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Radek. My name is Gary Beekler and I come to you from Nerd Rata Calm and Unfortunately once again we need to talk about Star Trek Discovery Season 2 episode 6. The Sound of Thunder or was it the sound of flatulence. I think so but you can come to your own conclusions. Once I’m done with the breakdown because I know a lot of you don’t watch the show and you watch these breakdowns and I do appreciate that of course I do a live stream after every show airs on Thursday night, but this is for those of you who do not want to sit through those so let’s go.

This Episode Was Written By Bo Yong-Kim, Whose

previous writing work was Star Trek Discovery. The short Trek, the brightest star and a show called Rain co-written by Erica Leupold. has written Star Trek discovery, Star Trek short Trek Brightest star and a show called Rain I’m going to try to make this one as short as possible. So I can get to that Orvil breakdown, which I’ve really looking forward to what a great episode and in contrast with this episode, it just makes it look worse. We start out with another voiceover.

But This Time Its Commander Saru Talking

about home. We all come from somewhere and then we see the beginnings of our two superhero origin stories. We see Commander Saroo and of course Dr. Caulder back from the dead and as expected he’s not feeling that great about it we find out commander Saroo instead of death sickles he has teeth coming in in the back of his neck and it seems that his fear is being repressed in his nervous system so he is hyper. Evolving right before our very eyes again.

I Suspect Were Going To Get To Superhero

stories and I think Star Trek discovery with Hugh is over correcting again for Hugh’s death last season, which they were heavily criticized for by a certain few on Twitter. Michael Burnham checks in on Tilly and Robot girl and they are processing the information from the sphere that Tilly describes as a slice of galaxy pie very scientific again command material right there we also get Michael Burnham, Vaak Tyler and Captain Pike discussing whether the Red Angel is a threat or not. Section 31 has taken the position that it is. Captain Pike has taken the position that is not and we are taking the position of being dizzy because in this scene the camera circles around them and of course I can’t show the video you’ll just have to take my word. For it you have to take Dramamine for this scene even with the Red Angel guiding the discovery throughout this entire series so far.

We Have A Lot Of Amazing Coincidences

so the sphere which just happened to die with all this information that Starfleet is gonna process also helped Saru hyper evolve and that’s when Saru found out the whole balance thing on his planet with the Bowel was a lie well. The Red Angel appears again and guess where the Red Angel appears sorrows homeworld of caminar. We get a quick flashback from the short trek for all those people in Europe, who didn’t see them so they arrive at Calamar they try to hail the Bowel. The Bowel responds by scanning their weapons systems, so they decide to stretch General Order 1, which Vaak Tyler reminds them that they’re going to break and I don’t know why. He’s even on the bridge he killed Dr.

Caulder And Nobodys Addressed This Yet But

whatever SAru explains that they could talk to a village priest. Captain Pike suggests that he send Michael Burnham because she’s a xenobiologist and the most qualified. But Pike decides that he doesn’t want to sense a route because he’s going through his space puberty but of course it’s Michael Burnham, who correct Spike after Saru starts popping off to him that he is really the best choice to bring down because Captain Pike needs to get Michael Burnham’s permission and that’s one of the biggest problems with this show and Captain Pike I want to like Captain Pike, but it seems like he’s second captain–Michael Burnham. There’s this obsession to keep her in a position of power over him. Even though he is her captain.

This Is This Is A Deliberate Move In

the writers room and I’ve seen this in Doctor Who and I’ve seen this in Star Wars and I’ve seen this in a lot of other shows, and it is a direct result of the times up that’s going on in Hollywood Yes. This is agenda / storytelling and it does hurt narratives. We have a short scene with Stamets, Dr. Colter and another doctor, which seems to me like another superhero origin story. Possibly Hugh finds out there may be some changes when the other doctor who I don’t know the name of is telling him that who was rebuilt from his UK from the ground up basically and he is pristine.

He Finds Us Out Because Dr.

Colter scar is missing didn’t notice. Then he tells the story of how he got the scar. He went hiking He fell down 30 meters. But then Dr.

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Coulter Corrects Him And Said 15 Meters

meaning his memory is perfect, and we find out that it was a woman doctor who climbed down the hill and saved him. Stitched him up with fishing line and inspired him to go to medical school. In the interest of time we will get through this one quick we are almost halfway through the episode. Saru and Michael Burnham beamed down there despite General Order one and despite Michael Burnham herself saying it would probably shock the kelpie ins to see her. They beamed down right next to the watchful eye that the Baiul have set up.

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We Get A Recap Again Of The Short

trek. Then we see Saru sister nobody’s aged over the last 18 years, we find out that father has been cold. We find out that the kelpie uns independently invented tea, then they asked. her about the Red Angel, she says she has not seen it then she realizes that they came down for the red Angel and Saru did not come down to come get her. Serena also lectures Saru on being a coward and fleeing his culling.

