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So Its Really Rare That I Will

read a full article on the air, but I I want to read this from James Alter um. He he wrote on his linkedin account. I love New York City when I first moved to New York City. It was a dream come true. Every corner was like a theater production happening right in front of me so much personality so many stories every subculture I loved was in New York City.

I Could Play Chess All Day And

all night. You know it’s one of the things about New York City is I’ve done that I’ve gone out in the middle of the night or whatever and just walked around and you will come up across these places. These chess rooms where these Russians are playing chess and you can just sit down and play anybody and it’s it’s phenomenal and it’s. Like that with everything in New York said I could go to comedy clubs. I could start any type of business.

I Could Meet People.

I had family friends opportunities No matter what happened to me. New York was a net. I could fall back on and bounce back up but now it’s completely dead, but New York City always bounces back. They say no not this time but New York City is the center of the financial universe opportunities will flourish here again no not this time.

Nyc Has Experienced Worse No It

hasn’t. A facebook group formed a few weeks ago that was for people who were planning a move and wanted others to talk to and advise give them advice. Within two or three days it had ten thousand members every day. I see more and more posts. I’ve been in New York City forever, but I guess this time I have to say goodbye every single day.

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I See Those Posts.

I’ve been screen shotting them for my scrapbook. The three most important reasons to move to New York City business opportunities, culture and food and of course friends, But if everything I say is even one-tenth of what I think there won’t be as many opportunities to make friends and that equals business midtown Manhattan. The center of business in New York City is empty. Even though people can go back to work famous office buildings like the time life skyscraper is 90 percent empty businesses realize they don’t need to get their employees at the office.

In Fact They Realize Theyre Even More Productive

without everyone back in the office. The time life building can handle 8 000 workers. Now it maybe has 500 workers. In the building, What do you mean a friend of mine said when I told a midtown should be called ghost town? I’m in my office right now really what are you doing there? I asked packing up. Then he laughed okay.

Im Shutting It Down.

He works in the entertainment business. Another friend of Mine works at a major investment bank as a managing director. Before the pandemic. He was out the office every day sometimes working 6 a.

M To 10 P.

m. He now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. As of June. He told me I have never been to Phoenix and that he moved there and he does all of his meetings on zoom.

I Was Talking To A Book Editor

who’s been out of the city since early March, we’ve all been working fine. I’m not sure why we would ever need to go back to the office. again one friend of Mine Derek Halpern was convinced he’d stay. He put up a facebook post the other day saying he might be changing his mind. Derek wrote in the last week.

Ive Watched A Homeless Person Lose His

mind and start attacking random pedestrians, including spitting on throwing stuff at and swatting. I’ve seen several single parents with a child child asking for money for food and then when somebody gave them food they tossed the food right back at them. I watched a man yell racist slurs every single race of people while charging then stopping before going too far far and worse. I’ve been living in New York City for 10 years. It has definitely gotten worse and there is no end in sight.

My Favorite Park Is Madison Square Park

about a month ago, 19-year-old girl was shot and killed across the street. I don’t think I have an answer but what I do think is clear It’s time to move out of New York City and I’m not the only one who feels this way either in my building alone. The rent has plummeted by 30 percent more people are moving away than ever. So it’s not goodbye yet but a long life New Yorker is thinking about it end quote. I pick his post out but I could have picked dozens of others people say New York City has been through a lot worse and it always comes back no and no first when has New York City been through worse even in the 1970s and through the 80s when New York City was going bankrupt even when it was the crime capital of the U.

S Or Close To It It Was

still the capital of business world, meaning it was. The primary place young people would go to build wealth and find opportunity. It was culturally on top of its game home to artists theater, media advertising publish publishing. It was probably the food capital of the Us. New York City has never been locked down for five months not in any pandemic.

Any War Financial Crisis Never In

the midst of the polio epidemic when little kids, including my mother were going paralyzed or dying. New York City didn’t go through This this is not to say what should or should not have been done that part is over but now we have to deal with what is in early march. Many people not me left New York when they felt it would provide safety from the virus and they no longer needed to go to work and all the restaurants were closed and people figured. I’ll go out. for a month or two and come back, but they’re still gone then in June during rioting and looting a second wave of New Yorkers This time Me left I have kids nothing wrong with protests, but I was nervous when I saw the videos of rioters after Curfew trying to break into my building.

