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Hey Everyone Superman Has Been Reportedly Recast

by the Warner Brothers Studio with Henry Cavill no longer attached to the role and rumors just rumors that Michael B Jordan, who played kill Monger. Of course in Black Panther might just be in talks to take over the role of Kal-el look at UK trying to stay relevant for all the wrong reasons well welcome to New York starts news this our deep dive into all the biggest stories this week, so we’re also going to talk about this new daredevil. Season 3 trailer plans for an all-female Avengers and Marvel Phase 4 question Mark Venom and more I’m Erik Bosse we made this table our Maude Garrett and Philip Malina Hi Eric hi everyone it’s so good to be back. Yo shed is like a holiday mm-hmm I feel like I’m still on holiday I’m just gonna stretch this out. Year round it’s after Labor Day, though so the mobs are waiting for me outside and in the comments section Yeah Yeah, but I could show you those it’s a sin all right.

Lets Start With Our Top Story

explaining this craziness with Superman and Henry Cavill and here’s what happened. Warner Brothers was negotiating with Cavil Steen to get him to cameo as Superman in the upcoming Shazam movie, which is set to come out in April, but talks broke down perhaps because the studio won’t commit to another standalone superhero Superman movie after Justice League performed below expectations and general the studio sounds like they’re you know hitting the reset button on some of the previous UK plans. So now. The reports are that Cavil is officially parting ways from the role of Superman and Cavil actually was just announced to star in the upcoming Netflix series The. Witcher meanwhile, it sounds like Warner is shifting to their focus to a Supergirl movie which would be an origin story featuring her as a teenager and that would make Clark Kent in this timeline, still an infant that’s the problem with community to another adults Cavil Superman movie.

It Was Also Reported That The Studio Is

considering a completely different shift and direction for the character. Maybe even considering Michael B Jordan in the role down the road at least maybe not in an upcoming movie just he might be among a lot of people that they’re looking at to me. The most confusing part of this story was that Instagram video that Henry Cavill posted. I think we have it here let’s let’s roll it and take a look mm-hmm I get that as much as I get most Instagram stories the fair yeah She commented on this. I saw it and I was like what are you playing at Mr.


Supes and I can’t it be like what does it mean no response Even after all those ins well. I I mean, I don’t know how much of a breakdown We can really do of this. He is wearing a Krypton lifting team shirt and yeah. I can and the the lip is real here the chin lifts there’s.

I Guess Hes Holding Like A Superman

toy from Justice League there to me maybe he’s like trolling all of us saying like regardless of what the barking the media is doing. I’m still Superman, but you know that’s kind of a pretty good poker face there I can’t. He also loves his dog, whose dog bear Oh yeah, but I think it’s just a guy who is just like let me play a song Don’t care which. One and then hold up a thing and maybe I think he like didn’t mean anything assuming people like us would go digging into it. Don’t try to find me mean problem when you go vague like this like some of the ideas that people are bringing from this.

Its Just A Little Bit Ridiculous And Its

like they’re they’re reading into it. This thing you know it’s like he’s trolling us all which I don’t even know if he would do that I don’t understand it’s not sophisticated enough to be a troll Technically. I would say it’s quick, though obviously there’s a crypto movie coming that’s why the dogs barking it’s a super dog super yeah man script something yeah I don’t know I guess my question is would we even be in the scenario if Warner Brothers just gave us a true sequel to Man of Steel. As opposed to having to immediately force them into UK and then Justice League I mean alternate realities right something we could easily say like no we wouldn’t because now he’d be further cemented as Man of Steel, but what if it was like one movie deeper in the hole that they feel they’ve built and I know that right now they’re trying to pretend that like the previous movies are like we’re not married to those movies kind of trying to rewrite history already so one movie deeper could have been a problem actually sir and much harder thing that they just need to reboot from unless it had been Wonder Woman. You know I mean and then it’s game changing it’s like this guy was gonna play Superman until he’s 80 Yeah I Don’t I don’t know they would have solved it.

You Know Steve Trevor Was The Big Part

of Wonder Woman and those two in their chemistry was amazing but Yeah I would much rather sort of see a pairing instead of this whole group ensemble that would keep getting from UK which is rushed in you’re not fleshing out these characters enough. I’m loved Amy Adams as an actor I just don’t love her as yeah and I would I would actually prefer to see Superman and Wonder Woman team-up I think those two together well so in yen. The new 52 like that’s a real hot relationship. Buffy and Spike kind of Yeah except for there’s one really awkward, but aside from that when two super-powered people. It it’s kind of like the dream I was like Jessica, Jones and Luke 8.

I Like My Parents.

I think being so hard and you know not even going with Superman anymore that’s disgusting rather okay, but going into Antonio was made house was destroyed my conception like it’s just one house going. Supergirl is a bit risky. Now. I think that pivoting Superman’s character and casting someone like Michael B Jordan is a huge it’s like really refreshing.

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Its Something Thats New And Exciting.

