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The Batman Is Out Now And I Hope

that most of you have gotten the chance to see it. It’s really good. I love this movie so much the more I think about it and the second time that I saw it this weekend. I loved it even more so I hope you guys have a good time seeing it. This is going to be a spoiler-filled discussion on the film, but first I do want to give a big thank you to the sponsor for this video dis plate disc plate offers countless high-quality prints on metal.

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available for a limited time so check out that link in the description below thank you so much to display for sponsoring this video. Let’s keep talking about the Batman. The film’s opening sequence has a really terrifying shot. It has this wide shot where the riddler is there lurking in the background. But the television is reflecting off of his giant glasses in a way that makes it look like he has glowing white eyes from that shot I immediately was like okay.

This Is This This Is Amazing.

This is gonna be bleep good because there’s so much care given to those little moments in the cinematography and the lighting that I knew that the rest of it was also going to have that level of attention to detail and it did. But then we get a voiceover sequence where. We hear Bruce Wayne talking about what Gotham City is like how long he’s been doing it two years and I was like okay a voiceover that’s bold that doesn’t always work but having the film bookended with voiceover really helped especially towards the end and we’ll talk about kind of the final message of the movie that really meant a lot to me and that was unique. I thought for Batman.

I Loved The Idea That We Open

on Halloween and obviously we’re going into the long Halloween comic, which is amazing but we see criminals looking into dark alleyways in the shadows of Gotham streets and even though Batman’s not there they’re beginning to think he might be he could be hiding in the shadows and even patents and is like I am the shadows. I was like Oh bleep. This is good, but eventually Batman does show. up in one of these dark shadowy alleyways and like I said in my spoiler free review the idea of hearing his footsteps long before he appears and just having him slowly come out of the shadows in a gorgeous bleep wide shot gave me tingles across my entire body. It was like Batman Asmr.

I Just Felt Tingles And I

fell in love with the way. This movie looks matt reeves direction along with Greg Frazier’s cinematography it’s the best-looking Batman film that’s ever existed. I’m a big fan of the Nolan trilogy and mask the phantasm. I think is a legitimate masterpiece but um this movie just is on another level just about every shot in the movie has a staggering amount of production value put into it and when you remember all the difficulties they had shooting this film when it came to covid Pattinson got. Covid all the lockdowns and everything supposedly he was even directing them through an earpiece and wasn’t even near them and and just knowing that all of that took place you can’t tell the film is so gorgeously and brilliantly conceived that you just forget about the fact there may have been any issues during production.

Its Invisible, Which Is A Testament To

Matt Reeves as a filmmaker. The movie also addressed something I know other people have mentioned this but none of the other films have ever addressed the fact that Batman straight up wears black eye makeup around his eyes underneath his mask and Batman returns you can actually see where they pretend like it doesn’t exist. You have Keaton as Batman here with his eye makeup when they cut back to him it’s gone because he’s gonna rip off his mask and it would look weird right. Not really I think it helps it adds a lot um. I love seeing him in the club like when he would take off his cow and have to infiltrate the club.

He Still Had That Eye Makeup On

it’s not going to go away. I just love that this film was so obsessed with being grounded that even those aspects that even Nolan’s incredibly realistic trilogy ignored this film is saying yep he’s gonna have makeup all over his eyes that’s just the way. It is something else about that club sequence that I loved is the the three ways in which Batman attempts to infiltrate this club. The first time he shows up and he’s Batman and he’s like do you know who I am and they’re like yeah man. I don’t give a bleep and he has to beat them up to get in the second time.

He Shows Up As Bruce Wayne

and he’s like Oh Dude Do you know who I am holy bleep you’re Bruce Wayne yeah go ahead the third time. He just bleep sneaks in he’s like Bleep you guys I’m done with you. I’m just gonna sneak in behind you. I also loved how Batman and the cops were very much so at odds. This has been explored in other films.

