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Hey Welcome To The News And Why It Matters

I’m Hilary Kennedy I’m filling in for Sara Gonzales and I have with me today Mr.. Glenn Beck stupor gear that’s me and Frieza sure all right so then let’s start with your stories, What do you have for us today Class I think both do and I want to talk a little bit about the Malheur recap and the I describe it as Star Wars Episode one that’s not a good reference that’s not positive for the most thing. I want to do the same thing and I because it really is amazing the build-up and then the reaction immediately afterwards. No delay.

I Think It Tells A Pretty

dramatic story. It sure does I’d like to talk about executions. Though the federal government decided that and that Moeller but the federal government has now decided to they’re gonna execute. prisoners again so yeah and we also want to thank our sponsors, so Glenn. I know you want to tell us a little bit about really factor relief factor is something that I have taken now for a year and a half MmM thank you yeah.

I Was Like That On Christmas

Time it was right before Christmas and I was going on vacation and I said to my wife. I can’t live this way anymore. She said I know I can’t live this way anymore either and I’m not gonna listen to you complainin Henry if you don’t try everything and I said what are you talking about She said Try relief factor and I’m like Oh honey it’s not gonna work it’s you know drug free better living through pharmaceuticals and she said try it like I don’t take I tell take I’ll take Tylenol Advil please advil. Lemay’s like it was like this like this In visit I can’t see my body swelling. I mean I can sue this but that’s not from you know advils not going to take care of it.

Unfortunately, I Started Taking For Three

weeks. I said I would do it for three weeks because that’s what they say I took it for three weeks. I’m still taking it today it is it dramatically changed my life. It’s why I paint again your life back really factor right now relief factor calm all right so we want to talk about Muller yeah so let me let me let me do we have the audio of or the video of the way they set up. Muller and his testimony.

The Media Was So Excited About This Sharks

right it it was it was the same kind of hype of Episode one from Star. Wars where everybody is like this gonna be the greatest movie of all time. This is gonna be and we’ve been waiting forever. I couldn’t get even a seat. I sat in the front row with my daughter.

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It Was Her Birthday When It Came

out. We were so excited and she said maybe dad. It was that we were sitting the front row and I’m like no you can’t get far enough away from this but that’s how they set it up let me show you how they set this up could the outcome sway undecided House Democrats on impeachment. What happens here today is likely to be a turning point in the fight over impeachment. Do you think that it could change the dial on impeachment is going to be very damning the recitation of that evidence could be incredibly damaging a key moment in the Trump presidency.

Testifying Before Congress With The Presidency At

stake. This is either going to be the world’s biggest event The Moller movie or a dud because there’s nothing new that question was the ball advances No it’s over they needed more fuel for any kind of impeachment effort so look on optics. This was a disaster. A lot of Democrats in particular used the D word and branded this a disaster early on Okay so now who didn’t see this coming Stu and I said the day that Muller gave his farewell address. Okay he stood there and he said Don’t call me that I mean that was the quote.

Dont Call Me To Testify.

I have nothing new to say if you test if you ask me to testify. I will just confirm what’s in the report that’s it now they expected him to maybe get a little bit more. But he had already said Don’t do it Cuz I won’t now here’s a guy who’s so honorable. He’s just so credible he would never lie he’d never cheat he’d never steal.

I Mean If You Cut His Jacket Open

in the back wings will pop out so he is Scott he’s mister credibility would never lie well he you’re asking him to make himself a liar because he said I’m not gonna say anything except yep that’s what the report said don’t call Don’t call me so a hundred and eighty times. This is what he said watch it’ll be that with the report, so I would have to refer you to the report on that directly to the report for how that is characterized and would direct you to the report itself. 182 pages of that’s outside my purview outside my purview outside my purview it is still. Outside my purview, I can’t answer that question now can’t get into details? Can’t get into that it’s a letter stands for itself. I can’t get into it Can’t get into that and turn him deliberations.

I Am Uk Going To Get

into that Wow I mean it was a hundred and eighty times us just to the highlights there. He did exactly what he said he was going to do and for anybody that thought he would do differently you were betting that Santa would come after you buried your parents what it’s interesting as you know there’s a there’s a piece of I guess the analysis of this whole situation which is shows Muller and a negative light because of what you just showed I’m gonna. I’m no he’s deterrent he’s saying look like I’ve been deferring I’m going to the report go back to the report Go. Back to support it’s exactly what he promised he would do. He told you in advance.

