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The Dobre Brothers, The More Talented, More Handsome

modern-day version of the Doobie Brothers except they’re not musicians they’re Youtubers well they’re kind of musicians like you Don’t hit it If you instead hit it like you don’t we must protect them at all costs you know who they are by now. Your favorite Youtubers have been making videos about them for years. Danny Gonzales Cody Cole made a few as recently as a week ago and they’re always so funny because so help me God dear Lord up in heaven. These boys are the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season on my mom’s. I think I subconsciously avoided their content for a long time, but as I’ve recently started to watch a little bit of it and watch Some of the videos.

Other Youtubers Have Made About Them.

It is just an absolute Marvel Porcupine wake up. On Brother and alien is growing inside my wife Laster drop car wins it and one of my new personal favorites that Cody just made a very funny video about where one of the brothers purposely crashes his wife’s UK and that’s the point of the video. Babe we got to do it for our subscribers. I mean never been done before sorry you see the first channel do it on UK crashing supercar on purpose.

Absolute Trailblazers Quite Frankly Until Recently I

thought that this Lucas and Marcus UK channel with 18 million subs. I thought that was it I thought they were The Dobre brothers come to find out there’s another channel called the Dobre brothers, which is Lucas and Marcus plus two of their brothers and their wives and girlfriends and then they all have they all have offshoot channels themselves with millions of subscribers and they’re. getting like billions of views collectively there’s just so much Doobie Brothers content to be consumed. I feel like I was cryogenically frozen in 1968 and I’m just getting woken up and exposed to Led Zeppelin for the first time. Hi I’m okay I don’t like if my ex-boyfriend ours you guys any kisses though just compelling stuff across the board hello everybody and welcome back to a brand new can of expired baked beans from your grandmother’s Pantry.

My Name Is Leon Lush And Im

very grateful that you join me here today. So I’m not gonna be doing a deep dive into Doobie Brothers content today that’s for my own enjoyment off camera. I’m here mainly cuz. I got this tweet from this guy Noah, who said please talk about this video and make a video about the Doobie Brothers in the atrocity they are, but he linked. Video from my friend Charlie who you may know is critical or penguin zero today started like every other day ate breakfast hopped on UK to check out the newest Dobre brothers video to just get stupid lit and come to find out like me.

Charlie Is A Huge Doobie Brothers

fan I love watching the Dill Braid brothers to help put a little extra hair on my vagina. So Charlie makes off-the-cuff commentary videos that are very funny if you haven’t checked him out. I suggest you do but he explains here how in the latest Dobre brothers video they had a huge announcement for a brand new mobile game. So he goes on to play the game for a few minutes. In this horribly skewed aspect ratio which I have to imagine was a creative decision on his part, but it just seems too good to be true.

Doobie Brothers Have A Dobre Dunk App

available for free download, so I got to give this a shot myself. I want to give it a fair shake, hopefully in the proper aspect ratio, but more importantly I want to look at what the critics had to say about it, but before we do all that Nigel could you break it off one time the only thing I’m breaking off is my foot in that sweet ass right after we talked about today’s sponsor recon baby Yeah yeah When it comes to comfortable and sleek true wireless headphones. Ray con continues to smash it out of the park at half the price of other premium brands. My e25 s look good. They sound good they charge on the go and they fit my ears perfectly and I’ve used quite a few popular brands but at this price point ray cons.

Cant Be Beat In The Past Couple

of months. I’ve been using these E25 s I’ve been really impressed with how they’ve been able to get such a good bass response out of headphones. This subtle additionally you get six hours of playtime seamless bluetooth pairing and a comfortable noise isolating fit that comes in multiple fun colors. The case is discrete. It offers several full charges on the go with styles from it right into your pocket and these things Don’t budge either whether I’m at the gym crush of weights or I’m throwing my boy around in the backyard.

They Sound Great And They Stay Put So

if you’re looking for an affordable pair of true wireless Earbuds. I think you’re gonna love these. Fortunately, it’s 15% off if you use my link in the description so just go to buy rake on Comm Slash Leon Lush to get 15% off your very own pair. I appreciate you what is up government Army welcome back to the Dobre brothersNK] channel I’m Darius and I’m Lucas and We keep Marcus and Cyrus off the channel so. This is the video where they announce the game and right off the bat.

Theyre Already Talking About Kicking Their Brothers Off

the channel for not being lit enough, which is kind of an insecurity of mine. Because Nigel’s always hanging that over my head talking about he’s gonna do that to me. Me we’re trying to boot I’m trying also I’m just saying they have really yeah you know what I’m not gonna say itNK] newNK] has me Tripp and I don’t want to get deleted or whatever her faces are very portable Yeah Yeah I didn’t say it that was that’s on him like I gave Ya Bro the new games coming out and told them hey let’s go new game called overdone everyone needs to go download it right now We gotta okay full disclosure. I have not heard a sales pitch that convincing since I was told I could get a free hero from downloading rage vengeance man. This is how can you not let’s keep it going wait wait hold on tell them the best part Luke it’s the best part it’s free it’s free it’s free any one of us to play even choose me.

