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All Right Gonna Mention Right Out The

gate. This video is brought to you by Ray Khan Gonna talk about that a little later but first the boys season three We’re gonna talk about the boys season three. One week after the boys season three finale aired leave the audience wanting anything at all that’s that’s my mantra it’s my code but I thought the boys season three was great. It’s the season we’re talking about also gonna give you a spoiler warning. It’s not gonna be a play-by-play.

I Know I Say That In My

spoiler videos but this more so than the spoiler videos like there’s gonna be a lot in this season. I don’t talk about because these are my general thoughts on season three not gonna get too specific all the time, but there are some things in the finale. I felt are worth talking about. talk about the finale and not give a spoiler warning it’s just it’s common courtesy right so in general the boys it’s just great television The boys. Season three and Obi-wan were airing the round parallel to each other and I was like I gotta pick one.

I Just Felt Like I Couldnt Do Videos

on episodes each episode each week on two shows just felt like a bit much. I don’t know why I probably would have been fine if I did. I just felt like I had to pick one so I chose Obi-wan. It was around halfway through I felt the whisper of the of the night from the last crusade in my ear. You have chosen poorly yeah well.

Maybe I Did But The Boys Is Just

one of those shows when it’s on every week. I just wait for that next episode, so the general. The Boys season three in a world with the boys always has branching storylines and side story lines if I could concisely focus it up the boys free this old soldier this old hero of Yesteryear named Soldier Boy played by Jensen Ackles. They’re like we need your help to kill Homelander and he’s like great I’ll help you as long as you help me track down my old crew who betrayed me. I want some revenge of my own they’re like deal also there’s this new compound bee called Temp v and it doesn’t make you a superhero forever just gives you powers for a day and I thought both of these introductions to the show.

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For This Season, Temp V And Soulja Boy.

I thought they were excellent first of all Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy who was incredible Soldier Boy is to Captain America, what Homelander is. to Superman, you know he’s that parallel he’s just this gruff militant rough around the edges Bleep who’s just a scene stealer soldier boy. I think we should do this I think you should choke on my ballsack Jensen Ackles was great. I haven’t seen him in a role like this before so I’m just like I I can’t believe he’s so good at this Also the soldier boy quest to find his old team and take him out there was something about this old soldier hunting down his old team who have superpowers and he’s taking him out some very metal gear about it.

I Mean Its Not Verbatim.

It’s not the plot of metal gear, but there was some sort of connective tissue with metal gear that I just I just enjoyed watching him quest to take out his old crew. I mean granted the dudes as morally. compromised as the rest of the morally compromised superpowered people in the show, but that’s the point of the show very enemy of my enemy. If it’s not enemy of my enemy.

Its Very How To Phrase It

aim the cannon in the right direction and hope you take out the other cannon. Sometimes you need Kano to take out Shao Khan. It’s as simple as that actually very much reminds me of mortal Kombat. The show understands that people like seeing entertaining villains. Also the Temp v arc, So Butcher and Huey both take Temp V and they get super powers.

Butcher Has Eye Lasers And Hes

super strong. He we can teleport that we teleport his clothes are left behind. So he just teleports naked every time the reason I like that is because it gives insight you know it’s easy to see how these superheroes are bleep. And they’re scumbags, but it’s another thing to be able to get those powers and feel the intoxicating nature of those powers and be like Oh Now. I completely understand why they’re that way.

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It Gives The Characters Butcher Especially An Insight

into his enemy that he just wouldn’t have otherwise. I appreciate that about the show also leads to some tension between him and the boys. It was a plot device that could have been just like the cliche Okay now the good guys get super powers now, but they did it in a way that served the characters. I appreciate that about this season but the scene stealer three seasons running Anthony Starr as Homelander. The dude is just incredible.

Hes A Rarity.

You know he’s like one of those actors who portrays a character in such a way where it’s like when he comes on screen you’re. Like Oh, Okay, It’s on is it gonna do shitty things yep Am I gonna be glued to the screen the entire time. Absolutely these are guarantees. I can make you an anthony star crushes it once again.

I Looked Into It.

He’s never been nominated for an Emmy for this show how in a world where you feel like okay. I kind of know what homelander is this season just ramps it up Homelander is one bad day away from taking us all back to the stone age. He’s one mean tweet away from all of us suffering the consequences of it. He even has his dialogue in here where he’s like I like being loved, but I forgot how he phrased it.