I know that it was a Nicholas Scott. I think was an artist who did already kind of played around with finger science and in any designs. Oh looks great I just heard on Twitter today there was like an image where someone was like yeah We’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I was like I love it It looks. really sick and you know I feel like with Spider-man we had Miles Morales it’s not it’s not Peter Parker.

Its A Completely Different Character, But

it’s the same superhero in a way that’s all in the same spot. So you’re saying that you would essentially like what I do and not be Clark Kent yeah Superman yeah Yeah yeah that’d be that’d be one way. This is going completely like you said they were going fresh clean. They’re cleaning the slate that could be a way to do it Yeah so the elephant in the room right is like mod stress matches our nearest colors way too well. No it’s the dress right.

No So Is Is The The Race

change right and I just want to acknowledge that like we’re not blind to it and that I even personally I had a like status check when I heard. and I was like H and it took about 30 seconds. So I was like okay. You know any words. It was like for a second and honestly.

When I When I Was Going H.

It wasn’t even so much race. It was also like isn’t. He like not that tall and a little like skinny and it’s you know what I mean like it was like kind of like a visual check in and then I was like well he beefed up. Actually I don’t really see the difference like I don’t I mean and I’m gonna get eaten alive by some people about it.

But I Dont Know Its Like

if it’s been around for 75 years and Superman he’s white at the end of the day. He’s an alien as well. So it’s right here that he is white like a Kansas or something like like honestly. What what about his appearance is tied to being a white dude with a black girl? I mean we’ve seen it before already with Hawaii in the stage play. She’s right back that is the creator UK Rowling choosing to recast the characters black me probably honestly in retrospect remembering like hey you know now that I think about it yeah I I like Michael B Jordan a lot I don’t know if just looking purely at his acting style.

I Dont Really See A Kal-El Just

in because he just brings so much emotion like I loved the way he played kill Monger and there was so much like but that could be such so depression right like that American Teenager or American alien thing where it’s like a version of Clark Kent that is emotional and intense and kind of is like you know what Tom Welling that’s. issue right so with Smallville Tom Welling tried to play an angsty Superman, but they had to cast someone that looked like this guy Yeah and you know those people that was putting appearance before acting chops and no offense. The guy I liked him but there was no nuance. He just bit you know and then like laser beams that would be heat beams, but that would be what would be the the emotion instead of like Michael B Jordan as kill Monger you kind of are like I think I agree with you and I’m sad for your death Yeah you were the bad guys the next notch on your body. We’re also seeing it with The Witcher and I think it’s kind of timely knowing that Henry Cavill is going to be playing Geralt of Rivia, but knowing that Ciri, who is an iconic character in the third game, it’s basically like almost which is adopted daughter again white hair white skin super leg Scandinavian because it’s all said in like the ancient Nordic times and they’re going to cast that well.

The Casting Went Out And Theyre

looking for beam. Which is I think black Asian or minority minority ethnic ethnicity, so they’re looking for someone who’s not why and again man the audience has just flipped out, but it’s like it’s a fictional character, we’ve only seen an iteration in a video game. It’s like what can we just think outside the white box yeah a white person no and if I could play Sierra I would do. It in a heartbeat so I think it’s it’s like and again. We’re gonna like like your comments are so on point already people disagreeing with us and like good for you, but for the people that do agree with us or are just curious about this other thing It does have to do with the overall suspension of disbelief is when you enter fiction.

You Kind Of Are In A

place now where it’s like I just want good storytelling and good character and I’ve never read a piece of fiction and thought MmM. I like this race you know unless a story was about exploration of race and ethnicity like I haven’t I haven’t really I pictured whoever like like I imagined when they say like it like a so you’re reading a book and it’s like the old professor gets in her way you might imagine a short old white man is balding and somebody else might imagine like a Morgan Freeman type like it’s just your imagination. It’s just fiction, but I also think that you know because we see the different diversity. We were constantly so used to seeing white characters and because these characters were made 75 years ago where there wasn’t much diversity as well. It’s like when.

Do We Take The Steps To Kind

of change that or do we honor what the original source was know that diversity wasn’t really a priority If it does not matter, especially then yeah I think if this kind of thing bothers you maybe just take a step back from yourself. If you’re capable of doing that understand that you’re just defaulting to white, which is what we’ve always just done because that’s what we’ve seen in media, but I be faulted to white my people can’t and call me that it white default is not it’s not a flaw that you have like by choice it’s it’s just you know it’s Dafoe’s yeah it’s just an exposure things like media has been white forever so it’s like yeah I default to why I even default white everyone kind of defaults away it’s like there’s no need to it’s not. necessary for the experience. I also understand that it’s like you know there are so many people that could play the white Superman like it. You know there are people out there.

Its Not That Theres No Other Choice

and that’s why we’re thinking outside the box. I understand that there are a number people that could do a really good job. As Superman as a Caucasian Superman I just I don’t know it’s it’s interesting just to marry those two together so heavily yeah There’s um and you know what Michael B Jordan was just one name in a deadline report. It doesn’t mean it’s the one person there considering right now. I think they just gave an example someone like we could also go in this direction.

