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and Star Wars Episode nine Deep rise of Skywalker dropped new footage of T23 showing Rey Cosplay in its Darth Maul and C-3Po so high. He feels like he’s walking on the sky called eye drops my friend. I’m gonna break down this new footage frame by frame to explain what’s going on here and to find all the miserable clues for how director UK Abrams might pull together all the major elements from this sequel trilogy and from this trilogy of trilogies to try to give us a satisfying conclusion if that’s even possible we’re warning in case my predictions that have been too accurate and let’s get started okay before we even get to the new rise of Skywalker footage. This special look opens with famous imagery from past films of the saga, but I think there actually might be. Clue hidden in the editing here right when some new audio from Luke Skywalker plays over some choice shots All we know a thousand generations live in una, but this is your fight so presumably, this is Luke speaking as a kind of horse ghost.

Maybe An Obi-Wan Style Echo, But To Whom

is he speaking you could be talking to Ray or to Kylo, both of whom he trained and passed on key pieces of wisdom. A thousand generations do live on and Ray through the ancient Jedi texts that she took from each to scene in the final shots of the last Jedi, but also a thousand generations of Sith master UK kind of live on through Kylo as heir to Darth Vader’s memory. Luke Does say we had passed on all we know collectively referring to himself, along with other mentors including Maybe Han or Yoda and Yes Luke’s father and it’s interesting how the moment we hear Luke’s say this the montage transitions from a shot of him as Jedi Master and returned the Jedi to of all people Darth Maul igniting his dual-wield Lightsaber. So they’re almost kind of like drawing a connection here between Ray’s training under Luke and did the dark image of her that we see at the end of this trailer wielding her own ball style sabered. This opening image also emphasizes the touching of hands Kylo and Rey, Leia and Rey Han and Kylo ray and Finn that human connection that complicates the characters Inner drive appears to be a key theme here and I think it’s significant that this montage closes with Rey and her duel.

Kylo And The Force Awakens With

the two Lightsaber radiances flickering over her face and reflecting from her eyes red blue red blue kind of reflecting her tug of war choice of paths and her impressive resistance to seizure inducing strobe lighting, but why speculate includes some old stuff When there’s new stuff to overanalyze so onward okay. The new footage shows the gang reunited thin chewy rape Oh Dameron in C-3Po. The Millennium Falcon is behind them and they’re overlooking the celebration on the new desert planet that’s named Posada. This appears to be the same planet shot in a real-life Jordan where Array back flipped over the UK Interceptor in the teaser and a location that the others have stolen the merchant skiff. This race of species is called the Aki Aki, and they’re sentient.

They Wear Multicolored Robes And Beaded

necklaces. They’re partying up with I Guess. of Burning Man they got kites Chalk Fireworks Maybe a Wicker man style effigy back there Yeah I think 3p-Oh might have inhaled too much now. It’s not clear what the group is seeking here other than a bollard time, but it’s nice to see the characters together again that’s supposed to you know split up across casino planets and whatnot and based on other footage. The first order will eventually catch up to them here but next there’s a shot of the late Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa and some forest location that we saw her embracing Rey in in the teaserNK] Abrams said that they will use footage of Fisher from the Force awakens to completely a story in this movie as opposed to trying to recreate her usingNK] magic and at the moment it looks pretty seamless on to the next section Okay.

Section Okay Whats Left Of The Resistance

fleet arrives and I love how they jump in to the rhythm of John Williams melody. They appear to be jumping in within a planet’s atmosphere a very dangerous move as we learned in the force awakens, but after Han Chewie and Fin successfully pulled off. I suppose the rest of the resistance figured it out too among this ragtag fleet of our X-wings y-wings what appeared to be our Z2 a wings and finally some new beings after force awakens Last Jedi have only showed us like pieces of the mark to be wing. Here are some fully completed ones in action and there’s also this blockade runner, which some are speculated could actually be the original tanta for from a new oak not sure about that but if Abrams is tying and callbacks from across the series, including the vessel that. All would be an awesome move now presumably on.

One Of These Ships Is Finn, Joined

by a new character resistance fighter Jana, played by Tommy a key and some are saying that she could be the daughter of Lando Calrissian but that does not big a verb yet a key just joked at Star Wars Celebration that Lando gets around which we know he does in the window outside their cockpit is a newbie wing with a green glass firing past them, suggesting that they’re in the midst of some kind of dogfight which might involve this monstrosity. A massive fleet of stardestroyers looks like at least hundreds of them. Yeah we got to talk about these because if you look closely and if your best friends growing up we’re also the miniature Star Wars ships on your desk and dresser you will notice that these are actually imperial. Star destroyers you know from the Empire the thing that supposedly done they are is di class with the X-style bridge to be specific in these disorders also have a red stripe similar to the starter story that we saw in a brief shot in the first rises Skywalker Teaser so perhaps the first order is being supplanted by an enormous Imperial Star destroyer fleet that was somehow built in secret The Star Wars aftermath novels detail what’s called Operation Cinder kind of a bonito down contingency plan orchestrated by Palpatine in the event of his death. It was supposed to end it to coup and make sure sell the ruins of that battle at the top of the force awakens.

