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Whats Everybody Welcome Back To The Grant Arena

delighted to bring to your attention the inevitable Dr Steve Turley Dr Thorley, how are you thank you for joining me. Oh, I’m great ron thank you so much for having me here yeah. I’m delighted that I was a I am to reach and you agree to um to interview with me today. I think we’ve got some some nice little topics and I wonder if if you’re not familiar with Dr Turley’s Youtube Youtube station I have a link in the description box below. He broadcasts twice daily and he comes here with geopolitical and political synopsis of what’s going on and if you want to get straight to the heart of the matter.

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I Totally Recommend Dr Torys Channel Doctor

thank you for joining us. Oh thanks rowan really it’s great. I love your channel I’ve been checking it. out and I loved your trip to Italy, You know I’ll be going there in about four weeks from today. I think it is on a tuesday.

I Think Im Leaving Did You

make it up were you mostly in northern Italy. I was in the Lombardia region. Yes and then I timed it wrong There I brought summer clothes that was a bad mistake. I wasn’t sure I’m sure I ended up having to rush out and pick up a few bits and pieces so look yeah We’re kind of pressed for time. I want to squeeze the maximum amount of you.

While I Have You And Im Sure Well

get to do this again because normally my viewers are going to thoroughly enjoy your perspective on what’s going on in Europe at the moment and how things are playing out but before I get to that I just. want to invoice, I just want to say to myself my new subscribers welcome aboard Heidi hey my patreons thank you very much for your continued support and don’t forget we have the paypal and coming soon for your delectable pleasure. We will have the gran torino website up and running shortly so please bear with I will have a lot more interaction between you and me and what’s going on here in Ireland Dr tory we’re just gonna we’re just gonna wing this because I’ve been following I’ve been following you for quite some time and it’s it’s true your um your unique breakdowns that I’m able to tap into what’s effectively going on that mainstream won’t show us your recent broadcast you did on the remaining churches now I wanted to touch touch on that one if you don’t mind with the state building this fantastic new church. Built in bucharest and because we’re so diverse here in Ireland. I do have Romanian friends and I am quite close to Romanian friends and but the pictures on the ground where you were breaking down your synopsis.

You Were You Were Saying That

the state and the and the church will kind of tan them through a symbiosis of their constitution, but looking at the picture of the church and the surrounding areas from from feet in the ground seems like schools and hospitals are very low on the priority where church buildings are given a high priority. Were you aware of that yeah yeah. It was one of the issues that did come up and um I think it’s a it’s a balance act of course it’s a both and I think I used Makato Fujimora as an example, he’s an artist who lives in New York City. and he’s a traditionalist artist, though he paints abstract paintings, but they’re fascinatingly traditional in their subject matter, and he said that he had an experience when he was a starving artist with his wife they’re living in their you know their closet basically in New York City and they were on a strict budget for groceries and like and she came back from the store and she brought this beautiful bouquet of flowers and she put it down on the table and he said, what are you doing We don’t have the money to to spend on that that’s for food and she said Yes, but Makato we have to remember that in in feeding our bodies we we can’t neglect feeding our souls and what makes globalization so pernicious. Here is that globalization literally reduces all of life to the economic.

It Doesnt Go Beyond It You.

know any problem on the planet as you know any problem comes down to economics and can be resolved by economics culture custom tradition identity. These sort of things are absolutely irrelevant in globalization and so I applaud the Romanian Church for taking the soul seriously, But we also have to take the body seriously as well. In Christ the Christian tradition, Heaven and Earth come together so divinity and humanity come together spirit and body come together. It’s part of the whole doctrine of the resurrection.

So We Never Ever Stress The Spiritual At

the expense of the physical there’s got to be a balance there. But what I liked about what Romania was doing is it was so anti-globalist. It was it was such an in-your-face sort of we’re going to recover our culture. Our customs traditions, whether you globalists like it or not yeah. I.

The Church Was Taking Preference And

we I only conflict I only bring that together because in recent times you you’ll be well aware of well that Ireland was always essentially a very Christian very Catholic country. You know we had that big momentous occasion back in back in the day when Pope John Paul Ii came to visit and it was a huge gathering of Phoenix Park. It was it was a momentous occasion, but when our last Pope Francis came to visit it was quite restrictive. You know people were it was It was made. The effort was I found that the effort to get to see it was very I heard reports was was very rough with with barriers and stuff that wasn’t very difficult to get to.