They Said Like Theyre I Assume Theyre Huge

studio. They’re probably looking at like your army hammers and you’re Oscar Isaacs. And whoever else you imagine the part yeah and you know it’s what’s I think they’re even doing with that I think maybe there’s obviously there’s like a wink to the fact like Hey We’re even open to diverse casting for this, but I think actually the message being sent is like let’s we could reinvent this character a bit because here’s something that really freaking sucks for Henry Cavill, he’s really good Actually he’s a very mission impossible. He is my favorite character in his recent one reloading his arms yeah, but then also in Man From UK he’s like he’s really good to her. This guy’s charming he’s so when they haven’t placed Superman it’s not his choice to play it a bit wooden a bit muted whatever it’s their interpretation of that character.

So I Think Honestly Thats What Im More

excited about her reacting to is. Like Oh that would be like a completely different take on Superman that I’m excited about because it’s been a while since we have had a Superman who you know did not like getting shot in the eye. Brandon yeah Brandon rather it’s just like Melton is I want to well let us know what you think about Henry Cavill leaving do you think he how do you think his acting messed with the character of Superman and keep things civil when it comes to any other discussion of possible other supermen, but for now we actually want to share something with you that we’re very very excited about new rock stars is actually branching out to a whole new place where for the first time ever you’ll be able to watch something with us while we break it down this is called Scenar. It’s a chrome extension and you. know it’s really perfect for the type of in-depth commentary that we do here but you know rather than watching our like condensed retelling of movies and UK series here on UK scene er overlays our commentary on anything that you’re streaming as you watch it so you’re kind of just seeing it in real time and you don’t have to like interrupt your your watching we’re just kind of there with you pointing out stuff and you know it’s not just our commentary your commentary is involved with this to senior lets you give your take on the shows and movies that you love to watch by synching your reaction videos alongside what you’re watching in the same browser.

So With Scenar You Can Create Share

and watch video commentary synchronized with streaming shows movies and clips from Netflix, Hulu and UK and you Don’t have to worry about. issues like we do that legitimately cost us like a lot of money sometimes dealing with that yeah, and it prevents us from being able to do certain kinds of things Yeah Yeah! It’s amazing so here’s what you got to do just go to see Nerd Comm slash new rock stars on your desktop computer to watch with us so our new rock stars channel has a commentary breakdown that I did actually on Doctor Strange plus another one coming out pretty soon that I’m exciting on a very relevant one to conversation. Yeah and I just love all this because I get to like throw these nerdy details at you from up in the corner at the precise moment that happens exactly how I would want to watch these things that have this experience with you just right there with you Yeah very often like our analysis actually. has a lot to do with like at this point in the movie and you and I have experiences when we’re writing our breakdowns right at this point if you remember when you were watching it you’re feeling this like we’re like have to remind you of where you are in the movie and how you feel about it’s like what if as you’re feeling it’s like you feeling really tense right now that’s because listen of the music that’s happening right now you know like we’re have we’re having that experience with you, but then also we can have a whole other experience that we can have there where you actually just kind of like hang out with us while we watch something so I’m dropping pretty soon. A piece of commentary on Breaking Bad, which is one of my favorite pilots that’s ever happened and that pilot episode.

Is One Of The Best Designed Pilots

that you’ve ever seen and that is like even a new experience. It’s not even like a breakdown. We’ve done before it’s like hang out and watch it with me while I keep the death out on it and I just like every single thing. I’m like this is amazing because of this. This is amazing because of this so hopefully you have seen it before because I will be talking over that yeah I actually like the that I do because I know I watched a movie I’d never seen The Godfather Oh I was sitting like this the full-on like downtown cinema and everyone got dressed up and I went with my best friend Alicia Malone, who knows classic movies better than anyone, and she kept leaning over being like at this moment and she would tell me like this crucial.

About Behind The Scenes Or Something

about Marlon Brando or just something Yeah I was like this is so much better like it’s another layer about what’s happening that you know you’re learning while watching diggin and if you don’t want it it’s like go away Yeah if you want it come back and turn it off it easily. Yeah and so Phillip and I are on there currently Sam’s and UK flash breakdown that should be up there so yeah again check out our channel scenar. It’s time to make a scene and if you love what we do here you’re just gonna want to download that scene or plugin. It’s super easy to do. I just it’s a great way to on the Chrome store specifically right now other place too soon, but we can’t talks about it by the way I’ve been working on this a lot.

And I Like Just Have To

say that baby I’ve been consulting with this like crazy because it’s like I was like this is exactly what we need. So I mean you guys know it’s really important to me personally Yeah let’s go check it out and for now let’s move on to this week’s trivia question okay so you guys know the stakes stakes stakes Yeah Haha baby takes okay so in a man of steel keeping things Superman related here in the movie Man of Steel, what was the name of the Kent family dog All right. All of our answers are here in the the bucket now later in the show. These names got a we went to the dollar store for everything on this set Yeah we’ll reveal the answer to the question the closest as decided by a judge will do or sign off goodbyes. At the end of the video, meanwhile, the loser will have to partake in our relatively new trivia punishment and it will have to be inducted into the gif of Shame of which I think we’re all members so oh the gif of shame the ghetto Yeah Cuz You chose to be another last time I love lucky inflatable flailing I’m cheap men okay in other news this week, we got a teaser for daredevil Season 3 Now it’s just a little awesome clip with Matt Murdock in a church confessional booth.

