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Kevin Bowling information regarding the resources referenced on today.’s program can be found at UK the truth org Now here to continue with today. ‘s program is faster Kevin Bowling Hey welcome back into the second half of the knowing the truth radio broadcast by now. A lot of folks obviously are familiar with the case of Kim Davis there in in Kentucky and everything that is taking place with that particular issue and how she was jailed and then released from jail and has basically come out and said that she still even with the threat of jail or going back to jail is not going to compromise her conviction about issuing marriage licenses for gay couples and there’s been a lot written on this subject. There’s been a lot talked about about some of the surrounding issues.

Some Of The Ancillary.

issues related to this? But there’s one now that I saw that one article that I thought was very interesting. It gets a little bit more to the crux of the issue, especially about the idea of the rule of law and so forth and that article was written by Steve Turley Steve’s been with me on the program before his website says very humbly. I think has got quite a resume but very humbly it says this I’m, a theologian, a social theorist, a classical Christian educator and back in the day he says he was a prize-winning classical guitarist, so he’s a sought after speaker very much in demand and yet he’s agreed to come on the program again today to talk us through this article that is Witten written on his website. Let me give you that website right up front because it’s something going to want.

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the articles that he writes and to find out more about his speaking engagements and so forth It’s called Turley talks his last name is felled Tu r le y Turley talks calm so if we go to Turley talks calm you’ll see more information about Steve himself a little bit about his books and some videos and speaking engagements and so forth podcast his blog a lot of information out there. Steve welcome back to the knowing the truth radio program Hi Kevin is great to be with you again yeah great to have you I really enjoyed the piece that you wrote really text me trying to understand the law in the proper sense. But I thought it was very well written and it could help a person even like myself to be able to understand what was the difference. between the way that some even some very popular and maybe even some people would say conservative people are approaching this issue that even there there’s some There’s some problems with the way that they’re thinking let’s I’m talking a little bit encode they’re not giving away what’s in the article, but let me let you talk us through what you write in this article yes thank you for that my overall concern the reason why I wrote the article is that we all rather naturally buy into this idea that our laws and our jurists, our court systems are somehow religiously neutral that ideally they neither favor nor discriminate against any particular religion and so in a pluralistic society we all need to be careful to keep our religious beliefs and opinions to ourselves. You know the old adage what are the two things never talk about in public.

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Right And And This Is Um

This is what many faulted Kim Davis for she used the force of law to impose her own private personal religious beliefs on others that Don’t share those beliefs, but what I ask is what’s? It turns out that the judiciary are actually imposing their own personal religious opinions on us all the time, but under the cloak of this supposed religious neutrality well then of course, that would mean that the religious reasonings and opinions of some are given arbitrary preferential treatment at the expense of others, while at the same time violating the various the very religious neutrality that we’re told the courts are upholding and so for me. The Kim Davis incident brings to the fore several questions, what in fact is religion, what is it’s appropriate relationship to law and then how does a the correcting of some faulty assumptions. Regarding these questions impact our interpretation of what KIm did MmM excellent you in the very beginning of the article, then you recount a I guess It was a news video. You know video of the news with a Judge Andrew Napolitano and the way that he weighed in on the controversy surrounding what was taking place with this County Clerk what what was it that he said there that caused him to come up on your radar to see that he was really holding to this view the view that suppose of moral neutrality of the law and not really realizing that they were actually imposing their own morality. Upon this situation.

Yeah And I And I Did You Know

I wrote this with Judge Napolitano is my foil with a bit of trepidation. I tend to like the guy you know yeah, but I I I remember UK. Sproul saying something akin to you know each one of us has a theology. You’ll end up theology in some way or another to the only questions whether we have a good one or a bad one Exactly everybody’s a theologian right everybody as a theologian, so d trained theologians. I think we can call out the good judge again with whom I normally in agreement as being guilty of very poor Theologo thing and where he’s I think he’s going wrong is he’s He does he equate what he calls the institution recalls the well I established precedence of the separation between church and state that’s what he thought Kim Davis violated well.

