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Today, Cuban Protesters Stand Up Against Their Communist

government, but will they have the support of the American government. Kamala Harris opposes voter id laws because not everyone has access to a photocopier and Dr Fauci predicts vaccine mandates are on the way we’ve got all that much more coming up and it starts right now Hey there welcome to the news and why it matters. I’m Hilary Kennedy filling in for Sarah Gonzalez taking a hopefully much needed vacation. I don’t believe she’s having another baby so she should be back by the end of this week or next week, but I’m excited to be back and I also get to be with two of the best of the best today to talk about all the top stories. First Mr.

Yaakov Buoyance, The Host Of The Yakubuyu

show and then president founder of share together good to see you. again and of course Mr. Eric Julie, our Blaze Tv contributor and host of for Cannon’s Sake glad to see you again yeah good to be back with you guys all right so we’re going to talk about Cuba, which has been all over the news the past day or two a lot going on there. The communist Cuban dictorial regime began cracking down on pro-freedom protesters on Sunday that stormed the island nation streets. Numerous arrests were reported widespread Internet outages spread across the nation.

So Its Been Really Hard To Get All

the information we need, but we have a clip of crowds in the streets chanting freedom let’s take a listen UK so you know we rarely see these kinds of demonstrations there but hearing them chant liberty and freedom waving an American flag. It’s really been striking a chord with so many people The Washington post. that Jose Miguel Vivanco, the director of Human Rights Watch America’s Division, said his group had received reports that at least 20 people had been arrested. He also had reports that violence is being used by Cuban forces, a claim that has been echoed by social media users sharing videos of wounded protesters. Some of those videos are incredibly hard to watch.

There Was One Of A Woman

with a her nose broken who was peacefully protesting and again internet service on cell phones has been cut off news from the island is being interrupted so that people aren’t really 100 sure what’s going on Also we have some footage of Cuban protesters flipping a national revolutionary police car so i want to take a listen to that as well.NK] so these protesters were storming a local Communist party office they were flipping the police vehicles and just getting. Getting rowdy outside the headquarters so I want to start by asking just what do you think is happening in Cuba right now because we’re hearing all sorts of different narratives from mainstream media sources, but I’ll start with you Yaakov, What do you think is going on? Yeah, you got a guy President Canel who is a communist. This is a communist regime and you’ve got people who say no to communism and these are people who want freedom flying an American flag chanting freedom chanting liberty not rhetoric that we saw last year here marginalizing certain people saying We want our nation to be free and I want I want America to pay attention. I just want to roll the clock back for a minute when the Cuban missile crisis happened.

If You Really Do Your Research, We

were on the wrong side of that thing then and. I’m telling you biden is on the wrong side of this thing Now here’s people saying freedom now we had a a administration that’s now the administration under trump who said Oh peaceful protest peaceful protest you can’t touch these people in America. They’re burning buildings down can’t touch them. They’re pro you know peacefully protesting yet now the question is will that same administration is now in power. Support people who are peacefully protesting for their freedom and my research tell me no and I’m I’m watching this administration.

Eric Align Themselves With Communist Movements Around The

world Yep Communist China Communist Cuba. We’re talking about now moving towards Communist South Africa. I mean they are literally making enlightenment. It’s no no longer just China now you’re actually seeing where the metal really you know rubber meets the road right they are literally okay with this kind of stuff. So i’m for this Marco Rubio of course great great Cuban heritage he writes, hey this should be celebrated These people are brave.

These People Are Standing Up For

freedom so a lot to be seen here. This little country. Cuba is back in the news again and we’ll see how our administration and American people support them. Yeah just so nobody calls certainly me a hypocrite on this situation because they’re stupid um I want to make sure that you know if you rewind all the tapes that I’ve done here on news and wild matters even on my own show and discussing this I’ve always made the distinction when people were going to actually take a sort of protest to someone. I said if you’re going to do it go directly to the source.

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Yes Dont Go To The Like

the business owners and all that sort of. Stuff don’t do that? I said even the people that took it to the precincts. You got a point even to them that were here so what you saw there is exactly that and and the reason why this is so important and it can’t be swept under the road. Because you’re right you you’re mentioning things that they’re chanting libertad libertarians basically spanish for liberty the or freedom rather and they’re chanting that and and they have this sort of communistic regime that has more so been ruling over Cuba for for a minute now right but more so what a lot of even America’s politicians we’ve seen the Bernie Sanders of the world have acted as if that was even something to strive for absolutely anyway and what you’re seeing now and it’s not just happening here. You’ve seen this in pockets and in other places as well.