He Looks All Bloodied Up Like Hes

just been a fight and he wears his black Season 1 vigilante clothes and he says I’d rather die as a devil than live as Matt Murdock how did that make you feel saying that I can do better than that I’ll tell you where you can see me do impressions. Superheroes at the end of the video anyway season. This season will drop most likely sometime before the end of 2018. We don’t have a date yet, but they said hopefully before December and here’s what we know about the story. We know that the defenders were ended with the image of Matt Murdock waking up and recovery somehow he survived a building falling on him and that shot actually may be familiar to some of you comic book readers.

It Was Taken Directly From The Born-Again Daredevil

comics by Frank Miller and Charlie Cox has said that season 3 will be largely influenced by born-again just not a page to page adaptation. He also teased that there would be another Hallway fight one of the people that choreographs those recently and I was just like man when yet and like every single like little thing I could do he’s. That was Bill Yeah he like had it in his head Still Oh man I was so impressed yeah, That was it Caudill Oh God just kind of improvised In that moment someone’s in the sound booth just punching a watermelon because that was just squishy and yeah there’s a lot of texture in that sound well and just in case those of you who haven’t read born again want to know what it is it’s it’s just kind of known as like one of the best comic book storylines for Daredevil. It’s very dark and involves Kingpin realizing Daredevils identity and like destroyed his life. Ville becomes homeless and kind of crazy and there’s a lot of like Christian symbolism going on and there’s a lot of artwork kind of depicts him as a Christ figure, but a couple implications I want to talk about one is this one.

Of The Big Villains That Kingpin Unleashes

on Hell’s Kitchen is Nuke and Nuke has kind of been introduced through Jessica Jones through Will Simpson. These Frank Simpson in the comics, but so he might come back but to me the more interesting idea is this idea will this be affected by the snap. Will we see the world of Hell’s Kitchen affected by the dusting and maybe that’s why Matt Murdock is another ejected states Heart No I don’t think they’re going they’re not crossing that stream just yet, but I do think the fact that you know with the born-again. If he’s in that one line where it was just like I would rather die as daredevil than live you know as in his human life, is that’s if that’s taken away from him. You know his identity is learned by Kingpin and that makes absolute sense yeah.

The Comic Yeah I Think Thats Why Its

so dark.NK] also agree that it’s probably not post-snap because here’s my day I eat my guess for in general, how Netflix decide to handle it is let’s make all of our heroes have a concurrent story that’s taking place right before infinity war, so you know the new season of Jessica Jones sort of her like the lady. All the latest seasons are actually agent they’re not running consecutively they’re running concurrently. You just remember a run. I think it’s in Manhattan that giant aliens that have the cutting machine like that has to show up shortly like Yeah Yeah, which it is there currently.

If You Go To Disney World I

believe right like you it’s in the news thing whatever Oh yeah the daily Yeah, exactly so that’s where Disney World currently is out on the timeline. Timeline Yeah Agents of Shield definitely seems concurrent with this app right because the finale of the most recent season they deal with until the moment the snap itself does not happen Yeah It’s like they do deal with Daniels coming Yeah I agree with you Philip I could see that the dusting may not happen yet it’s just little too soon. I’m also trying to think like when they would have to have shot this because they kept that pretty under secret like what would happen and I don’t think they would have let that spread. They’re pretty separate the people who produce the UK series or so that people produce some movies so I don’t think there would be a lot of swapping and notes enough to be like okay. We’re gonna work in the snap, but do we think that that will ever address it in these.

Shows Because Theyre Pretty Separate Soxs I Think

no especially in the Marvel UK shows the only thing you really get is like you know a kid dresses Captain America, you know those tiny little inserts that Don’t really affect anything at all it’s just reminding and acknowledging that the heroes do exist in that world. It seems like they’ve been given permission to mention the Battle of New York from Avengers, but like that was like six years ago, Why are they bigger events of Henson. I also think that they probably weren’t sure where they wanted to draw that line and so you know Initially there actually were a few more references to the green guy like that but then it feels like they’ve liked since backtracked on that I wonder if part of it had to do with the idea that Disney was like we’re gonna launch. our own streaming service, how much do we want Netflix this stuff to be essential viewing in order for you to have a complete experience of the UK Yeah I mean it’s frustrating because it’s like well. Then why are you doing it in the same universe If you’re not gonna take advantage of that Yeah It’s I’m like one foot in one foot out what’s like X-men a little bit Oh it’s like okay.