Many People Left Temporarily, But There Were People

living permanently friends of mine moved to Nashville, Miami, Austin, Denver, Salt Lake, Austin Dallas. Now a third wave of people are leaving but they might be too late. Prices are down 30 to 50 percent on both rentals and sales no matter what real estate agents tell you and rentals are soaring in the second and third tier series cities. I can tell you this from first-hand experience if you are moving to some place like Idaho or Wyoming. I have family in both and they.

Saying That Right Now The Real

estate you put your house up it will sell sight unseen here in Dallas Somebody some real estate agent I talked to said they closed their second zoom or skype home that people are they’re moving so fast that people are just saying just just show it to me just just walk through it with me on your phone. The real estate agent does and they’re like good. I’ll take it that’s crazy that is crazy I’m temporarily. Although maybe permanently in South Florida. Now I also got my place sight unseen Robin was looking at listings around Miami and then she saw an area we had never been to before we found three houses we liked.

She Called The First Real Estate Agent

Place number one just rented that morning fifty percent higher than the asking price place number two also rented to. New Yorkers place number three available we’ll take it We said the first time we physically saw it was when we flew down and moved in. This is temporary right. I confirmed with Robin but I don’t know I’m starting to like the sun a little bit. I mean when it’s behind the shades and I’m in air conditioning but let’s move on for a second business businesses are remote and they aren’t returning to the office and it’s a death spiral the longer offices remain empty the longer they’ll remain empty.

In 2005 A Hedge Fund Manager Was Visiting

my office and said in Manhattan you practically trip over opportunities in the street but now the streets are empty. I co-own a comedy club stand-up, New York 78th and Broadway. I’m very proud of the club grateful for my fellow owners and my manager. It’s a great club we’ve. Since 86 before then it was a theater one time Henry Winkler stopped by to come on my podcast, and he was the one who told me it had been a theater.

He Said I Grew Up Two Doors Down

from here used to perform there as a kid. Then I went out to la to be the Fonz and now I’m back here full circle to be on your podcast. This place has history things like that happen in New York. We had a show in May it was an outdoor show everybody social distanced, but we were shut down by the police. I guess we were super spreading humor during a very serious time.

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The Club Is Doing Something Fun

we’re doing shows outside in the park. It’s a great idea in time. Like this businesses need to give to the community and not complain broadway is closed. Until at least spring Lincoln Center is closed. All the museums are closed forget about the tens of thousands of jobs lost in those cultural centers forget even about the millions of dollars of tourist and tourist generated revenues lost by the closing of those centers.

There Are Thousands Of Performers, Producers,

artists. The entire ecosystem of art theater production curation that surrounds just those cultural centers people have worked all their lives for the right to perform even once on Broadway whose lives and careers are now on hold. I get it there was a pandemic, but the question is what happens now what happens next and given the uncertainty since there is no known answer and given the fact that people cities economies loathe uncertainty. We don’t know the answer and that’s a bad thing for New York City right now Broadway is closed until at least early.

2021, But Is That True We

don’t know and what does it mean will we only have 25 capacities Broadway shows can’t survive on that hot dog stands outside of Lincoln Center and outside on the streets finished my favorite restaurant closed for good commercial real estate if building owners and landlords lose their prime tenants storefronts the bottom floor of the offices, the well-to-do office top floors they go to and they’ll go out of business and what happens when they go out of business actually nothing and that’s the bad news people who would have rented bought and say wow everybody is saying New York City is heading back to the 1970s and the prices might be 50 lower than they were a year ago, but better safe than sorry. I think I’ll wait. Then everyone waiting prices go down so people see prices go down and say. I waited, but what happens if I wait even more? This is called a deflationary spiral.

People Wait Prices Go Down.

Nobody wins because the landlords or owners go broke and less money gets spent in the city. Nobody moves in no motion in the market and people already.


James Alter says he moved to New York City when he first moved there . Alter: “It was a dream come true. Every corner was like a theater production happening right in front of me so much personality so many stories every subculture I loved was in New York” Alter: New York was a net. No matter what happened to me. I could fall back on and bounce back up but now it’s completely dead, but New York city always bounces back. New York is the center of the financial universe. It’s not this time. It hasn’t. Nyc has experienced worse no it hasn’t, but Nyc will bounce back. It will be here again. It won’t be as many opportunities to make friends and that equals business midtown Manhattan. I’ve been here forever, but I guess this time I have to say goodbye every single day. I’m going to say hello every day. It doesn’t mean I’m not going to have to go away again….. Click here to read more and watch the full video