Gordon Has Always Kind Of Been

the savior for Batman in regards to the police officers and he’s trying to say like look. I know he’s a vigilante, but he’s trying to help. But when it comes to this movie in particular, you can tell that the cops are actually upset with Batman like they don’t even want him to be at the crime scene they’re like what are you doing Gordon you’re like what is this guy doing here. He’s a bleep vigilante. You know they’re very upset with his involvement leading to a great scene later where Batman is captured by the police after one of the riddler’s bombs goes off and kills Peter Sarsgaard, which was a bleep riveting sequence by the way and we get Batman in a holding cell with a crowd of cops who want to beat the bleep out of him and I love that scene.

It Was Bleep Great But That Reminds Me

the riddler’s different puzzles. I really thought they were a lot of fun. They had a perfect amount of humor like when Batman picks up the thumb connected to a flash drive and says thumb drive just those little moments of levity do a lot for the movie and that’s retaining the the sense of humor. The riddler has because you look at Batman forever, which I will always. have a little soft spot for Batman forever? I must have watched that VHs tape a thousand times now that’s impressive obviously Jim Carrey as the riddler is like the true over-the-top version of this character, but Paul Dano definitely retains some of that humor in the writing, especially like Url and scenes like that where you have people trying to figure out these riddles like Gordon and Batman, who are very smart characters and they go through all these really complicated things to get to Url and they’re like of course and that’s kind of hilarious.

The Riddler Is Essentially Saying I Just

bleep with you guys so much. I made you think so hard and serious about this thing and if you had just thought about it phonetically you would have got it right a long time ago. I also appreciated that this movie took something that was. viewed in the films anyway as a very squeaky clean element Bruce Wayne‘s parents and what happened to them It’s always, you know they died. They were great people and it made him Batman.

This Movie Was Like Well What If

they kind of made like a couple mistakes and tried to hide that they’re not necessarily bad people, but they are not perfect. I really appreciated that because it also gives Bruce wayne a lot of conflict because he’s made this choice to do this incredible thing with his life based off of something that he is now learning may not have been entirely perfect and so seeing the character deal with those repercussions and learning to better himself because of them because he has an opportunity to kill Carmine, Falcone or Falcone. These movies tend to decide how they want to pronounce it and he doesn’t he actually. stops Catwoman from killing who we learn as her father played by John Tutturo. Even though this man is responsible for the death of his parents, he still doesn’t let it happen.

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The Film Also Did Something Very Unique

and that I’m pretty sure I’ve only seen it twice, but I’m pretty sure they only actually say Batman once it could be wrong. But there’s a scene near the end where Bruce begins to think the riddler knows who he is and he looks at Gordon. He says maybe this is all coming to an end what the Batman so throughout the whole movie. His entire mantra is vengeance.

Hes There To Inflict Fear Upon Gotham

so that they stop committing crime and in the beginning of the movie the voice over he says I don’t understand the crime is up two years into this and everything is up what. Am I doing at the end of the film when he captures one of riddler’s Goons and and the dude is like I’m vengeance. You get this incredibly powerful moment where Batman just looks at that guy and is like bleep. I know what I’m doing wrong, which is something.

I Also Want To Talk About This Movie

does a lot with silence. Matt reeves did a great job with just having Batman communicate things without saying anything. A prime example is when he is in the riddler’s apartment by himself and a cop comes in it’s like what the bleep are you doing here. Batman just looks at him and the guy’s like never mind go ahead.

Then Batman Goes For A Piece

of evidence and he grabs the evidence the guy’s like hey you can’t touch that Batman just looks at him. The guy’s like Oh bleep never. Mind go ahead, I love that scene so much and the same thing happens.


The batman is out now and I hope that most of you have gotten the chance to see it . In honor of the Batman I’m showcasing Batman beyond on diss plate, which is an amazing show and if you haven’t seen it you should this display is beautiful . Please click the link in the description below to see some of my favorite displays and to get my special discount, which will be automatically applied to. Your cart? It’s an amazing deal and only available for a limited time so check out that link in my description below for a . limited time . Click here to get a special discount and to view some of your favorite displays . The film’s opening sequence has a really terrifying shot. It has this wide shot where the . riddler is there lurking in the background.& But the television is reflecting off of his giant glasses in a way that . the TV is reflecting on his giant glass in a . way that is in the way that the camera is reflected in the ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video