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I Was Just Looking At Some Videos

of women who are upset about how they are treated on dates or something and by the dating apps. They’re sort of outraged that these apps somehow have permitted these men to behave in ways that like are quite caddish and it’s like you’re literally on like a hookup act What do you expect like did people try to cancel your book before it was even released. Yes they did what happened there well. I I won’t go into detail. But there’s a small number of very strange people who get their their kicks from from doing this and we live in this bizarre cancer culture age and so yes.

I Have I Have These People Who Think

that talking about sexual differences tantamount to somehow being hitler um and they kind of run around you know emailing people and trying to get. me cancelled and sometimes when I give a talk people hire security guards to protect me and yeah, I mean lots of women are in this bizarre position is that I mean I’m sort of joking about it, but on some level, it’s actually deeply horrible and you know who are these people anyway you’re a dangerous you’re a very dangerous looking woman. I know I’m terrifying okay. So do you think that there’s a crisis with masculinity right now well. I think we’re always supposed to say that it’s.

One Of These Sorts Of Cliches Like

masculinity is always in crisis like ever since you know I remember reading things sort of 20 years ago Masculinity was in crisis then and I think in the 1890s it was in crisis um and so on and so forth but yeah, I mean I I do think there are sort of. a series of things that kind of come together to make masculinity and being a man seriously difficult and a big problem both for men and for women and I wanted to try and think about ways in which men and women could get along better and that we could also start to talk again about what it is to be a good man. You know because this idea that all masculinity is bad and men are somehow you know inherently evil. I mean it’s incredibly stupid it’s not true right. Most women have very lovely relationships with men and friends who are men and brothers and fathers, and there are men in their lives who they really really love and you know what don’t want to see demonized by this very very generalizing and stupid rhetoric about men.

You Know Which Weve Seen A

lot of in the last. kind of five ten years? I think so toxic masculinity? the idea that all men have sort of somehow got power and that they’re all sort of predatory They’re all just kind of you know unpleasant underneath so yeah, I think there’s a crisis in that sense. There’s also a kind of bigger crisis in terms of the economy and the types of jobs that people are getting you know the economy was deliberately explicitly made into this kind of knowledge economy under thatcher. All of the kind of sort of manual labor and industrial jobs which were typically done by men have been eradicated. You know so there is a kind of crisis in that sense as well.

You Know What What Role Do

men have you know and the serious aspect of this would be to do with things like depression and suicide you know. Like suicide’s the leading cause of death for men under 45 in the Uk. You know it’s insane it’s like there’s a real problem here. You know with men not knowing what their role is and not feeling that they’ve got responsibility and they’ve got a place. You know and I think in terms of our collective humanity.

We Should All Care About That

you know it’s if this is a question for all of us um so yeah there’s lots of different ways of looking at um a kind of crisis, but yeah I would say we’re definitely in the middle of one and we need to kind of work out together. How to sort of resolve resolve things is there a problem with you as a woman writing about masculinity well. I do I do make a joke about it in the book. I do say obviously I don’t really know what men want in the first place. It’s a kind of jibe about Freud because Freud famously says you know what what does woman want and he doesn’t know either so I think if Freud could have a go.

I Thought Well.

You know. I I can as well. You can have a crack in even the scales yeah so I but I do provide a handy list at the beginning because I did ask a lot of my male friends what it was they wanted. So I actually do give a list and it was things like a beer and a shed and and Nigella Lawson and you know these sorts of one of them just to be left alone as well.


I know who that was um but yeah. I mean there is something kind of like cheeky about. This book right of course, it’s like ridiculous on some level, but I think there’s also a way in which we live in an era in which there’s more and more transparency. Right men are writing about their lives online and anyone can look at it right so even if they think think they’re talking to the to each other or to themselves or not not to women.

We Can Still Read It All Right

so part of my kind of dark mission was to to go and find out what men say to each other when they think that women aren’t listening and then sort of report back is it right to say that men have more power than women do you think it it really depends what we mean by power you know so I talk about status in the book and actually how difficult it is. All of this language you know of alpha Beta Sigma Incel Cook soyboy There’s all this language which circulates in the so-called Manosphere. I. e the quite a bit of the internet that focuses on men and you know what is an alpha men. A man in our society right is it the strongest man.

