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Welcome Back To New Rockstars! Its Me Mt

and major spoilers for Spiderman No way home coming up so if you have not seen this magnificent piece of Spider cinema, you need to cease viewing this rectangle right now and go to the big social rectangle that is a movie theater immediately but anyways if you’re still here um somebody’s gotta tell me what the hell they put in that fruit cobbler because apparently your boy Ned Leeds has magic now like since when like how the hell did Ned Lee’s go from the guy in the cherry to you’re a wizard Harry I’m a what but you know not Harry Osborn because he promised he promised he wouldn’t kill Peter well. I think I know the answer so let’s go on ahead and speculate together my nerd baby Spiderlings because I think that Ned has secretly potentially possessed the power to pop Peter Portals this entire time and the reason why lies directly within the secret agenda of the big bad Celestials or as I like to call them Aerogem and the Holocaustograms, But what is this orange magic that wizards like Doctor Strange and Wong use anyway well The good news is if you watch my video on what the purple cracks over the statue of Liberty and Spider-man no way home R that released on the channel The Sunday. The movie came out. You’ve already been slightly negated because you’ve already have a basic understanding on how Ned uses Orange magic like Wong and his intern steven strange if you just really think about it no seriously if you. Not yet watched that video.

I Highly Recommend You Do So.

You can get the most out of this video because I believe that all of Ned’s, Orange Magic, Doctor Strange’s, Orange Magic and the orange magics of all the wizards of Kamar, Taj Shang, Chi’s, Rings and Captain Marvel herself are directly tied to the soul Stone Energy Singularity a singularity that the Mcu Earth is uniquely familiar with as it is directly tied to their orange glowing sun. The Soul s. o. l soul of Mcu Earth, a very special soul placed there by none other than the celestials themselves, so that the radiation waves of the Earth’s Soul could shower down on humanity to aid us in our evolution because that’s what the soul stone energies are it’s evolution energy because remember at the very beginning of Marvel‘s Eternals film that released earlier this year when the Eternals were just waking up on a ship that was parked directly in front of Earth’s Sun.

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This Is Because The Ship Was Charging The

Eternals Orange golden energy of the Soul Singularity like the Eternals were essentially these walking soul singularity beings who could do all of these amazing things through their soul singularity. Powers and much like the Eternals were granted spectacular mastery over their magic energy. All the humans of Fcu Earth have slowly been being doused with this. very same orange sun’s radiation of evolution over millennia Since the dawn of woman? We just get a lot lower concentrations of it because we’re not you know sitting right in front of the sun. Like the Eternals were the very same type of orange radiation that the Sovereign used to evolve their entire society into a bunch of golden Rude Dudes and Moody Prudes who pursued those who screw like Raccoons do causing Adam warlock to ensue the feud.

These Are The Same Cosmic Rays

of life and evolution placed there by the celestials as part of their grand experiment, and it’s probably the reason why Rocket Raccoon picked up and tried to steal the Anulax batteries in the first place because I think I have this weird feeling that rocket’s entire evolution was probably in due to this um evolution energy by the hands of the high evolutionary. and special thanks to Petal and the Petal 2 card for sponsoring this video. Petal is a company that wants to help you succeed financially that’s why the pedal 2 card is designed to help you build credit. When you apply for Pedal 2. Your banking history may be used to instantly create a cash score a measure of your credit worthiness based on income spending and savings.

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99. Start building your credit history go to the link in the description box below Pedal card dot com slash new Rockstars today to find out more that’s Pedal with a T pedal P e t a L card dot com slash new Rockstars much like they are in the comics. The Celestials are all agents of the cosmic entity Eternity. The cosmic personification of the entire Marvel universe, whose entire existence the very point of Eternity.

S Creation Is To Promote Life So

that living beings can grow and change and evolve into higher forms and so that the universe can constantly be a. of change and growth and so the soul singularity is the singularity of a little science thing called Nagentropy, which is the opposite of entropy, which is you know when energy breaks down into useless heat energy. So basically every time we eat and every time we just basically survive. We combat against the energetic entropy of our bodies and that’s that eternity and his rainbow science Babies do like the celestials were all about installing these gigantic orange suns that rain down these massive waves of evolution energy that constantly push mcu humanity along during their evolution getting stronger and stronger as their DNa gets passed on from generation to generation and hey as far as unexpected golden showers go. This is kind of the best case scenario.

I Feel Its A Lot Less Sticky

and smelly. I’ll tell you that so basically what I’m saying here is Ned’s. Love for Peter caused his inner soul singularity powers to manifest through the really energetically sensitive sling ring that he was holding in his hand and I suspect that if MJ was wearing that very same sling ring and was capable of not overthinking the process. She too should be able to channel her own inner solar soul Singularity powers to do the exact same thing. This is why pretty much any human can hop off a basketball court become a wizard and then retire back to some street hoops because all the ancient one did at Camara Taj is teach Terrans how to use their own soul singularity powers responsibly and use that power to defend the earth from extra-dimensional threats like Germamu, Shimagura, Blah, Blah, Blah and all Ned magic fingers Leeds was doing and no way home was accidentally using his desire to see his homie to.

Other Peter Parkers That Match Tom

Hall and Peter Parker’s energy frequency like Ned was able to seemingly master the portal making magic quickly because he could visualize his best friend in his heart really well, and this is why I believe that the portal did not close when he wanted it to. When the lizard was chasing him and MJ. He was too subconsciously worried about Peter and his well-being to close it. So is Ned a wizard no because an earth wizard is technically someone who went to school in soul singularityology what happened in no way home is Ned discovering his own power through the sensitive energy absorbing conduit of the sling ring, but only if Ned surrenders to the needs of his heart and soul like Steven was forced to on mount everest by magic Caillou and I’m willing to bet that we will be seeing.

Teaching Ned To Master His Power As A

full-on student of soul singularity energy at Camara Taj very soon so basically what I’m saying is Doc should definitely just consider stopping by the sanctum and grabbing one to eight sling rings if he really wants to see what the power of the sun in the palm of his hands feels like because that’s the soul singularity baby so basically anybody who has been on Mcu earth for a long period of time and has been exposed by all of this Solar radiation can use the magic of Doctor strange, but only if they have enough soul but anyways thank you guys so much for watching this video you can follow me at mastertainment. If you want to see me tweet some weird, but most importantly, you can follow new rockstars wherever we are on social media and hey do not. to hit up new rockstarsmerch. com so you can get cool shirts like this and all of our other Hawkeye Spiderman, etc.

Nerd Merch Over There The Really

great stuff so head on over there and hey go hit up our discord if you want to continue the nerd conversation just make sure that you are 18 years old and older and we can just continue to talk about nerd stuff. It’s fun but anyways thank you guys so much for watching again. I love you guys so much have a really great day and I’ll see you guys next time bye you.


Spiderman No way home is coming up with major spoilers coming up . If you have not seen this magnificent piece of Spider cinema, you need to cease viewing this rectangle right now and go to the big social rectangle that is a movie theater immediately . The good news is if you watch my video on what the purple cracks over the statue of Liberty and Spider-man no way home R that released on the channel The Sunday.& The movie came out. I highly recommend you do so. The Soul s.&o.&l soul of Mcu Earth is directly tied to the soul Stone Energy Singularity a singularity that the Mcu . Earth is uniquely familiar with as it is directly . tied to their orange glowing sun. A very special soul placed there by Captain Marvel herself . The Soul of McU Earth, a very special soulless soul placed in the very special Soul placed there . The Stone Energy S.&O.& L.A. and the Stone Energy ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video