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Oh, I Dont Want To See You

out here again, What gives you the right What’s the difference between you and me. I’m not directed by Joel Schumacher. If you’re not familiar with me. I promise no spoilers I never spoiled my reviews. You are safe with me ever since that last shot in the dark night where the Batpod just disappears into the city lights I have been waiting for this movie I’ve had problems sleeping.

Ive Been Having Cold Sweats.

I’m pinned shaking. This is my most anticipated film of the year. Call me a Nolan fanboy Whatever yes yes I’m a Nolan fanboy. I’m Sorry I’m, a fan of quality entertainment shoot me The Dark Knight Rises picks up eight years after the Dark Knight ended and here we have Bruce Wayne you know he’s kind of an exile.

Hes A Broken Character Physically And Mentally

obviously. After he took the fall in the Dark Knight Things didn’t go so well for him. Batman is not around anymore. People are wondering where he is kids are you know writing chalk against walls like bat symbols. The way they introduce Wayne’s character in this movie.

You Really Care For This Guy.

I mean you cared for him already for the previous two films, but he’s so sad you can just see this aura of sadness because everything he tried to do is Batman. He just sacrifices everything for these people of Gotham and you can just tell this guy is broken and he needs something he needs to come back. He needs to rise again. The film opens very quietly.

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You Know Very Slowly Get Kind

of a bleak feel of what Gotham’s like now. This strange underground thing is brewing with this Bane character played by Tom. Hardy you meet Catwoman or Selina Kyle’s character and you see where she’s going Joseph Gordon-levitt plays a detective in this movie who’s investigating everything he’s trying to figure out what’s going on with a lot of these underground things He’s heard about this this army that’s brewing everyone wants to know where Batman is there are people on both sides who think he was good and bad, but the majority of people aren’t too sad about the fact that he’s gone now Commissioner. Gordon is one of my favorite parts of these movies, and you see his character and you can feel that this guy is feeling immense pressure from living under that lie that Batman had something to do with Harvey Dent’s death or that he actually did kill Harvey Dent and you can really feel that eating away at his character pretty soon certain things happen with. Bane he affects the city of Gotham in a certain way affects everyone there in a certain way and Batman has to come back and this is where all hell breaks loose and basically all-out war happens in the city of Gotham between Batman and Bane between the cops and the criminals, but Gotham is basically turned into a war zone and Bruce Wayne has to learn how to be Batman again.

He Has To Rise Up As

the movie’s tagline States and figure out a way to overcome this immense problem. Now the Dark Knight is on my favorite movies of all time. Batman. Begins is all my favorite movies of all time. Christopher Nolan’s one of my favorite directors of all time.

This Movie Comes With So Much Anticipation, Especially

from someone who loves Batman as much as I do and I’m going to be honest with you. You don’t at least like this movie? Why do you even go to see movies honestly why do you see movies if you don’t at least like this movie. This is one of the best comic book films I have ever seen one of the most emotionally resonant films I’ve seen in years, and it’s also the best film I’ve seen all year. The Dark Knight Rises is absolutely fantastic in every way that you possibly need a movie. The acting the writing the directing the score The visuals.

Every Technical Aspect Of This Film Is

mind-blowing it’s just it’s shot brilliantly. Wally Pfister just out does himself in every way if you watch this movie and you’re thinking how does one person approach this character. This comic-book character and all of these larger-than-life people so realistically so convincingly to set you up for this world to get so much. viewer and just make you honestly like shake with like fear of what’s going to happen in this movie Because the last like hour of this film I kept her. The last time I was that on the edge of my seat like my knees were actually shaking now One of the things I really liked about this movie is that when you see Batman Begins it’s great you know you’re so surprised by that and then the Dark Knight is a completely different tone.

Its A Razor-Edge The Tone Of The

Dark Knight when you go into the Dark Knight Rises. All these films fit into place, but at the same time they’re all so different in the way they feel this film is bleak. It’s sad enthralling it’s extremely exciting and suspenseful. It’s Scary it’s funny I’ve never seen a superhero film with such raw emotion at its core and such heart for these characters and you just so you feel so much for the people. In this movie it’s so realistic the point where you forget 100 sent about the fact that Batman is fighting some guy you know with like a thing on his face.

Whats This Cat Woman Thing Why

is he wearing about you all of that just fades away and you see people you don’t see Batman you see the character of Bruce Wayne Eve. You really feel that there’s a man behind there. You understand why he’s doing the things he’s doing and all of these characters fit exactly where they need to be for one of the most emotionally pleasing experiences. I’ve had the theaters in quite a long time. Let’s talk a little bit about.

