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This is the boys underground boys, only boys masculine energy and one strong badass female who will be joining us and dominating us the entire time. The way we like it here. The show that dissects America’s the boys like the guts of a sperm whale just hanging out for the world to see we are a rotting whale carcass of a podcast slash Youtube Yes We are a hybrid rotting whale carcass. You can hear it.

You Can See It And God

darn it. I bet you could smell it. The first three episodes of the second season of The Boys just dropped and in this episode we’re digging through all of them to share some Easter eggs and things you might have missed. We’re gonna go through all the kills and reveals and answer the lingering questions like if Gills could talk. What would they sound like my guess is Pat and Oswald apparently if I could have a part of my body talk like Pat and Oswalt.

I Would And It Would Be My

nostrils, and they would say stop snorting things anyway with me to share their thoughts on vaught get it we rhymed or do Rockstar Zone Super terrorist or as I prefer super Villain, Eric Ball Yes we’re still um focus testing what Super I am, but I think it’s it’s one of those two probably either Starlight or a super villain, but nowhere in between and also joining us as advertised before is the only person I know who can explode your head with knowledge Marina Marina hello the weird thing about me being on this show is that I actually have more testosterone than Tommy and Eric combined Yeah that’s actually that’s very true blood. work done we’re hoping things I’ve been eating a lot of salmon and sweet potatoes Marina. I tell you I’m hoping it comes back not even 40 yet I’ve been doing a lot of push-ups. You know we’re gonna try and get it back but as for now you’re right I’ve been listening to Joe Rogan and so far I have too much testosterone just from yeah yeah. It’s either that or the 5g here’s a quick recap of what happened in the first three episodes of season two.

This Is Your Spoiler Warning If You

have not watched all three episodes. We are going to talk about them all in this episode so fair warning if you haven’t watched them it’s about to get real so in episode one Homelander and starlight host translucent Fake Funeral and Huey plots with starlight to steal more compound V to bring to. Press the boys Hunker down with Frenchie‘s Haitian Gang friends Billy is being framed with for stillwell‘s death in Hilarious Tv reenactments with what I’m Sure is an authentic Australian actor black noir kills Super Terrorists Nakib, which was kind of to me a crazy beginning to that episode because that was one of the things I was like. I wonder how this character is going to evolve, and it turns out he’s going to evolve with no head on his shoulders instead. Edgar is moving the seven into the department of the defense.

Now The Deep Gets Approached By

eagle the archer to join the Scientology-esque church of the collective. A lot of good points. They made I’m thinking about signing up that are Nexium Homelander Laps up stillwell’s breast milk in a very disturbing scene and pops. The Eardrums of Daredevil parody Blind Spot Stormfront surprises them as a new member of the seven. She starts off as an influencer feminist, but turns out is a secret very racist person.

A Lot Like People You Follow On Twitter

that start out very cool and then you say one thing about equality and they’re like actually yes relevant super topical. They meet with Rainer but her head explodes after she mentions a coup. Edgar tells Homelander about vaught’s Nazi roots and its true priority as a pharmaceutical company and that’s episode one which had us off and running I felt sure yes indeed all right. Episode two. Billy returns to the group and he says a lot of words that I can’t say but he’s from another country.

So He Can Get Away With It With

a charming accent but boy if I could I still wouldn’t say them. Because I am not that kind of person he’s trying to remember details about Becca’s location he’s writing it down on a cute little Tony Cicero‘s Playmat. Becca is keeping homelanders Son Ryan in the gated vaught compound and freaking out that Homelander is trying to insert himself in as a father figure tough to come back in a child’s life. After being absent for eight or nine years. I would know my kids Don’t talk to me and I don’t even have superpowers so we’ll talk to you Daddy Tom yeah yeah so the boys track down a telekinetic super terrorist who ends up being Kimiko’s brother Kenji.

