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dark’ outpost and we have some more evidence about the High Republic era and project luminous. You know when it comes to these rumors that we talked about a few weeks ago that the next thing that Disney Star Wars would be doing for the next film set in 2022 2024 2026. It may not be a trilogy, but the films will be connected in sort of an UK way and it’ll be setting the high Republic era that being three to four hundred years before the original trilogy. We talked about that here we have a little more evidence of that the High Republic era. I told you guys that I had never heard of that before.

There Was One Instance That I Found

in this new canon about the High Republic era and it was in the account Dooku book. a very brief mention of it well. We have another brief mention of it in this week’s rise of Kylo Ren comic which you can find online if you know where to look but let’s get into here because I want to get into a tweet from one of the people running this project Luminous, which is supposed to be the multimedia event that leads up to these movies. This is all rumors by the way. None of it’s confirmed, but it sure seems like Jason was on the right path, and he’s had a lot of reliable information in the past so earlier this week.

We Shared A Rumor About The Future

of Star Wars. The rumor was the next movies would be four hundred years prior to the Skywalker Saga and Era Dub High Republic and then about project luminous A series of riders crafting different stories would. also be set in the same era. Haven Scott released a newsletter online for his fans. Given an update on the project.

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Hes Working On.

One of those was Project luminous and here’s what he said Obviously I can’t give you any solid details at the moment. Although folks have read far too much in the fact that I’m reading the Darth Bane novels at the moment that’s just for fun yeah. Of course of course they’re you know they’re gonna pick what they can from legends. They’re gonna pick everything they can from legends and bastardize it and make it into their new little high Republic era.

We All Know That Thats Gonna Happen.

I can. However, give you a little glimpse behind the curtain about how we work. The five luminous authors are in pretty much daily con even though we’re scattered across two continents We have a. Private discussion forum where we largely meet throwing ideas back and forth.

Then We Have Weekly Video Conferences

which alternate between catch-up with our very own Nick Fury Lucas Films, Michael Zeglen and video chats between the five of us to discuss to discuss plot points or brainstorm ideas together. I realize that you’d rather know what those plot points are. But unfortunately, I would be hunted down like Sith Spawn if I revealed anything more to you before the official announcement, but I promise you that as soon as I can I will fill you in while you wait why not check out. This week’s rise of Kylo Ren comic by my luminous co-conspirator Charles out today so that’s what he said when asked about Project luminous and I will say it is an encouraging thing. I’m not I don’t care about Disney about Disney Star Wars and about.

But It Is An Encouraging Thing That

they are all working together like that because it does remind me of the way. The author’s all work together and crafted their stories together in the expanded universe before Disney bought it and made it legends. You know they did really work together like that in crafting these interconnected stories, so it’s good to hear that that’s how these people are doing it too there’s not much here to indicate the High Republic. Although it does offer a glimpse into Project Luminous and some hints and the details to be starting soon. But if you go to this comic.

There Is A Panel Here Which I

can’t put up so I will overlay it on the screen. You can see this is Lor San Tekka, you know the fabled Lor San Tekka well. This is evidently how he knows Luke Skywalker they’re. taught they’re going to investigate some rumored potential old Jedi warehouse. He says it’s probably High Republic era.

It Was A Time Of Greatly

expanded JEdi activity throughout the galaxy. Now it is of course you know possible. This is just a coincidence. However, considering the rumors that come from sources got a lot of storage scoops right then. This is the first official mention of a High Republic period makes me think this is genuine and again it’s not quite the first.

There Is A Brief Aside To The High

Republic in a Jedi or an account Dooku novel so for now it looks like the future stars in the past 400 years into the past. Since we don’t know a lot of canonical information from this period. This could be a fun new way for Disney to make Star Wars stories and at least they won’t be taking. a dump on the original trilogy This far back, which is perhaps a good thing moving forward and I do also agree it gives them an opportunity to take a break. Just stop ticking and she’s gonna say yeah.

Ill Say It Take A Blumin On

the legacy characters now We’ll say it seems highly likely since Yoda was mentioned in these leaks that it will be a middle-aged Yoda that he will make an appearance in the movies will it be a main character who knows that’s yet to be seen. I think it’s still really in the planning stages at this point, so they don’t even know but I do think that it’s a it’s almost a guarantee that he will make a cameo at some point in time. I’d be shocked if he didn’t and then what do you think of this coincidence or not. We have another this is another comic book Calm also had a thing on it and here you can kind of see a better picture and I’ll also overlay This you can see a better picture of the Jedi warehouse that they go to you can see Lor San Tekka saying the Jedi of this time must have used this as a storage site and been unable to return to gather these items. This is truly unfortunate and as he mentioned before it was a time of greatly expanded Jat activity throughout the Galaxy and then they also talked about in this comic book article you know about how it’s set for hundred years before.

They Have The Same Information Which Isnt

the ancient medieval world of Old Republic games, but it’s still early enough to get the franchise a jolt of freshness so it’s kind of saying the same. Thing it might be nice if they can move away from the Skywalker saga and do something original The problem is and we all know this is Will they be doing anything original. Will it be a original story from them or will they take what we know is the expanding universe and those characters and those stories and bastardize them and twist them that’s yet to be seen. I would love it if Disney did something completely original.

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Maybe I Could Even Enjoy It.

If they did it. You know there is a chance that I could even though it wouldn’t be my Star Wars My expanding universe story that I’d known for so long if they did something original and didn’t take and twist and bastardize my characters and then ruin the legacies of other characters from the movies. Then I could see myself potentially enjoying Star Wars.

Enjoying This You Know This Other Timeline But

you know until they prove to me that they can do something like that it’s it’s you know I’m gonna be very skeptical of what they do. However, it does seem like more evidence pointing towards these leaks by Jason Ward to be true they are going to the High Republic era three to four hundred years before just more information more confirmation possibly one site called a confirmation. I don’t know if I’d go that far, but it certainly looks to be true let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Do you think that this is basically confirmation that that is what they’re doing based on what Matt Cavin said to look at this comic and are you excited Are you skeptical are you worried do you not care about Disney star wars any more let me.

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The next Star Wars movie will be set three to four hundred years before the original trilogy . A series of riders crafting different stories would also be set in the same era . Haven Scott released a newsletter online for his fans. He’s working on the project luminous. It’s supposed to be the multimedia event that leads up to these movies. It may not be a trilogy, but the films will be connected in sort of an . UK way and it’ll be setting the high Republic era that being three to . four hundred . years prior to the Skywalker Saga and Era Dub High Republic . The rumor was the next movies would be four hundred year prior to . the Skywalker . Saga and era Dub High . Republic and then about project Luminous. A . series of characters crafting different . stories would. also be . also be Set in the the same . era. The movies would also also beSet in the . same era. Haven Scott. He said. It is all rumors by the way….. Click here to read more and watch the full video