We don’t have a box to stop them so they’re.

Coming Now If I If I Could Use

my hands peter, I would either use them to strangle you or give myself a vasectomy tomorrow excuse dammit you this use but yeah that is basically what I think that this mysterious cube in Spider-man no way home is it’s a pocket reality of every sony Marvel universe concentrated into one small space. You know like an atom within a nucleus and that atom bomb might just be how the Sony verse gets integrated within the Marvel cinematic universe, but what do you guys think this box is let us know in the comments section below but anyways thank you guys so much for watching this video please follow me at mastertainment. If you want to see me tweet some really weird shits and really interesting theories. I think on my twitter, but more importantly please follow us at new rockstars.

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Spiderman No way Homes Trailer has finally arrived giving us hungry hungry Nardos of the speculation nation . I think that this cube could actually be a soul catcher that may actually hold the entirety of the sony Spider-verse within its mysterious ass Qb walls . We see images of that astral projection sequence from Doctor Strange one . I hypothesized to be a trip to the very multiverse itself by use of the six singularity energies of the universe . I noted that within no way home’s first trailer that within each of these  images of the astral . projection sequence are an astral projected sequence that I hypothesized was a trip . to the . multiverse by using of the . six singularities of . the universe by using the . singularity . of the planet . The . universe by . use of a cube-like shape called a hypercube, which is what the . tesseract is itself within the Mcu it’s a hyper cube, but there seems to be…. Click here to read more and watch the full video