A Train Finally Comes Out Of His Coma

and threatens to tell on starlight and also no one ever wears anything other than their soup outfits. I know right the costumers were like hey guys We spent a lot of money. On these costumes can we do we just assume that starlight in her apartment is still wearing her shoe rock costume. Zuckerberg has sworn by that Steve jobs swore by that it’s called the uniform you wear the same thing every day and that’s less time spent on image that’s right and also simultaneously cultivating an image like me Yeah. I always wear like clothes like I’m about to work out and I never work out but the image.

Im Putting Out Is Im Ready

for getting a sweat on at any point on to episode three, All right Homelander gives Ryan the worst flying lesson. This is like when my dad put me on a bike with no training wheels. It just fired me down hightower away off the roof. Yeah Yeah I went off a roof and then and then he refused to let my mom resuscitate me. An angry Ryan then throws homelander off Becca so home writer wasn’t wrong.

Ryan Is A Chip Off The Old

horrible Block. The media learns about vaught using compound V to create soups that’s a huge scandal Billy apprehends Kenji on a boat. They’re on a boat and then offers to trade him to the Cia in exchange for becca things go wrong and they end up plowing his people through deep’s well which he has named Lucy Now. It seems like throughout the show. The deep learns that these animals all have names which to me implies that all animals around us have names for each other, and they’re Christian white names Yeah like wouldn’t it wouldn’t the whale’s name be like UK what’s your whale name comment down below using only vowels all right so the seven that’s when the seven catches up with the boys they follow.

Them Into The Storm Dream, Homelander Tries

to force starlight to kill Huey a really difficult choice for her. Kenji then smashes Homeland during a heroic moment, but Storm Front catches up to him breaks his hands snaps his neck and then for good measure puts a really gross cherry on top by uttering a racial slur. The episode ends with Edgar claiming no knowledge of Compound V and Stormfront stealing the spotlight makes her a target for Homelanders wrath and also obviously the vengeful wrath of Kimiko is on their on their way so what do you guys think overall really cool Also um can we just very quickly go back to the baby thing because that’s where we left off right and so the baby didn’t die baby didn’t die the baby didn’t die and the baby was transported what 17 miles away yeah They said yes um. safely and so even though where we left off last time last episode of our show The Boys underground was I will never forgive Billy Butcher and he didn’t kill the kid, but here’s why I’m still never gonna forgive him is because he’s not the one who saved the kid or is he we We don’t know what exactly happened but Marina you are right you are right and that he was willing to kill that kid, which is President yeah yeah so that’s who did we learn in these episodes is moderately explosion proof that would be black noir that’s right apparently a character that we have seen very small doses of empathetic sadness and grief. Despite being completely non-verbal.

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I Mean You You Get Hes

kind or he or they whoever we don’t know I guess it could be a she is has these like small moments. Emotion that lead you to believe that there’s a lot more going on under this. They were very sad to find out they were not a natural superhero Yeah, Yes very sad true and I’ll say that like the first episode, I thought was great. Episode two did feel a bit like filler just kind of just my feelings on it, but like the the new characters as they’re coming in super interesting. I love this church of the collective subplot.

Im Fascinated To See Where That Goes And

man the stormfront At the beginning. I’m like okay I can get on board with you but boy Oh boy now do I hate her and want her to die. Yes wait really I I I she is so the fact that she and private had to drop in that racist line like Oh, obviously we hate her. I think it’s. So interesting Yeah interesting Yes like interesting like it’s kind of like you love to hate right Yeah and and I think it tell me what you guys think this So this first three episodes.

Im Wondering This Whole Time.

Why did Gus spring bring stormfront in right like he chose her why her why her because she’s talking blumin on vaught like she’s not following you know pr orders like and this whole time. I’m going like why why why why why and at the end, when she turns out to be basically the only thing that can keep homelander in check. I was like oh that’s why Yeah Yeah because she apparently has super strength right just like crushes bones and has electricity which might be the only thing to combat laser eyes. I think there’s some there’s something even deeper to her that like when.