Even Though Earlier In The Episode, We Heard

that the Kelpie and Race is defined by fear and this is what defines Star Trek discovery Bad writing the Bowel will show up and she tells them to piss off which they do as Birnam and Saru return. It seems that the Bowel has found out that there’s a Kel Pian on the discovery and they don’t like that they send ten of their battle cruisers and confront the discovery and tell them to return the Kelpie in’ or they will destroy Ceruse village. Saru confronts them is insubordinate on the bridge tells them that he. survived as Vihari the Bowels say he doesn’t even understand what he is Pike gets mad for his insubordination tells him to get off the bridge. Then Saru decides to beam down and give himself up of course Michael Burnham figures.

This Out Tries To Stop Him,

but then he says wouldn’t you do the same for your own brother, and she lets him go the bowl back off and Saru is captured. Saru is captured and they’re running out of time so what do they do they go to Space Google. They go to the sphere which somehow catalogued everything they needed to know about the Kelpie ins, including their evolution. It turns out that the bowel used to be the prey and the Kelpie ins used to be the Predators, how did they find this out from Space Google by the way. Miriam is the name of robot.

Girl And This Is One Of The Few

things I actually like the look of robot girl is utterly cool so there I gave a compliment Are you happy so they find out through Space Google that the Bowel wiped out the Kelpie ins halfway through their evolution because there were some Kelpy ins who were not evolved and some that were and they kept the balance now why the bowel kept some of the Kelp Ian’s alive. I have no idea why not just wipe them out completely, but that’s the story we get down to Saru and it turns out the bowel also beam cerana into what is a repurposed transporter room and you can see right here. The budget must have gone down this episode because we actually get to see a bowel. It looks cool. At first.

Its A Big Slimy Alien Looking

creature with red. Glowing eyes, but then you see it’s stationary sitting in the middle of a pool, which is normally the transporter pad and it’s so obvious that this was the Transporter repurposed that people in my chat noticed it in the live stream and the bowel monologues talking with his hands a lot so he must be Italian and he tells Saru the story of the evolution and that Saru is the only quelle Pian to survive for har a in 2,000 years and nothing will upset the great balance and it will not go unanswered The reason he beamed over Saru sister was because she knows the truth they will be analyzed and neutralized. Saru sees the threat to his sister. The Bowel leaves their little battle drones come in Suru breaks free of his restraints because he’s super strong. Now.

We Also See That He Has

teeth where his death tickles used to be and he destroys the battle drones. The Bowel will decide not to send any more battle drones after Saru has destroyed them and he is able to make a communicator out of them. Like he did in the short trek, and of course we have sagai ver so we are told three separate times again. We have repeated information in this show that the bowel were once the prey to the Kelpie and predator. We were told in the monologue when we space Googled and we were told again.

When Michael Burnham Compares Notes With

because he is able to contact the discovery with his little communication device. They cannot locate him, though his location is shielded, We get more repeated information when Serrano says it will be very hard to convince people that the balance. is a lie and then Michael Burnham says it’s going to be hard to get through thousands of years of conditioning, but they find a way how DEus Ex Sphere or Space Google. They’re going to use its transmission to speed up the evolution of the Kelpie ins how are they going to do this by using the corresponding sound waves from the spheres old transmission Yes they are going to use sound waves in space. They send the transmission to the communication device that Saru just happened to put together with broken bits of battle drones, and it just happened to fit into a connector that Saru finds in the floor, which just so happens to be a transmission device powerful enough to speed up the evolution of a species.

The Vihari Is Started By The Discovery

in the Bowl do not like this so they target all 4056. Pylons in every village on the planet to destroy all the Kelp Ian’s Pike actually gives a pretty damn good speech here, basically saying you don’t want to make an enemy out of Starfleet if you commit genocide. I quite like this a lot Also we find out that Saru and Serrano are in a 50 kilometer structure that rises out of the lake and I need to give credit where credit is due Anti Trekker pointed this out the corresponding tsunami from this thing rising from the lake would destroy the village which was right on the coast, but it doesn’t because they don’t think about that stuff but Star Trek fans do Pike orders all the pylons targeted, but there’s not enough time and right before the Baiul can destroy all the villages what I thought was the photon torpedo it fired from the discovery turns out to. be the Red Angel? Now Saru sees the Red Angel with his special kelpy and eyes and we get a much better look and here you can see it is a female form in some sort of suit and I can tell you right now. This is Michael Burnham 100% Asst is Michael Burnham can’t show you the video, but if you see the movements of this female form, it certainly looks like her turns out the red Angel was able to deactivate the Bible shields and weapons and saved all the kelpie ins they survived the bahar eye and they all walked out of their village with their deaths in their hands wondering how the hell that happened.