Choose Me In A Bikini All Right

so like choose your characters unlock many of them and there are also so many characters that are secretly better be unlocked or start playing I could say what those characters are please tell me. I’m Crazy Marcus right now insane Marcus I’m Insane Marcus right now that’s me okay now I’m actually excited to download this and play it because watching him play it has given me no insight whatsoever on how you play the game. I saw I’m doing this a bunch which I think is it might be helpful for my strategy find out for yourself how fun and addicting this game is this is one of our biggest accomplishments. Okay slow down teenage Johnny Devon by the way and I might add weight it says I’m lit says I’m late I’m sorry I’m late UK okay let’s do this. Dunk the Dobre brothers Dunk your favourite dough bread, Brother Cyrus Darius Lucas Marcus as many times as you can flip and flop your way to the hoop and seal makes the most dunks with a dobre personalize your ad experience hell Yeah name your player fellatio so the only character I can choose right off the bat is insane.

Marcus Looks Like Everything Else Needs

to be unlocked okay. Maybe I can just spend money on 75 diamonds. How much is that gonna cost me Oh plus $30 let’s see what we get here locked into an ad denied. I locked myself into an advertisement. So we have 30 diamonds for watching a bumper ad.

I Could Unlock A Random 475 Diamonds, Which

means I have to sit through two more bumper ads Yeah I want to be I’m just gonna go with I’m just gonna go with insane. Marcus here let’s get it going here fellatio versus ice or Oh, what do you do What do you do got one Oh I’m lit I’m so oh I’m lit hold on that means I get to nur I’ll get in Oh my lord he’s on fire. I’m stuck get getting the hoop You prick still lit get in Oh, Oh my god I’m racking this dude. I got one diamond buye serving that guy up a play–go bleep yourself and yet you’ll give me 30 diamonds for watching an ad. I think I think we just right now realized what the goal of this game is Ladies and gentlemen just kidding.

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We Knew From The Beginning What The

goal is but good Lord I have to win 30 times to give the same amount of diamonds is what I could get by watching an ad This is. This is brilliant! This is a brilliant money-making scheme right here I like this alright guys. I gotta admit I’ve read ahead a little bit on this review. I’m about to read for you and I just just grab grab the the arms of your chairs embrace yourself because this is an absolute amusement park ride, but just this single work of a digital game for mobile devices is a piece of art. The graphics alone should land it in the history books to be learned by children for centuries, so Don’t even get me started on the gameplay.

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It Is So Amazing That I Was Not

only able to find multiple glitches within the first 10 seconds, but also get to experience the joy of accidentally clicking on the ads at the bottom due to the way the controls are laid out. This is how amazing the game is. Works combined do not match the pure intelligence and passion that the Dover brothers put into this game. One other key detail I would like to note is that getting a character cost 75 diamonds and the amount of diamonds you get from playing the game without watching ads is about one per two minutes watching ads.

However, Can Get You About Sixty In

one minute. This completely breaks progression altogether, which means you have to watch ads supporting the amazing Dobra brothers, who are the only important people in the universe thank you so much for this masterpiece honestly if I was gonna write a review for this game. This is it it’s been done for me and I’m so late right now it’s disgusting can you go up Oh yeah get in whoa I just bounced myself out I’m an idiot. I doesn’t stand a chance too yeah.

Of Course, I One Doodle On My Plane

three-year-olds Oh-diamonds for the second one Okay Okay are you could claim two times my rewards by watching an ad so it means I get four diamonds to claim two times rewards or you go back to the main screen and watch an ad for 30 diamonds at least where you can make sense wait. So this is a tournament maybe and this is the final round let’s see what happens Oh there’s a glove hold up dude, Oh my god. This guy doesn’t stand a chance I don’t know if I’m playing other.


The Dobre brothers, the more talented, more handsome modern-day version of the Doobie Brothers except they’re not musicians they’re Youtubers well they’re kind of musicians like you Don’t hit it If you instead hit it like you don’t we must protect them at all costs you know who they are by now . Danny Gonzales: “These boys are the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season on my mom’s.& I think I subconsciously avoided their content for a long time, but as I’ve recently started to watch a little bit of it and watch Some of the videos about them.& It is just an absolute Marvel Porcupine wake up. I feel like I was cryogenically frozen in 1968 and I’m just getting woken up and exposed to Led Zeppelin for the first time,” says Danny Gonzalga . He says he feels like he’s just getting to watch some of the channel’s content to be consumed by them ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video