When We Go Through The Easter Eggs

there’s I think there’s something more there that’s even creepier yeah. I I thought overall her character is a really fascinating kind of like enhanced powered version of like the influencer on on the especially like the free thinking influencer on social media that will say a lot of stuff that’s like wow what an outsider perspective Yeah what a cool skill this person has on like and then you peel one onion layer back and you’re like oh a foundation in racist and obviously the name Stormfront Yeah carries all sorts of racial connotations. I’m sure we’ll go into well. I almost knocked my computer off because the stormfront people got to me all right so this would not be a new rock stars video without our man pretty Ricky Eric Voss pointing out some Easter eggs things you might have missed. In moments when Flies worked their way into the show Eric What do you got for us? Yes? I’m gonna break down some of the the bigger Easter eggs.

Obviously Every Frame Of The Show Has Like

references to other things and they do a really good job with the world building the production design. I’m just gonna break down the really really important ones. Across these three episodes, I’m gonna skip over like the obvious stuff like Seth Rogen and Chris Hanson cameoed in there all right first thing at translucent’s funeral. In episode one yeah it was obviously faked his cause of death. You know the corpse in the casket.

Do You See How It Was

like rigged to look like something was weighing down those cushions. Yeah like his body is in smithereens like there’s they did there’s nothing in there either they just ironed it down. In some way or they they had cushions that looked like they were weighted. I just thought There was some nice attention to detail, but second detail. I thought was really interesting when Homelander and Starlight are talking to reporters outside the funeral.

They Have These Kind Of Scripted Responses Where

he’s like Oh It comes in waves and then she goes we’re a family and they show up those phrases show up on the Tv Chiron immediately as they say those lines just a little attention to detail showing that they’re just reading the script that Tv news crew has the same exact script, but there’s another moment that’s happened in these three episodes late in the episode when Stormfront is meeting with Homelander and Maeve on the set of that um that propaganda taping her instagram live comments have like a super fast reaction time when when Maeve. says, Oh are you from Seattle and then immediately a comment says she’s from Portland. There’s no way an instagram live would be able to read it that fast it could just be an editing thing because yeah, you know are the editors of the show really paying attention that much well there’s another detail so there’s a a few subtle moments. This is our third detail where storm front appears to be reading someone’s mind it’s not certain, but we think she might also be a mind reader. There’s a moment right in that scene where she’s looking at homelander and her eyes narrow the actress does such a great job of this and there’s also a moment when she and starlight are on the um the press Junket and she gives starlight a similar kind of look and.

At The End Of Episode Three,

she and Homelander are staring each other down and it seems like the edge that she might have of her Homelander is that she can be a minder. She can she’s telepathic um so maybe in that moment she was reading Maeve’s mind but then you’re saying well, then why are the instagram live commenters saying it I think those commenters might be fake people they might be fake accounts that she like the Nazis say Oh we have this silent majority of people who agree with us, but she has all these fake accounts that she’s like conducting all these supportive things. Oh yeah she’s just Russia. She really is fourth detail um episode one opens with Billy Joel‘s pressure and then Billy Joel’s. Your only human is a big part of episode two and three obviously calling back Huey’s debate with Robin.

About Billy Joel That Was Their Final

conversation they had so I’ll be interested to see if Billy Joel’s in every single episode this season um Yes also I might be reading into this as I often do here at New Rockstars, but there definitely seemed to be a parallel at least in episodes two and three with Billy butcher and Captain Jack Sparrow now go with me on this they call him the captain of the team. He has a similar cockney accent. He’s self–serving. He steals a boat and at the bottom line of all this Captain Jack another Billy Joel song so be very Captain Jack will get you high tonight yeah hi tonight Yes I’m sold we’ll see if he turns into a skeleton when the moon shines on him Oh then we’re there you’re in one do you believe in ghost stories Miss turner Yes. Right next detail during Huey and Starlight’s opening meet up when they’re walking through the town they’re meeting in the subway.

There Are Posters All Over The

place and all these are very important. So first you see a post for terminal Beauty three that was pop Claws movie that’s just kind of a little throwaway one but there’s also a poster for autumn breeze by liberty. It’s like a pharmaceutical or it’s like a perfume or a cosmetic thing. Liberty is that old-school soup that they talk about more on her and about Yeah Yes and then there was a newspaper that a guy was reading. There’s a headline about shockwaves setting the speed record and he was in talks to join the seven Maybe as a backup to a train.