So I Guess Maybe Palpatine Had

a second contingency plan beyond operation Center and that’s what we’re seeing here. I’ll talk more about what they started stories could. be up to in this movie in a bit and I want to talk about three UK evil red eyes, but before I continue thanks to Honey for sponsoring this breakdown everybody something online and then find out that you could have gotten it for less kind of sucks right it’s worse than like walking out of store right after they put up a sign saying 50% off shirts you wonder is this happening every time I go shopping the shopkeeper laughs all the time yeah luckily now. I had Honey the free browser extension that saves you time and money when shopping online Honey scans the internet for coupon codes and other discounts then like Magic. It automatically applies the one with the biggest savings to your cart at checkout.

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honey. It’s free to use and installs a new computer. In just two clicks get honey for free and join honey Calm slash. New rock stars that’s join Honey Calm slash New Rock stars Okay back to the trailer there’s this shot of Threepio with his rose tinted eyepieces so these red eyes could be inspired by triple zero. The red eyed protocol droid from the Darth Vader comic so We’ll combine Dr.

Aphra In Accompanying Bt1 On A Number

of dark and evil doings. Another possible influence could have come from C-3Po as manufacture who also produced a variant known as C-3Po. A protocol droid with a red sensor reprogrammed to serve SAsson functions but you know red eyes don’t always mean evil just most of the time it’s also possible the three because red eyes as a result of some. diagnostic function in fact, one theory for Threepio in this movie involves them scanning his memories number three Pio had his memory wiped after Revenge of the Sith, but his one-shot storyline did reveal that some memory fragments remain deeply implanted inside him, and maybe it’s those memories that Poe in the others are hoping to unlock for a way to defeat this new threat from palpatine because throughout this entire saga only two droids were there to witness all of it and before we move on. There’s a shot of a huge red blast leveling a planet’s terrain now display that looks like Kg me.

This Is A New Icy Mountainous

planet that is connected to Zoe. Blissett Scary Russell. ‘s character is a criminal and old friend of Poe’s. Now there’s also some speculation that the new superweapon of this movie, as opposed to the planet-destroying death stars or. base instead the super weapon could be a fleet of stardestroyers that devastate a planet’s surface like breaking up the crust layer, thereby killing all life on it, but not the simple Swift act of like popping a densely packed core of matter.

This Surface Destruction Could Explain Why This

blast hits the surface with the initial shock wave that then follows it with a second impact blast kind of like the terra formation surface destruction that we saw in movies like Man of Steel Let’s move on Ok. This next clip shows Ray training slicing tree trunks tossing our light saber perhaps frustrated at that marksmen and remote droids are annoying as Hell. It’s similar to the one that Luke first trained with on the Falcon and a new hope now remember this light saber handles split in the last Jedi so ray must have repaired it that might. be why she has that red cloth around her palm maybe the Kyber crystal in sight. It is radiating out of it no kind of leak from the fissure from the repaired handle, causing Ray’s Palm to get burned and You’ll notice that when Ray catches the lightsaber she’s also holding this limb is a bo staff like maybe.

Shes Finding That Combat With A Sword Like

weapon is incompatible with her full range of skills, which is why her dream weapon would be a dual Wield Bo staff inspired Lightsaber. This is all set a forest location that looks a bit similar to the location where Leia appeared and I’m wondering if this could be Endor. We do know that the ruins of the second death star appear in this film, which could be on the nearby Forest Moon from returned the Jedi perhaps raise battle with Kylo Ren. will lead to a defeat wound on her hand, causing her to train in the nearby forest and blow off steam and wondered. I only had a double sided weapon to match my agility.

I Could Beat Him To Force

ghost Leia to explain how that kind of power is a dangerous path. Then there’s a shot of Kylo Ren igniting his lightsaber as he walks from his tie interceptor and I think this is the one that Rey left over and personna but this is a new ship for Kylo from his tie silencer in the last Jedi based on these lightning strikes I’m thinking this could also be Cugini which would be the planet surface wrecked by the fleet of Stardestroyers might explain the pictures on the ground there as it’s walking over them. Kylo drags his saber in the snow kicking it up and ruins This name. Very nicely into the ocean spray of the next shot, which is an epic duel between Kylo and Rey On this submerged wreckage which we know are pieces of the Death Star, but notice that gun turret to the left so not only are these chunks of Death Star. This could be a wall of the Death Star Trench like they could be trying to echo the famous trench run along the first step star Trench in a new hope Essentially this younger generation is battling over the literal graves of the older generations.