So Its All Marvel, But These Characters Can

never meet and it’s like they’re not really gonna interact it’s like you take away. What is the best value in trade of the Marvel. Universe is that these characters could meet and team up and like form new relationships or with twelve characters and let’s talk about the future of the Marvel. Cinematic Universe always always we have a first look at Captain Marvel last week. We know that she will play a decisive role in the showdown against Thanos and Oven for and Marvel Head.

Kevin Feige Revealed That The Studio Has Many

movies actually in the near future that will be female lead, so that female superhero movies hopefully will no longer be like a novelty. They’ll actually just be the norm and people will be able to look past you know their gender it’s like white default right it’s also a man default. One of the reasons why and this I’ll throw a bone real quick start interrupt date. I’ll throw a bone real quick to the people that are often talking about like like women complaining about about their portrayal where I actually I had a click moment recently where I was watching Upgrade, which is amazing actually and I would give that my shout out upgrades a really cool movie but it opens with a classic like Oh No a woman got hurt and now the man has to do something about it and it was one of the first times I was like man. I feel that that actually felt a little old and Ike stale when I saw that moment and then I realized no from a writing perspective.

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Its Not That Shes A Woman That Needs

to get hurt. It’s that you want your main character to suffer. Their worst possible loss the thing that they love the most and and there’s nothing wrong with saying romantic relationships are the most important thing in many people’s lives or their children, but even even sometimes say not even that and so that you take away who they love the most. It often happens to be a woman, but that’s where the problem is right. Cuz of man default every every hero is a man.

Every Story Has A Lead Man.

No it’s called a super hero not a super heroine right exactly people treat it that way right so it’s like so I’m the reason I’m saying I was throwing a bone is like I don’t actually agree where it’s like when women are like Oh. Once again, the woman gets hurt because men love to torture women It’s like no It’s actually a writing thing but on the other side, I’m like but we need more female leads than be the stars of things Yeah, For sure what kind of a female lead movies could been referring to specifically well who’s been mention of course Captain Marvel has her movie coming out in March and remember there is a black widow movie in development. Most recently with Kate Shortland announced as a director besides that Feige has hinted at a possible Miss Marvel Kamala Khan movie she would be the first Muslim superhero on the big screen. I’m also gotten clues that Karen Gillan and Nebula and Karen Gillan from Karen Gillan, the actually saying that Nebula and Mantis might be teaming up in a future.

Marvel Installment Probably Avengers 4 But Who

know could. You guys see an all-female Avengers and if so which of them would you want to see in there my concern would be like oh we’re just doing what Ghostbusters did or oceans. They might have double backlash from that like the preacher’s female, but I would basically with these characters they’re doing what UK doing birds of prey is happening Hunger Rob right yeah you know pioneering that one with Holly and poison Ivy and I think that’s kind of Marvel following UK for the first time which is yeah interesting yeah I don’t think it’s like those because it’s not like they’re saying like let’s pretend the whole universe didn’t happen and now it happened this other way with women and whoa it’s very similar. You know like like I don’t think it’s that I think it’s kind of your birds. For example, yeah there’s perfect where it’s.

You Know Our Female Characters Are Good

enough to put together-absolutely I mean the other ones that are established just to run through mirror There’s Wasp and Scarlet Witch Sharia Coy, a Valkyrie and then also Maria Hill and Pepper Potts UK and Gamora Jessica Jones if you want to bring her in Elektra Jane Foster. There’s a lot of like different mixes and matches any four of those with a couple exceptions watch the movie with the oh you mean they should well they’ll probably come back. I mean we’re gonna have another Spider-man movie. I know this well but someone who specifically died well non does no one specifically died infinity where I know people watched my eight Loki resurrection video Yeah well no an issue right like a body that fell is not necessarily a body that died but of these I’m gonna say and. Not just these but of established characters.

I Would Have Said Valkyrie Is

someone who I think could play like such an awesome role, but since Valkyrie is already there and we already mentioned Valkyrie. I’m gonna go and say that a character not established yet and I’m just like super wild card and I don’t know why this came to mind but I would love to see post-merger mystique find a way in and it’s not like not of not a version is like always been a hero like a person who’s like been problematic whatever but like a troublemaker shapeshifter something that we haven’t seen that much of also I kind of feel like Scarlett wish which got nerfed. So I also wouldn’t mind seeing like Jean Grey but Yeah fallaway to Jean Grae going head to head or like Doc Phoenix, but yeah some redundancy with the X-men for sure because I think how come on the con is also a shapeshifter and there’s some of the like shape-shifting stuff personally just because I know mystique a little bit more I’d be more curious to see I don’t know how much sleepiness. I like a villain playing a role Yeah for sure yeah and you know we haven’t seen she-hulk now is she hooked tied him with like the Hulk properties we’re only Universal can do is she holds so I I don’t know I did look that up a long time ago and it was one of these things where they’re they’re not they don’t have clear answers in the public side, but I I honestly. I also.