He Was At Speedster Rival In Season One

when they had the race Yeah so and they. mentioned in marketing for this season that there’s gonna be two possible speed characters, so he he’s probably gonna play a bigger role and then in that subway car. There’s also a poster for the church of the collective that’s the scientology group that the deep ends up with yes so what we talked about in our last episode of The boys underground was the fly right the mysterious fly from season one and a lot of fans of the show were like this isn’t gonna be anything it was just an accident, but they keep doubling down on it so there’s a few references. In these episodes. There’s another fly that shows up buzzing around a light that they amp up the audio so you hear it’s buzzing and then minutes later in episode one you see a Tv and on the sidebar there is a shout out.

For Suatto That Is The Comics Life-Size Soup

who just speaks in buzzing noises, but I really do think they could be adapting Swado to be a fly-sized Ant-man style soup that has been spying on throughout the whole time. Cool. You can also see a fly buzzing around um the Carcass of Lucy the Whale. In Episode three that would make sense it is a giant mammal Carcass, but it’s a fly and any time There’s a fly sighting in the show we’re going to add it to the list. Suado we also talked about the breaking bad parallels.

Obviously Giancarlo Esposito, But The Church Of The

collective woman Carol that’s played by Jessica Hecht, who played Gretchen Schwartz on breaking bad Oh Yeah. The reason Waltz eventually broke bad on that series yes and then the names. We talked about Stormfronts Instagram live feed. All the names are. Other things so there’s one that’s based on Big game that’s the suit from season one.

He Also Gets A Shout Out From

Starlight and Gecko. They they used to work together and big game was Pontius Pilate and then Pop Claw. There’s a reference to Jack from Jupiter that’s the previous member of the seven from the from the series premiere. There’s some references to Lamplighter and Ezekiel. Now there’s one comment though that says Hello from Argentina, which I think has got to be a clue to Stormfront’s Nazi maybe background because you know in history a lot of the members of the Ss relocated to Argentina and then on this subject Stan Edgar lectures homelander about Frederick Vaught’s Nazi experiments with compound V before he relocated to the U.

S And Im Thinking Stormfront Maybe Could Be An

ageless Nazi experiment maybe she even kind of like. and get out she could have Frederick vaught’s mind inside her body and that’s why she has these old-school Nazis because she also the type of racial slur She uses is Yeah. It’s not one that a modern-day influencer would use if they wanted to be anti-aging Yeah, but coming back to liberty that was it looks like a world War Ii era Soup and grace Mallory is asking about her and she’s like I don’t know if she’s connected to this, but she’s looking at a liberty in a budweiser magazine ad which I found to be very weird. You may have some history buffs who like check me on this but like during the mid-40s, you would not see ads for a German beer company. There weren’t many beer advertisements at all because prohibition had only ended a decade earlier and the advertising industry didn’t really.

Level Sophistication, Its Very Very Weird

to see Liberty selling like a patriotic American selling a Budweiser ad during World War Ii. It did. There’s a lot of anti-german sentiment in the country at that time but also Kimiko‘s brother. Kenji wears a specific shirt that is spuds Mckenzie that is the old Bud light campaign and he has a star on his hat Oh yeah similar iconography and associations as liberty. So it’s very interesting that Mallory wanted Kenji that that was part of the deal, but was also curious in that same conversation about Liberty well.

Its Also Interesting That Stormfront Swooped In To

kill this character despite Homelander calling Dibs Oh right so connecting all the dots on this my theory is that the compound v formula the one that has created all these soups in the modern era was derived from a specific version of. that they got to from those world War Ii Nazi experiments and liberty was Frederick Vaught’s first successful soup his mind carried on in her body carrying on that Nazi ideology and then later never aging becoming the woman. We now know as stormfront. The actress who placer is Jewish So I think I think Kenji was going to be evidence of a more direct link from the compound V derivation to that dark Nazi history interesting yes Aya cash great actress you’re the worst yep she was awesome and you’re the worst yep um okay moving right along when Billy wakes up at fort wayne in episode two. This is a small one, but he’s at a tony Cicero’s Italian restaurant that was the same chain that he and Frenchie and Huey killed translucent in in in season one that was also to tony Ciceros and then Homelanders.

