Texas Church Mass Shooting A Study in Evil


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All Right Everyone Im Sure Youre All By Now

Familiar with the mass shooting near San Antonio Texas. The shooting took place in the building First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs and the latest report is that at least 27 people were dead and dozens injured. The gunman is being reported as a white male in his 20s who’s not from the area was killed either by the police or by his self–inflicted wound that part’s not quite clear as of yet and as of this video his identity has yet to be publicized. The pastor First Baptist was not at the church at the time, but his 14-year-old daughter is reported to be one of the Dead along with a two-year-old toddler now. What I want to do.

What I Want To Talk About In This

video is how this shooting is a tragedy more. One the event itself is obviously the most horrific of tragedies, but what is also tragic is how this shooting has shown that how sick our nation is right now when a horrific genocide will event like this happens a morally and spiritually healthy society reacts only in one way. It recognizes that staring into the face of evil real evil anyone who would shoot a 14-year-old girl or 2-year-old toddler in cold blood along with 20-plus. Other people is evil pure and simple that’s the term we’ve used for 2,000 years. The shooter is evil and what is evil evil is anything that contradicts the will and purpose is in character nature of God Evils not mere inconvenience.

Evil Is Not The Politically Incorrect Evil Isnt

simply bad or illegal evil isn’t something our society doesn’t like or detest evil is a contradiction of the. and character of God God alone is the standard of good and evil. In the classic Christian formulation is not a thing. It’s an absence of the good it’s like darkness. We don’t turn the darkness on darkness is the absence of light.

Similarly, Death Is Not A Thing Death

is the absence of a person. The absence of life, the separation of the soul from the body and invader that has disrupted God’s creation and along with sending the devil separates creation from the infinite and self–replenishing fountain of love and life. What we saw today was the total absence of good. We saw evil incarnate even evil in its purest form, but what we also saw today was that very evil rippling out into new forms. All throughout the internet first we see the evil.

The Politicians Who Think That Injecting The

Invicta flanger Chapel itical partisanship is the way to redeem this explicit instance of evil. So while the Republicans are offering their prayers for the victims, which is the by the way the only real and viable response to evils will talk about in a moment what would the Democrats doing well. They’re calling for more gun control and tweet after tweet. They’re demonizing the UK and calling for gun control as the only real solution to this act of evil lest and this is a constant refrain lest we compete we be complicit with this act. Now I can’t think of a more damning remark than that less weak be complicit with this act you see what I see in response to those from those on the right is the sort of job Orwell guns Don’t kill people people kill people or what’s another.

Law Good For For People Who Dont Obey

the law in the first place or isn’t murder already illegal These are all certainly true, but what everyone’s missing with responses like this what they’re not getting is that the reason why the Democrats response to this evil won’t work is because the Democrats are themselves the epitome of evil. The Democrats can’t fight evil because the Democrats are evil they are already complicit with this and the Democratic Party in its secular liberal members are the chief supporters and champions and proponents of infanticide in our nation unlimited boundless unfettered infanticide. The Democratic Party support supports partial-birth abortion. They support the killing of a 10-pound baby in utero and the most horrific manner imaginable by the deliberate collapsing of its skull. The Democratic Party will not solve this problem.

Viva Because The Secular Liberal Democratic

Party is evil enough with the incidental responses of Hypocrisy and the like towards these Democrats. They are evil pure and simple. They care nothing about our nation. They believe our culture, our customs our traditions and yes, our Christian religion are inherently racist, bigoted homophobic discriminatory and ignorant. They hate our nation and customs traditions and religion and they will do everything they can to Pit one American against another one identity group versus another identity group so as to divide and conquer the Democratic Party will never solve evil precisely because the Democratic Party is evil, but as we peruse aluminous Twitter feed will see tweet after tweet of invective racial stereotypes regarding both the shooter and the congregation.