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A Lot Of Them Are In

prison. Right is it the richest man A lot of them are nerds right. The question of status is like not obvious right. The question of what power is is power succeeding on the terms of this world well maybe but there are other kind of values right. There are spiritual values There’s the value of being a good father.

Theres The Value Of Being Just A Kind

person Do you know what I mean like? There are many different ways to be successful if you like or. be good you know and we often have a very narrow materialist conception. You know that it’s just about money or recognition and actually none of those things really make anyone happy They don’t really make men happy They don’t really make women happy either so you know I’ve got a big problem with liberal feminism as well. The idea that you know women getting jobs as CeOs or you know making money is somehow like the be-all and end-all of feminism like no it isn’t you know I I think it’s a it’s a very narrow image of freedom and and all of those sorts of things so and also women definitely have power in the sense that they also have power over men, which is to say the power to kind of you know manipulate and and give affection or withhold affection and lots of the things that. are in relation to women right not everything but it but it’s very obvious that men care about women.

They Care About What Women Think

they care about whether women like them. They care about you know looking after them um and if we don’t say that women have power, then we’re reducing them back to this idea of children. You know and we’re not you know adult women and adult men both have power They might have slightly different kinds of power um, but they definitely both do well. Ultimately women have the ability to gatekeep whether or not that man’s genetic lineage gets to continue which is you know about as fundamental as you’re going to get between survival and reproduction. You’ve got 50.

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One Of The Interesting Things That Ive Been

thinking about a lot recently is that there is an inherently masculine frame that is being. put forward as the admirable appropriate achievable goal that women are supposed to try and attain and that is you should be a boss clap back. You should not settle for less. You should get over your last boyfriend by getting under the next one. You know it’s a very sort of masculine frame that this is being given to that you should pursue education employment status prestige in exactly the same way that men have typically done for a long time, but what that seems to me is to take a lot of power away from women that fundamentally want to have a family or who take their sense of purpose and belonging from being a part of a community or doing things with people as opposed to things.

Men Typically Have Lean Towards Things, But

it seems like we’re saying to women no no no the way for you to take your power back within this society is to forget the thing that you’re. Naturally you may have a predisposition to and if you do choose to do that, then you’ve just been you’ve fallen for the trad wife conspiracy and actually what you should be doing is working at a law firm um yeah. I think I think you know whilst on the one hand, we would love to there to be kind of equal value valuation of all different modes of life. You know so that whatever people choose to do we would respect it. You know unless it’s sort of i don’t know being an arm stealer or murderer or something but whatever you know within a sort of frame, we would be like encouraging.

Of You Know Hopefully And We

would value precisely motherhood and fatherhood as well as like getting a PhD or whatever right? So but I agree with you that the tendency and the kind of modern the current situation we’re in is to push women into those sorts of um roles and those kind of yeah sort of um Like you say previously quite masculine positions of being like having sex with lots of people being successful on the terms of this world and all of those sorts of things I think there isn’t enough discussion enough realistic discussion for women about fertility which does fall off a cliff at a certain point and actually the longer you delay it. You know the harder it is you know. I don’t have children myself, but I think that’s that should by necessity be a rare position and not one that is kind of the mainstream idea. and it’s a very complicated decision for women to have children or not and there are lots of you know. Some women can’t have children.

Some Women Want Children, But Leave It

too late because of economic situations. You know so . I think yeah part of this is about revaluing what it.


I was just looking at some videos of women who are upset about how they are treated on dates or something and by the dating apps . I wanted to try and think about ways in which men and women could get along better and that we could also start to talk again about what it is to be a good man . I think there are sort of.& a series of things that kind of . come together to make masculinity and being a man seriously difficult and a big problem both for men and for women . The idea that all masculinity is bad and men are somehow you know inherently evil is bad is that all men are inherently evil.& I know I’m terrifying okay, but on some level, it’s actually deeply horrible and you know who are these people anyway you’re a dangerous looking woman. You know you’re going to be terrifying okay. I want to say I’m going to have a lot of women are in this kind of a different way to talk about your book. I me…. Click here to read more and watch the full video