The Democrats Are DESTROYING Themselves


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On This Vote, The Yeas Are 50.

The nays are 50. the Senate being equally divided the vice president votes in the affirmative and the bill as amended is passed. The Democrats have just committed political suicide by voting for a one trillion dollar spending orgy that just raised your taxes and armed the irs with 87 000 new agents all during an official recession and the worst inflation 40 years. We’re going to see for ourselves.

Whats Behind This Debacle And Were Going To

see what happened to the Democrats. The last time they pulled off such a stupid spending spree before midterm and make sure to stick them to the very end of this video. When I’ll reveal why we can expect a comparable catastrophe for the Democrats. This November you are not going to want to miss this scan greetings patriots all across the globe Dr steve. Here with you your patriot professor back in this patriots den helping to think better so you can feel better in these crazy and turbulent times.

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to and use code turly for 25 off all right let’s dive right in here Gang I have a proposal and I’m curious what you think on this my proposal is that we rename the inflation reduction act that was just passed in the Senate via Cackles Kamala and her tie-breaking vote. An act that will flood an economy already inflated with another trillion dollars in government spending that has just expanded the irs with nearly 90 000 new agents and that raises taxes on. Class Americans who again are already experiencing unprecedented price heights, price hikes in food and fuel across the board. I think we need to rename this act.

The West Virginia Screws America Act Thats

right you people in West Virginia God Bless you you need to step up and take ownership of what just happened this weekend. This is your bill. This is your law. This is your act and it’s your act because for some bizarre reason a reason. No one else on the planet could even begin to fathom for some bizarre freakish nonsensical reason you vote twice for Donald Trump with 70 percent of the vote Every single one of your 55 counties voted red 70 percent of you voted for Donald Trump, but for some unfathomable reason you keep sending us a democrat as your senator someone who consistently works in tandem with up Chuck Schumer.

A New York Liberal If You Simply Sent

to Washington as senator comparable to your vote for president. This nation would not be in the mess it is today so I’m sorry well, I love you people in West Virginia. I stand by my proposal the inflation reduction Act should be renamed the West Virginia Screws America Act as I’m sure you all know by now the West Virginia Screws America Act passed yesterday in the Senate by virtue of a tie-breaking vote by Cackles Kamala. Every single Democrat voted for it while every single Republican voted against it. It is an utterly massive spending bill that will flood an already inflated economy with an additional trillion dollars of government spending on green new deal.

Nonsense To Boot Itll Raise Taxes On

middle income earners as well as significantly increase the prospects for an irs audit Here’s Texas Senator Ted. Framing precisely what a travesty this West Virginia screws America act really is senator from Texas. Mr. Cruz proposes an amendment number 526-32 amendment number 5194 Madam president. There are there are a lot of bad things in this bill, but few or worse than the proposal by Democrats.

In This Bill To Double The Size

of the IrS and create 87 000 new Irs agents I guarantee you citizens in every one of our states. If you ask them what do they want they don’t want 87 000 new Irs agents and they’re not being created to audit billionaires or giant corporations. They’re being created to audit you the the House ways and means committee the minorities put out an estimate that under this bill there will be 1. 2 million new audits per year, with over 700 000 of those new audits falling on taxpayers, making seventy-five thousand. Or less I believe personally we should abolish the Irs, but at a minimum we shouldn’t make the Irs larger than the Pentagon.

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The State Department, The Fbi And The

Border patrol all combined that’s what the Democrats are proposing here. It is a terrible idea If you don’t want 87 000 new Irs agents vote Yes so there you have it thanks to West Virginia. The Irs is now larger than the Pentagon, the State department, the FBi and the border control combined that’s what the Democrats think you want you want an IrS that is bigger, bolder faster stronger than ever before that’s what you voted for. In November 2020. grow the Irs we want more Irs agents.

