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yes it’s a reload. I had to remove something at the request of Anastas. Attorney I obliged that’s not something I have to do nor am I willing to do in most cases. My videos are my videos but in the interest of helping out a UK and his attorney no problem so now Once again. The lawsuit video aired erotic welcome back to neurotic.

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I come to you from neurotic calm and I bet Star Trek discovery andNK] thought I forgot about you this week No I did not I was waiting for this video. I decided to skip the breakdown video for another very special Nerd Radek News update We have another an a sub-Deen lawsuit update straight from an assets on his blog and he sent it to me a couple days. Days ago and of course I wanted to wait until the day Star Trek Discovery airs Now I apologize for missing the breakdown video This week. It really would have been a good one because of Spock‘s, Fifi‘s and Spock’s Dyslexia. We will talk about that on the live stream for the next Star Trek Discovery recap which will either be tonight or Tomorrow Morning.

I Cant Wait To Talk To You

guys about it because it is awful. They waited 25 years to bring Spock back and he became a crying muttering mess, but let’s get into the lawsuit update if you are not familiar with this real quick Tardigrades is a point-and-click adventure game on STeam created by Anna Sob Dean. It features a giant blue Tardigrade that travels in time and space. An interracial gay couple that looks a lot like Stamets and Dr. Colder a black.

That Looks A Lot Like Michael Burnham

and a female character that looks a lot like Tillie and there are other similarities, but let’s get into the update. If you want to know about the full lawsuit From the beginning see the link in the description I would be Remiss not to mention that a nas is an Egyptian man taking care of his very ill parents and in his spare time. He creates a point-and-click adventure game. He’s been doing it for years and he is suing UK UK all access Netflix and others for plagiarism over Star Trek discovery Wednesday March 6 2009 teen game developer versus game player Yesterday March 5th 2019. I filed the opposition to the defendants motion to dismiss simply I’m arguing why their motion to dismiss the case is not valid.

Note That When The Judge Gave Us The

discovery right to get. ##NK] about their steam accounts they haven’t met their deadline and we still did not get anything from them. Wow UK dragging their feet just like they did when a Nós was trying to contact them Prior to this lawsuit to avoid the lawsuit, they gave him the middle finger and it looks like they are trying this delay tactic to try to drain his finances the epitome of an evil corporation on their motion to dismiss they keep on misguiding the court by stating half-truths misquoting older cases and even using poor examples of other tardigrade appearances in media. In fact, the more they try to defend themselves the clearer the entire picture gets they have no good arguments. They are still insisting that I’m trying to own copyrights to the real life.

Tardigrades Creature On Earth I Never Claimed I

did they are omitting everything regarding its size. and usage in the facilitating instantaneous space travel. They are trying hard to say that the Tardigrade is a public domain and let me use my best French accent seeing a far now go away before I thank you a second time scenes that necessarily result from the choice of a setting or situation seen afar is a French term which means seen to be made or seen that must be done. It is a concept in copyright law which holds that certain works of a creative work are held not to be protectable because they are mandated by or are customary to a particular genre, meaning that any space themed production may use them due to their ability to survive in space. My legal complaint was is never about Tardigrades or their ability to survive in space as they are trying to say.

My Complaint Is Simply About The Fictional Giant

blue tardigrades that are used in instantaneous space travel with a male botanist Carter, whom had encountered international homosexual acts with a dark bearded male Aziz. They claim that I am enforcing my rights on a Caucasian woman with red hair or a blond white male. This is patently false. I am asserting rights to my expression of characters created by me myself and I they are breaking down character elements two fundamental elements. I am surprised.

They Did Not Accuse Me Of Owning Rights

to a person with ten fingers or a woman with two eyes and a nose. An ass You got spirit kid. I like your Moxie. The characters appearance and sexual orientations are used for the whole picture comparison along with the other elements. This is the heart of the work being compromised any person watching the two.

Works Will Instantly See The Similarities

and even think they are the same production now. I’m gonna put this back here and I can understand one maybe two coincidences, but it’s not just the superficial coincidences. It’s not just how they look. It is an interracial gay relationship but I can understand a redhead looking like a redhead and a black female and a black female and okay. Let’s go crazy and have an interracial gay couple.

Theres A Lot Of Diversity And Inclusivity Going

on in Hollywood. These days independently it wouldn’t be anything but you couple this you add all this with the giant blue tardigrade that travels instantaneously through time and space and if you go back what we do know. After Fuller was fired they were under the gun to get this show going in a hurry because the UK all access network had already launched. and it was supposed to launch with Star Trek Discovery so they were behind the eight-ball. This is my speculation it looks like somebody might have gone and Googled The Tardigrade thing, which was supposed to be a character in the show.

