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Some While Ago I Made A Video About Sterling

engines, and it was surprisingly successful and it might be a good idea if you make sure that you’ve seen that video because in that I explain how sterling engines actually work something I don’t want to repeat in this the follow-up video on sterling engines, which has been sponsored by the Great courses plus so be warned There’s an advert coming now in my earlier video. I made a number of predictions and statements and I’ve been following up on those and one of the things I talked about was how this disturbing engine might be part of the future of energy production worldwide, and it seems that already baby steps are being taken in that direction. My attention has been drawn for instance to the work of Swedish Sterling, a company which was part of the development team that. up with the sterling engines that ingeniously powered Swedish naval submarines through the Baltic and in one extremely successful military exercise. They showed that they could have I mean they didn’t actually it was an exercise, but they got themselves into a position to sink a very large amount of American naval shipping and the American Navy was apparently quite alarmed by this and demanded that they be told all about this technology that had just in theory at least defeated them and much the annoyance of a lot of Swedes and I do sympathize because if you’ve just developed a bit of ingenious military technology.

Perhaps You You Do Want To Keep

it to yourself that’s quite understandable. This technology was then shared with the demanding Americans , but anyway. The same company Swedish Sterling has now branched out into more um mainstream uses of the sterling engine in. power production um at the moment what they’ve come up with is something that fits into one container, So you can ship it around in a container ship stick it onto one lorry and get it into position fairly easily and in that container. There are 14 large sterling engines which run off the heat produced by waste gases from some other industry.

So If Youve Got Some Big Oil Refinery

or something like that that has a lot of waste gases that were once just burned off to no effect that those could be used to run these sterling engines and they reckon that one of these units should last if properly maintained about 25 years and pay for itself in about five years five years might seem like quite a long time and indeed, I suppose a fair while to get your money back but on the other. hand nuclear power stations which are stupendously efficient when they are running at full tilt . They do cost an awful lot of money to build in the first place and an awful lot of money to dismantle safely afterwards, which is something they call decommissioning and so to pay for themselves Overall. They do actually have to be run for really quite a considerable time to a standard decent chance of pulling that feet off so perhaps viewed in that context. Five years really isn’t so bad.

Theres Another Swedish Company Which Has Decided To

call itself Azelio for a reason presumably and it is also trying to enhance small-ish scale energy production in far-off places and they are particularly trying to increase the efficiency of solar power. Now there’s a big. There are quite a few problems with solar power . One, for instance, is illustrated by. Here um now you’ll see that the hours of the day are illustrated along the bottom going up to 24 there and then when dawn breaks and the sun starts shining.

You Start Producing Electricity And Then It

peaks and my goodness what a peak and then it tails off again and that’s a lot so solar power is it’s pretty impressive in the middle of the day, but the rest of the time you’re not getting well any um and here Unfortunately is the demand curve. This is what they say is a typical demand curve. I have to say I suspect that that’s a typical demand curve for Sweden because you’ll notice there’s quite a lot of energy demand in the middle of the night and in the cold winter nights of Sweden. Yes you do need quite a lot of heating to stop everything from freezing. But I suspect that in the heat of Abu Dhabi or Morocco where they’re also training this technology people are frankly just glad of the relief a bit of cool during the night , but anyway the point is still the same if you want in Abu Dhabi to play computer games at 10 o’clock at night.

You Want Some Electricity And Solar

power isn’t going to help you there not on its own not without some means of storing that solar power so what they’ve come up with is a system that uses sterling engines but before. We get to the sterling engine Let’s talk about the way they store the heat. They do this with massive lumps of aluminium, which they then melt that might not seem the most obvious way to store energy but um listen up you see there’s something called the latent heat of fusion. now when you heat up a solid. Eventually it gets so hot that it starts to melt and it it changes state on the Azalea website.

They Talk About Phase Shift, Which

is a a term which i associate with wave forms and not nothing to do with the latent heat of fusion. But when I was at school. We would have called this a change of state so the states being solid liquid and gas and when you get to the borderline where one thing changes into another. You get a change of state and the borderline between solid and liquid involves the latent heat of fusion. So you’ve got this big lump of aluminium, and why do they use aluminium well.

Its An Awful Lot Cheaper Than Gold.

It melts at a fairly convenient temperature. It melts at about 660 degrees centigrade, which is not all that hot, whereas you have to get iron all the way up to 1538 degrees centigrade before it will oblige you by melting um and even when you get it to that high temperature. It has a lower latent heat of fusion. You get about 270 000 joules per kilogram out of iron, whereas you’ll get 390 000 out of aluminium.

