The COMEBACK BEGINS as President Trump Goes on the OFFENSIVE


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The Comeback Begins As President Trump Goes On The

offensive that’s right today launches the official counter-offensive by the amazing Trump legal team and we’re going to dive right into what to expect over the course of the next few days. First I’d appreciate you smacking that bell and subscribe button and make sure to head on over to my special website for my patriot food supplies. We saw with the whole pandemic insanity. We cannot wait for an emergency to happen before we respond to one and no one absolutely no one makes preparing for an emergency more ridiculously easy and affordable than our good friends over at my patriot supply Gang They’re simply the best their food kits last up to 25 years in storage, and they include breakfast lunches and dinners and best of all they’ve got a guaranteed policy just for you that’s gonna absolutely knock. socks off and if you act now, you can save a hundred dollars off a full four-week emergency food supply when you click on that link below to my special website.

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off so do not wait. I’ve got my food supply make sure you get yours click on that link below or go to preparewithsteve. com and save a hundred dollars off your very own four-week emergency food supply today all right gang. I want to begin here by reminding all of us. Something called the Stockdale principle.


This is a principle that business strategists have named after Admiral James Stockdale. You might remember was Ross Perot’s running mate in the 1992 election, which really was in many ways. The first shot against the system. Perot was the first major populist presidential candidate.

He Siphoned Siphoned Off 20 Percent Of The

vote in 92. Now you may not know that Admiral Stockdale was the most senior naval officer held captive as a prisoner of war in Vietnam and during all that time when he and his men were tortured and starved and threatened with death each and every day. Stockdale developed a fundamental principle that as men believe got them successfully through that horror and what Stockdale argued is that in any challenge in life, we must retain faith that we will prevail in the end regardless of the difficulties, but at the same time we must confront the most brutal facts of our current reality. Whatever they may be, so that’s well that’s why it’s often referred to as the Stockdale paradox right and in the business world, the Stockdale principle or paradox has been highlighted as a defining characteristic of what differentiates great. companies from good or mediocre companies great companies confront seemingly hopeless situations with a completely realistic assessment of the dangers they’re in and a response thereof.

All The While Never Losing Faith That Theyre

going to pull through and prevail in the end. So this is what separates the Stockdale principle from mere wishful thinking or being overly pollyanna here’s how Stockdale himself put it. This is a very important lesson. You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end, which you cannot afford to lose with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality Whatever they may be now. I start with that because we are seeing today the start of the pro-trump counter-offensive which both is found both in the courts and in public opinion that are aimed at turning these media concocted election results inside out and so what I want to do here is present to you The very real and sober responses that the trump team is mustering against the very real threat posed by the biden and media coup against Trump, but also see how the trump team really believes that we can do this that we can prevail given the very real threat.

Were Facing So First As Promised The Trump

legal team has filed or is in the process of filing lawsuits against Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada to throw out all illegal votes that have been counted in the election results thus far now interestingly enough it’s not just lawsuits here it’s being. The FBi has launched three formal investigations into voter fraud, two in Michigan, one in Pennsylvania, and this is coming on the heels of three major developments over the last 48 hours now. You got to make sure you get this because these are the three major developments that you want to keep your eyes fixed on in the days ahead and it’s also why I think the media called the election for biden on Saturday because I they knew these three developments were happening right before their very eyes, and they knew they had to try to circumvent them in a major way, which of course was coronating biden. The 46th president of the United States. Here are the three major developments first we now have 60 to 70 eyewitnesses who sign affidavits under penalty of perjury, stating that they saw illegal voting activities that’s number one number two.

We Now Know That A Supposed Glitch

in Dominion voting systems in Michigan calls several thousand votes for trump to be recast for Joe Biden and a county that voted red was recast as voting blue. We now know that dominion voting systems has had several glitches and irregularities and that it’s being used in dozens of counties across the nation, all of which in turn need to be investigated, especially when you’re dealing with election results that hang by just a few thousand votes and the third major development is the Supreme Court actively getting involved in Pennsylvania so let’s look at each of these three developments. In turn let’s start with the affidavits. The Washington examiner is reporting that an affidavit from Nevada. A whistleblower from Nevada.

There Alleges That Election Supervisors In Clark County

okay that’s the most populous county in by far in Nevada counted and. included mail-in ballots that had invalid or questionable signatures in another sworn affidavit again under the penalty perjury. Another whistleblower at the Clark County elections department Nevada claims that Nevada poll workers actually fabricated proof of residence data for illegal voters and the president’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani is claiming openly here that there is more than enough evidence to overturn the Pennsylvania elections in Philadelphia” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Philly we have observers who for 24 hours were kept away from the room where they counted mail-in ballots During that time over 135 000 ballots were counted without a single gop observer as required by law. These ballots reportedly came in late were brought in in bundles in Pittsburgh. Giuliani notes that they did pretty much the same thing counting 300 000 ballots without gop observation again as required by law.