Hes Pretty Much Like, But Ill

take ruling the sender that’ll be fine so all the blackmail they had on the guy you know the cellphone. video and the plane’s pretty much like Yeah release it What do I care I love the fact that there was this realization where it’s like that Threat only has as much power as I give it and I’m pretty much a God on earth. What do I care about my image really I mean people love being loved that’s the thing that Homelander is a human being still he’s not an alien from another planet who’s pretty much like Earth is mine to own it’s fine. I genuinely don’t care about my social media image. He’s been wired to care about it.

So He Does Still Care About

it, but for that moment that logic hit him or it’s just like but what do I really care about it if it really comes down to it and I won’t lie it was bleep frightening when that realization hit homelander. The characters in the show me all of us you have nightmares that night you’d be forgiven if you did and the show really shows the power struggles not even a power struggle. A power struggle denotes that oh this happens there’s no back and forth. He just establishes his power over other characters like when he made the deep eat Timothy. It’s a little Octopus friend of the deeps and he’s like bleep Timothy and the deep has to eat this Octopus and it was I don’t think I felt that uncomfortable in a show ever there’s something about how the show illustrates how the deep sees sea creatures as people it’s just that knowledge of he has to eat his friend alive.

In One Big Bite.

I was horrified. I think that might have been the moment where I was like Season three is pretty epic because it’s. Just it’s getting that kind of reaction out of me as someone who can watch requiem for a dream every Friday night and feel fine Saturday morning that Timothy scene it kind of bleep me up yeah. I’ve seen guys shrink and go into people’s dick holes and then accidentally enlarge and blow that person in half but that’s the scene where I’m like hey a friend’s over you got to see the scene the timothy scene.

Im Like Do You Want To

watch it it will change you I will say this is probably the most sexually explicit season. You know shockingly so it does so for shock factor for sure but it does so very effectively because it also it’s like there’s this whole hero-gasm episode where it’s it’s just superhero orgies everywhere, but then you’re met with Oh Soldier boys coming and all these people might very well die so it’s the tension is still there it’s not just for the sake of Hirogasm. This is the season where it’s like Frenchy in Kamiko. It’s like the show is genuinely what do we do with them. So their arc is a very personal one that feels more detached than the vision as a whole for the season season three of the show, but I can’t deny that I just I like the characters you know and I do like seeing them in the show and I don’t want the show to write them off entirely or anything so.

Is Dead He Knew About Soldier Boy

being homelander’s father and Homelander just punches him through his stomach. His intestines hanging out. I mean the guy heals sure but sometimes it’s like I don’t think he’s coming back from that which I guess going forward. I don’t know if you heard this, but I guess they’re gonna have another noir. I mean they can keep that up every season Noir can die every season now.

They Can Just Have A New Guy Being

noir, but there was an intriguing element to noir. You know like noir going forward. I’m gonna be like yeah, but can you play the piano like that was one of the most intriguing things to me. I think it was the first season. Noir sits down just looks at the person at the piano until they uncomfortably leave and he starts playing the piano now like.

That Moment Was With That Character Who

is dead but going forward. I’m like yeah, but you’re not that guy. I started to get bummed out in season three when they started doing the whole information dump on Noir’s pass. I was like Oh that’s a lot very fast.

Youre Ruining Some Intrigue But Okay Now We

know more Oh, he’s dead so that’s why okay that’s why with the info dump and Maeve was one of those characters. I felt like they didn’t know what they wanted to do with Maeve so when Maeve actually just kind of rolls her eyes like Ah bleep and she grabs soldier boy When soldier boy is about to do the explosion thing and they jump out the window and the explosion happens I was like Oh, Maeve went out like a hero. I thought that was awesome Oh look at that Maeve’s. Alive! It’s like another show that’s afraid to commit to the deaths of the characters.

Even When The Characters Death Would Have Been

a great death and the best way to send them out of the show. If you haven’t seen heroes earmuffs, Spoiler alert, but I hated that Nathan Petrelli lived through that because that was supposed to be his moment where he’s like I learned to be a hero. You save the cheerleader so we can save the world he.


The Boys season three in a world with the boys always has branching storylines and side story lines if I could concisely focus it up the boys free this old soldier this old hero of Yesteryear named Soldier Boy played by Jensen Ackles . The boys is just one of those shows when it’s on every week.& I just wait for that next episode, so the general.& The boys are like to kill Homelander and he’s like great I’ll help you as long as you help me track down my old crew who betrayed me.& It was around halfway through I felt the whisper of the of the night from the last crusade in my ear.& You have chosen poorly yeah well.& Maybe I did but the boys are just one to wait for the next episode.& This video is brought to you by Ray Khan. The boys. The Boys are just a little more fun to talk about the boys season three. It’s not gonna be a play-by-play….. Click here to read more and watch the full video