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Theres A Few Kinds Of Cops.

He has superpowers here Don’t you bleep you. I am here to tell you about a new kind of police officer. One who is so effective but pretty soon. I’ll be solving crimes all around the world, but at the moment they are merchants Are this type of police When you call the super recognizer yeah it’s not a great name is it they could they really could work on a better name than that sir face cops no that’s not terribly good face spotters that could be misinterpreted well what needs work but the point is that they are called Super Recognizes and Unr tell you all about them in this video, which has been sponsored by the great courses plus more of that later now Britain is an unusual country in many ways.

One Is That We Are Uniquely

surveilled at the. population yes half of the world’s closed-circuit television cameras are in Britain. This is a statistic which I don’t think we should be tremendously proud of and there are four hundred thousand UK cameras just in London surveilling the streets and keeping us safe, but do they actually keep us safe well. They do act. It seems reasonably well as a deterrent and they can solve the occasional crime but the professional criminal actually like that survey the career criminal isn’t that professional create dignifies them.

Theyre Crooks Okay, But The Repeat Offending Crockers

call them that UK the habitual miscreant generally ignores UK cameras UK cameras put most of us all you wouldn’t want to commit a crime when you’re when you when you’re going to be on camera doing it, but if you’re the career criminal you just make a calculation in your head and you might for. go to this shop and steal something then go to that shop and steal something and you get caught on the UK camera all the time, but maybe maybe they’ll actually catch you for one of those crimes and then you know you’ll probably get a slap on the wrist. Maybe you’ll get a short custodial sentence. If you stole something really amazingly expensive or something, but then you can go back to your old ways and you can make the calculation it’s worth getting caught this number of times. If I can steal this amount of stuff so the career criminal type often ignores the UK camera, but perhaps soon they won’t be able to and UK cameras will be coming obviously more effective because of the rise of the super recognizer.

Now About Two Percent Of People

are really amazingly bad recognizing faces. Stephen Fry is a famous. Example of this they have a face blindness. Sometimes it’s so extreme that people can fail to recognize their own face in a mirror yep that’s really blind. Most people aren’t quite that blind but about two because people have significant trouble recognizing people even people that they are familiar with.

They May Have Worked With Someone For For

ten years, but then they meet them in the street out of context wearing a hat and the voice is familiar but they’re waiting for some clue in what the person says so they can think oh it’s Steve or whoever it is if you do meet Stephen for I don’t toy with him that would be cruel anyway. Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville of the of New Scotland Yard. He thought in 2007 that maybe just maybe there are people who are at the other end of the spectrum maybe. There are people who are super recognizers who are amazingly good at recognizing faces they never forget a face. You know some people claim all I never forget a face, perhaps that’s actually true for some people.

Now He Circulated Loads Of Pictures Of

criminals caught on closed-circuit television camera and these these would go out in bulletins to the various police stations and policemen were asked to have a look at the the various pictures and see if they could spot anyone and since a lot of criminals are creatures of habit committing crime after crime after crime, and since the police presumably know their stuff and of interacted with an awful lot of criminals Of course. Occasionally one was recognized and so a policeman might look through not see anything might look through another day at all spot one but other policemen and police women of course we’re. After these pictures and we’re sending in 15 names. There was a great jump and some of these these people are so good at recognizing from recognizing buddies from really grainy bad pictures of UK cameras not not really clear pictures that almost anyone could could match. If you see too good clear place on pictures of the same person and you know almost any of us can say yes that’s the same person but from one grainy picture of UK camera can you recognize some of that you saw five years ago in the street probably not, but it seems that some super recognizers can it so it seems that there are some people who really don’t forget a face so what can we do what we can form these into a unit and use them to solve crimes with their but their superpower and a unit of just.

Just Four Policemen Was Set Up.

I believe it’s now seven only one of them is a woman. I wouldn’t read much into that though mostly of the police force the mail. This is a very new thing with with very small sample sizes, but it’s being studied quite a lot by the way so you can take part in a test. If you’ll to see how good you are recognizing if you follow a link there’s a short test on online and if you do reasonably well at it.

