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Outpost and today we have a star wars actor speaking out against people who would criticize Star wars. The rise of Skywalker. He’s pissed at some of the reaction to this movie now, Greg Gunberg plays Snap Wexley the the highly incredibly critical role of Snap Wexley in the sequel trilogy. At least maybe it’s important in his own mind now If you don’t know who Greg Gunberg is he’s one of the many people that are JJ Abrams guys people like him Dominic Monahan, Carrie Russell. Even people that seem to just get put on movies or projects with JJ Abrams, regardless of whether they really should be or deserve to be or have any point in being there.

Sometimes Characters Are Just Created Specifically For Those

actors to be a part of whatever JJ Abrams is doing because that’s. Just how JJ Abrams runs things so let’s go ahead and take a look at This article. Obviously, the headline is about the director’s cut the rumored hashtag JJ cut of rise of Skywalker, but he says something more interesting so we’ll go through it and we’ll get to the meaty parts that we want to get to in a wide-ranging interview the childhood friend of JJ. Abrams also disputes the idea that their film is a rebuke of Ryan Johnson. ‘s the last Jedi and takes on complaints about the film.

I Was So Pissed Off And Angry About

one specific criticism. I heard um and he talks a little bit about how they’ve been friends for so long. Frequent collaborators have been a constant since the silent film era as filmmakers joined forces with an actor due to their talent friendship or for good luck now look at who. Compare this to whether it’s Christopher Nolan and Michael Caine, Martin Scorsese and Robert de Niro or Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. These are just a few of the many partnerships that make up film history well.

Greg Gunberg And Jj.

Abrams I Don’t think quite rise to the level of someone like a Martin Scorsese and a Robert de Niro. Don’t You think that’s a little bit different. I I don’t think it’s quite at the same level, but what do I know what do I know what Gunberg and Abrams have that most collaborations do not is a friendship that’s lasted since they were in kindergarten um but naturally. Gunberg is quite protective of his friend and his creative endeavors, including the criticism lobbied at or lobbed at Star Wars, the rise of Skywalker and there’s a quote here We’re going to get to it later when we.

Actually Get Down To It This

is when he’s upset about the criticisms of Riza Skywalker. He gets asked this question here when JJ announced he was returning to close out the sequel trilogy. I’m sure you didn’t doubt that you’d return, but how soon did he get word that snap would be back in the X-wing cockpit, and he talks about how when JJ Abrams got the news about force awakens. He immediately told him that he was gonna have a role for him because they’re just buddies. He needed to create a character just for Greg Gunberg, and then when he got news that he was going to do rides of Skywalker.

He Immediately Said Dont Worry Buddy Snaps

back your character snapped Waxley and so so known and beloved by so many people. You know everybody screamed out in pain when snap Wexley died during rise of. Because he’s such an important character, he’s back Greg Don’t worry i’m bringing him back so you can be a part of this movie and get a paycheck too thanks JJ said Greg that’s paraphrasing that’s paraphrasing then he talks about here. When he found out that Snap Wexley was going to die. He had this big argument.

He Didnt Want His Character To

die. He didn’t think that his character should die and it’s just honestly laughable reading through all of this it’s it’s insane that he thinks that his character is worth saving nobody cares about this character. Unless possibly you’re one of the the 10 people that do read Disney Star Wars Canon novels. There is some background about snap Wexley and those maybe then you could care about Snap Waxley, but the general moviegoer probably didn’t even understand who he was he had such little screen. Time in the force awakens He wasn’t in the last Jedi at all creative decision by Ryan Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy to not have those X-wing pilots in there and he gets killed off and rides at Skywalker and what’s supposed to be some emotional moment have post screaming no but it doesn’t matter because no one cares about his character here’s where JJ comes to him and says all right I have an idea I just want to run it by you.

So You Know Were Thinking About This Were

thinking about snap dying we need a moment like that to take the audience down. He said, JJ says this is what Greg’s mind. This is what he thinks. He said we’re thinking about snap dying all this stuff everybody loves you and your character so much it would be a great moment and I said will it be. He said Yeah, I’m gonna give you some decent moments and I think he did especially one scene where I got to act with Carrie again.

That Moment Gets A Decent Laugh And Its

a warm moment. I also just love working with Kelly Marie Tran obviously and then he argues he says I don’t know man I don’t want to die. No one really dies in these movies now that is a fact No one does die in these movies because disney has made it so death is meaningless in star wars let somebody else die. He’s begging with Jj Abrams not to let his stupid character die and he even refused to say the lines. The second unit director told Jj Abrams that he refused to say the lines that he was going down.

Finally, Jj Had To Pull Him Aside

and convince him to actually do it. Since you know JJ is the one that actually got him the part he kind of has to listen to whatever he’s gonna say to be quite honest. Now this part right here is the part that we all want to hear about star Wars means something very different to each and every fan. As a result, mileage tends to vary with each new film. With episode nine.

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A Lot Of People Loved It

and a lot of people did not you know. Despite those rotten Tomatoes scores, I have a hard time finding this lot of people that loved it just saying with Ep all right while I never fault anyone who dislikes a movie for those valid reasons. I do take issue when people make assumptions such as this person was phoning it in or this person was pandering to a certain fan base with that in mind. Is there an example that comes to mind of when episode 9 where you witness JJ toiling away more than usual in order to satisfy everyone Oh I don’t think there’s a moment where he doesn’t do that. JJ is the biggest fan and he appreciates all of that just like he was a great big star trek fan what he did to that franchise right can’t wait till he goes to Warner brothers to f up Dc even more you see that at the end of the movie, especially when he’s got all of those great callbacks.

When We Were Working On The

force awakens we were never not slack jawed. We were constantly in awe of what we were able to do. I would say to him what is going on we made movies. When we were 12 together, we talked about Star Wars all the time When we were 12. .