This Is Documented By Both Videotape And

eyewitness testimony testimony again in the form. under the penalty of perjury so that’s upwards of 450 000 mail-in ballots that were counted illegally without the observation of gop authorities and we’re seeing similar election fraud lawsuits in Detroit Philadelphia Pittsburgh Madison in particular, all right so those are all the court cases that are being filed based on the eyewitness affidavits Let’s go to the voting machines. Now Republicans are beginning to more and more probe dominion voting systems for its demonstrable irregularities, particularly in Michigan, Nevada and Arizona. They’re demanding Hand counting of the ballots in all three states 47 in Michigan’s, 83 counties use the dominion voting system, which means in effect that they’re all going to have to most likely at least be recounted and we have to understand that these re-canvassing and recount efforts are going to heavily favor trump that’s why the mainstream Fox news media is doing everything they can to stop it. They don’t want an election that hangs in the balance over a few thousand votes to get scrutinized anywhere close like this so that’s what we’re go we’re seeing going on now with the dominion systems glitches and then on top of all this as we talked about in our live stream.

Over The Weekend, Weve Got The Supreme Court

now beginning to close in on Pennsylvania, but first make sure to download our free gift for you by simply clicking on. Link below it’s called our fake news Antidote It’s accomplished about 20 sites. I go to for my news each and every day they’re all conservative. They all celebrate trump and nationalist populism and frankly look We need these resources now more than ever and you can download your own copy of our fake news. Antidote absolutely free at the link down below in the pin comment section and you’ll have a ready to go list of your favorite sites that you’ll definitely enjoy and will inspire you up throughout this whole process.

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on the link below. It is my gift to you all right so justice Sam Alito has given a direct order that all ballots received after 8 pm. On November 3rd in Pennsylvania must be segregated and separated from all ballots cast prior to 8 pm. Also those votes must be counted separately and not included in the total vote, and this is because of what we talked about on Friday and that’s Pennsylvania‘s law called Act 77 Act 77 permitted all voters to cast their votes by mail, but it absolutely and unequivocally required that all Mail-in ballots be received by 8 pm on election day when the polls officially close. The problem is that the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania by a vote of four to three decided that Mail-in ballots emphatically do not need to be received by election day instead.

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They Moved The Goal Post As It

were to the date of being postmarked as long as a ballot was postmarked on or before election day and received within upwards of three days thereafter the vote would be counted so important point here is no matter what your position is on the nature. 77 The provision stated therein or what the court did in response regardless of any of that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court obviously and blatantly re-wrote the law. The court intervened in such a way that expressly changed the law from the unambiguous non–negotiable deadline of 8 pm on election day to a new standard of postmarking on the election day in general and receive within three days after the election and Justice Alito has made it clear speak on behalf of the Conservatives on the Supreme Court that this appears to be a blatant violation of the United States Constitution. Our Federal constitution, which gives the right to determine the date and time of elections solely to state legislatures not to courts it’s a classic case of legislating from the bench and remember Clarence Thomas’s nomination to the Supreme Court was almost railroaded by none other than Joe Biden so. do not think we’re not going to see something amazing coming out of the Supreme court here Sorry this is a battle that’s going to be going on in the courts for the days ahead.

The Mainstream Media May Try To Pretend

that it’s not going on or it’s foolhardy, but it most certainly has the potential dramatically altering this election now. While all of this is going on axios. White house reporter Elena Trine revealed that President Trump is indeed planning on holding rallies in the coming weeks in these swing states to galvanize his base is precisely what Steve Bannon and his war room said Trump needs to be doing get tens of thousands of the 71 million voters to show up the rallies and pump them up and prepare them for the fight ahead and one of the things that Trump is planning on doing at these.


The comeback begins as President Trump goes on the offensive that’s right today launches the official counter-offensive by the amazing Trump legal team . Donald Trump’s legal team is preparing for the next few days and we’re going to dive right into what to expect over the course of the next several days . If you act now, you can save a hundred dollars off a full four-week emergency food supply when you click on that link below to my special website for my patriot food supplies. They’re simply the best their food kits last up to 25 years in storage, and they’ve got a guaranteed policy just for you that’s gonna knock.& socks off and best of all they’re gonna absolutely knock. off so do not wait. Go to and save a 100 dollars off your very own four-Week emergency food supplies today all right gang. I’ve got my food supply make sure you get yours click on the link below or go to prepareWithsteve ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video