This Is What He Said He Was

going to do. I well. You know I delusional yeah The Democrats are delusional. We had these issues before with like UK stuff before we’re like Glenn says something crazy and and and you’ll go through and you like take the time to really like let me explain what I’m doing and you write an op-ed or something and then people just like want to constantly continue to ask you about the same question it’s like well look at the op-ed here There it is it’s it’s written right there. This is kind of his point right like I went through this thing.

Ive Laid Out All The Facts

in order this is exactly what I believe what are you doing here and I think this is. Like how badly did this is backfire? Let me give you this clip from UK News If there is I think this is the most concise telling of the entire day right here. The end result for Democrats is the end of the dream of impeachment overturning the 2016 election here It’s just not going to happen the public is not there. It’s over as a political issue but not as a national security issue. It right so there you go right like I think that’s true like the political thing is dead.

Nancy Pelosi Wins This Battle Against Aoc

Oh yeah the way this works out the national security point. I think is important and that like this report did give us a lot when it comes to national security, but the whole thing struck me as like this big moment right like the Democrats built up in their. head they were gonna have this big moment like you know Christopher Darden in the UK trial is like you know what we’re gonna have him try on those gloves and everyone’s gonna be like Oh, my God here’s the killer wearing the gloves. It’s gonna be this big powerful moment and then you find out Oh crap the gloves Don’t fit and as Glenn mentioned on radio today It’s like but in advance the gloves were with a little bath on there telling you that it was not going to work scare me-and he did it anyway yeah but take it with the factory yeah one one more thing I want to go to is I think looking at this with all the evidence now I think we all looked at Muller. He didn’t say much during the investigation he he said he had this press conference.

Conference Where He Said I Laid

it all in the report I’m not gonna talk about it again and my my impression of that was like he’s trying to basically be like I don’t wanna get involved in the political game everyone right We’ve worked hard on this. I don’t want to put it out there. You guys can read it and I don’t get involved in your little greatest guy ever if you got his jacket wings come up. I mean yeah we love him he’s doing his job. He’s out there he’s only spending 25 million yeah.

I I Still Dont Know What

Jeep fusion UK is well that’s give me another 25 million right. Then I’ll probably tell you that’s a great point like he didn’t know that and and it kind of led me to another view of this that I have now entered into my. sort of possibilities here, which is that maybe he was just sort of a figurehead here, maybe this was you know Muller has credibility. He has credibility with both sides leading into this for sure work with Republicans and Democrats. Great law enforcement resume and maybe like this is an investigation that goes on kind of with his rough approval of the edges of where it goes and way of tone, but in reality he really wasn’t all that invested right away and Jeffie Of course his the son was a you know drafted by the replace with the New England Patriots.

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It Reminded Me Of Like You Know Tom

Brady football camp and like you send your kids. You spend all this money they go to Tom Brady football camp. Tom Brady‘s not there like Tom Brady kind of like you know his names on the poster because I him up for the final day the final day he does pictures and he makes a three-minute speech and but in general like it’s just a football camp remember we did a book that fell under my name, but I was very clear I didn’t write this book it was what’s his name that wrote the original argument. Oh Yeah, a naturalist a federalist papers and it was written but I had to go on the press Junket and people would ask me I’d be like whoa my purview.

What Do You Think What Are You

thinking well you know what is he thinking yeah I mean yeah and that’s the way it felt he clearly didn’t write it yep and he had read it probably that’s what kills him right. mean really that’s one of the things that really made it the what you know we heard in one of the clips the optics, but I mean the optics was what was really bad. We were looking at him yesterday at UK Central Time we’re watching it and we’re talking about it on the air, and I started with food right where’s the pudding I want.


Hilary Kennedy is filling in for Sara Gonzales and I have with me today Mr.& Glenn Beck stupor gear that’s me and Mr. Beck . Beck says he wants to talk about the Malheur recap and the I describe it as Star Wars Episode one that’s not a good reference . Beck: “I want to do the same thing and I because it really is amazing the build-up and then the reaction immediately afterwards.& No delay.& I think it tells a pretty dramatic story.& It sure does I’m still taking it today it is it dramatically changed my life. It’s why I paint again your life back really factor’s why I painted again . Beck is also proud to thank our sponsors, and we also want to thank their sponsors, so Glenn. Beck is proud to share our stories with us and we’re happy to share your stories with CNN and iReport: Share your stories ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video