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The Ukrainian Government Has Said That It Is

arming anyone who wants to fight anyone who wants to take up arms against Russia. It has 18 000 guns and ammunition. It’s awesome lights to Ukraine. Should I do for these videos, What is up you sexy Youtube mother lovers today we’ve got our hands on the Ak-12. You may recognize this from the news recently like very recently the Ak-12 being the current combat rifle issued by the Russian Federation.

It Was An Attempt To Modernize

the Ak-74 kind of bring it a little bit further into the 21st century. There’s a lot that makes the Ak-12 unique and they’re very hard to get here in the states so I’m excited to share this one with you over Youtube. This one’s mine but first let’s get to a montage so so say what you will about the twelvies I can’t. All right so we’re back here in the shop now time to talk about what is the Ak-12 and what makes it special? These are incredibly hard to get here in the states, but clearly not impossible. So it’s a nice opportunity to to really go into the guts about how this thing works but first because these things are so hard to get and expensive we’d like to thank our sponsor today.

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Like The Ak-74.

Now the Ak-74m was an attempt at kind of modernizing the Ak-74. The Ak-12 is trying to modernize the Ak-74m essentially really really kind of bring it up to speed. The whole Ak-12 project had a lot of interesting fruits that came out of it. One of which being this magazine very very I guess different and noticeable magazine compared to other Ak’s.

So Its A Steel-Reinforced Polymer And It

has these little window slits here with magazine round counts there so the way that you can see that is when we push this follower down there’s this little glow.-in-the-dark paint on the follower that tells you where your round count is at so if it’s lined. And it fits all the way up here and you can’t see it you’re in trouble Now we’ll notice we we don’t have a front sight block here that’s because while we do have a block here that’s designated for you know retaining the muzzle device up here which actually is pretty good muzzle device works works fairly well kind of looks like a more aggressive breacher version of the typical 74 break. We have a gas block front sight block combo here meaning that the gas block also houses the front sight block now that front sight here is complemented by this rear sight in the back we’ve got a little peephole style take on the typical ak site. But we are running an eotech on top for for the purposes of this video because you know what if you’re going to put this much time and effort into.

Having An Optics Ready Ak Like The

Ak-12 why wouldn’t you run optics on anyway Another thing you may notice right off the bat. There’s no rear sight block at all. In fact they’ve kind of built that into the front trending here as you see this was kind of welded on here that’s not just ours. They pretty much all have that ugly ass weld on them for whatever reason but this is all one piece and this gas tube lever here or at least what looks to be a gas tube lever is actually the first step for disassembly we’ll do that in a second now that I’ve been boring you with knowledge from a desk time for your regularly scheduled add break a white claw penetration test this little white claw tried to join Nato in three two one too soon at least i hit the steal. Right well now the range smells like Raspberry did hit perfectly right up front got a nice big expansion Here.

These Are Obviously Going To Behave Differently

than water because white claws are carbonated, so you know that energy that fizz is trying to get out rips to the front first and there’s our exit there and then it continued on another 30 yards or so and hit the steel behind it it’s actually pretty cool that even though it went through. You know a white claw isn’t much but still could be enough to destabilize a long slender bullet like that still was stable enough to continue going and hit the steel great success. All right you back with me okay cool so this lever here we’re going to swivel this up and pull this all the way out, which is going to allow us to remove this dust. cover there we go a little stiff um. My microphone is no longer attached to my body, but yeah now we have our dust cover here put that over here Whatever so now we have our now convertible with the top down Ak-12 we’re going to go ahead and take the recoil spring assembly out you can see it’s a little different of a setup than a typical Ak or Ak74 recoil spring is a little different it doesn’t have that little plug there that sticks out of the dust cover because of course that’s not how this one attaches.

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In Fact, Um It Has A Spring-Loaded

system here in the rear, which this little rod through here hooks into the rear on the rear trunnion here just keep dropping that and then it secures up against these hooks, where you lock it in on the front by the front. And then it pushes through and you lock that down bolt carrier group. It’s an Ak-74. It’s an Ak-74. Now.