And Honestly That One Of The Reasons

why I think they wouldn’t is because she looks so much like Tomorrow. We already got a green person Yeah it’s not easy being green wasn’t there something else with like a green skin characters and they’re like I would be too similar to Oh, I guess Drax was supposed to be kind of green in the comics, and they they changes a little bit Yeah but let us know which of which of these characters including Oh Yeah we’re forgetting Susan storm we’re hopefully you see a fantastic or reboot. Susan storm is surrounded and flanked by three other men and she’s. The wife usually let’s be honest to you and yet she’s like like huge power. It’s the same thing that was like Scarlet Witch where it’s like your powers are so much cooler than they’re showing up in the movies.

Yeah Shield Im The Protector Lets Move On

to another quick update here. It was announced this week that Westworld Season 3 will add Aaron Paul to the cast in an unknown bro. Apparently he will be a series regular. Though Paul of course played just a pink been on Breaking Bad. He voices Todd on Bojack Horseman.

Its Great Show New Season Just Came Out

and just to remind us of how season 2 of West Road ended. Dolores led Bernard and Charlotte I’m going to well plug your just in case well get in a detail. Basically, there are boundaries of the park have maybe been surpassed right like there’s some of the hosts who are working their way out into the to the world of human beings that’s cool so I’m kind of curious like my first thought was Aaron Paul as kind of this Gary Oldman. From Rise of the Planet of the Apes Right where he was that riser Dawn Dawn I think where he was like kind of the leader the human resistance. When the robots are starting to take over I could kind of seem being like this Oh you’re like jumping pretty ahead creating militias against becomes kind of a Secret Invasion kind of thing of like who is Rio host.

I Mean Its Impossible To Really

tell it’s like things so slow on that show I think you just described it especially Season 2. Yeah it’s still yeah it’s it’s a show about ideas more than a show about like a immediate payoff for sure but let us know what what kind of part you’d love to see her and Paul play. He’s a great actor he wouldn’t I forget that he won the Emmy three times for playing Jesse right. Yeah Okay so the reason why is because I was really set to watch all five seasons of Breaking BAd and then someone told me the finale ending and I was just like cool and I figured nothing can smoke spoil me as bad as that but I didn’t think Jesse Pinkman was I didn’t think Aaron did a good job in the first he gets a lot better actually and I think I asked an acting teacher work with them throughout the series. Yeah he’s kind of like a I feel like they didn’t know they’re gonna go that far with the character at the start of the series right and then by the end, just they started to like how he was playing with the part well.

He Was Supposed To Be Killed

off actually by the one that makes sense because the way the breakdown that’s coming. On had this on that episode we have all kinds of information like that on scene that’s Cool, Both Aaron Paul and Dean Norris. I feel like our two characters that were like Hankin and Jesse or comic relief in the pilot and the way their characters evolved. It was the series is so fascinating. I think I’m stuck on season four.

I Actually Get Anxiety When Hes House He

opens it up to anyone Oh Yeah. It’s a crack then that’s also a good time. We get badger comedy theater that Eric and I used to run around at, but which actually became game that’s right Okay. Matt. Jones is a great character on Breaking BAd, a very very funny performer, comedy, former improviser at the place that I was just referencing.

I Just Remembered.

We just find out turned into like a crack Den Yeah remember my Improv. Theater closed the Wesley on Hollywood Boulevard that led to the race, but not all them were doing drugs. Some of them were just homeless. It became an artist true community.

Some Of Them Were Doing Drugs.

Some of them were selling guns out of their selling gun, which it’s not. It’s mostly a safety thing because there’s another thing up in Oakland where people doing that beholding burn Yeah I never saw 59 people on their own okay let’s move on Venom tickets are now on sale with the movie released in a couple weeks and it was confirmed that the movie will be rated pg-13. It was kind of a question before it was decided we learned in order to set the stage for a possible crossover with Spider-man in a future film director Ruben Fleischer also confirmed that there will be a post-credits the Instagram through the. We have to tell you to do that this actually could be where Sparta mate appears maybe where carnage appears It sounds like it would probably Carnage Wouldn’t Spider-man.

We Would Have Probably Heard From Tom

Hollands himself if he showed like I can’t tell you but I am in it taboo and you’re just like orange orange you glad I’m in this we received this poster that you looking at me behind behind my shoulder is the final poster for the movie there maybe there’ll be others. It’s kind of Jackson Pollock style spray of paint showing Venom’s face and you know making sure to keep that hashtag in front of Venom because you know there’s no other way the word Venom it’s gonna trend on Twitter. It’s real clever. I Can’t ask you guys how much do you think we should trust the market in this movie when it comes to building up our expectations? Is there a good movie behind the trailers of this movie and the posters yeah potentially UK. Even though I’m like way less excited than I was At one point I love Tom Hardy and almost everything that Tom already does even if I just watch it as I’m not an actor.

