Testing 50 BMG in a SemiAuto Shotgun


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All Right Just Hear Me Out If God Didnt

want me to stick a 50 BMg into a 12-gauge chamber He wouldn’t have made the diameters match what is up you sexy Youtube mother lovers Today we’re going to be putting our own little unique twist on the often memed idea of sticking a 50 bMg cartridge into a 12-gauge shotgun and of course because it’s my channel I’m gonna be using an ak style 12 gauge shotgun you know extra style points. This is a JTs12. This is a Chinese-made clone of like a vapor or saiga style 12 gauge Ak and yeah Today it’s going to meet God as you can see 50 bMg is marginally bigger than what this is supposed to shoot so well. Let’s see what happens now of course being 50 cal. It’s a half-inch projectile, which means there’s a good bit.

Room Here In A 12 Gauge

barrel 50 bmg will fit in the chamber, but you’re gonna lose a lot of energy in that loose barrel there so I think it’s important to do a control test first, which is really just an excuse to shoot my barrett. This is my barrett and these are my jugs being a man of science Myself. I think these are going to be a great way to show off the differences in energy between 50 bMg out of 850 bmg and 50 bmg out of a shotgun. Also I know some of you guys have crippling add and we haven’t shot anything yet shooting fitties and touching titties. In three two one.

I Dont Think Hes Gonna Make It.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Bullet still had a lot of energy left when it passed through this jug. ##NK] it’s always a good day when you could shoot a 50. and I didn’t get covered in milk. This time bleep awesome so now that we have a baseline for 50 BMg.

Were Going To Try The Jts12

with just a regular round of double up buck 12 gauge. So we’re comparing what happens when you shoot a 50 out of an actual 50 bMg and now we’re going to show what happens when you shoot buckshot out of 12 gauge and then we’re gonna see probably my theory is both are way more powerful than shooting a 50 bMg out of a 12 gauge, but there’s only one way to find out come on baby. I just need you to function one more time probably spoke too soon about not getting covered in milk in three two one ah yeah Oh it didn’t cycle either that’s an interesting. Note to end this shotgun on well We’re not ending it yet yeah it’s okay another shower is not a bad thing. I suppose yeah.

I Got A Little Bit Of Splash Back

on that one, but as you can see it was quite effective. This right here is the reason why Clint Smith says pistols put holes in people rifles put holes through people shotguns will remove a chunk of bleep from your opponent and throw that chunk of bleep on the floor for more expertly produced backyard science be sure to subscribe it’s right right down there so now we’re going to get to the really sketchy bleep but first I just want to thank Sdi for making this possible. Sdi of course is a great option for a lot of you guys that are super interested in the the gun stuff and possibly making it a career. So that you too can get coomed on by milk jugs shooting a 50 bmg. It’s not everybody’s preferred career choice, but it’s turning out pretty well for me God this looks like a sketchy execution video anyhow.

This Is Gonna Get Real Bleep Weird

so we’ve enlisted the help of a cheap shooting rest um it’ll get the job done so we’re going to go ahead and shove this in the chamber just solo 12 solo 50 BMG” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>bmg round and I’m going to pull the trigger with a string because i’m not going to be any bleep wear near this thing that’s my good Buddy Scott says exploding guns aren’t good so put this bad boy up so we might have an issue with a light strike. I’m not sure yet but we’re gonna give it a shot so the 50 bmg round is clipped over the extractor it’s. A little loosey-goosey in that chamber because it is unsupported. We’re just going to close that nice and slow and Yeah bleep see what happens where’s the string. It’s a little alarming that this isn’t even close to the sketchiest thing we’ve done on this channel.

All Righty Lets Move That Around

here we’re off safe we’re good to go and yeah now we’re gonna bleep get back three two one god damn it all right. Let’s try this again see if this round goes off three two one oh bleep science so what’s bleep crazy is coming up on this there’s just like this dark slushy of milk from all the bleep unburnt powder is just littering the table as you can see you know a decent a good bleep bit of energy on the target, but nowhere near just the amount of power of actual 50 bmg you. All this unburnt powder is just basically just wasted potential muzzle energy that you didn’t get and clearly our shotgun is still intact. Let’s see that even tries to come out. Oh no so what’s gonna happen is we’re gonna have to beat that out because it is now fire form to the chamber because there is no chamber supporting the cartridge.

Its Just Gonna Flare Out And Take

the shape of its container so that cartridge that piece of brass is inside this gun and completely bleep so we’re gonna have to beat that out because I have I have a theory of how to make this a little bit more interesting. But first it’s bleep Nasty gotta get that out all right so let’s try to get this unstuck. I actually started coming out a little bit yep that was way easier than I thought it might be. Still smoking there we go so that is our deformed 50 BMG casing. This is now just a straight wall cartridge.