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Under Bryan Fuller.

They decided to make it a creature and it looks to me like somebody again under the gun with not a lot of time had to come up with some ideas and maybe possibly did a little googling and maybe possibly in my opinion ripped off an awesome in a desperate move. They use poor examples from the Internet and other media to show that the Tardigrades are used commonly in literature. None of their examples is even close to what we have in the complaint. For instance, Captain Tardigrade is a Tardigrades head on a human body with two human arms and two legs.

He Speaks English And Doesnt Travel Without A

spaceship. Captain. Tardigrade is a unique and a copyrightable expression actually when they put my tardigrades. I believe you wanted to say their tardigrade the real-life microscopic creatures side by side. In comparison, they made it even clearer that they copied mine not the real-life creature so what they’re doing is deliberately dissecting the elements of my project to use the basic components for their dismissal request.

For Instance, Lets Use Darth Vader.

They would say you have no rights to that because he is just a white male with the helmet in a Robe Oh and I love how they use the expanses proto molecule in their defense for the flying dots Your Honor we haven’t copied the dots from the plaintiffs game. We copied them from the expanse did they really say that well hey expanse I think you have. They are admitting access and copying for this one motion, but they say they’re copying the allowable amount because they’re Tardigrades is shown in a few scenes. While the entire show is about 11 hours long.

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They Are Saying That Their Tardigrade Doesnt

have a major role on the show and the story I would like to ask these questions to everyone who watch the show what would season 1 of Star Trek Discovery look like without the Tardigrade and it’s UK help to jump instantly from one place to another well. Let me intersect there they are still using that UK for Stamets. They did that recently in the last episode how would they jump to another dimension, How did they win the war against the Klingons and while they were away from our dimension didn’t the Klingons take over big portions of the galaxy because the Tardigrade technology. Wasn’t available finally and another desperate move. They’re claiming that I’m collecting bits from here and there to match my game to their show with similarities.

It Seems Like It Hit Them Card

that Carter, the blonde botanist, who is researching the tardigrade Space Travel has encountered an interracial homosexual act with the black-bearded Aziz. He goes on to describe what led up to this act and in the interest of staying monetized. I am UK going to mention it, but you could definitely go read it there and it does make a great point and what he is trying to say is that he is basically making up this homosexual act and trying to do it afterwards when it was clearly there before the show aired if one would believe their legal argument. Star Trek would also have no copyrightable elements that is very interesting. I’m Sure there’s a lot of fan films that would like to think that too and with the Picard series.

It Looks Like They Might Be

pining off of Star Trek Renegades, which I’m not sure if they can or not maybe they own the rights. I don’t know, but even if they do they have shown a clear propensity to copy stuff that is kind of the bad reboot wait and that is definitely the Alex Kurtzman way in my opinion. Now we need people to talk about this. We need people to report this the access media is in fear of Disney and UK all access and the UK that’s why they’re not reporting on a very legit plagiarism case. In my opinion whether this case is gonna win or not it doesn’t matter it’s something you should report on the public needs to know, but they are protecting.

##Nk] Now The Metro Has Reported

on it props to them but I’d love to see some other sites take this up show some labels okay now. Other Youtubers have done that Midnight’s edge Doom thank you so much. I will continue doing it at least once a month. I will remind you of this lawsuit and any updates as they come along Please support Inasa Deen hashtag justice for a nos a nos would Love You Man again a Nos is an Egyptian man and if we want to play the game of identity politics.

It Looks Like The Big Bad

Corporation is trying to keep a person of color down by stealing his work in my opinion. Please like share and subscribe this one as much as you possibly can please again help out a nots when you share it hashtag justice for a UK everybody have a. Great Day and made the small folk sing songs of your greatness Durga Rana Calm please subscribe.


Gary Biegler says he missed the breakdown video this week because of Spock’s Dyslexia . The lawsuit video aired days ago and of course I wanted to wait until the day Star Trek Discovery airs . We have another an a sub-Deen lawsuit update straight from an assets on his blog and he sent it to me a couple days ago . Tardigrades is a point-and-click adventure game on STeam created by Anna Sob Dean. It features a giant blue Tardigade that travels in time and space. A couple interracial gay couple that looks a lot like Stamets and Dr. Colder a black. That looks like Michael Burnham and a female character that looks like Tillie and there are other similarities, but let’s get into the update. I can’t wait to talk to you guys about it because it is awful. They waited 25 years to bring Spock back and he became a crying muttering mess, but he becomes a crying mumbling mess,…. Click here to read more and watch the full video