Heres A Sample Ola Ill Leave Their Identities

out of this taking a page out of at real Donald Trump book Texas Shooter must be. White because he hasn’t declared him a terrorist or an immigrant Wow what not profound and unique thinker h so glad the secular enlightenment enables you to think for yourself Here’s another one regarding Texas Shooter have they identified the angry old white guy who never visited a country in the travel ban list or here’s a gem don’t worry everybody it was a white man who slaughtered half of the church in Texas that means everything’s just fine no terrorism now of course we see this on the other side of the political aisle as well. Here’s one and culture rule is in effect if the shooter was white info would have been released hours ago. I’m sure UK labeled this church a hate group and so on now what’s so important here for us to understand is that these responses whether we like it or not are ripples. of the very same evil that we saw in this church this morning Anyone who’s going to exploit this horror for political gain in partisan posturing they’re sharing they’re participating in the very evil that took place this day.

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One Of The Most Profound Gifts

the Christian faith, which these people died. One of the most profound guests of the Christian Faith is Russian literature and particularly the work of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and a profound theme that stalks Solzhenitsyn’s work and Russian literature as a whole is the fact that evil is an actuality outside of our control and the reason for this is very simple. The reason evil is outside of our controls because evil runs through every human heart. Particularly this one evil by definition is outside of the control of the human person because at the heart of the Christian faith is the diagnosis that humanity cannot. control evil precisely because evil controls humanity.

This Is The Perennial Problem Of

sin. Evil exists in every human heart and no matter how much good we may avail ourselves of the presence of evil is never negated. Evil and sin and death can only be overcome in this world by the breaking in of another world and that is what we celebrate on Christmas. The breaking in of another world, heralded by the Angelic hosts the good news that God Himself, who alone is good and the eternal standard of good has forever become man. God has explicitly entered into our world as Jesus of Nazareth, born of the Virgin Mary anointed the Messiah, the king of Israel, who was born to bring sin death and devil to a final and decisive end.

This Is The Cross.

It’s on the cross that sin, death and the devil are once. And for all finally defeated? This is why St. Athanasius argue that Christ had to die on a cross for crucifixion was the only kind of execution where the victim was placed in a posture of victory. Christ and his death and resurrection has finally and decisively dealt with the perennial problem of evil.

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Its Not Politics Its Not Race Its Not

public policy it’s not partisanship that’s going to solve the problem of evil. The only hope that we have in the face of evil is Jesus Christ. The Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world and if we do not first and foremost repent of all of our propensity towards evil and embrace the regenerative and recreate of sacramental grace of God. In Christ we will be ruined by this evil in the Christian tradition, particularly in that of Byzantium. There’s the notion that when Christ returns it’s going to be on a Sunday God created the world on the first day of the week.

He Redeemed The World On The

first day of the week in his resurrection and he’ll return on the first day of the week to usher in the new creation. Whatever we make of this tradition perhaps the most beautiful part of it as the image of the people of God worshiping immersed in corporate prayer and praise on a Sunday morning and all of a sudden. That prayer and praise is transfigured in the luminosity of the very presence of the risen Christ, surrounded by the angelic host. This morning 27 of our brothers and sisters experienced that reality their prayers. Their praises.

Their Worship Their Hope Transfigured In

to the glory of God in the face of Christ events like this mass shooting. Remind us that is precisely this Transfiguration that our nation needs more than anything else on the planet. We need a world not of this one we as a fallen people need the Salvific Redemption offered only in and through the risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the true Lord and Savior of the entire cosmos. It’s only through his indescribable love and abundant grace an infinite mercy that we’ll find peace in the midst of our broken politics. Redemption in the midst of our confused racism and life in the midst of death, so in the midst of all of our cheap political stunts and the graffiti of our hashtag activism.

I Have No Doubt That This

is what the 27 victims of this morning’s mass shooting would say to all of us to all of us An American deed to all around the world in the face of. Evil our hope is in Christ and in Christ alone. God bless.


The shooting took place in the building First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas . The pastor’s 14-year-old daughter is reported to be one of the Dead along with a two-year old toddler now . The gunman is being reported as a white male in his 20s who’s not from the area was killed either by the police or by his self-inflicted wound that part’s not quite clear as of yet . The shooter is evil and what is evil evil is anything that contradicts the will and purpose of God . Evil is not simply bad or illegal evil isn’t something our society doesn’t like or detest evil is a contradiction of the. character of God God alone is the standard of good and evil . The video is available on CNN.com/suspective.com. Share your comments on Facebook and Twitter @dailymailonline.com for a new version of this article. Back to the page you’ve seen the original version of the video ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video