We Want More Audits, We Want More

taxes even Bernie Sanders yes weekend at Bernie Sanders even he admitted that this bill was a travesty take a look I want. to take a moment to say a few words about the so-called Inflation Reduction act that we are debating this evening and I say so-called by the way Because, according to the CBo and other economic organizations who have studied this bill, it will in fact have a minimal impact on inflation. The inflation Reduction Act will in fact have minimal impact on inflation. I mean that that’s, according to the congressional budget office it’s. According to other economic organizations, isn’t that wonderful even Bernie Sanders, who ended up voting for it anyway so much for your principled Socialist right but even weaken at Bernie Sanders was honest enough to admit that this inflation reduction act does no such thing.

It Does Screw America, But It Certainly

does not and will not reduce inflation. Cat Turd said it best he tweeted out quote just so you know if you have. inflation in 40 years due to out-of-control government spending democrat solution is to spend another 739 billion dollars get ready for the biden recession to turn into the biden depression and he’s right the 2022 spike in inflation the largest we’ve seen in 40 years again let that hit you the highest inflation we’ve seen in 40 years. It’s no coincidence that that spike followed a major federal government spending program of nearly two trillion dollars that the byte administration imposed on us flooding the economy with money. While at the same time we’ve experienced massive supply chain interruptions has factually increased prices across the board.

Theres No Way Around That And Of Course

the ten thousand dollar question well we have to account for inflation there so the eleven thousand dollar question is have these supply chain interruptions been resolved and that the the answer is of course an. So when you have more money but less of a supply by definition you have inflation and so the West Virginia screws America Act promises only to increase inflation in the coming months now The good news is that this is political suicide all right so make no mistake on that one we have historical precedent on this This is going to haunt the Democrats in November no one outside of the DC beltway well no one outside of DC and outside of bitter middle age single women who hate themselves and give jobin a 60 approval rating. No one else wants us biden’s poll numbers continue to crater here’s the latest from civics Biden’s job approval has now fallen to the low 30s. He’s cratered to just 32 approval among independents. His approvals dropped to just 20.

His Disapproval Among Independents Is 65

percent gang just that alone is. Unelectable territory? There is no way you can lose all republicans and virtually eight out of ten independents and get reelected. But then when you break it down to swing states it gets even worse in Georgia and Arizona. Biden has fallen into the 20s in Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and New Hampshire. He’s in the low 30s, so whether we’re talking about a national aggregate average or a state by state average.

Biden Is In A Political Freefall And I

don’t think anything coming out of this weekend. With this massive spending bill I don’t think anything here is going to help the Democrats. I think it’s only going to end up hurting them again. We have historical precedent on that this was something very similar with Obama back in 2009 2010, when the Democrats were once again spending us into oblivion. I remember being out in.

San Francisco Around That Time I Was

at a dinner there in the heart of Democrat land right in San Francisco and everyone thought. Obama and the Democrats were nuts for spending so much, and that of course helped the Republicans win a historic landslide in the midterms in 2010. When they picked up 63 seats so here we are again. I think the Democrats are doing the same thing and no amount of fawning media coverage is going to save them, especially given the fact that nobody is watching or reading the media anymore, so we’ll keep an eye on how things develop for sure, but I think the Democrats really did destroy themselves. This weekend in a manner comparable to what happened just before the 2010 midterms, and we can only hope that 2022 will crush them in a similar manner now before you go you will definitely.

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The Democrats committed political suicide by voting for a one trillion dollar spending orgy that just raised your taxes and armed the irs with 87 000 new agents all during an official recession and the worst inflation 40 years . Dr. steve will reveal why we can expect a similar catastrophe for the Democrats this November . The last time they pulled off such a stupid spending spree before midterm and make sure to stick them to the very end of this video . Click on that link below or go to and use code turly for 25 off code early will get you deep discounts all over the brand new platform for American entrepreneurs. Use the code to get you discount early on the brand brand new Mystore .com, which is the brand New platform for U.S. entrepreneurs. The best part is. to buy a fresh coffee. For more information, visit mystore.&com, For help in the comments section ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video