I Dont Care About Acting From

a performer side but from like I get impressed by people they can sing like Whitney Houston. I get impressive girl that can transform these characters kind of like Tom Hardy if you watch a movie where he drives the whole time. Oh yes it’s just him in a car the whole time that’s all but then there’s other one where he looks like your friend Joel. It was the boxer Bronson Yeah Yeah I in like like these are such and the bane right like it like He’s just this transform bigger but like kind of still in every man, so for that reason there’s no way I’ll miss this but I’m less excited than I used to be. There’s kind of this weird like fan reaction of things where it’s like Oh Tom Hardy’s making a vocal choice so I cringe at that I find that awkward it’s like or he’s just making a character choice with his voice and if there wasn’t a trailer for this he would just walk in the movie be like acting Yeah interesting Yeah alright but also like if you want the r-rated one Watch upgrade that’s like exactly what I found where I was like the the lead looks like Tom Hardy think I need to know immediately.

Can You Pull Up A Shirtless

pic? I just Ramadi and then I It’s also about essentially like a symbiote kind of thing taking someone’s body over it’s kind of like extra abilities and in him like being like a little lost by that it feels like even feels like the Venom trailer and that movie so good that it actually did make me more excited again for I was like well Venom then if it does this it’ll be good yeah, but that’s an r-rated one Are you gonna see it opening night though Cuz I think I’m gonna wait and then you guys tell me if it’s good or not and then i’ll yeah. I know I can’t do not see me at opening night. It’s a thing yeah. We want to get those breakdowns for you fast yeah, but also the experience right I have a thing. The with the director and writer wanted from its audience and I think for movies like this they want you there Opening night Yeah, I want you to have that experience before cheering like yeah, so I get that-its kind of fun of it Yeah, Yeah Yeah and you know way like when it comes to the Pg-13 versus R rating its we talked about this before they the character of Venom as he was first introduced in the comics was not necessarily r-rated his evolution over time did go to some r-rated places.

It Was Really Carnage Was The More R-Rated

of the two of them right it’s it’s like a Juggernaut being a cannibal technically should I mean like in like stories. It’s like well do we feel like Juggernaut has been in r-rated movies so a very pg-13 Juggernaut as well an x-men say right. know this boiler in another movie but Yeah like he you don’t have to have that portrayal for certain characters Yeah I mean like did like Spawn or something like these are characters that are just like knowing murderers yes seem by it now by the right guys. You can’t spell that without by Yeah and you know and when this movie comes down a couple weeks. We’ll definitely be there with the post-credits scene explanation and breakdowns and bunch of videos.

I Mean Im Still Excited A Visual

effects, so this movie just look exactly as I would want I hope so Yeah We’ll see now it’s time to move on to our New York Sirs News Lightning round I heard Scott’s everyone being affected by the hurricane currently but still lightning round it’s a lightning storm. There’s no rain associated you guys we have some questions we have. them at my co-host I gotta answer them as quickly without hesitation as possible are we ready not even a little bit Walmart its ownit. You first at Cappy Kid wants to know what’s your spirit animal Oh wolf or a flamingo, probably a flamingo, but I want it to be wolf. You gotta get one of these shirts flamingos my spirit animal-there’s a bunch of them and these are actually flamingos.

Theyre Just Floating In Front Of It.

They’ll flap away at some point Phil Oh Yeah Alberto Plaz wants to know what would be a wrestling name-opium-troops Stream-of-consciousness topic Erik Oh this one I Eric at David for Elle wants to know what was your favorite non-comic-book movie of the summer Ooh of the summer Mission Possible fall out but I do want a shout-out at Barnaby Black whoa one wants. If you think Dearth Mail will get his own movie either rain or shine be there with a double-bladed envelope right there okay well now it comes a time for every second shoutouts reaches is 15 seconds to shout out plug a rail about anything in the world fill up why you start I’m super proud of seeing her I’m working on it it’s still in development if you have ideas definitely let me know but please check it out it means a lot to me but to us. Also in rockstars I think it could be anything I think could be like that big. I think it’s a new platform so if you go to senior comm slash new rockstars get the Chrome extension but also like like upload stuff and like find ways to like like innovate like stuff that I haven’t haven’t done with you guys but.

Just Like Was Playing Around With I Mean

the scene we were talking about a second ago where we were saying the the watermelon being punched or whatever like in senior you could show Oh what the watermelon being punched in the upper corner like it doesn’t have to be commentary could be like anything recreations of the thing you’re watching or Dever I’m just like this is a new platform please check it out also you talked about upgrade twice if I still don’t know what it is can you extend your 15 seconds and just tell me about upgrade yeah it’s just like a notification on the upper right of your screen and it’s just kind of like you want to do it tonight or upgrade the movie Oh I’ve been this whole time. I’ve been talking about MAc UK UK if you wanna if you want to watch it or on UK or anywhere you can buy like rent a movie or whatever But it’s literally just called upgrade and it’s about a guy who gets a chip implanted in his head and it gives his body abilities not because it adds abilities but essentially it’s like I’m a computer. I can run your body way better than you can yeah Okay I thought my day was gonna be made guess not he’ll pull it up for you or he’ll take your shirt off devyn Dick you sure wait that’s not the first time we’ve ever do that kind of stuff on this channel please yeah yeah um okay so my 15 second shot is to geek pumps power playing watching reading which I’m going to use for this because I don’t have. One thing that I want to necessarily shout out so I’m just gonna tell you what I’m playing watching and reading I’m playing Stardew Valley on my Macbook. I am watching all of Doctor Who again and I’m reading Order of the Phoenix by Harry Potter.

