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Dean battle for his own creation and help other independent creators in the future protect their creations from these giant behemoth corporations. There is a UK that I have set up for Anna Saab Dean comm the Star Trek discovery lawsuit isn’t over but Anna Saab Dean needs your help that’s why I broke out my justice for a Nastya and I will tell you where you can find one what’s the tardigrades Star Trek discovery lawsuit well I’ll give you a recap in just a moment, but before I get started. If you like what I do here please consider subscribing to the channel. NK] has recently made a change to the algorithm that benefits companies like UK and does not benefit independent creators like yours truly and Anna Saab Dean and in this case, especially could you please share. share and like the video as much as possible and comment because we need to get the word out there because a lot of times the only protection we have and the only hope we have of our stuff getting out there is you and a nos needs You now let me give you a brief recap on the Star Trek Discovery Tardigrades lawsuit and we will be using Anastas own words.

My Name Is Inasa Dean.

I am an independent game developer and a pixel artist I suit both UK and Netflix for copying. Major elements from a video game I’m developing called Tardigrades. The elements of my game are used in their Star Trek Discovery show. It seems as an independent game developer.

I Have No Rights To Protection Of My

own original expression. If you are an independent creator, you can be next any large entity can. Steal your ideas and get away with it ideals are not protectable only the expression of these ideas deserve protection. The expression of my ideas are irrefutable in the art video clips and the text produced by Me back in May 2014. I started developing a space-themed adventure game called Tardigrades.

Ive Been Working On It All By

myself. I wrote the full story created the characters painted the background art designed the spaceships animated that cutscenes composed the music and of course wrote the code for the game. On October 17. I have been reached by friends and fans about a UK show with similar ideas from my project. Tardigrades.

The Show Was Star Trek Discovery I

didn’t know there was a new Star Trek series because I wasn’t into UK and movies due to my limited time between a full-time job and caregiving for both of my. parents back then all by myself. I tried to contact the producers of the showNK] about the weird situation because I was worried about my project and how may some people interpret the situation. NK] legal Vice president spoke with my lawyers and promised to get rid of the tardigrades creature from their show and they promised not to sue me for copyright infringement Yes you read that right they won’t sue me even though I posted my project updates years before their show. We were promised another call but they kept postponing and ignoring until I reached a dead end and had to force my rights and that’s what happened.

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This All Could Have Been Taken Care

of a Nós is a pretty reasonable guy, but UK just knew they could out semantics. This guy and out spend this guy so that’s guilt in my opinion in my. In my opinion,NK] and Alex Kurtzman completely ripped this guy off and I feel like they show it every time. They produce something as a matter of fact. They have recently shown this in the final episode of Star Trek Discovery season 2.

They Rip Off Themselves In Star Trek Into

darkness. They rip off 2001 a Space Odyssey. They rip off the UK with Ironman I’m sure that’s all paying homage, but you see the lack of originality time and time again from Alex Kurtzman in the latest effort the short tricks They try to be the Orval I filed the lawsuit on August 2018. I gave them almost a year to make things right, but with no use independent creators and UK started questioning about the situation. A few websites picked up the story.

The General Reception Was Very Supportive

on my side.NK] hired a prestigious. a prestigious law firm to fight me. They argued that I am trying to copyright the real-life Tardigrade creature that lives on Earth. Even though I have never claimed that I gave these creatures a combination of proprieties and abilities that were given to them before any previous work.

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Like A Giant Blue Tardigrade Traveling Instantaneously

in time and space. How many times have you seen that in science fiction, but UK tried to say that was scenes afar like a gunfight in a Cowboy movie. I made the tardigrades creature in my project huge blue and used to facilitate instantaneous space travel. The Tardigrades were also the research subject of a blonde botanist named Carter, whom also encountered an interracial relationship with a dark bearded male character named Aziz. This appeared on their show with Paul Stamets, who is a blonde Astro.

Mycologist I Dont Know What That Is.

Botanist and Dr. Hugh Coulter. Both male characters are in an interracial relationship as well. The characters kept looking the same to those I created for tardigrades.

Michael Burnham Looks Exactly Like Yolanda And

Sylvia Tilly is a direct copy of Natasha and there is no denying this and again well these things by themselves coincidence altogether not a coincidence in my opinion.NK] ripped this guy off they might get away with it because they could outspend him that is a threat to independent creators everywhere, especially since UK just sued the crap out of all the Star Trek fan films. The show kept introducing copied characters spaceships and other elements story-wise and even the visual effects that stop me immediately from enjoying the show. One would argue that this could be a public boost for my indie game or even a compliment that a huge franchise is using. My idea as well not to me not this way My project Tardigrades was intended to be commercialized and all of its profits was going to be spent on relocating my little family to get better treatment for my father,’s Parkinson’s and my mother’s knee placement surgeries.