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He Equivocates That Institutional Separation Between Church

and state with the categorical separation between religion and law and they’re not the same historically speaking, and this is because the institutional separation of church and state goes. Way back because it goes to the Byzantine Empire and it’s understanding of church-state relations in what they called Sinsemilla argillaceous conception of the two Swords theory in the fifth century Luther’s Two kingdoms theory the by covenant estructura reformed theology. The Chi Parian concept of fear sovereignty right we’re family church and state all have their respect responsibilities for God we’re by no means. The first society that attempted clear lines of distinction between church and state, but in none of these historical arrangements do you find a religion law separation. In other words, these institutional separations do not entail categorical separations, such that laws a wholly separate category from religion that would have been unintelligible in these other societies with comparable church-state separation arrangements and so I would argue the good judge equivocates there and then from there I think he doesn’t even recognize that when you start.

Some Kind Of Definition Or Delineation

of religion, You can’t do so without some kind of religious reasoning. You know no more than if I define the delineated chemistry without at least some preconception of what sciences I can’t define and delineate religion without some preconception of what religion is and whether he knows it or not. He is faulting him Davis for not keeping what he calls her private personal religious beliefs to herself but all the time throughout his article he’s imposing his own religious preconceptions. Hmm and he’s trying to back his particular religious beliefs up with this supposed neutrality of the law right right right exactly so that gives obviously as the judge and as if most people buy into the idea that there is no morality being imposed by the law, then it makes his argument not only seem plausible, but it’s it makes it. Seem desirable ok well here’s this entity that doesn’t have a dog in this fight.

It Was Just An Arbitrator Of What Is

taking place and out of fairness. If we don’t take sides, then the fair decision could be made by this. This referee who is completely neutral in this in this discussion and therefore there that’s what should rule the day when when we look behind the curtain though we see that that that that is a false assumption right in the very beginning that’s right that’s exactly we have to that scenario you just beautifully described actually has a history to it it’s not a given it’s not things are just that way. It actually comes out of the 18th century enlightenment and and what it required was a redefinition of religion. What I don’t think people recognize is that the term the Latin term religio actually.

Originally Meant The Fulfillment Of Social Obligations Hmm

so in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds that certainly involved honoring the gods, but it was by no means limited to such religio involved primarily the fulfillment of familial civic political demands of society. The term actually is made up of real agarre to retie or to rebind that to which one is bound and we we see this today. There are there are several religions without anything to give a god, such as Buddhism and Taoism and Confucianism and so this is why a century of cultural anthropological research has concluded that religion is not essentially about convictions about deities or spirit beings or anything like that they would argue religion is social order specifically religion constitutes the rules the understandings the goals that are concerted. They’re considered absolute unquestionable in a society and they’re better thereby able to govern.

And Organize The Various Aspects Of Social Order,

so if I like to use the example, if I get pulled over by a police officer for speeding which I have and I say you know I I really don’t like that law well what’s he gonna say to me that law offends me. You know what secret to say it was well if he’s in a good mood. He’ll say that’s all fine and dandy but you still broke it so in this case the laws absolute it’s unquestionable. I don’t define it.

It Defines Me And Thats Because All Societies

have to be governed by rules understandings and goals because it’s absolute and unquestionable and in many ways are taken on by faith and what this means what’s so amazing is that there is simply no such thing as a social order that is organized in govern apart from. Religion or social orders are by definition religious All social orders are organized and governed by absolut and unquestionable principles, and it’s therefore not a question of whether our society is going to be organized by religion, but rather which one is going to organize a society that changes. I think the debate entirely HMm is this a really a discussion about the difference between the freedom of worship and the freedom of religion. I had noted before about how they even the President started to use the term freedom of worship, which if I could basically give my understanding of the distinction between the two of them.

He Was Basically Saying That You Know You

can believe whatever you want to believe within the confines of the walls of your church on Sunday morning you want to go in there and say you believe in this and believe in. that that’s fine you have a freedom to do that the difference then between freedom of religion would be. You can’t actually put those things into practice in the society and so once you bring it outside the walls the church now.


Pastor Kevin Bowling will talk about the case of Kim Davis in Kentucky . Steve Turley is a theologian, a social theorist, a classical Christian educator and back in the day he says he was a prize-winning classical guitarist, so he’s a sought after speaker very much in demand and yet he’s agreed to come on the program again today to talk us through this article that is Witten written on his website. It’s called Turley talks his last name is felled Tu r le y Turley Talks calm so if we go to Turley talk calm you’ll see more information about Steve himself a little bit about his books and some videos and speaking engagements and so forth . The information regarding the resources referenced on today.&’s program can be found at UK the truth org. Now here to continue with today. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates from the knowing the truth….. Click here to read more and watch the full video