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Super Heats Of Course Some Of

stillwell’s breast milk and then lapse it up like a dog and then just chugs it but every time we see him drinking. Thereafter it is milk and during breakfast. In episode three Anthony’s star he does that great like us. He enjoys it too much. He loves milky way too much and then he kind of calls that back later when he taunts Billy about getting breakfast with his family and he says it was delicious.

It Wasnt Just To Piss Him Off.

It was like to remind himself how much he loves the taste of milk that was just a really gross, unsettling thing okay and we also learned. In these three episodes that Beck and Ryan are on this gated compound right. It was it’s kind of like a truman show set up and I think this was to raise. Ryan with a normal home life after vaught had screwed up Homelanders so bad by not giving him a family that he can learn here from .

Then Episode One Kind Of Gives

you tips it’s hand a little bit that they’re doing that when Home later knocks on the door. There is just this weird security camera that’s just out of focus right in frame kind of like all the cameras that are hidden in the background, a truman show and then a little one when the marketing Guy’s pitching Batman V Superman on a justice type movie with the seven dawn of the seven. He describes the handheld style he wants to use his very green grass, which is an interesting description because Paul Greengrass directed real-life hijacking crisis movies like United 93 Captain Phillips two movies that ended super dark just like Homelanders, Flight crash incident or. of the times he is horrifically slaughtered armed militants the way Captain Phillips ended with Tom Hanks screaming and says that what is in mine and we all cried a little bit and like give him another oscar, and then it has been very interesting to watch blackmore This season. I think we got to keep our eye on him.

When He Watched The Reports Of Compound Vs

manufacture and he learned that he was made. He cried and some people thought he was laughing, but if you look at closed captioning it said sobbing and then when the deep was crying about lucy the whale notice how you know Black moore passes chest and respect and then as they head into the tunnels. He and homelander exchange this very interesting look and I won’t go further. I don’t want to say more about this but just like keep your. Eye on Black Moore there’s something very weird.

Hes Getting Humanized A Lot And He

has some weird connection here. In the last detail. I just have to point out I’m sorry. This is self–indulgent but um shout out to off-screen Producer Zach. He actually spotted this when Stormfront and Kenji are smashing through the apartment building on the Tv’s basketball game, where is it set at the odome home of Me and Zack’s alma mater.

The Florida Gators Three Episodes Worth Of

questions in this episode and so let’s take a look at some questions and mysteries that we’ll be keeping our eyes on as the season unfolds so who do you guys think blew up Raynor‘s head and why was she killed Just a quick thought on this I think she was killed right after. She mentioned that she believes there’s a coup and I think the coup. Is a us government coup. I think that’s what she wants to She wants the seven to be in the department of Defense and I think if you can have martial law declared and maybe one of them rises up to be secretary of Defense and enough of the other line of succession is killed off one of them becomes president, so either one of them or someone there’s also this congresswoman that they keep showing she could be like a sympathetic figure to the seven who becomes who runs for president. I think that’s the coup that’s going on yes a soup in the white house so that’s why I still Don’t know who, though I it must have been some telepathic person who blew her head up.

I Dont Think It Was A Neck Bomb

or a skull bomber. I was wondering because her nose bled. Yeah that was like if she had like an implant or something like if they oh but yeah, I don’t know that was interesting. You know Eric since you were talking about how Stormfront could possibly have um mind reading abilities. It’s theoretically possible that if she has that she could have the ability of like telekinesis to just like.

You Know What I Mean Or It

could it could she could only have the ability to read minds and blow up minds like she can’t blow up anything else I can read. I can pop she can only blow she can either Yeah well what is specific ability and I’ll say for me. The nose started bleeding that’s a dead giveaway that a fly flew into her nostril and planted an explosive device. It all comes back to swaddle baby Very popular I just realized I have a cabinet. open in the background good Lord I think it’s falling apart ghost in the kitchen, Oh my God Yeah next question how did Homelander transport Butcher to Fort Wayne and how did Stillwell‘s baby survive Okay so having not read the comics right like as a just a pure viewer right coming in fresh to me.