Saru Sister Serena Talks Of A

new balance. Meanwhile, back on discovery Pike and Vaak Tyler exchange information and the spirit of cooperation they surmise The red Angel is a someone. Vaak Tyler correctly points out that there is some money in a mechanized suit with advanced technology manipulating civilizations. Captain Pike says he’s being a little paranoid. Then Vaak Tyler reminds him that they just got out of the war that Pike was not in and some people were still torn apart.

Yet Another Instance Of A Crew Member Or

a liaison cutting Captain Pike down to size and they never miss an opportunity to do that even when they build them up and we have a couple of good solid pike scenes in this show, which is unfortunate. Our final scene is between Michael Burnham and Saru Saru talks about how happy is that his sister is going to live a full life. Then of course they quote a Greek philosopher Aeschylus born 525 UK. He who learns must suffer and even in our sleep pain that cannot forget. falls drop by drop upon the heart.

Id Like To Change That Once Again.

He who watches Star Trek discovery must suffer so let’s talk about the good. In this episode it will be brief, but there was good We’ll start out with Doug Jones’s Saru anytime you Center an episode around him it’s going to be better because Doug Jones is the one fully fledged Star Trek character in this garbage pile of a UK show. Yes his origins are absolutely absurd and I hope they’re past that now. But if you get more Doug Jones I think you’ll get more people on board.

Unfortunately Less And Less People Are Watching The

show every week, so it’s unfortunate. So I hope they somehow keep Doug Jones around after this show is gone, which I predict it will be the other good thing is Captain Pike. We had two good. scenes with Captain Pike. Unfortunately, they were immediately undercut by Michael Burnham when she interjected herself into the Saru argument and when she gave Pike permission to accept a phone call from the Bowel.

Absolutely Ridiculous And Then We Have Vaak Tyler

being snarky with him at best. I Don’t think any captain in the military and yes. Starfleet is a military organization because they are nation-building no captain would put up with that if it wasn’t forNK] Suing Axanar creating those ridiculous draconian fam film guidelines and possibly stealing Star Trek discovery from are good for Ananassa Dean creator of the game. Tardigrades. I’d actually have sympathy for them.

There There Has Been So Much Turmoil Behind

the scenes, but they kind of brought it on themselves and there are rumors abound that it was Alex Kurtzman who caused a lot of this turmoil, so they are forced to wreak on their show constantly and having to interject Deus Ex machines to actually do this that’s why we have the Google sphere and that’s why we have the Red Angel who is obviously Michael Burnham. It is 100% female and again. If you can find the video out there I can’t put it up. I wish I could to show you the movements that we saw she and that’s what I will call the Red Angel from here on out is Michael Burnham because they have been telegraphing that since the beginning of this series. For the 21st episode in a row, Michael Burnham figured out the plot complication Yes.

Im Drawing From Star Trek Right There Because

this show is for Dreck ‘is The only thing they do different is tilly kind of figures out the problem. Then Burnham puts it together in the end and that’s what they did with the Vihari and the Kelpie ins this episode they have been telegraphing it from the beginning. Like I said it’s ridiculous that it’s Michael Burnham and in jest I was predicting the red agent will be Michael Burnham, but of course we’re dealing with Star Trek discovery writers and they waste Pyke We haven’t got Spock. Yet there was no Spock this episode and I don’t think we’re really gonna get Spock Next episode. I think it’s just a flashback Spock and if you look at UK Spock is only in a couple episodes.

This Show Is Ridiculous.

Don’t waste your money on it just watch our reviews. Now can get to the ORval, which was excellent this week an all-timer if you like what you heard please like share and subscribe go to Nerd Radha Calm have a great day and made the small folk sing songs of your greatness. Durga Radha Calm please subscribe.


The Sound of Thunder or was it the sound of flatulence? We all come from somewhere and then we see the beginnings of our two superhero origin stories . The short Trek, the brightest star and a show called Rain co-written by Erica Leupold. We see Commander Saroo and of course Dr. Caulder back from the dead and as expected he’s not feeling that great about it. We find out commander Saroo instead of death sickles he has teeth coming in in the back of his neck . Michael Burnham checks in on Tilly and Robot girl and they are processing the information from the sphere that Tilly describes as a slice of galaxy pie . I suspect we’re going to get to superhero stories and I think Star Trek discovery with Hugh is over correcting again for Hugh’s death last season, which they were heavily criticized for by a certain few on Twitter, which was heavily criticized last season’s death last year . The episode was written by Bo Yong-Kim…. Click here to read more and watch the full video