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Welcome Back To New Rock Stars.

This is the boys underground where we chat about about amazon‘s darkest horrific superhero show You’re going to fight me. I’ll say live-action superhero show It’s close to bad what’s another 17 years. I’m Jessica Clemens brought here today with me is let’s start this way this time Brandon barry Oh Hello glad to be back yes and then we have Marina masters Yeah Yeah you guys, though we didn’t quite get there. The real hero chasm was watching butcher Huey and Soulja boy beat the bleep out of homelanders so close.

It Was I When I Was Watching The

show. I was like this is the hero Yeah Yeah Yeah yeah. It was it was very satisfying to see someone or three people be able to like take him on a little bit and for him to be on his heels a little. get beat up he I just needed and honestly it’s it’s so crazy how this was a kind of medicine for me where I was like I just needed a little bit Yeah a little I could taste it. I didn’t have to be knocked down Yeah like you know he wasn’t gonna get beat right there Yeah but like getting close was nice that was nice.

Im Now Like Oh Okay.

I can keep watching yeah, but let’s let’s start with our recap, so we can get really into it Yeah Yeah okay so now that Homelander knows that soldier boy is back the deep through his wife. ‘s Research discovers that soldier boy is going after his old team payback and the next closest target would be the Tnt Twins housed in Vermont, a lovely mid–century model really nice beautiful great Orgy house homelander sends the deep to Vermont. On whether or not Soldier boy is going to show up and the deep is into it A little too into it here’s something I want to talk about real fast Octopuses Octopodi. They have you could say Octopodia.

Because Octopus Is A Greek Word.

You could say Octopodia. It’s totally fine for the plural of Octopus they have beaks yeah. I was thinking about that well. I don’t think he was.

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I Think He Was Doing The Mouth, But

i also was like because he kept saying like your arms are so many and all right so you guys getting grip. There is a beak, but they don’t have to like close it yeah, but if they didn’t really hurt yeah, yeah, what if the Octopus sneezes, I don’t know so last week at Cedar Kamiko was in the hospital with no powers. One of Venus goons kidnapped Kamiko. from the hospital and brings her to her warehouse holding Frenchie and sherry captive that was a heavy scene. I thought for sure someone was gonna die there one well someone.

I Thought Sherry Was Gonna Die

Oh and it was gonna be brutal. I’m glad. She did it and Kamiko did it Nina’s Henchman They were gonna kill. Can we go in front of Frenchie or kill Sherry he had to choose before the Henchman could pull the trigger Can we go broke free and killed everyone in the room everyone, but Nina who escaped. She’s out there somewhere.

Frenchie Took Sherry And Camiko To A Safe

place and fixed her up man it was brutal watching Camiko get punched that was heavy heavy stuff. She must have I mean, maybe she has a tiny bit of residual because I was like shoot We did. I mean that was brutal that’s what you have surgery right here and then someone punches it seven times, so I’d be like I’m dead piece of me was like it has to be residual. There has to be a little bit of something but then also like. I guess if you had that power and you’re getting your ass kicked every day you probably still have that feeling of adrenaline so yeah as frenchie‘s healing her up.

They Have A Heart To Heart Recognizing

their traumatic childhood is probably the reason they’re so violent but one day they’d be able to overcome it and this show is really about like overcoming your childhood trauma for all of our characters. soldier Boy, butcher and Huey arrive in vermont to. kill the Tnt twins. This is where we get a glimpse of herogasm, Louie and Butcher injected themselves with tempe compound and I must say it’s very convenient for Huey to just appear naked. I know it actually worked out perfect when Soldier Boy confronted the Tnt twins.

They Blamed It On Black Noir

very easy to blame the man yeah. However, everyone knows Noir doesn’t do things unless Vaught tells him and we knew Vaughn was behind this long time right Soldier Boy triggered again by this Russian song that keeps playing we’ll bring that up a little bit Later. He begins to power up and explodes blowing up the house and killing almost everyone inside Victoria. Newman discloses to Starlight that she can make people’s heads explode so that everyone’s on the cards are on the table there and she she’s on starlight’s side but needs to use. Her instagram account to goose her numbers as she says.

I Also Love The Little Like Secret.

