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Today The White House Is A Second Round

of direct payments to Americans. Texas is reopening like it or not and a new source goes public to corroborate the sexual assault claims against Joe Biden. We’ve got a lot to get into and it starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters. I’m Sarah Gonzalez today joined in studio once again by Chad Pray, their host of the Chad Pray their show on Billy’s UK or wherever you get your podcast thanks for being back Mr. Denham I’m so nervous to be here are you yeah that’s kind of weird because you were just here yesterday well I just I don’t know I just wanted a different emotion today that’s what it’s gonna be all right also joined remotely We have Elijah Schafer host of slightly offensive which you can also find on Blais UK and Elijah.

Im Im Kind Of Jealous Because I See

there but is that a water bottle that you have with your branding on it yeah It is so I mean I’m probably not supposed to say this online, but some of the folks at Yeti really like my show and they sent me like some some stuff like this. They sent me a whole box and you know it’s like there was only five items, but if it’s Yeti, then you know that was about $10,000 worth I am super jealous right now that yetis like top top of the line so that’s impressive. I wish somebody liked my that is Chad One day. I’m not gonna do what I like it does Oh Elijah gets beat up on his show and I’m not a fan of that at all it’s true and we are I promise we are gonna get. into the news but my favorite thing about about Elijah’s show and he does all of this man.

-On-The-Street Stuff Hes Going Out There Into You

know the crowds of antiphon where you don’t want to be and he’s always wearing blaze media like branding and I’m like why are you wearing that and he’s like it’s part of my contract up with you can bring that one up with with Gaston or Tyler. It said it goes whenever you’re out on the street or you’re out there you have to be wearing our branded apparel and I and it’s kind of ironic because the blaze logo has the circle and it’s a it’s like over my heart and it’s just a straight target right here I’m just saying attack attack me right, Oh man well we appreciate you doing the work on the front lines there. Elijah let’s get Into today’s news a White House economic adviser said Today that the Trump administration is quote studying very carefully whether to provide another round of stimulus checks already feel like some of us haven’t even received the first one yet beyond the one-time $1,200 direct payment, which could be part of the phase four deal now. If you will recall we’ve. We’ve talked about the original plan and then they moved up to graduated to I believe the last one was the 3.

5 Plan That They Were Talking About

now We’re talking about a phase four deal and you know they’re they’re studying at Chad Can we really afford. I mean I got it when you shut the country down, you’ve got to give Americans something in turn because you can’t tell them. We’re not going to allow you to work. Oh and we’re also not going to give you. compensation in exchange for that but how much can we really afford more to be spending on all of these stimulus shocks.

Its An Interesting Question That You

posed. They’re not put it another way for the longest time. During these democratic debates, people were wanting to have universal Medicare or have a universal healthcare system that was implemented in place. We can’t pay for this stimulus. How are we going to provide everybody’s health insurance.

This Is Where You Start To

see one aspect of the reality of this situation. Money doesn’t grow on trees. We can’t just keep printing it that’s not what is going to happen and to the other side of the point to your point $1,200. You’re just not gonna live very long on $1,200, but it is interesting to find that there are people out there reports are now coming back that people are. buying some very novelty items with their stimulus check and some people are actually making money in this shutdown more so than they would make if they were going back to work.

This Is Creating A Lot Of Problems

for in on a lot of different levels. Yeah Alijah know what are your thoughts well like you were just saying where they had stimulus package 3. 5. Sometimes I feel like the government talks about money like a four-year-old talks about their birthday you know on the poor. I’m 4.

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5 And Then Im 5 And The Government Just

continues to to address the situation in a way that I think confuses both parties because just a moment ago we were talking about the populace and taking back the government from the swamp and then all of a sudden you have these Marco Rubio, Big government Republicans promoting the stimulus package and. Why I think we’re so confused is because this seems like it might be one of the first times in recent history where the government intentionally sabotaged their own country and so at this point you’re going We’ve gone through depressions. We’ve gone through recessions. We have gone through war related shortages, but I don’t remember any time in recent history. The government said Oh we’re doing the best we’ve ever done in history now’s the time to destroy it’s like my marriage is so good now.

Im About To Know Im About To Go

to have an affair. It’s like why now and I don’t know if money is gonna fix a problem like it’s the people are offering a solution are the same people who caused the problem. I’m beginning to not really trust. They know what they’re doing here. I have that same feeling Elijah is a.