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The Vast Majority Of The Kits

that people get in the country have been kind of neutered because they were originally a blank firing guns that’s. The majority of the kits that you see being posted around people get their hands on them. They have somebody build them up you know you may have like new us-made receivers and things like that of course like what we have here. We have a us-made barrel and whatnot because you know people can kind of keep people can get their hands on kits not really anymore, but obviously, you can’t like just bring receivers and barrels and things like that in but a lot of even the front trunnions and bolts were neutered because again they were built for blank fire so. been like kind of welded back up but that’s a little bleep sketchy, So we have a completely.

This Is Like A Bulgarian Front Trunnion And

a Bulgarian Ak-74 bolt as much luck as guntubers seem to have with exploding guns. I’m good I’ll take any precaution that I can now This one in particular has a fun switch of course, and this one has different selector settings and the selector settings on this one are actually different than a typical Ak-74 because of the burst mechanism what am I talking about with that so here. The selector on the Ak-12 is a little different than our standard Ak-74. We actually have four settings. We have safe we have Daniel.

We Have Cooler Daniel And We Have Full

face bleep so what I mean by that is all the way down of course you have semi and then here you. Burst mode the idea here at least I would think is kind of a middle ground between semi and auto where you know you can basically force conscripts to do controlled bursts try to get more rounds downrange while still remaining on target and controllable. Then of course you’ve got you know the fun setting so all the way down like I said we’ve got our semi UK then up and now we’re going to try some bursts okay that’s the other thing sometimes it likes to randomly do three. We have no idea why just like that UK so it usually kind of works now if for whatever reason if controlled bursts aren’t enough we have oh bleep mode UK if that doesn’t work.

Id Suggest Prayer Now For Reassembly

again pretty straightforward um. I love that that’s so cool because it’s a full auto when you put the bulk carrier forward the hammer resets like it’s ready to go Ah. I love you so much. I’m gonna write.

This Is How I Get My Kicks So

get our recoil spring assembly in there put that that little t-slot and we grab our dust cover try to fit that in push that forward put the lever back through and down and we are ready photo business so do I like the Ak-12 Yeah I kind of do. There’s a lot of things on it. I don’t like and there’s a lot of things that I think could have been easily fixed. It seems a bit rushed and there’s plenty of things that are just very odd choices for the Ak stock is acceptable.

I Suppose Got A Typical You Know Folding

stock again um. Whatever reason they changed the method of well? I kind of get why they did it they changed the the method of release so instead of having a hook up here up front like a lot of typical Aks have or like you know cranks and things like that they’ve got a lever here so you push down on the lever and that releases the stock to be able to open back up but the push button is the same as typical Ak Grip reminds me of one of those old like fab Defense or caa grips from back in the day not a big fan but I mean it works okay nothing wrong with it just reminds me of cheap stuff hand guards feel excessively cheap. These basically could have been like nicely Nylon 3d printed or something probably don’t hold zero very well as far as like if. You’re putting like a pack or something on this and you?


The Ak-12 is the current combat rifle issued by the Russian Federation . The Ukrainian government has said that it is arming anyone who wants to fight anyone who . wants to take up arms against Russia . It has 18 000 guns and ammunition. It’s awesome lights to Ukraine. It was an attempt to modernize the Ak-74 kind of . kind of bring it a little bit further into the 21st century.& The state of survival State of Survival is a zombie themed survival strategy mobile game. You’re expected to rebuild your home and fight the enemy.& This also means you get to decide how to grow and design your settlement.& State of survival stands out in this regard because it has something called Explorer Trail get to explore unknown areas and fight waves of zombies. The game is free to play and available both in the apple and Google App stores. The good news is that it has a lot of zombies like a shitload of zombies with a lot to fight the enemies.&…. Click here to read more and watch the full video