Homelander Is A Parallel To Just

a bad Superman like he’s Superman, but he’s bad right we haven’t really explored that Homelander is super fast we know he’s a super fast flyer. We see him break sound barriers and have sonic booms so what if we just haven’t discovered that he’s also Super fast running or he could have just scooped the baby up with his arms and then flew away right so he could have saved the kid and he could have done it because he also secretly knows that that’s his kid. Again, I mean because like she he’s drinking her titty milk anyway so like there’s no way they haven’t Yeah. I think that there’s very likely that those two had had intercourse before Yeah Yeah, which is the real mystery that we’re here to solve and let me let me show you the drawings there’s a character that we have hinted at um that might be involved in that like someone we know might have also been in that house that’s all I’ll say right now. The other half of my theory is that stillwell obviously like has this baby and you know 99.

999 Is That Its A Its A V

baby like it’s a super baby so if homelander knows that he’s he fries her brains. He scrambled eggs her head right and then he would have saved that baby anyway just to have a control of another suit. Potentially to raise as his own to sell to you know to whatever but every suit baby is valuable So it totally makes sense to me that he would say that anybody around would have saved that baby, except for Billy Butcher next question what’s with the Fresca and what’s its connection to the church of the collective Don’t get me wrong. I love a good fresco, but I um why do they love it. I have two thoughts on this one is that like Fresca is something that a creepy weird brainwashed cult would drink Fresca is disgusting it’s like a weird somewhere someone working for Fresca right now is like we paid for this product placement By the way I love I love fresco and send it by the gallon weird.

Its A Weird Like Instead Of

a white claw or lacroix, or something like that someone’s like. How about a Fresca and it’s like get away from me a psychopath um UK My thinking is that like there might be something in that there might be something and the way that a lot of cults whether it’s Heaven’s Gate Jonestown something in the water at the Church of Scientology for sure yeah, I think they may have something that’s in there that’s gradually and what’s the Rajnishi’s in Oregon did this as well they tried to like poison the town water supply right that was part of that so it’s kind of a recurring thing with Colts so I’m thinking there might be something there last question why is Homelander letting both Edgar and Stormfront Alpha him we pick up with a couple theories maybe there’s like um a telepathy going on there. I think right now homelanders realizing that like he didn’t really put together. That compound B was creating superheroes still Yeah like he was behind the curve on that I’m thinking he’s realizing Oh my powers came from a play from a history that I do not fully understand. So Edgar and stormfront might have some checks on my power that I I don’t fully appreciate yet so I’m oh sure abide my time yeah.

It Does It Stands To Reason That That

Edgar knows Homelanders weaknesses that we have not learned yet like Yeah. There’s a because otherwise I feel like homelanders that lost his cool enough times around him. He would have killed him by now so yeah like I fear I was waiting for him to do it. In that scene. I was like is he done like whoa yeah just reasoning like if he’s developed compound V to be the thing that creates superheroes he could easily just reason.

Like He Also Is Probably Someone Whos Created

a kryptonite Yeah Yeah you would think he would yeah just as a you know security insurance policy all right well. Certainly we’ll have more questions than answers next week, but before we get out of here. It’s time for a very important segment because as we know living is easy it’s the dying part that’s hard. So I think it’s the other way around in Hamilton dying is easy living is hard that’s what I meant anyway Marina you’re gonna break down all the kill counts ranking from most kills or yeah least kills to most kills what’s the kill count on this these three episodes I gotcha all right so I counted up the carnage for all three of these episodes and tallied up who was killing who so I’m gonna count them down for you so number seven with. One kill is Billy Butcher, which is the funniest one of all and also I loved it.