Famous Battles Yeah Symbolism As The Nerd

will scream when this scene comes up on opening night in the cinema under the next clip Yes it’s in okay so Ian UK is returning as Emperor. Palpatine aka Darth Sidious his voice croaks Yes so perhaps Palpatine has returned to some kind of sit ghostly presence there. Actually is precedence of the Sith haunting enchanted objects after their deaths. Also in the comics, Palpatine has cloned himself and of course there’s always the legend of death Plagueis the Wise the Sith, who learned how to overcome death. Really there are any number of ways Palpatine could come back but again we’re left wondering to whom Palpatine is speaking whose journey is nearing its end is it Rey or Kylo or could it be communion with the ghost of Luke because if you listen super closely to this moment the audio mixer snuck in a fascinating cacophony of noises.

Yes So Most Distinctly You Can Hear

the breath of Darth Vader’s mask now does this mean Vader will return in some form in the rise of Skywalker Well. There was a rumored scene that would feature Kylo witnessing the moment of Bader’s first machine-assisted breath from Revenge of the Sith. So maybe this sound is connected to that but also mixed in Here is a clash of thunder and oddly some soft musical chimes, which almost sound like John Williams orchestration after his opening fanfare in every movie, but there’s even more to talk about in this money shot Dark Rey holding a dual wield red lightsaber similar to Darth Maul’s, but this one lights up like a tuning fork then opens up on a hinge to walk into a bo staff style weapon. The Design is actually kind of similar to the sabers used by the Temple Guards with Kanan and the animated series as well as the dual wield Saber used by Pong Krell, but notice that the red blades are firing and unstable, which wasn’t the case with Darth Maul Sabers. This is more like Kylos weapon Kylos Braid is unstable because it’s powered by a cracked Kyber crystal reflecting his instability so perhaps Rey’s weapon here is meant to reflect that same kind of brokenness.

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Its Also Worth Noting Raised Left

hand in a shot the one that we previously saw covered with a red cloth. Now there’s some kind of black band across her knuckles. Maybe that Cloth was a bandage from her fingers being partially or fully severed either from the unstable repaired blue Lightsaber I mentioned before Maybe the battle with Kylo but Daisy Ridley has said that she was surprised that they included this shot in the trailer and it’s possible that it’s not a literal depiction of events in the movie, but rather a dream or vision hallucination. In fact, these star wars common description of this footage originally described this moment as the vision of a Rey before updating it to change to the sight of Rey, but before we go too deep down. This rabbit hole of speculation that Rey is being possessed by Palpatine or switched fully to the darkside.

Lets Remember That In The Empire Strikes

Back Luke Skywalker experienced a vision of himself inside Darth Vader’s mask on Dagobah and remember that trailer for Rogue 1. ended with a similar implication that Gen or so would go dark what will you become yeah? So Similarly, this could be a Vision Quest moment for Rey tempted to acquire more power with a weapon that would suit her skill set to Vanquish her enemies, but ultimately keeping the wisdom of the bed angels of her nature angels named Carrie Fisher, but there is one more sound design Easter egg here notice the sound of raised blades. We hear-hums now if you loop that back for a third hum you get so those hums are actually in the note of G UK G and those G’s are actually the first notes of Darth Vader’s Imperial March. If I sound crazy consider that Star Wars movies actually mix in subtle light motifs to John Williams score all the time rogue ones Awesome Vader Death March was scored with a slowdown choral modulation of the Imperial March they can only notice by speeding it up so maybe. Maybe this moment is designed to lead us to wonder who the successor of the Sith truly will be the Skywalker air or the angry or finding and let’s overanalyze the hell out of the music in the final clip Okay after a title card set to the dramatic rendition of Williams Force theme the final notes are a sad take on Ray’s theme which is composed for the Force Awakens.

So This Trailer Ends In A Kind Of

mournful echo of Ray’s humble beginnings what happened to her a little junk scavenger from Jakku well. She killed up but ton of people on the supremacy and now she’s a different person Do you think Ray has truly turned evil and how do you think Palpatine has returned comment down below with your thoughts and theories follow me on Twitter and instagram @ e. A boss its subscribed in the Rock Stars, more breakdown, some theories about everything Star Wars it if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to our Star Wars podcast feed calledNK] for early access to audio versions of all this stuff and for some upcoming podcast exclusive content thank you for joining me if you haven’t liked this video already doing.


New Star Wars Episode 9 Deep rise of Skywalker dropped new footage of T23 showing Rey Cosplay in its Darth Maul and C-3Po so high . Erik Bosse breaks down this new footage frame by frame to explain what’s going on here and to find all the miserable clues for how director UK Abrams might pull together all the major elements from this sequel trilogy and from this trilogy of trilogies to try to give us a satisfying conclusion if that’s even possible we’re warning in case my predictions that have been too accurate and let’s get started okay before we even get to the new rise of the Skywalker footage . He feels like he’s walking on the sky called eye drops my friend.& I think there actually might be. There actually might there. I’m gonna break down this special look opens with famous imagery from past films of the saga, but I think it opens with a shot of past films, but it’s interesting how the montage transitions from a shot from the…. Click here to read more and watch the full video