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RK outpost and we just got confirmation of something that we thought had been in the works for a while, but it was just officially confirmed if you are a fan of the Batman Arkham Games, you have been waiting for what is next in this franchise well, along with a soft reboot that’s expected for the Arkham series, along with that is this game that has been in development. We finally got confirmation suicide squad right here. This is from the suicide squad game account, a brand new account and they put out this tweet target locked Dc Fandom August 22nd suicide squad game. Now we had heard rumors about this for a while we had heard rumors that a new game would be revealed at DC Fandom. Hopefully we’ll get two reveals at DC Fandom, but right here they put.

This Very Simple You Have Superman

with a suicide squad that looks like a crosshair on his head. This lines up with rumors that we have heard about what a potential suicide squad game could be about which is very exciting. I know me personally. I do love the Arkham games. I’ve been waiting for the next thing.

Its And Were Going To Talk A

little bit about it here so if you don’t want to be spoiled for anything we’re not going to go anything too specific. However, we are going to talk about the rumors that are out there about both this game suicide squad and a potential new batman game so we’re getting into that right now just be warned now a couple months ago we heard this rocksteady’s suicide squad killed the Justice League leaked online what does this mean it was it’s the headline is. a little bit bigger than the actual information but the actual information is people over on reset era did some digging and found some domains that had been registered to Warner Brothers. You can see suicidesquadgame. com was registered on the 20th of or Sorry on the 16th of June 2020.

They Also Found That Gotham Knights Gotham Knights.

The name of the new suspected Batman game has also been registered by Warner brothers on the 19th and another suicide squad killed the Justice League was also registered so suicide squad game suicide squad killed the Justice League that obviously got people talking a lot about the plot and like I said this came out June 22nd. It was everywhere basically everyone thought that this is what’s gonna happen but we haven’t had any confirmation from the studios until today with this big announcement because as you can see suicide squad. Crosshair over the head of Superman, What else could that really mean other than the suicide squad is going to be hunting the Justice League and we do have some information on that as well take a look here Now. This was posted today if suicide squad game is real, then this leak is real this day is too good to be true now.

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This Was Something That Happened A Few Days

ago that was supposed to be about all. The game reveals that will be at DC Fandom again take it with a grain of salt. I gotta give a shout out to tugs that tug life for sending me. This tweet. So I had this information in front of me.

Theres A Couple Things Here.

They talk about a new mobile Harry Potter card game. I don’t know if we’re gonna get these reveals at DC fandom I guess we could but it’s mostly DC content not so much You know Warner brothers in general, but they also are talking about the Harry Potter RPG game that has been in development for a long time could be revealed they’re talking about new mortal Kombat reveals as well one including potentially Harley Quinn. Here are the things we are interested in first of all Batman gotham Knights like we talked about by Warner brothers. Montreal Soft reboot of the Arkham franchise.

The Menacing Talent And Court Of Owls

manipulate several factions into taking out the Bat family play as Batman with Robin Nightwing and Batgirl unlockable for Sidequest and Free Roam launching November 2020 that would be very soon on basically current gen and next Gen Tech We’re not that far away from November We’ll be. about three months away from that release date at the time of that announcement, so that does seem like a pretty pretty soon to reveal that or pretty late to reveal that if you’re going to release in November, but then suicide squad kills the Justice League by Rocksteady Studios. Here is what they say. The plot of this game will include Amanda Waller goes to war with the Justice League when Batman attempts to shut her down over the creation of Project Cadmus. Playable characters include Deadshot, Harley, Quinn, El Diablo, Captain Boomerang, King, Shark, Cheetah and Enchantress set in the same universe as Gotham Knights set for Fall 2021 for Xbox series X Ps5 and the PC again.

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These Are Just Rumors That Are Out There

so take it with a grain of salt but again like I said this poster does really go to make me think. that that is going to be the case that is going to be based on suicide squad having to hunt down the Justice League. There was another tweet floating around there that mentioned something about boss fights in the game, including the Flash Batman and Superman Now. If you can play as all these characters from the Justice League is it going to be you know or sorry from the suicide squad is it going to be ironically kind of similar to what we’re seeing with the avengers game that’s coming out which has been much maligned, but there you obviously run around with several heroes and you know potentially the ability to switch between them is that what we’re gonna see from this suicide squad game as well. I guess we’ll have to wait till DC fandom for it to be officially announced, but I can tell you there’s.

A Lot Of People Incredibly Excited

about this and I’m one of them both for Gotham Knights and for a suicide squad game especially listen. No everybody gets tired of being the good guy right. Sometimes you just want to be the villain. So I think a lot of people would be down with being the suicide squad hunting down members of the Justice League um so I’m looking forward to it looking for a DC fandom for so many reasons. Obviously we’re gonna get more information on Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which is going to be pretty awesome as well as every other project going on at DC right now.

What Do You Guys Think About This Do

you think those rumors that people are talking about about the plot about you know hunting down the Justice League. Those playable characters do you put any validity to that especially. Now that this poster has been revealed that this game art has been revealed. Let me know what you think about all this In the comments below make sure you smash the like button subscribe to the channel ring the bell for notifications share this video out there and I’ll talk to you later thanks for watching everyone and a huge shout out to my patrons.

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RK outpost has confirmed that a new Batman Arkham game has been in development . The name of the new suspected Batman game has been confirmed as suicide squad . Warner Brothers domains that had been registered to Warner Brothers registered to suicide were registered on the 20th of or Sorry on the 16th of June 2020. They also found that gotham Knights Gotham was registered in May 2020. Suicide Squad is the name of a possible new Batman game. The name has not yet been released. The game is expected to be announced at DC Fandom on August 22. The latest in the Batman Arkham Games series is a soft reboot that’s expected for the Arkham series, along with that is a game that has been developed in development. The series is set to be released later this year. The games are expected to launch in September 2015. The Arkham games are set to launch on September 28. The first of the Arkham Arkham Arkham games. The last of the series is…. Click here to read more and watch the full video