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Spider-mans Tragic departure from theNK] has posed so many questions about his future on-screen. I gave some initial thoughts on it last week and then we went deeper into it in rogue theory you go check that out but honestly it’s hard for me to discuss this without getting screamed at by one of the four Spider Men on Hollywood Boulevard they got running shoes real fast but I’m gonna break down to the latest Spider Gait updates and present what I think Sony’s future Spider verse could look like and please. Don’t get mad at me for speculating about a future that you just don’t want at this moment because hey it could still be a future that we actually end up really digging so quick recap last week Deadline reported that Disney had approached Sony with an offer. increase their financing and profit share for their co–produced Spider-man movies from 5 percent to 50 percent for future collaborations that Kevin Feige would oversee an offer that Sony flatly rejected and actually further reports said that Disney’s offer was more reasonable something around 25% Sony. Meanwhile, seems to be pointing the finger at Feige for being too busy focused on other Marvel projects, and actually some reporting has suggested that Disney execs like Alan Bergman wanted Feige to focus on incoming Fox Marvel reboots like the Mutants and Fantastic Four rather than spending all of his time and energy making billions for a rival studio Sony that Disney would only get a piece of since Disney already owns all the merchandise scene for the Spider-man brand like the very profitable toys and the ability to get churros with the Spider-man without running shoes in a fanny pack at Disneyland.

Of Billions From This Character, So You Could

see how their profit driven suits may feel like they have enough leverage to just walk now. There were some rumors in recent days that a secret deal between Disney and Sony was going to reveal the D23. It did not happen and the details did sound way too good to be true. They’re saying there was a deal for 6 to 7 Kevin Feige Tom Hollands Spider-man movies which would follow Peter through college and beyond meeting friends like Firestar, Iceman and the future Avengers in Fantastic Four in which Marvel would co–financed for 30% and get exclusive rights to stream. Spider-man Anticip less and Venom would go to theNK] and Marvel would go produce all the live-action.

Spider-Man Spin-Offs And All Of Us

get Tesla‘s I mean I’m all for wishful thinking folks but seriously I mean I hate. That deal probably isn’t happening? In fact most recently, Kevin Feige and Tom Holland have opened up and seemed to confirm Spider–man in the UK is indeed over. Feige said the deal was never meant to last forever and that he was thankful to tell the story. He always wanted to tell Holland said that the future of Spider–man will be different but will be equally as awesome and amazing and Holland probably said that while fighting the urge to spoil something anything. Holland has also said that he sat down any pitch meeting for Spider-man 3 and promised it would be something very special and very different.

Tom Holland Is Still Attached For Two More

Spider–man movies at Sony. Now there are reports that Marvel is actually trying to court away. Director John Watts let’s think Tom Holland had his word that the future of Spider–man could still be. to make it even cooler because Holland is right like I have loved what Kevin Feige in the Marvel Studios team have done with the Peter Parker character and they have been far more consistent in quality than Sony alone ever was with highs like end of the Spider-verse but also low low lows like the amazing Spider-man 2, but even at Marvel’s best, which has been real good. The UK has still been a bit hamstrung to showcase Peters full cinematic potential like Spider-man isn’t just supporting comic relief to conflicts between grownups.

Theres Also A Lot More To Him

than a struggle to define himself outside of the shadow of Tony Stark in the Avengers like I’m not saying Feige wouldn’t have made Peter the Marvel front man in his UK maybe that would have been his face forward phase 5 plan if this Sony deal went through. of the matter is Sony owns the rights to all of the characters in Peters world and that it’s not changing. Sony is a profitable movie studio. The only way that they would sell Spider–man by far their most valuable character to Disney is if Sony and like wanted to leave the filmmaking business altogether and like go back to selling Playstations UK headphones Now that might happen someday just not anytime soon because Sony has at least in one recent instance proven its ability to hire creators who understand what makes Spider–man’s world special Spider-man into the Spider-verse in my eyes is the closest a movie has gotten to a true Spider–man film and not just because of the vibrant animation. This movie introduced a seemingly infinite world of interesting characters.

Its Funny The Action Is Great.

The story is compelling and the teen angst of the hero. It’s not the dismissed B story that Peter Parker has to swing away from and we all forget about while he’s playing with the grown-ups. This isn’t meant as a criticism of theNK] Spider-man so far It’s just been kind of hard for them to put Peter Parker in iron man’s world and not have Iron Man be in the spotlight of it so let’s just imagine that Sony is capable of learning lessons from Feige successes with him in theNK] and that Sony might be able to trust creative minds like those behind into the Spider verse to roll out a slate of Spider-man films that might fulfill Tom Hollands promise based on what we know right now with the right writers and directors attached Sony’s live-action Spider-verse could be even more exciting than Marvel’s announced for let’s start with Spider-man 3 as Tom Holland said it. from home writers ChrisNK] and Eric Summers, who are super talented dudes have already started writing the script and before the break-up.