They Then Ask You At The

end to go on to do a much more complicated test to see if you if you’ve really got it so it’s all to find out if you’re a super recognizer follow the links in the description so in 2007 this new unit no it wasn’t so the Newton Union Union it was formed. In MAy 2015 Sorry MAy 2015. So this is really new. This is in the mess that the Metropolitan Police at the London police force and right what we do with this new unit well we can use it to solve the really big crimes and that’s usually what to the police does with them. The police does all the police do I know is it’s singular it is plural it’s it’s a grammatical conundrum anyway that’s usually what the police do it’s normally treated as plural with a new piece of technology they use it to crack the really big crime now.

The Biggest Police Investigation In Britain Since The

7th of July bombings in London was the murder of a fourteen-year-old girl called Alice Grosse and they’d really pull out all the stops and they put the new unit to investigate this crime and it was successful so. They catch the villain well. They looked at UK camera coverage of a term passed that’s a pass alongside a canal that was one that she walked along and er She hadn’t been seen the other side of it. So it was thought but possibly she had disappeared whilst on that toe path and they also looked at UK cameras around in the general area, including one in a local off-license, Oh I should explain off license and off license in Britain is a shop that sells alcohol in America. You would call it a liquor store.

I Think Amusingly The Finns Called

them aqua and I saw several alko holes in Poland yep it’s comedy gold if you’re an English speaker anyway. So a man went into a off-licence bought some booze and left what was the significance of that well when they showed that UK camera footage to. These super recognizers that recognized I went Oh I’ve seen that guy before he was that Guy who was cycling along the towpath not many minutes before the syndicate. The significance being that he was wearing different clothes why was he wearing different clothes well. Perhaps he had committed a crime in the first lot of clothes and had got some evidence on himself and thought I better get out of these clothes quickly and then perhaps after committing the crime he thought of his buy some booze to calm my nerves.

He Went To The Off-Licence Was

there thinking and turned out that they were right. They looked again at the footage and saw him cycle to a particular point on the towpath. They Then went again to that point the halter path had been searched very thoroughly a number of times, but they went to that point and and first extra thoroughly again and they found the body of the 14-year-old murdered girl. He was convicted and the unit had a great feather in its cap. Yes we’ve solved a really big crime, although that’s actually not what they were put to you use with later on, but more of that because I should say a word or two about the sponsor the great course is Plus.

Now It Seems That I Have Found

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Com Stroke Lindy Page And Theyve Been Going

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Of Things One Some People Have

strange names. There was a there was a course called the guide to essential Italy. If any eventually really essential I didn’t find the companion they used to guide to the frankly unnecessary Italy, but while the did catch my eye was masters of War, which I thought at first was going to be a series of biographies of famous generals throughout the ages of what may be Hannibal would be there but no it’s it’s um it’s. A quad considered a series of lectures by a professor who now lectures at the UK Naval College and he studies acusa to these and Machiavelli so the obvious theorists on war, but he also looks at changing types of Technology.

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How Napoleonic Warfare Was Different And The

rise of airpower for instance, and how that has changed the nature of war and come bringing it. right up to date? The the nature of modern wars are with things like terrorism, counterinsurgency, the the asymmetric warfare and so forth. So since so many of you are into military history class or you might want to take a look at that one so there you go the great course is plus well give them a look so back to my talk on super recognizers now. At first they thought great we can use them for really big crimes, but what else can we use them for us how about great?


Half of the world’s closed-circuit television cameras are in Britain . Unr Unr tells you about a new kind of police officer who is so effective but pretty soon. He has superpowers here Don’t you bleep you. Unr tell you all about them in this video, which has been sponsored by the great courses plus more of that later later now Britain is an unusual country in many ways. There are four hundred thousand UK cameras just in London surveilling the streets and keeping us safe, but do they actually keep us safe well. They do act. They seem reasonably well as a deterrent and they can solve the occasional crime but the professional criminal actually like that survey the career criminal isn’t that professional create dignifies them. They’re crooks okay, but the repeat offending Crocker‘s call them that UK the habitual miscreant generally ignore UK cameras. UnR Unr unr tell us what you need to read. Back to Mail Online home . Back to the page…. Click here to read more and watch the full video