The Secret Name Of The Force

Awakens was Avco, which is the theater where the original Star Wars opened in Westwood. He has such a deep appreciation more than anyone. I know and he was so careful to satisfy that now listen to what he’s. Of course he’s defending his body. The buddy who gets him every job who keeps his career alive.

Thats Who Hes Talking About When

the movie came out. I was so pissed off and angry about one specific criticism that I heard it said oh he’s just pandering to the fans. It’s like what are you talking about a movie like this is all about satisfying the fans now. I will say there’s nothing wrong with trying to satisfy fans in any way shape or form. This is.

For The Fans Theres No Doubt But

you can clearly see one of the biggest problems with the rise of Skywalker is that every segment of fandom is not satisfied whether it’s whether you’re someone that’s maybe like the fandom menace side of things whether you’re someone that likes the last Jedi whether you’re a reylo. All of these people all had big problems with this film because he tried to pander to every single person, but it didn’t make sense in this movie. They had no creative vision for this movie and it’s an absolute mess and the story doesn’t make sense. So Greg Gunberg was really pissed off that people were upset about this and Jj does it in an emotional way as the characters are connected. There’s almost no fat in this movie at all and that cannot be said for others that’s true because it’s about.

Three Stories Crammed Into One And Its So

fast that you don’t have any time to care about anything there are moments when you go oh you could lose that scene. The movie would still hold up everything in this movie matters and they did such an incredible job of wrapping up and servicing all of the characters listen to like he’s serious. I guess maybe he’s just defending Jj or maybe he actually believes this it’s insane if he thinks that all these characters wrapped up and all these characters were done a good service to that’s ridiculous to think that what I’d like to see more rows yeah would I’d like to see more other characters for sure but you could only do so much and things change in the edit um they talked about the Kelly Marie trans stuff that a lot of stuff got cut out. he talks about how he’s upset that some of his own stuff got cut out which is understandable if you’re in a movie. I’d imagine you would want to see yourself as much as possible, But that was really one criticism that really kind of offended me like you said you can’t please everybody all the time, especially when it comes to something that is so important to so many people yes you cannot please everyone there’s no doubt.

I Do Think You Should Try To Please

the most amount of people as possible, but the problem is when you’re when you make the movie based on pandering you we get what happened we get exactly what happened with the rise of skywalker we get a movie where you’ve lost half of your viewing audience. The last Jedi is one of the most divisive, probably probably the most divisive. Thing to happen in entertainment the past couple years and this movie made that much less than the last Jedi 300 million dollars less than the last Jedi because you didn’t please anyone. Even though you tried to do it. So you can say that all you want but you have to actually be successful at pleasing fans for it to actually matter Greg Gunberg and your buddy J.

J Abrams The One Who Gets You All

these jobs just didn’t do it and it’s plain as day for everyone to see with the results that we have in the box office and then he says I didn’t think any of that criticism was warranted. I personally cannot see a better version of episode 9 than what Jj put out I mean not as his friend of course, not but as a true fan, it was so incredibly satisfying and so. Beautiful there are some well-shot scenes. I’ll say that it’s good cinematography. It’s a JJ Abrams movie.

It Always Looks Nice.

There are moments that I’ve never seen before especially the battle at the end yeah, when we just throw in thousands of star destroyers and then thousands of other ships to just fight in a nonsensical battle that doesn’t make any sense how did they get there how did they get gather all these people together. None of it makes sense, but it all looks beautiful so just eat it up right Greg I’ve never seen this stuff so big he brought it to another level emotionally. I love the movie so much and that is the JJ Abrams best friend Greg Gunberg, the one who keeps food on his table um that’s what he’s talking about and he does go on in this interview to talk a.

Little Bit About The Fact That He Doesnt

think there’s any Jj cut. He just thinks that’s basically fake news that Dominic Monahan was kind of off-base. A little bit when he talked about that um that is not super important news to me. I mostly wanted to cover the idea that he thought his character was so important just because he’s just because he’s buddies with Jj and gets a part in a star wars movie and how he vigorously defends him and alex he people should not be criticizing the fact that he just tried to pander to every single fan base instead of focusing on actually creating a story a story that makes sense instead of just McGuffin after McGuffin and story lines that are nonsensical, but that’s just me maybe i’m completely off base maybe Greg Gunberg is right and JJ abrams just did an.

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Incredible Job With Episode Nine, Despite The

box office despite what we’ve seen people’s reaction be despite the disinterest in the sequel trilogy era. Despite the fact that no Star Wars actors that were involved in this want anything to do with Star Wars ever again except people like Greg Gunberg who the only way they can get work is from JJ Abrams maybe I’m wrong I want to know you guys thoughts about this in the comments below make sure you smash the like button subscribe to the channel ring the bell for notifications. Share this video out there and I’ll talk to you guys later thanks for watching everyone and a huge shout out to my patrons. I appreciate you guys so much want to follow me on Twitter instagram check out the description below you’ll find links to my P.

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I’ll. Talk to you guys later.


Greg Gunberg plays Snap Wexley the the the highly critical role of Snap WeXley in the highly . incredibly critical role . The childhood friend of JJ. Abrams disputes the idea that their film is a rebuke of Ryan Johnson and takes on complaints about the film . The actor says he was so pissed off and angry about one specific criticism that he was angry about the criticism of the film, but he says something more interesting so we’ll go through it and we’ll get to the meaty parts that we want to get to . get to in a wide-ranging interview the . meaty part of the interview . The interview was conducted by RK Outpost and airs at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday on Wars 3rd Sunday, October 31, at 8pm ET on The Blu-Ray and Blu-ray and 8th Sunday at 9pm ET. ET . The film will be released on December 31, October 30, on…. Click here to read more and watch the full video