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I Dont Know If Youve Been Following Whats Happening

in Loudoun County. The school board there . Loudoun County is in Virginia, It’s, northern part of Virginia, part of the Washington DC Metro It I mean it played an essential role in the founding of our nation. George Washington called it the bread basket of the revolution because of the farmers. At the time it was the largest county now.

Its The Third Largest County But It Has

gone crazy with critical race theory so much so that the they have a facebook group the people who are on the side of critical race theory. There is a facebook page that is trying to dox first the parents now they’re starting to dox the kids that are part of families that are against critical race theory and the last I read one of the the county attorneys. I think. The top county attorney for Loudoun County was was on that Facebook website saying keep doing this you’re doing exactly the right thing it is It’s crazy what’s happening one of the people. One of the families that are are suing the county now is a mom patty Hildago menders is on the phone with us now patty welcome to the program Hi Glenn thank you for having me it is the world is upside down in Loudoun County isn’t it yes it is.

Ive Lived Here For Almost 23

years and two of my sons have gone through the Loudoun County School school system with no problems math science English was taught kind of the way we expected you know. I moved to this area specifically for the school system 23 years ago and now with my last son who’s a sophomore in high school we are just finding. So much upside down indoctrination, What did you what have you found? So? I’ll be honest. I’m, the president of the Loudoun County Republican Women’s Club and many of my club members feel trust that they can trust me whether it’s teachers or parents. They send me screenshots of what the teachers, some teachers are teaching and one in particular was a high school English senior class and the teacher had a screen with a white girl and a black girl and kept bullying this student to say what do you see what do you see and the kid is like I only see two people chilling yes so that was uncovered because my club members sent that to me and that opened my eyes to what’s happening then In the next couple days, I get my club members sending me screenshots that my name was blacklisted in that anti-racist.

Page And That Opened My Eyes To How

how crazy They’re thinking that we as parents are the opposition. I mean, there were six school board members in that anti–racist Facebook page yes, The Commonwealth attorney Buddha Buberidge was in that group as well even the principal of my son’s high school now whether they knew or not. They let this mob blacklist us and they listed my first and last name. They listed my name of my husband where my son goes to high school and three pictures of Me Glenn. They called me a racist and the irony in that is my parents escaped from Communist Cuba.

I Know Darn Well What Socialism

looks like because they taught me and they taught me to appreciate the freedoms that we’ve been given here in the U.s so when they called me a racist. I got mad and I went. School board meeting We only allowed two public comment sessions a month and I told them to their face how disappointed school board that you let this mob go after your constituents. The parents of the students that you’re supposed to represent and take care of our children.

Your County Attorney Its It Didnt Stop.

I think it got worse if if I’m reading things right because now they were saying on that facebook page, we’ve got to find out more about these kids and send us anything you have on any of the kids. So they’re doxing the kids and then your county attorney joined in and said This is the right thing to do. This is this is insane that it’s happening in America. They we were able to foia and find out that this.

These School Board Members And Wanted To Silence

the opposition they want it’s. a war against the parents that do not believe in this indoctrination? They say it’s not critical race theory. They say they’re not teaching that but you know what they use other words. They use equity culturally responsive training and and yes they are they are doxxing our children. You know it also goes to um the kids that go so we had an opportunity to either do in person or distance learning and majority of the conservative families did send their children to in person.

So I Feel Like Thats Another

avenue where they’re able to see who these families are that oppose critical race theory in ourselves now it’s my understanding that if your son or daughter you either agree or you be quiet and if you’re not quiet, you can be excluded from school leadership programs reported for disciplinary action is that true yes they implemented two. They’re calling it student equity ambassadors and then there’s a bias reporting and the bias reporting allows students anonymously to list eight different reasons why they’re reporting this individual and it could be racial slurs or whatever and you can anonymously say that this kid did this on this day. Then it goes to the equity committee and they have to investigate and then the student equity Ambassadors can only be a part of the program. If they’re allies to this crt training, so it’s it’s very scary for you know. This Is an awkward age to begin with you know K-12 kids are still learning they’re still trying to figure out who they are but for them to push this political indoctrination on our children to be social justice warriors that’s when you’re getting a lot of parents that are coming to the school board meetings and saying be honest with us what are you doing to our children and I don’t think I think a lot of cities school boards teachers schools are not being honest.