My Father Also Had Early Stages Of Dementia.

I saw all my hopes and dreams fall apart in front of the whole world and things got worse from there. After his father passed from Parkinson’s he went and visited his grave one day in September and the day he got back from that is the day. He found out that the judge dismissed his lawsuit based on scenes of far hi Tom for Midnight’s edge give me your take on this case and because every time I do these lawsuit update videos I’m by myself so let’s hear another Youtubers opinion on this. Since the beginning, I think it’s been pretty obvious that even somebody who knows nothing about Star Trek could look at the two similarities in in especially the Tardigrade anyway and see that there was something there that wasn’t right and it was fishy and over time we started to learn more and more from like Robert Meyer Burnett about what the original character was like compared to what we got and then of course a nice.

He Felt That Not Only Did The Tardigrade

resemble stuff in the in the game, but it also because there was characters and stuff like that but even all that aside. I think the main point of what happened. In the end of the court cases, I’m not so sure the judge himself. I don’t think he had the wherewithal or the knowledge of how copyright might work or how creating something is. An UK It really is different from something else because you know yes tardigrades are in nature.

Theyre Also Called The Water Bearers

or whatever, But the difference is that a gnostic reacher were so similar to the differences that Star Trek made to the same creature that I think the two conflict did so to me. It’s like the way the judge came down on the case it was almost like you could argue that it doesn’t matter if a mouse has pants. You know in a bow tie and gloves and shoes and calls himself Mickey. You can’t copyright that because it’s a mouse. It’s a creature.

Its Scenes Affair.

You know these things can drag on for years and years and years a time, then that’s what UK wanted to do either get it thrown out or they were gonna drag it on so long that it. Would just decimate on us? I wanted to give you somebody else’s take on that one be cuz I’ve made so many these videos by myself, but there’s other Youtubers in this fight There’s doom there’s Midnight’s edge everybody there Mecha random 42 bounding into comics is written about this bleeding fools written about this the Metro has written about this Rock Paper Shotgun has written about this but the access media has stayed away out of fear of UK. So we need the word to get out there I want to continue the fight every time. We hear about a story of an independent creator being smashed by a major corporation because they think they can get away with it due to they do to their massive resources against our limited ones.

I Want To Keep Fighting This Ruling.

I cannot do this all by myself. I have never. asked anyone for financial help in my life, but I learned that the numbers required to continue fighting are ridiculously high. This is the reason why these large corporations feel confident that they can get away with the infringement of our intellectual properties.

I Have Looked Deeply Into The

fees needed to pursue this battle. These fees are broken down to the following categories. Hiring computer network experts twenty to thirty-five thousand per person obtaining legal consultants $1,000 an hour estimated fifteen thousand dollars per person promoting marketing and contacting news agencies, attorneys, fees, court fees, and this brings us to the UK. If I thought for one second. This was a frivolous lawsuit.

I Wouldnt Be Making Multiple Videos And Talking

about it on multiple live streams. We ran a telethon last night link will be in the description, but if you would like to help a Nassau. Dean battle for his own creation and help other independent creators in the future protect their creations from these giant behemoth corporations. There is aNK] that I have set up for a Nassau Dean link will be in the description as well.

We Initially Need To Raise $5,000

in the next 24 to 48 hours and we’re almost there We will need more in the future, but we just need to keep the ball rolling right now so please stay tuned to the channel every little bit helps and if you can’t afford it right now simply sharing it on your social media account would do wonders and any help is appreciated. If you also want the justice for an awesome tshirt it can be found on mixed he’s calm again link will be in the description. All proceeds from the shirts will go to an UK Saab Dean’s.


Anna Saab Dean is suing UK and Netflix for copying of his Star Trek Discovery game Tardigrades . The game is a space-themed adventure game developed by himself . The elements of the game are used in the Star Trek show . The only protection we have is the only protection of our stuff getting out there is you and a nos needs You now let me give you a brief recap on the Star . Trek Discovery Tardigades lawsuit and we will be using Anastas own words . We will use this video to help other independent creators in the future protect their creations from these giant behemoth corporations like Netflix and U.S. companies like UK who have recently made a change to the algorithm that does not benefit independent creators like yours truly and Anna Saaab Dean and in this case, especially could you please share. Share and like the video as much as possible and comment because we need to get the word out there because of the lawsuit. The only hope we have of our ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video