Kevin Feige Mention That The Story Would

center around Peter Parker as a person really this Sony Spider-man 3 would not require Peter to like reset his reality or anything he could still live in New York just picking up where things left off and far from home and just not address any of the specific things that tied him to Tony start so other than a depressing breakup between Aunt May and happy Hogan. Peter Parker story going forward is already largely severed from connections to the UK. It sounds like it’s more about conflicts with entities that Sony owns the exclusive rights to like Jay Jonah Jameson. Now Peter Parker would not get to use Tony. Stark’s iron Iron Spider Armor probably ever again, but really building his own new suits has always been what Peter Parker’s all about as I speculated before this Spider–man 3 could be true.

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Peter Parker Trying To Clear His

name while dealing with a new villain, perhaps Flash Thompson in a kind of Harry Osborn role with far from home hinting at some background family drama forum maybe this could tie in things like Norman, Osborn, OScorp and the Green Goblin, but when it comes to films currently on the schedule. Sony does have a Morbius, the living Vampire movie and the works with Jared Leto coming July 2020 and then after that the next movie on their lineup is Venom 2 coming October 2020, which will be directed by Andy Serkis and after all this we could be looking at a Venom Spider-man crossover as in the comics this could feature. forces to defeat an even worse threat carnage with Woody Harrelson established as Cletus Kasady and the Venom post-credits scene now I will say it would probably take a bit of elbow grease to adjust to Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock. It is someone that we could possibly see in a movie alongside Tom Hollands Peter Parker well then again. I never would have thought Moody Hunk Thor could be taken by the quirky director of Hunt for the Wildered up with Hulk and one of the best buddy comedy superhero movies ever and Yeah I could see Andy Serkis pulling it off too and by the way another benefit a Venom Spider-man Carnage movie could also be more violent with an r-rating.

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Whereas Disney Has Said R-Rated Content

will not be on their Disney Plus platform. Now I’ll get to the other movies that could fill out this sony’s Spider-verse. Thank you to our sponsor Skillshare for helping us make this episode. Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes covering dozens of creative and entrepreneurial skills can explore classes and everything from photography and creative writing to marketing productivity and more it’s premium membership gives you unlimited access to high-quality classes from experts working in their fields to help you gain new skills to live your best life. I have actually kind of embraced my inner Peter Parker lately by taking up amateur photography.

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Its Really One Of The Best Spider-Man Stories

in the comics and that brings us to a sinister six movie so Spider-man homecoming in Spider-man far from home hath hinted at several villains. Sister 6, including Vulture, Scorpion Shocker, a number of others really all they would need. Is a leader who could be a not actually dead Mysterio or a new villain like Doc Ock or Green Goblin, who could be revealed in Spider-man 3. Director Drew Goddard was originally scheduled to make a sinister six film for Sony before the deal with Marvel went into effect in 2015. Since the he was briefly attached to shoot an X-force film for Fox but now that the Disney Fox merger is affecting Deadpool’s future Godard may once again to be available.

There Have Also Been Discussions About Black

Cat and Silver Sable movies and of course, an animated sequel to into the Spider-verse, in addition to a Spider Woman spin-off with when Stacy so really when he plot all of these out along Egg Sony Spider-verse line up I gotta say if it’s. ##NK] and summers Andy Serkis Drew Goddard Lord Miller. These titles could prove to the world that.


Erik Bosse and Spider-mans Tragic departure from theNK] has posed so many questions about his future on-screen . Deadline reported that Disney had approached Sony with an offer to increase their financing and profit share for their co-produced Spider-man movies from 5 percent to 50 percent for future collaborations that Kevin Feige would oversee an offer that Sony flatly rejected . There were some rumors in recent days that a secret deal between Disney and Sony was going to reveal the D23.& It did not reveal the deal at D23 but it did not . Disney already owns all of the merchandise scene for the . Spiderman brand like the very profitable toys and the . ability to get churros with the Spiderman without running shoes in a . fanny pack at Disneyland at Disneyland, so you could see how their profit driven suits may feel like they have enough leverage to just walk now. to walk away from this character, so You could seeHow their profit-driven suits may…. Click here to read more and watch the full video