For Some Reason Now Im I Im

still seeing myself as a Catholic. I grew up as a Catholic. I didn’t go see the priest the priest the Pope because for me he’s the black Pope, but some of my viewers won’t get that I don’t really want to touch on that the morality the morality in in Christianity that’s the ethos that’s been under attack since since the 80s since the the peace agreement and what I find is globalism it’s onslaught on the Christian Church, Whether you ascribe to it or not it be it is being democrated morning noon and night or other religions are left very much protected Oh yeah, Oh yeah. Absolutely that’s part of the whole project of emancipatory politics. Emancipatory politics is the politics of cultural Marxism and that’s the notion that the it’s a globalist notion that the state is now responsible for bestowing special rights on people.

Groups That Are Now Considered To Have

been discriminated against and so what they do is they actually create um here In the states a a crime known as dignitarian harm, where if you were a if you were if you are now considered a once-oppressed minority. Literally no one in the majority the cultural majority is allowed to say anything disparaging or derogatory towards you. It’s called dignitarian harm and it’s one of the primary mechanisms. Macro I just actually did a video today Matt Cross actually talking i don’t know if you caught it on he’s advocating that anybody who’s guilty of hate crimes should be or hate speech should be banned from from social media permanently. And he’s using this notion of dignitarian harm to do that So the irony is is that in order to make everybody equal under the eyes of this globalist law, we have to destroy dominant cultures.

Of Course Theyre In The West

because this is where globalism is coming from the dominant culture is going to be Christian. It’s going to be white. It’s going to be male and then any other culture. Any other religion is now given preferential treatment including Islam fascinatingly. So you can be pro-gay on the one hand, but then pro-Islam on the other now how any other society would have worked that out but the Marxist emancipatory politics is is the key to working that out the commonality is not their moral system.

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The Commonalities The Commonalities How We

in the dominant Christian you know white male society treated them that’s the commonality and that therefore they’re given special rights and we are actually put into a very pernicious position of in effect the censorship Yeah I’m trying I’m trying to bring the comparison between the American side of how you what you’re experiencing it now as to the Irish thing to our Irish perspective here now we’re as you know you watch my channel here and then I have many great patriots around the world that are that are following me as well. I can see the transition now that nationalism now that that nationalism as i’ve reported as I’ve been seen to be ascribed to be is is on the rise we I’m trying to to wake just the normal people that are we keep saying normal people just the people. That I date today trying to get about chasing their mortgage, You know and cannot kind of lift their head up enough out of the out of the rat race or out of the chase to see what Macron is doing with the yellow vests and how he’s and as you say he’s bringing in this new hate speech law to clamp down on the youtubes. The social media that the the businesses are saying Oh well these are terms of services and if they don’t break their terms of service.

So Were Having This Kind Of

free speech conflation between terms of service and free speech, But I don’t know if you’re aware as well and why well well. I’m there as well as the new phenomenon that’s coming out of young children being targeted by time stamping and that to me that to me wreaks of hegelian dialect. problem solution reaction the the two are being conflated on the one hand and i’ll and I’ll speak starkly Dr tory because I know you’ll understand this as well. The situation is that pedophiles seem to be going into young children’s, Youtube, and games and online um online recordings of their Youtube channels and are leaving timestamps in the comments section Now dangerous and as the fairest that is it’s also going to be conflated that now Google and there to come back in are going to shut stations down on the premise of what comments were left in this section.

You Can See Between The Two Theres

a trend line now we recently had that again under our constitution as well Dr truly with the eighth amendment where there was a conflation of two ideas what was written in the constitution back in your and how it was described. and meant to be articulated and understood because of the time and then they brought the eighth Amendment giving us the the abortion referendum over here you can see the conflation the state wants to bring it in so it does the Hegelian dialect problem solution reaction. Two boards one song no that’s fan that’s yeah that’s brilliant that insight absolutely um yeah I it’s well of course I followed the whole eighth Amendment.


Dr Steve Turley returns to the grant Arena Arena to give an interview with Dr Thorley . Dr Turley says he is delighted that he was a I am to reach and you agree to um to interview with me today . He says he will have a lot more interaction between you and me and what’s going on here in Ireland Dr tory we’re just gonna wing thii.& I love your channel I’ve been checking it.& out and I loved your trip to Italy, You know I’ll be going there in about four weeks from today. I think I’m leaving did you make it up were you mostly in northern Italy.& The gran torino website is up and running shortly. Don’t forget we have the paypal and coming soon for your delectable pleasure. I just want to invoice, thank you very much for your continued support. Don’t forget we’ve got the payPal and come soon for you to visit the Gran Torino website…. Click here to read more and watch the full video