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Great Analogy I Feel Like Im

sitting here looking at the government going why don’t you love me anymore, what if I done well. I’m giving you this okay, but I feel used. I feel like I’m taking the sweaty cash off the nightstand and swimming you know just kind of slinking out of the room ashamed and you know and the government lays there in the bed smoking a cigarette like yeah. We got we took care of them. They’re paid off now it really you feel used in a situation that I could be bought off for a couple of surplus checks or you know stimulus checks in that way.

Yeah Speaking Of That Apparently, According To

new polling, about 72 percent of Americans say that they will hit their breaking point if the nationwide lockdown continues into the summer months so Americans this is according to Newsweek. Americans are like yeah we’re done when it comes to whether or not we might get coronavirus or whether or not we might have a mental breakdown. We’re gonna go with the mental breakdown if we don’t get out of here and start living normal life again. It’s interesting because when you look at at the beginning of this thing. I think there were a lot of Americans who said okay we’re willing to take one for the team.

Were Willing To You Know Stay Indoors

for a limited amount of time to let you guys figure this out to flatten the curve to do all these things and I think it’s extended long past the time that Americans thought that they would be still staying indoors and apparently the majority of them are done. They’re like we’re done we’re going to lose our ever loving minds you’re welcome edit. For censoring myself so you didn’t have to Elijah, What are your thoughts on that well. One study I saw recently said that alcohol sales were up about two hundred seventy-two percent overall, including deliveries so I’m not the Surgeon General of the United States, but I can’t imagine that that increased consumption of alcohol is doing any good for our livers or our blood in general and that being said I’ve been in it. I know it sounds funny, but we have to really look at the long-term effects here with people losing their jobs with people not being able to go outdoors with people.

You Know Not Be Able To Go

to like a a group sort of church things that really help them the gym. I mean I honestly believe that people are not as stable as we like to pretend and I am very nervous. of all these anti-school shooters that are out there, Oh! We got to stop school shootings. I’m glad the school shootings have stopped in the meantime because nobody’s at school, but if you if you want to. If you want to pretend that you’re 400 mental health a few months ago and I really care about the state of people and we’ve got to you know make sure that our country’s healthy and all these programs that are coming out by the government, especially even here in California and then you tell people by the way based off of insufficient data shaky models and inaccurate experts.

Were Gonna Require You To Put Your Entire

life on hold. I don’t think people are gonna take it much longer and if people started a revolution over increased prices on tea. I mean I think this is a little bit more serious. Yeah Chad there’s three things. We know about this.

We Know That It Is Real.

We know that it is highly infectious and we know that the mortality rate on it is not what they thought it would be okay. We know who it attacks. We know for the most part to a ninety-nine point some odd degree. Who is who suffers from this who dies from this thing at some point in time we had the poll.

You Had The Poll On This Show

last Friday that said how long will you take this a day a week a month a year and a lot of people said a day a four a day because you didn’t have no days on there that wasn’t an option. It’s not an option for me. I just had no days because I’m not susceptible to that I know who in my. family and in my immediate life is and we will take those precautions because we’re responsible of Americans. We know how to handle our Liberty.

I Dont Need The Government To Tell

me how to protect my own family from this so I will make sure that my mother-in-law that my mother that they are quarantined there in their place and we keep our distance from them we protect them but to shut down the rest of the world and and to punish the healthy over this thing is ludicrous so you know to that say we we know enough about this right now Cuz the lodge is right that the sketchy models that we had the models didn’t prove anything because the models were based on anything foundational, but now we’re starting to know some things and the numbers that are coming back by medical professionals are proving the. got to open this thing back up, but you’ve got to open it back up. Responsibly Yeah that’s the thing. Liberty requires responsibility and it does I’m out.

You Want To Talk About It.

Elijah I told you before we started. I’ve gained 13.


The White House is a second round of direct payments to Americans . Texas is reopening like it or not and a new source goes public to corroborate the sexual assault claims against Joe Biden . Sarah Gonzalez is joined in studio by Chad Pray, the host of the Chadpray their show on Billy’s UK or wherever you get your podcast thanks for being back Mr. Pray . Also joined remotely by Elijah Schafer host of slightly offensive which you can also find on Blais UK and Elijah. Schafer also joined by Denham Denham and Elijah Schafer on their remote remote show Blais and Elijah’s UK show . Denham: “I’m so nervous to be here are you yeah that’s kind of weird because you were just here yesterday well I just wanted a different emotion today that’s what it’s gonna be all right that’s going to be allright. I’m not a fan of that at all it’s true and we are gonna get into the news”…. Click here to read more and watch the full video