Its But Its Also The Least Realistic Is

Lucy the whale because if you if you drove a boat into a whale that whale would bounce you off yeah it’d be like a trampoline yeah. Every single person on that boat would have just been flown into the air and just super dead like they’d all be absolutely dead, but it’s a fun way to you know it’s fun and they got to sit inside the well for a while so I let it go for sure number six Homelander maybe maybe one kill of blind spot because he popped his ears like a bad like a naughty child um, but i’m with I’m with you Tommy because that was a lot of blood that was a lot of blood and if he. Didn’t die in that scene he he would have made sure like Homelander has a reputation to worry about right Yeah absolutely he would have followed up Yeah, Oh what a horrible thing to do to someone who has learned to use their eardrums. It. It honestly reminded me of that moment to kill Bill where she plucks out the eye and now she’s like lying to both eyes it’s just like rolling around screaming Yeah you just feel kind of bad for them not me though number five.

The Mystery Killer Right So One Kill Is

the Cia deputy director Rainer Yeah Yeah you don’t know for sure but they’re on the they’re on the murder map on the murder map Good let’s put them on the board Yep So number four is chemical with one kill and it’s the old guy in the party store who is of course part of the terrorist group or whatever you want to call them that um killed her parents So she of course very satisfyingly snaps this guy’s neck vengeance. It tastes so good and number three is Kenji so who has three kills or three plus actually so. He dropped the boat on the Haitian gang member whose arm was all cool Yeah that really they they did a good job with that I was like Yeah that guy we. We can safely assume that he died because they were pretty unwilling to take him to the hospital. I’d be like take me to the hospital, but they’re like nah br and then he also we can assume killed everybody in the nypd helicopter crew, although I think that um that we’re keeping this kill count for now, but remains to be seen because Huey throws a life preserver overboard, and I think that is a metaphor for not only his humanity that is staying intact, but also could be a foreshadowing of like maybe one of those people does survive, and is able to tell what happened.

I Read It As Like A Useless

thing like he’s. Just like they’re already dead and drowning but Huey’s still just from his good nature is like Oh! This helps me sleep at night sure there’s a good interpretation different I like it when we have like different interpretations Yeah Yeah Yeah but now shut the blumin up because I’m gonna keep going number two Black noir five kills black noir has five kills this episode so we start off with nakeeb and all his bodyguards and um one of the women but the best and this is going to be my pick for like grossest most satisfying the thing that made me go like the most was like the reverse curb stomp, which was like grabbing someone’s teeth yikes. It’s not funny, but I’m laughing because that’s why that’s why I have this job is because these things are hilarious to me great and so. So number one for this guys is storm front so she has 13 plus kills. She kills that family in the apartment.

She Kills That Girl Just For Screaming

and the guy who’s in the hallway and we see a bunch of explosions and we hear screams in that building which I’m gonna like guesstimate is about eight more um and then she kills Kenji in front of Kimiko and Yeah it was she she’s. She’s up there it took us a while for Homelander to rack up the kills, but she’s just like starting off with 13. so yeah I don’t see them as like a like this kind of a thing absolutely and you know what like Homelander they’re both different kinds of evil Homelanders seems to only kill people when he has something to lose or something to gain from it. Yeah she’s just killing like. recklessly and wantonly like she doesn’t need to none of those people are gonna be that mad if like they just crashed through her home, but she just doesn’t know anyway Yeah, She’s like you’re screaming too loud boy right yeah.

This Is Very Messed Up Yeah Super

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This is the boys underground boys, only boys masculine energy and one strong badass female who will be joining us and dominating us the entire time . The first three episodes of the second season of The Boys just dropped and in this episode we’re digging through all of them to share some Easter eggs and things you might have missed . Marina Marina joins us as advertised before is the only person I know who can explode your head with knowledge . We’re still focus testing what Super I am, but I think it’s it’s either Starlight or a super villain, but nowhere in between and also joining us is Marina Marina . The Boys are a hybrid rotting whale carcass of a podcast slash Youtube Yes. We are a . hybrid rotting . away from the . podcast slash the podcast and are a podcast and we will try and get it back but as for now we’re gonna try to get back to the boys under the covers. I’ve been listening to Joe Rogan and so far I have…. Click here to read more and watch the full video