So Aluminium Is Just Better For

this okay so that’s why they use aluminium. So you’ve got this big solid lamp of aluminium and you start using electrical energy that is generated by solar power during the day to melt it and so it gets hotter and hotter and harder. You put your hand on it a bit colder first and then look a little bit warm that ends up right it’s really quite hot now and it heats up and heats up and heats up until it’s almost but not quite a melting temperature and then to go that little bit extra takes a huge amount more energy. The energy is not going into heating it up. It’s going into changing its state and for aluminium.

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It Takes Quite A Lot Of Energy

to change from a solid into a liquid and so it stays at roughly the same temperature for quite some while and then it melts and only when it’s all molten. Then when you put in more energy, then the liquid starts raising in rising in temperature. So why is that good then that sounds like an inefficiency well. Yes it’s an inefficiency to heat it up and get it malt in the first place, but it’s an efficiency when you think this is about storing energy because it works both ways. So once you’ve got it molten, then it’ll cool down to almost but not quite freezing temperature solidifying temperature temperature for fusion and then it’ll stay there for quite some while because it has to cool down an awful lot well.

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000 joules per kilo before it will start to solidify. So it’s actually a very good way of storing energy long term so what you do is you melt your aluminium during the day and then during the night on demand. Someone in Abu Dhabi decides he wants to play computer games. He switches on his computer and the grid somehow senses this demand and sends word to this setup and some of the heat is moved from your molten aluminium to the sterling engine drives the sterling engine, which then generates the electricity so that that person in Abu Dhabi can play his computer game.

Im Not Entirely Certain How The Heat

is transferred from one box to the other. I suspect they don’t pump molten aluminium across to the sterling engine. I suspect they probably pump very hot water that’s heated by the multi-mountain emitting but anyway. They get the heat from the molten aluminium to the sterling engine electricity through the night and this is apparently quite a successful system. It’s been trialled at the moment it’s not it’s not not mainstream by any means yet but the company itself in its press releases and conference publicity and therefore you should take these figures perhaps a little bit of skepticism claims that it can produce one megawatt hour for just 93 euros, whereas to put that in perspective it’s about 225 euros for diesel and about 135 for storing taking electricity out of storage in battery form.

There Are Other Problems With Battery I

mean mentally batteries are coming on in leaps and bounds. For the last 20 years batteries have got way better than they used to be, but they are possibly approaching their limits and if you want to charge up a battery. over a six-hour period and then discharge it unevenly over the next 18 and then repeat that over and over it’s not actually the most efficient way to use a battery and all the the greatest way to get the most battery life and batteries are still expensive, so there are problems with batteries so one partial solution might be this sort of system when they tried it in California. They claim they got um the energy 53 cheaper and 83 whatever that means cleaner you see sterling engines as I mentioned in my earlier video have no emissions. They don’t give off any exhaust fumes themselves and they’re quiet so they’re sort of clean now um a couple of years ago.

Now The Pandemic Has Somewhat Distorted

my appreciation of time, but it was a couple of years ago. I was invited up to Glasgow University to give. a speech and while I was up there I went to the Huntarian Museum, which I would definitely recommend by the way if you find yourself in Glasgow anywhere near the university get yourself to the Hunteran Museum. It’s got loads of really good exhibitions and one entire wing devoted to science and they have a lot of the original measuring devices built by famous people.

Youve Heard Of Like Marconi And Kelvin

and of course Robert Sterling the inventor of the sterling engine, and they’ve got one of Robert Sterling‘s own sterling engines now how many sterling engines do you think Robin Sorry Robert, possibly with the help of his brother James built the answer is two and they’ve got the mark Ii. It seems that he he built them by the way he built. He built the Mark Ii in 1816.


I made a video about Sterling engines, and it was surprisingly successful and it might be a good idea if you make sure that you’ve seen that video because in that I explain how sterling engines actually work . The same company Swedish Sterling has now branched out into more mainstream uses of the sterling engine in.& power production . So you can ship it around in a container ship stick it onto one lorry and get it into position fairly easily and in that container. There’s an advert coming now in my earlier video. The video has been sponsored by the Great courses plus so be warned . There are 14 large sterling engines whic. There are . 14 large engines which can be fitted into one container, so you can . fit into one . container, So you . can . ship it into a container, stick it on a lorry. and get into that container . The video is available to buy in. and it’s available to purchase in the UK for £20,000…. Click here to read more and watch the full video