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Star Wars Is One Of The Most

popular and influential stories ever told. IT began with the wildly successful Original Trilogy in the seventies and eighties, and later there was the Prequel Trilogy which most people agree was not good. There are also heaps of books, comics, video games and UK shows which form an Expanded Universe of stories set in the same continuity, although they re no longer considered canon now that Disney has bought Star Wars from George Lucas.

Disney Is Now Making A New Trilogy,

set thirty years after the original one, so nows a good time to have a look at what happened in the original three Star Wars movies, and what that might mean for the new one. In A New Hope, an evil Empire rules the Galaxy, and is at war with a Rebel Alliance. The Empire has massive spaceships, and armies of Stormtroopers, and of course the iconic Darth Vader. It also has the Death Star,, a huge armoured space station capable of destroying whole planets.

Rebel Spies Have Stolen The Empire

s plans to the Death Star, and hope to use them to find a weakness to destroy the weapon. . At. The start of the movie, rebel leader Princess Leia is taking these plans to rebels on Alderaan,, but her ship is captured by the Empire, so she hides the plans and a message in a robot, or droid, calledNK] who, along withNK] escapes to the desert planet Tatooine.


s where we meet our hero, Luke Skywalker, a farmboy living with his uncle and aunt and dreaming of adventure. Luke finds Leia s message in R2, and takes the droids toNK] Kenobi, one of the last remnants of an order. Last remnants of an order of Lightsaber-wielding space-wizards called Jedi, who use a

Mystical Energy Field

called the Force to exert magical power. . He says that Luke s father was a Jedi who was betrayed and killed by Darth Vader

A Jedi Who Turned To The Dark Side

of the Force. When. Luke finds his aunt and uncle killed by the Empire, he agrees to go withNK] to deliver Leia s plans to the rebels. .


They buy a ride on the Millenium Falcon,, a spaceship owned by the cynical, self–serving smuggler Han Solo, and his hairy sidekick Chewbacca,, who talks like this. So. They head to Leia s home Planet Alderaan

On The Way Uk Starts To Train

Luke in the way of the Force but when they arrive, Alderaan s gone, cause the Empire blew it up with the Death Star, because they re bad guys.

The Falcon.

into the Death Star, So Luke and Han and Chewie Go rescue Leia. There re disguises, and a Trash Compactor, and other Shenanigans, and as they escape, UK is killed by Darth Vader. And as they leave the Falcon is tracked by the Empire to the Rebel base on YavinNK] So the Death Star comes, and there

S A Big Space Battle, And Luke Uses

the Force, and blows up the Death Star. IT s a big victory for the Rebels, and selfish. Han Solo has a change of heart in time to come help, and get a medal with Luke. In The Empire Strikes Back, The rebels have established a new base on the ice World.


Luke rides around on a funny ice Llama called a Tauntaun, and is attacked by a Yeti called a Wampa. He almost dies in the cold,, but is saved by Han. This is. This is part of Han

S Transformation From Someone Who Only Cares For

himself to someone willing to risk his life for his friends. An Imperial probe discovers the rebel base, so the Empire comes in force, with a big stompy robots calledNK], and Stormtroopers led by Darth Vader. So Han and Leia Flee Hoth in the Millenium Falcon, with Chewie andNK] while Luke heads to the swampy planet Dagobah because he was told to by a force ghost ofNK], which is apparently a thing. . Han and Leia escape from Imperials, make out

cause there s nothing like some welding to get you in the mood, and escape from a Freudian space slug thing. On Dagobah, Luke meets a little Green Jedi Master called Yoda,, who trains Luke in the way of the Force. The way of the Force.

Yoda Tells Us About The Dangers Of

the Dark Side of the Force,, which is connected to negative emotions like anger and fear and hate.. Han and Leia travel to Cloud City, to meet Han s old friend Lando Calrissian, who ends up betraying them to the Empire. .

Luke Comes To Rescue His Friends,,

but when he gets there., Han has already been carbon frozen into a living but inanimate block, and taken by Boba Fett, who plans to sell him to the crime Lord Jabba. The Hutt. Lando has a change of heart, and helps Leia and Co. escape from the Empire.

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Meanwhile, Luke Dramatically Confronts Darth Vader, Who Cuts

off Lukes hand and saysNK] am your father . Luke refuses to join the bad Guys, and escapes to be rescued by Leia, Lando, Chewie and the droids. In Return of the Jedi, Leia,.

Jedi, Leia, Lando, Chewie, R2 And Uk

infiltrate the Palace of Jabba the Hutt,, who happens to be a gigantic slug. They revive Han from the Carbonite, but get caught by Jabba, and Leia is enslaved in an uncomfortable bikini. Luke turns up, now a powerful and confident Jedi Knight. He bargains for Han s life, kills a monster called a Rancor,, but ends up getting caught as well.

Jabba Decides To Feed Luke And Han

to a big tentacled Sand-mouth called a Sarlacc, but the heroes escape Luke kicks some ass, Han kills Boba accidentally, and Leia kills Jabba with the very chains that bound her. Han and Leia meet back up with the Rebels, and Luke returns to Dagobah, where Yoda dies. . The ghost ofNK] tells Luke that Leia is his twin sister, which makes this kiss kind of awkward.


The Empire is building a second. Death Star, cause the first one worked so well, and the Rebels attack, with Lando leading a space battle, While on the Forest Moon of Endor. , Han leads some Rebels and also some surprisingly effective Teddy bears called Ewoks. There

S, A Speeder Bike, Chase, And Some Teddy Bear

Antics, but in the end, Luke confronts Vader, and meets his master, the Emperor. They try to get Luke to join the Dark Side. Luke struggles with his emotions, and cuts off Vader s hand, but ultimately rejects the Dark Side, so the Emperor tortures him with Lightning, and in a final act of sacrificial redemption. , Vader saves his son by killing the Emperor, and he has his helmet removed to look upon his son before dying in Luke

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S Arms.

The rebels destroy the second Death Star, Han and Leia get together, and everybody celebrates the Rebellion has beaten the Empire. So. Star Wars has themes of destiny, Power, Love, and Redemption, but at the end of the day what it

S Really About Is A Simple Conflict

between good and evil, with spaceships and lightsabers and robots and aliens with funny names.. It s not particularly deep stuff or anything, but it doesn t need to be, it

S Fun.

And we can probably expect something very similar in the upcoming Force Awakens . Indeed, it still seems to be a conflict between the remnants of the Empire and the rebellion. But that

S Not To Say It Won

t have its surprises. . For example, based on Luke s arc in the original trilogy, and his absence from the Force Awakens trailers, it

S Speculated That Luke Might Have Turned

to the Dark Side, that hes a bad guy in this new movie. There are also lots of cool theories about the original and prequel series so comment. Below if you

D Like To See More Star Wars

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Star Wars is one of the most popular and influential stories ever told . It began with the wildly successful Original Trilogy in the seventies and eighties . There are also heaps of books, comics, video games and UK shows which form an Expanded Universe of stories set in the same continuity . Disney is now making a new trilogy, set thirty years after the original one . Now it’s a good time to have a look at what happened in the original three Star Wars movies, and what that might mean for the new one . Here, we look at the events leading up to the new trilogy and what it means for the next one: The new trilogy: The New Star Wars Trilogy, The Death Star, The Star Wars Wars, The Han Solo, The Last Emperor, The Emperor and The Emperor of the Han Solo and The Empire of Han Han Solo. The Emperor, the Emperor of The Empire. The Empire, the Death Star and the Emperor. The New Emperor. Han Solo ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video