Im Saying It Goes Meanwhile, Neville Longbottom

is like the true star. He’s working on it so yeah what a writer now I actually match this back because my face is red there you go alright for my 15 seconds. I’m gonna talk to you about a live comedy show that I’m doing At the end of this month in Los Angeles it’s called Step on the screen infinity fan. It’s a live fan edit Somatic universes Oh they’re all in there baby. It’s a comedy sketch show parody in the stuff we talked about this channel Yes includes the adventures and Star Wars.

Game Of Thrones Harry Potter Deadpool The

UK Universe you know a bunch of characters I probably Don’t have the licensing to do, but it’s a parody so I get to do it, which ones do you have the license in–Oh God gets sued by Eric Yeah name one I’ll play all of them just some simple Deadpool Oh I’m gonna do a bunch of dick jokes and some of them are gonna be offensive a little too offensive namely hey kid I’m glad you two ended up together you of my favorite bearing I’m actually not playing Stanley there’s no right way to do well here’s like some stuff. It’s about a nerdy fanboy who tries to fix all this stuff even when it doesn’t need to be fixed in some cases he just makes them more so like would Han Solo want to be resurrected should. George are Martin really finished Game of Thrones well is Harry Potter actually better off with his parents murdered It’s gonna answer some of those questions and you know write about it. So this is a show I’m starring in it. You’ll get to see me dance and sing really poorly.

You Also Get To See Tommy Bechtold

Mr.. bottom line himself bunch other hilarious people that I know here in UK it’s Saturday September 29th 9 p. m. Acme comedy theater in North Hollywood.

Tickets Are Only 5 Bucks And If

you get them online you can find him on the link in the description below and I’ll be tweeting about a bunch so yeah you know I gotta find the comedic outlet for some of this stuff You know I do a little bit in the videos but you know what I wanted to do it live and you. Come in come talk to me afterwards and man as Wolverine and Logan as Wolverine and Logan Logan, Hugh, Jackman and Logan So this is what it feels like better be funnier than that no. It’s exactly that one man farts and everyone works yep okay so yeah check it out and and hopefully if you live in UK or you can come watch it but finally let’s return to the trivia question that we asked earlier and reminder that our punishment is the gift of Shame yeah so the way this works the wrong stance. We’ll have to draw a task from the ship of Shame do it and and though perform that task repeatedly well the winner gets to read the goodbyes no chance shame at you it’s so embarrassing you’ll be turning to an animated gif so everyone knows how wrong you were and you’ll be punished.

Online Endlessly So Lets Remind Everyone

what the question is the question Did you get my prize. Oh, What was the name of the Kent family dog and Man of Steel. I can’t tell you the Kent family dog in Man of Steel Mark thinks it’s Jerry my I’m referencing the creator of Superman and that’s my only guess something like even if you sure mod leave me be I’m hurting enough as is trying to say Jerry is a Cornhusker, but I guess it’s Nebraska answer was Hank Hank the dog nope just Hank it’s gotta be there’s no it’s just hey it’s just hey it’s not a dog’s name. This is the dog run out of the storm Shelter at some point that’s how Jonatha Kenton dies in the movie gets sucked in by the tornado and it’s Hanks fault and they blame Hank thanks well who was yeah start with the continent.

Reggies Verdict Is Unquestionable.

So mods got to draw gif of shame shame shame shame pretend like you’ve never seen a microphone before and it’s blowing you mud Oh boy okay Shh it’s all do our goodbyes I’ll film champagne alright everyone thank you for watching this to exception he rocks there’s me I wanna thank our host me Eric’s awesome film Alena and Maude Garrett our new yes bad hey comment down below tweet us a new rock stars like this video shared around subscribe to the rock stars for our deep dives and all the stuff you love thanks for watching see you next. week we’ll mods mine ever be but good job models very funny.


Henry Cavill is reportedly no longer attached to the role of Superman . Michael B Jordan, who played kill Monger in Black Panther might just be in talks to take over Kal-el . Warner Brothers was negotiating with Cavil Steen to get him to cameo as Superman in the upcoming Shazam movie, but talks broke down perhaps because the studio won’t commit to another standalone superhero Superman movie . Warner is shifting to their focus to a Supergirl movie which would be an origin story featuring her as a teenager and that would make Clark Kent in this timeline, still an infant . Season 3 trailer plans for an all-female Avengers and Marvel Phase 4 question Mark Venom and more I’m Erik Bosse we made this table our Maude Garrett and Philip Malina . Welcome to New York starts news this our deep dive into all the biggest stories this week, so we’re also going to talk about this new daredevil. I feel like I’m still on holiday I’m just gonna stretch this out…. Click here to read more and watch the full video