I made your nose bleed. I I re-watched it her eyes don’t do anything but like Yeah. It was like a nice little surprise but sterling ain’t having it she’s tired of being used as a pawn and tells Victoria to bleep off blink fat Yeah we’re gonna believe a lot of things. We say Yeah mm and starlight have now teamed up to stop Soldier Boy.

Theyre Done With The Bloodshed Theyre Gonna

clean up the mess clearly that doesn’t go well when Soldier Boy blows up the house and starlight Later and a heartfelt insta live post announces that she quits Soulja Boy is not the American hero. We should love and Homelander is a bleep liar hashtag bot lied people died bot lied people died Baby I gotta say true. Really nailed the tech overlays this episode Yeah Youtube was perfect Yeah! The instagram thing was perfect it’s not hard people get it right. We all are on the internet all the time. We know you’re using a fake thing.

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It Was Perfect Black Noir Ripped His

chip out and ran now recognizing that Soulja Boy is back. We remember how shell-shocked he was in Nicaragua Maeve is still missing no way she’s dead Ashley is still ripping out chunks of her hair. I don’t know how she is. I know I think she’s using V just to grow hair. An a train got payback on Blue Hawk by turning him into a meat crayon and dragging his face across the pavement, running just as fast as he can holding onto one another and ultimately has that heart attack that his doctors have warned him about yeah yes yes you.

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We Hope To See You There Beautiful And

if I don’t see you in Austin, Texas. I’ll see you in these miscible details. I’ll see you I’ll catch you in these missable details today so something. We like to do here miserable details Let’s get into it because there’s so much in this episode and I’ll be I’ll be honest. I hit all of them.

We Love Pop Culture Call Backs This Video

of soups at the very beginning of famous people singing imagined by John Lennon as an homage to the horror that was imagined by Celebs in 2020. When we were just entering co-fit in order of appearance. We have the deep pat nalswalt a train Josh Gad Mila Kunis gymnastic Kusher, Elizabeth Banks, Kumail, Nanjani, Aisha, Taylor Rose Brynn and Black Noir, who does not speak but holds up that’s great. I thought for sure Roseburn was like in the original. She really nailed the look of it yeah the like sweater the turn of her head.

It Was Like Perfect Yeah Im

like yeah that joke’s been done, but I think they. Really nailed? It was very satisfying to me. I was like get them. There were some good guests. I think they did also a good job because keep it keep note.

It Was So Cringy And None

of these actors were in that opinion. So these are the good ones okay. We know. Homelander is cuckoo for Coco puffs to the extent of talking to himself in the mirror, which is featured in volume 9 issue 49 of the comics, but just like season 6. Episode 2.

Issue 47.

Home letter states the only man in the sky is me while referring to God and kills a family of four in the comics, so we know he’s insane it’s just to what extent right you know and I love that they’re taking these pieces from the comics and they had a episode. This season already titled The only Man No. Yeah that’s Yeah and he said that line he was like I’m God and he does that exact line to the family and that issue. In the comics he takes a family of four in a car flies through the sky.

Theyre Like Yay Whoo Grease And Then

he’s like he’s like I don’t care what happens to you guys and just drops the car and they all died very horrible. So it was interesting seeing how he got really scared when vaught was in trouble because he was like I’m vaught like that’s his weakness. Now is this company Yeah Yeah, which I was like H yeah you’re true I don’t like that mirror side of him talking I mean especially when it was like direct to screen and like looking at us and that thing he says was like when we were in the bathroom I got you. out of the bathroom or whatever so it’s like when he was a kid? This is a personality turned to shades of what we saw on the moon Yeah I.


Jessica Clemens brings back Brandon barry and Marina masters to chat about amazon’s darkest horrific superhero show You’re going to fight me.& I’ll say live-action superhero show It’s close to bad what’s another 17 years.& The real hero chasm was watching butcher Huey and Soulja boy beat the bleep out of homelanders so close.& It was satisfying to see someone or three people be able to like take him on a little bit and for him to be on his heels a little.& On whether or not Soldier boy is going to show up and the deep is into it A little too into it here’s something I want to talk about real fast Octopuses Octopodi.& They have you could say Octopodia. It’s totally fine for the plural of Octopus they have beaks yeah. And I don’t think he was doing that well, though we didn’t quite get there. I was thinking about that well….. Click here to read more and watch the full video