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Weve Seen This Around The Country

where they pull it out and the teachers just continue to say we’ll do it anyway. We’ll just rename it um you are working with um friends of ours libertyjusticecenter. org and they are they’re working with you on this lawsuit. What are you suing for so my friend Scott Mineo, who runs parents against critical theory was looking. Other Loudoun parents and he introduced me to Liberty Justice Center and we are suing them for our our children’s and our right to freedom of speech.

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Based On This Equity Ambassador Program And

the bias reporting and Liberty Justice Center thinks it’s a pretty good case. I mean if they take your case that’s a pretty good sign that they think they can win it. What does it mean if you win that’s a good question. I think we could fundamentally end the equity ambassador program You know . They want to this this lawsuit to restore our free speech and show that it violates it and that it violates equality you know they don’t use the word equality.

They Use The Word Equity Night And

day difference patty when you are out and about do you do you find people are against you or for you. Or do you find a lot of people coming up and whispering? I’m with you. I just keep going what do you think a lot of whispers yeah, So there’s a lot of powers cowards yes I I’ll be honest I um. I’ve had to really educate and empower a lot of people to move forward and I ran a gala and Sebastian Gorka was there and he said we’ve got to get more people like Patty who is brave to come out. You know we can’t do this alone and I’ve been since I’ve been filing this lawsuit.

A Lot Of Anonymous People Not Anonymous, But

strangers have come to me and saying you’re doing a great job and to be honest. I just need them on board with me. I need them to come to the school board meetings with me. I need them to write letters to. The editor I need them to um You know write letters to the to the superintendent to say this is unacceptable.

You Know I Need More People In The

battle with me. I think people are afraid that if you lose they are going to be outed and they’ll be next on the chopping block which if they don’t stand they will be. I mean I’ve I’ve said this for years One courage is contagious but two if you don’t fight now this is the easy part of this fight. It is only going to get harder from here if we don’t stand up if you don’t stand up now you’re not going to stand up. You will be ending up on the wrong side well.

One Thing Were Doing That A Lot

of parents and and residents are participating is We’re recalling six of the school board members that were in that anti–racist Facebook page so we do have recall efforts that are happening and people are coming out of the woodwork to sign those as club president I’ve got a lot of events and people are going um My cl. My club is actually the largest Republican women’s club in the state of Virginia because of all this liberal myths in the last two years that we’ve been uncovering so I think people are slowly coming up They’re tired of this cancel culture. They’re tired of this wokeness you know it really surprised us but the school board canceled. Dr Seuss. They didn’t want his racist books to be a part of read across America program that they had been doing for years so.

You Know We Found Out That

the school board wants a war with the parents and I just don’t understand it. You know yeah I have I’ve watched it around the country several times and the many of the teachers and the school boards Are they do look at your children like it’s their right and their children and that you are a nuisance in all of this they know what’s right the arrogance is off the charts hopefully that will be their undoing patty thank you so much is there anything that you need or that the audience can do. I guess contact Liberty Justice Center if they want to get involved um contact fight for schools, which is an organization that’s doing the recall and then parents against critical theory is a big educational website. So I’m working really closely with those three organizations thank you so much. Thank you so much? I really appreciate it and we’ll follow the case patty and hope to have you on again.

I Hope To Actually Shake Your

hand One day. I think you’re an amazing woman thank you so much you’re welcome libertyjusticecenter. org libertyjusticecenter. org.

These Are The People They Are

funding all of the litigation for the right cases the ones that will actually set precedence and we can build to knock the legs out from underneath this um and they are really really a good group of people if you’d like to support her. In this go to libertyjusticecenter. org.


Patty Hildago menders is a mom who moved to Loudoun County for the school system 23 years ago . Patty says the school board has gone crazy with critical race theory . She says the county has a facebook page that is trying to dox first the parents and now they’re starting to . dox the kids that are part of families that are against critical race . theory and the county attorney was on that Facebook website saying keep doing this you’re doing exactly the right thing it is It’s crazy what’s happening one of the people. Patty is on the phone with us now patty and says the world is upside down in Loudoun . County is in Virginia, It’s, northern part of Virginia, part of the Washington DC Metro . It played an essential role in the founding of the . founding of our nation. George Washington called it the bread basket of the revolution because of the farmers because of . the farmers. It’s the third largest county but it’s…. Click here to read more and watch the full video