Bane Okay Such A Good Villain Because Let

me tell you something this is the first time as I’m sure you realize that Batman has ever really been challenged physically because in Batman, Begins it was very emotional was about overcoming his own problems really and the Dark Knight the Joker challenge. Batman’s morals and the way he felt about rules and things like that was much more of a psychological challenge and this film Batman is completely outclassed. He just he gets pummeled in this movie. This is the first time Batman’s ever actually felt fear for one of his opponents, so that adds this whole extra feeling of hopelessness. In this movie.

You Really Want Batman To Succeed.

But you have no idea how in the world you could ever pull it off because there is honestly like all hope is lost in this movie. It’s so well. told in the trailers, you get these little hints that Wayne is in some type of prison or behind bars in some way that whole sequence of the film it honestly felt like in a way kind of like Batman. Begins like in this film it was like almost like he had to learn how to be Batman again go through a lot of the same issues and and figure out like how to be Batman at his very core and what he can do to save the city of Gotham when he’s in such a hopeless position and the way this film ties that together through script and storytelling it’s mind-blowing it.

I Have No Idea How Anyone

would begin to approach a story with this much stuff happening in it I want to talk a little bit about the performances in this movie. This is the best performance. Christian Bale of this trilogy is so just deep and and sad and you really feel for him you feel the hopelessness of this character. You just feel it so much in this movie that he just has no idea what he’s going to do and he’s just fighting to figure out a way to do it and he’s just it’s so great. He is good in this movie Tom Hardy s Bane was great.

He Was So Entertaining Like I Like

the one of the ways he talked it was like almost every statement he made was a question like the way he would kind of end a sentence, even if it wasn’t a question that he was asking it was just a flat-out statement he had this way of curling his voice at the end of his sentence as I loved and it was also easy to understand. Only a couple sentences in the movie I was like what’s that he was so physically imposing-you really bought TOm Hardy as this bill and you just you bought the fact that this guy can beat up Batman they really sold that in the movie. This film has one of the best fight scenes I’ve seen in years that’s all say Joseph Gordon-levitt plays a police officer in the city and he is excellent in this movie. You really feel that he’s one of the last good cops that really just wants to help. He’s not on the take he’s not selling drugs like the cops in Batman Begins.

Hes Not Involved With That Hes

one of the last few remaining good cops and you see him in Gordon. His character added so much of this movie. Everyone in this movie is great of course. Morgan Freeman Michael. Caine I don’t even have to tell you they’re good that if Michael can’t ever give a bad performance the world would explode there’s nothing in this movie that is like another comic book movie.

Its The Most Emotionally Resonant Comic Book Film

I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen a comic book movie that has made me feel this way inside so invested in what’s going to happen so on the edge of my seat and without spoiling anything the way the film concludes was perfect. It was so satisfying. I loved it. It was an excellent way to conclude this trilogy and it’s one of the best trilogies we have now.

Of Course The Dark Knight Rises Gets

an A+ so I know you guys want to hear me say you want to curse is it better than the Avengers. Hey Chris is it better than Dark Knight Siddartha. Batman Begins you know what I don’t like to do that kind of comparison, but my Buddy and I John are going to be doing a spoiler filled discussion Pretty soon. I’m here with my Buddy John from the Flick Peck Channel show you sure you guys remember him. We did a spoiler filled discussion of the Avengers when that came out we’re going to do that again for The Dark Knight Rises it’s going to be on his channel.

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Its Gonna Be On My Channel.

After opening weekend we’re gonna talk in depth about how we feel about the film how it compares to the other films and we’re going to do a whole spoiler field thing so look forward to that my buddy John Batman Oh yeah that’s all I can think about honestly it’s all I can think about-Buddy so that’ll be soon and look. Look forward to that? So have you guys seen the Dark Knight Rises? Are you looking forward to it? What do you want to see in the film and if you have seen it try to avoid spoiling it in the comments for those who haven’t seen it as always guys if you like this review, you can subscribe to my channel and get stuck mine eyes.


The Dark Knight Rises picks up eight years after the Dark Knight ended and here we have Bruce Wayne you know he’s kind of an exile . The film opens very quietly.& You know very slowly get kind of a bleak feel of what Gotham’s like now. There are people on both sides in this movie. You really care for this guy. He’s so sad you can just see this aura of sadness because everything he tried to do is Batman. You can just tell this guy is broken and he needs something he needs to come back. He needs to rise again. This is my most anticipated film of the year. I promise no spoilers I never spoiled my reviews. I’m Sorry I’m, a fan of quality entertainment shoot me. The film is out on Blu-Back to Mail Online now. Back to the page you came from the bottom of the page . Back to page you go to the bottom-to-the-page you can find out what you need to…. Click here to read more and watch the full video