So As You Can See The The Traditional

taper on the 50 BMG cartridge is now completely gone and it has taken more or less the shape of a 12 gauge bore. It’s kind of funny that didn’t even go evenly you can see there’s just a very obvious cant right there on the brass you can see kind of really closely there there’s there’s cracks on the edge of the the brass, where it’s just strained from being blown down blown out so yeah with a completely unsupported chamber. The neck of this cartridge got fatter than that chick used to have a crush on in high school, but you see you lose so much energy because the casing is essentially in a way it’s kind of like. When it goes off when it’s not supported by a chamber at all like you throw it in a fire what kind of bleep would do that Zanderu without a chamber and a barrel projectiles Don’t exactly work the same. The energy takes the path of least resistance, which is usually anywhere that’s not pushing a giant bleep projectile down a tube.

We Were Thinking About It And

you know what if we gave this a little bit of a better chance of keeping some of that energy so we fired up the printer for one. This should work well in just keeping this a little bit straighter, but we we have a little bit of a chamber support here as well as a 50 bmg diameter little guide here so this is all going to get stuck down the barrel of this. This shotgun and we’re going to see. What happens? Obviously? We couldn’t fully support it just because of the limitations with the print and also being able to fit this into the chamber, but this should give it significantly more pressure and honestly. I just want to see this gun explode.

I Just Realized There Is So Much Unburnt

powder literally just chilling here in the trunnion. I’m actually going to clean that out because that might that that you know what bleep it. I’m just going to send it you don’t want to be here for this part okay so this is now fully chambered and I am holding a bleep frag grenade gonna just. You know gently put that here and bleep off so by giving this just a touch more chamber support and really actually reducing the diameter of the bore to 50 caliber size. I know it’s out of plastic, but I think.

This Is Going To Add Significantly More Pressure

to the point where it may blow up it may not. This is ironically enough reminding me a lot of Ak-50 testing technically does that make this like third Ak-50 prototype shooting 50 BMG out of never mind, but yeah 50 bmG is supposed to operate at about what 55 000 psi pressure. You’re not getting that out of a 12-gauge shotgun, but this is about as close as we can get because if you had actual 50 bMg pressure in a shotgun. Like this, it would absolutely grenade so the reason why it’s not is because it’s letting all that pressure out so we’re now kind of eliminating a little bit of the way that that pressure can escape so this might explode it might not who knows science what did Adam Savage say it’s not bleep around if you’re. down we’re just using a video camera because I i’m illiterate alrighty three two wait for wind bleep it three two.

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One Go Holy Bleep It Knocked The Pistol

grip loose. The shotgun has not seemed to have actually exploded that’s neat again. Our brass is fire formed inside of the chamber, so we’re gonna try to beat this out there. We go holy bleep the plastic survived it’s cracked as bleep, but i didn’t actually expect that to make it check that out that flare at the end. So what’s crazy is that little bit of 3d printed plastic actually helped us keep its shape a little bit of course.

This Is Like Literally Flaking Off

that’s crazy look at how bold that is it’s like it was wearing a bleep corset while it was fired. You could see the obvious bulge after where the plastic was that is. A wicked looking bleep casing that’s that’s crazy, but you can see here on the tip Giggity this here is completely straight, whereas this one that had the support of that plastic piece up front flared in which is super bizarre. I was not exactly expecting that so kind of to the surprise of everybody the gun actually looks fine either.

We Didnt Build Up Enough Pressure To

get anywhere close to the actual power level of 50 BMg, which I think is probably the most likely case. The alternative is whatever Chineseium. These cast parts like this cast Bolt is made out of refuses to bleep break so to my surprise.


We’re going to be putting our own little unique twist on the often memed idea of sticking a 50 bMg cartridge into a 12-gauge shotgun . Because it’s my channel I’m gonna be using an ak style 12 gauge shotgun you know extra style points. We’re gonna see what happens when you shoot buckshot out of 12 gauge . We’re comparing the JTs12 with just a regular round of double up buck 12 gauge.& In three two one, I don’t think he’s gonna make it.& I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Bullet still had a lot of energy left when it passed through this jug. It’s a half-inch projectile, which means there’s a good bit.& and I didn’t get covered in milk.& This time bleep awesome so now that we have a baseline for 50 BMg. I think it’s a 50 cal.& And I don’t think he’s gonna…. Click here to read more and watch the full video