Pakistan Even Even In Brazil, Even Though

they have a big like Antarctica capitalist movement which I love over there in Brazil, but you see these pockets in spots and and not just here but abroad where people are are like actually being in opposition to the government for the basis of actual freedom not because okay they thought someone was the wrong color that got got killed and now they they call themselves mad at people that had nothing to do with it that’s a completely different issue. This is the people that are actually being ruled over by Communist government and they are reacting as such because now they’re finally tired of it and what it does. Unfortunately. Also show is the dangers of it. When these sort of movements have these outbreaks.

Now We Have To Have A Conversation

of what exactly is going on here they’re. Waving these flags they’re waving this but people Don’t seem to understand when you do have a communistic socialist government. As such, they control so much so yeah they can just shut the internet off just like that in a lot of a lot of cases because they don’t want that information of course getting out now they can only suppress it for so long and so often, but that is of course the danger so of course, this is something to be appreciated because of why it is that they’re doing or rather what it is that they’re in opposition to it’s one thing to just call yourself mad at the world just to be mad at it. It’s another thing for when you’re in opposition to the actual government, and the alternative that you actually want is freedom not just whatever bull crap it is that you know. black lives matters of the world they call themselves advocates.

I Feel Like A Lot Of

people on a very small scale relate to what’s going on there because they are being censored so heavily on social media here it’s like we’re seeing the small little ripples begin heading in that direction, So do you think that seeing how far this has gone in Cuba. Do you think it will kind of help shape the ideas that people have here about socialism and marxism here if we connect it for Americans and Americans are actually very intelligent, but we’ve forfeited the right to think for ourselves in this country and media is not going to connect the dots for you so let’s go help you out so let’s connect the dots and this is what I want America to see here connect the dots the the direction we’re heading in. Is this? This is the direction we’re heading? How does it start Yaku marginalizing people pinning them against one another creating a race conversation shutting down and canceled culture shutting down the internet. This is the direction we’re heading in and which is why we’re all crying every week here halt the bus repent turn go the other way if you’re crying out loud do you want this and how ironic that the rest of the world whether it’s Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, United Kingdom or Cuba See freedom in America wave American flags and here we go you know what idiots online going I’m not free. I can do anything, but she’s on her cell phone streaming you know and and doing whatever she wants to do so.

This Is This Is The Result Of

these little progressive right actions that happens in your sleep and then you. wake up one morning and you’ve got a a communist regime and then you got to go fight and a great point you’re making and you. We also said if you’re going to do it do it. January 6, Whatever you know if we really want to go. Don’t you really want to take over Then let’s go then let’s go if you’re going to go do it do it right and so they’re doing it so good on them.

But This Is A Huge Warning Sign

for us Hillary because we are hitting that is destination America. If we don’t turn well the biden administration doesn’t really seem to think so not so surprisingly. They’re basically claiming Cubans are protesting covid cases and other issues and that’s what they’re upset about and we we have a clip of Jinsaki explaining what she means by that Jen just to follow. up on Cuba, Can you give us a sense of where the President’s policy review on Cuba is right now? Do you anticipate making any changes As Jonathan asked and where do you see it going well from here well.

I Will Say First And I Meant To

say this in response to Jonathan, but there’s every indication that yesterday’s protests were spontaneous expressions of people who were exhausted with the Cuban government’s economic mismanagement and repression and those these are protests inspired by the harsh reality of everyday life all right so In addition to that we also have a tweet from Julie Chung, the acting assistant secretary for the Us Department of State Bureaus of Western Hemisphere Affairs. She said peaceful protests are growing in Cuba as the Cuban people exercise their right to peaceful assembly to express concern about rising coveted cases and deaths and medicine shortages. We commend the numerous efforts of the Cuban people mobilizing donations to help neighbors in the mountains that’s the angle you’re taking so yeah that is that is spin can you say merry-go-round.

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Today, Cuban protesters stand up against their communist government, but will they have the support of the American government? Kamala Harris opposes voter id laws because not everyone has access to a photocopier . Dr Fauci predicts vaccine mandates are on the way and it starts right now. Hey there welcome to the news and why it matters. We’ve got all that much more coming up with Hilary Kennedy filling in for Sarah Gonzalez taking a hopefully much needed vacation. She should be back by the end of this week or next week, but I’m excited to be back and I also get to be with the best of the best today to talk about all the top stories with Yaakov Buoyance, the host of the Yakubuyu show and Eric Julie, the Blaze Tv contributor and of course Mr. Eric Julie . We’ll talk about Cuba, which has been all over the news the past day or two a lot going on there. It’s really been striking a chord with…. Click here to read more and watch the full video